Grave Encounters 2 (2012) - Horror, Mystery

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A film student who is obsessed with the movie Grave Encounters sets out with his friends to visit the psychiatric hospital depicted in the original film.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: John Poliquin
Stars: Richard Harmon, Shawn C. Phillips
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 52 out of 131 found boring (39.69%)

One-line Reviews (137)

then it gets sooooo boring all over again.

The movie starts up pretty slow, and I almost didn't keep watching.

Grave Encounters 2 doesn't quite live up my expectations and was not as scary as the first one, but it was a very entertaining sequel.

(Yeah, first one had cheap effects, but you could overlook them, since story was entertaining).

Boring Encounters .

It was intriguing and had great potential.

This movie is lazy, incoherent, dull, lame, unconvincing, terribly-acted, and not scary at all.

Amongst the hot partiers is the cliché dork.

Cliché counter:1.

A good example was that scene involving a Ouija board, it was the best scene in the film; I found it scary, suspenseful and effective.

Don't waste your time with the second one.

Less Scary, More Brutal, Entirely Unrealistic, and Cliché .

I wanted to stop watching because it was so boring and rubbish.

When seeing the first film, it was pretty surprising and unexpected to see exits almost completely disappear, hallways of a building getting rearranged and manipulated with, and the entire hospital to seemingly take on a life of its own.

Most of the scares as I said were very predictable, even though the suspense was quite effective and creepy.

" It sets itself up as being full of opportunities and conversational details, but quickly discards it for redundant drivel, exercising its right to be cliché and expected.

The whole story isn't just people wanding around in the asylum losing their mind, their is a believable and intriguing introduction to the movie which really grabs your attention.

It starts out rather dumb as there is a long intro scene at the beginning of the teens at a party drinking, smoking, and all those other obnoxious things that makes any horror movie "Cliché.

I was so bored.

I found myself playing games on the computer because I was so bored.

I was not disappointed, if you get involved in the story you get a good movie that I found exciting and sometimes really scary.

I think those 35 minutes are a waste of time.

Boring Encounters .

What it does get right and enjoyable is the scenes within the sanitarium as they're searching around for their film which is just about as impressive as the scenes in the original.

so boring i had to skip bits .

The first Grave Encounters took the slow approach.

The actor was over-the-top, but enjoyable.

What's the age range of these filmmakers - cliché #1, teenagers.

Don't waste your time or money!

What they find are dark halls, empty rooms; all the remnants of a deserted hospital.

The film adds in more ghost activity and scares but these sequences seem to follow a very specific formula and it makes the scary parts feel repetitive and tiresome.

The VERY end of the movie has decent plot, but all progression up to that point felt cliché, bland, overdone, and dumb.

Conclusion: If you're bored yeah I'd suggest it.

It does leave the found-footage format, and it makes it very confusing.

I remember watching the first Grave Encounters and I quite enjoyed it despite its clichés - it's execution was actually pretty good and it had some decent jump scares!

So entertaining, they couldn't leave the film alone and had to make a sequel, adding to the line of good of movies with an inferior, drab sequel attached to it.

I'd also say if your bored at home with nothing better to do then watch random movies, playing this won't dampen your mood if you don't go in with high expectations.

Confusing, annoying & just plain cheesy.

They are uninteresting and boring.

I watched the first Grave Encounters film, and while it was somewhat enjoyable, it was instantly forgettable.

Liked the movie, despite its predicament or the slower moving tempo of the first half or the drops in acting -if any-.

Maybe the worst movie made of all time, immortalizing everything that is wrong with civilization in the western hemisphere.

Leave this one behind and go watch the first one if you want a horrifying experience, just don't waste your time.

Actually entertaining .

It is enjoyable, what more do you want from a movie?

However, this turns out to be just that, a funny, realistic and above all entertaining little found footage movie that tackles its genre with gusto and aplomb.

It so boring, 42 minutes in some stuff happens and then some other stuff an then nothing and then it goes off, good lord, boring.

There's nothing at all original here, and the whole movie is disgustingly predictable throughout.

Boring .

It features truly horrendous and very annoying performances from it's cast, uninspired camera work and a silly contrived climax that goes absolutely nowhere.

Yes, there were quite a few ridiculous moments as well (ghost thumping on a door again, and seriously, what kind of ghost would need a cam-light for taking a good look around) and sometimes it was really hard to follow what's happening.

In the positive side the gory scenes were enjoyable and there were a few surprising moments.

That being said I still enjoyed it a lot.

Pointless running off to get killed.


Cliché coming out the rear end .

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

HOWEVER it is still greatly entertaining horror that should make you feel scared at a few parts for sure!

I read other reviews and didn't have high hopes for this movie, halfway through I was kind of bored.

but in second half ,it becomes quite predictable and some scene like rat is really bad to place within plus those time ,construction manipulation is for me (making a reality show sort movie) is really impossible and that ghost wow ,hahah funny one.

He locates the REAL asylum where the movie was filmed and goes there with his own crew to film people with unhinged mouths, tables moving, a girl being dragged across the floor...

Clichéd, poor acting, some of the characters were so under developed that when they died, it seemed a waste of time having them there in the first place.

Also, there were too many ghosts with big mouths into the film and they were so repetitive and annoying.

I was bored throughout the film and didn't jump once, I wouldn't bother to watch it again and I wouldn't bother telling anyone to watch it and especially if you enjoyed the first.

Given this premise, I found this movie to be too pretentious and complex.

Don't waste your time.

It gave off true feeling of abandonment, disorientation, confusion, and lostness.

Maybe it's because The Vicious Brothers hand the directing reigns to John Poliquin who gives us a film that is populated with pretentious and annoying characters and comes across as very set up and phony instead of spooky and scary.

Predictable deaths (One scene, a kid advertises how he is going to die).

So when weird stuff started going down they were ready to leave, it was just too late to do anything about it.

The pacing is slow.

This "film" (if you can call it that) is a complete waste of time and absolute crap.

Grave Encounters wasn't all that original a found footage horror but, The Vicious Brothers did have some clever fun with the conventions and made an entertaining and spooky tale of a crew of a paranormal investigation show coming up against something they can't handle at an abandoned insane asylum.

The Possession The Apparition, Resident Evil Retribution, Sinister, Paranormal Activity 4, Woman in Black Devil Inside and now Grave Encounters 2 what a incredible waste of time.

I really enjoyed it.

It was generally scary and very fast paced.


It's fast, it's slow, it's fast again, then it's slow again.

It served as the preamble to why the students get into the hospital, but it becomes formulaic and lazy when they get there.

However, this film just had me looking more at the time remaining than the screen, which demonstrates just how boring I found it.

It was for the most part creepy and had a unique inspired idea that by the films overlong and confusing conclusion they had run into the ground.

starts off trying to be all clever by referencing the first film, then turns into a totally rubbish almost carbon copy, no plot or character development, and stupidly it turns the 'hero' of the original film into a murderer.

This has got to be the worst movie made of 2012.

Grave Encounters 2 is dull and boring .

The intro to this movie lasted 20 to 25 (way too long) minutes showing the kids partying, trying to get interviews and making a movie.

The special effects were just as good as the first one but the closing scenes dragged a little.

This is a pretty much a bland rehashing with new, boring characters in the same, now boring setting of a closed down hospital.

Pointless expose scenes.

" Now things get repetitive, if you seen the first grave encounters then just skip to the end to catch the ending.

A better film would have me questioning if I should be writing a review bashing this film but what lies here is a sad, boring genre sequel that exploits the worst traits of this new stupefying subgenre of found footage films.

Predictable Sequel .

It makes me laugh when critics on here are like 'It was so boring, not scary at all, a waste of time' lol I bet you at some point in the movie they were like "s*&t!

The second film was a waste of money and resources!

Overall it's a fast paced thrill ride full of great performances and lots of scary moments.

The story was intriguing, the acting was good and the setting was creepy.

The scares are rehashed, the pace is too slow for many, and the buildup is really not there.

The recent Paranormal Activity 4 was accused by many as a lazy cash grab but, that film was at least still entertaining and gave us likable characters and had a nice sense of humor to give it some fun.

The movie is horribly acted and hard to follow.

A Couple Steps Behind Its Predecessor But Still Greatly Enjoyable Though .

Too many sequences felt repetitive.

And worst of the all for most of the films running time it's just plain boring.

Firstly don't bother watching grave encounters 2 if you have NOT watched grave encounters one , because it will be pointless.

For me after the half hr the movie actually started, the way the remaining movie rushed,(it should be opposite) the first half really belongs to the movie , nice effects a worth watching ,very nice effects and may make you chewing your nails.

In Boring Encounters we have ghosts with mouths that stretch in a slightly "The Ring" kind of way - no more back story other than they were crazy.

It started slow and built suspense until its awesome final act.

That much is what they owe society after wasting three hours of people's lives with movies that are worth less than the crap I accidentally stepped on at a petting zoo.

It comes close to the first part but some scenes were too outlandish and predictable even for a horror film.

As the first chapter, "Esp2" commits a series of mistakes made of horror movies cliché and simply bad cinema, with banal dialogues, pure entertaining horror show, too weak characters on a psychlogical level.

Considering the dreck the found-footage division of horror was treated with recently, watching it wasn't a totally mindblowing experience, but a fulfilling and nourishing one, employing cautiously used technology with an effective story to make a pretty entertaining film.

The acting is bad and the characters are uninteresting.

He was flat and dull with no presence.

You're already pretty bored when they finally run into (spoiler if you have not seen the trailer) Lance Preston, the hero from the first film, who has survived in the maze of air ducts wrapping around his twisted new home.

In that case maybe I should be charitable and say this sequel isn't so much bad , just very predictable while the original is something of a standout

Grave Encounters 2 is very slow to start.

Go waste your time elsewhere people, you don't have to punish yourself with this one.

Ludicrous sequence which has three of the students (one is thrown out a window, another has her body crushed then dragged away from the camera's eye) actually leaving the hospital, driving to their hotel, entering their room, getting their gear, and taking the elevator which opens to reveal the basement of the hospital they had just escaped!

I thought this film was boring and consisted of boring scenes throughout this film.

Fast paced found footage flick/ Rare decent horror sequel .

Once things return to that old abandoned hospital, it once again becomes more predictable, with cast members offed by CGI ghosties.

I reduced my score to 7 near the end, because of some unexpected and sick violence.

Some horror fans will love it, it has some thrilling and seriously messed up moments.

Slow, ham acting, no script, too much swearing which indicates poor script writing, its not suspenseful or jumpy and the lead guy Alex is such a tool i want the monsters to kill him.

Don't waste your time.

I suggest you jump to chapter 6 and start watching to prevent from getting bored.

Never in my life did i think that i would encounter such a vile, boring, pointless film about absolutely nothing of value.

In this movie first half is quite boring and second half will get interesting and I don't like the climax.

While the first movie was amusing and I did actually enjoy it, this sequel is an extremely bad and the fact that it lacked a true plot different from the first one, made it pretty boring and left you wondering "why did they even bother?

The main character is well known and a kinda cute guy which makes the movie enjoyable even if the script is not so great.

I just watched them back to back and I thought the first one was insanely boring.

20+ minutes of a boring group of teens making the discovery that GE was NOT fabricated, and making the obvious decision to follow in its footsteps and sacrifice their lives for a sequel.

So I was a little bored and frustrated during the movie.

Some particular acts are just hard to follow - even if the original wasn't the best to begin with.

Just a rather pointless scene.. Well, seeing as how I'm already angry at this movie, I wanna turn it off.

It's good for the mythos, but kind of boring from a viewer's perspective.

There are plenty of hidden gems, ghosts, insanity and brutality, a movie fully engrossing and fun...

"Grave Encounters 2" is among the worst movies in the style "reality show" and I do not understand why we can't give "zero" stars in IMDb to garbage like this.

I was taken by how much I enjoyed the film's first half; it was breezy, intriguing, if sometimes tedious with the amount of partying, and set the stage for a perfect direction the film could've easily managed.