Grease 2 (1982) - Comedy, Drama, Musical

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A British student at a 1960s American high school must prove himself to the leader of a girls' gang whose members can only date greasers.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Patricia Birch
Stars: Michelle Pfeiffer, Maxwell Caulfield
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 42 out of 311 found boring (13.5%)

One-line Reviews (118)

This one was not as good as the original mind you, but it is still very good and enjoyable for anyone.

Yes, at times the film does fit into the so-bad-it's-good cliche.

It was a pointless song, and it was obviously just thrown into the movie for the sake of it.


Pfeiffer just looks bored.

There's even the bad edit from Stephanie & Michael starting the "We'll Be Together" number, to everyone already coupled up (including them) and slow dancing/walking to the camera.

The plot is very predictable, and the songs lack the spark that the first film caught.

Maxwell Caulfield is more beautiful than Michelle Pfeiffer but bland and unable to carry a tune.

" While the original "Grease" is not a great film, the 1977 adaptation of the long-running Broadway hit does have songs evocative of the 1960's, energetic choreography, and an appealing cast.

Ok, I love "Grease" and am currently performing the musical, but Grease 2 has to be one of the worst movies EVER, and I'm not usually really critical about movies.

predictable, corny, forgettable, funny, nostalgic .

When Paramount began work on a follow-up, the producers came up nearly empty on every aspect that made the original a blockbuster.

In Grease 2, with a few debatable exceptions, to the music is obscenely pointless.

Don't waste your time.

Entertaining .

Enjoyable If You Let It Stand On It's Own .

'Grease 2' is, however, a better film than one might expect from its reputation, and its reversal of the original movie's formula makes for a more engaging story.

Horrible, yet oddly fascinating.

It is sporadically entertaining, and it does have a few things going for it.

She of course thinks he's a nerd & uninteresting.

Don't see it because you liked 'Grease', which is so much better and so much more entertaining.

Don't waste the money or the two hours to see this one.

The songs are catchy and very entertaining, while the characters are amusing.

That is how low this movie can go and a boring way to cash in more on the franchise nobody wanted a sequel for.

It was boring, ridiculous and unoriginal.

The Most Enjoyable Bad Movie Ever .

An even duller song by Caufield, the goofy fallout shelter scene and a bit later, the unbelievably embarrassing and badly staged 'Graduation Luau' .

Michelle Pfeiffer provides a particularly entertaining performance as the lead, a female version of Danny from the original.

This movie and many more pointless sequels are proof that not every great "classic" needs a follow-up and obvious cash-cows don't always need milking.

The plot was predictable.

The acting is among Michelle Pfiefer's most compelling work (theCool Rider sequence alone will send tingles down your spine) butthere is simply no way anyone on this cast can keep up with thealways stellar Christopher McDonald.

the casting is dreadful, apart from adrian zmed who was funny in this film but only on a couple of occasions, and ok maxwell caulfield and pfeiffer are well known actors now but they were awful in this very boring movie!

One of the worst movie musicals .

This is one of the most pointless sequels of all-time.

But it was just so boring that I felt asleep!

I found the wardrobe pretty boring actually.

The extremely dull Michael Carrington (Maxwell Caulfield) shows up at Rydell as a foreign exchange student, greeted by Frenchy (Didi Conn), who is back at Rydell to get her chemistry credit.

The dancing is perfect and the song's exciting.

That said I really can't say this was a very good film, but I enjoyed it.

Characters you may have liked are all gone, instead replacing Danny Zuko (masterfully played by John Travolta) with the nerdy British exchange student Michael Carrington (Maxwell Caufield) - who only sang one song - and Sandy Olsson (also masterfully played by Olivia Newton-John) with the most popular girl in school, Stephanie Zinone (Michelle Pfeiffer) - it's a role reversal plot at its worst, and there's tons of bad suspense points cheesy dialogue, tie-ins to the early '60s (1961 to be exactly), it's all so bleak and bland that it looks like a bootleg ripoff.

why sing a really chirpy song when Michael (aka the Cool Rider) is presumed dead, then finish with a slow ballad for the finale when it's discovered he's alive and his identity is revealed?!

It has a dumb and cliched story, overall terrible acting and a boring predictable soundtrack.

In fact, it is almost the exact anti-thesis of Grease, it is dull, lifeless and predictable with poor songs and forgettable performances.

One of the worst movies I've ever watched from beginning to end.

I really enjoyed it .

are anywhere from dull to just really uninspired songwriting.

This movie is a complete waste of time and money.

Waste of time sequel .

This had to be the breaking point, but I continued to sit, bored out of mind, and finish the tedious musical.

The movie by itself is entertaining, it should have been given a different name though.

A total waste of time.

Almost all of the actors are quite likable, actually, giving energetic and engaging performances.

They could have given us some exciting new types of music that could have made this installment just as good as the last.

And maybe "Grease 2" isn't, either, but something about it is just much more enjoyable.

Obviously, this is not a deep-thinking movie, but it's funny and entertaining, exactly what a movie should be.

That dull mystery will linger long after the ludicrous luau finale fades into a bad memory.

His performance is dull, his diction is poor, his screen presence is non-existent and his singing is pathetic.

The music is enjoyable!

Grease 2 has appalling songs, actors with no charisma (even poor Michelle Pfeiffer comes off flat and boring), a dull as dishwater plot, zero character development (I couldn't care less about any of the characters), and is really badly paced.

I enjoyed it.

nonetheless, Grease 2, I find, is more entertaining that the original, and the mass choreography is much more impressive, Grease was more centered around the few key character's dancing, as Grease 2 had dozens of people involved, which is more difficult to orchestrate.

"Grease 2" isn't the exact replica of the first amazing film, but it has some laughs and a few exciting songs.

Worth watching more than once .

Those cameos are the only performances that are worth watching.

And while it is great to see the returning cast members make an appearance, with the glorious Eve Arden reprising her role as school principal, Miss McGee, it's pretty unforgivable to see Didi Conn as frenchy largely wasted with little screen time she is given and with a contrived explanation as to her presence.

There's also one too many endings & the lame finale leaves a bad taste in your mouth with that unclimatic, ho-hum, wishy-washy, watered down "We Go Together" wannabe "song".

And The Pink Ladies were just way too humble and were a bit bland.

If you look past the terrible production values of this movie, what you actually find is a fairly decent and engaging little story about a guy trying to woo a girl who seems unattainable, and I have to say that contrary to popular belief, Maxwell Caulfield and Michelle Pfeiffer both give very good performances.

The songs are catchy and enjoyable and it is interesting to see Michelle so young (and singing!

The songs were the worst part, they were bland and boring they didn't pump me up like 'grease lighting' or 'summer nights' would.

Don't waste your time on this one.


it was much more entertaining than the first one.

It's about one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Also, if you look closely on the DVD, during the luau scene (while they are still singing), you can see Michael sitting on the edge of the pool eating cotton candy.

on a certain social networking site, there thousands of us in appreciation groups, and they are a pretty mixed bunch (male - female - somewhere in between) not everyone it going to love this film, but its worth watching with an open mind!

So in case I am wondering why Grease 2 failed, it failed in most every aspect that it is still a pain to watch that forgettable what's his face, British Actor, and somewhat uninteresting Michelle Pfieffer miscast and the lack of any chemistry between the two.

They deal with power and love with unique, riveting dramatics- the first of those two: Citizen Kane, The Godfather.

"Reproduction" is fun to watch, if certainly campy, and a couple of the T-birds are entertaining (Leif Green and Peter Frechette's characters).

While I appreciate the attention that has been made to period detail and enthusiasm, but GREASE 2 is a waste of everyone's time.

That said, the movie is deliciously entertaining.

The songs were contrived and meaningless, and lacked any charm whatsoever.

But it is enjoyable if you don't take it seriously.

Like every sequel it's less funny, entertaining and interesting.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and THE worst musical.

This movie is very entertaining with catchy songs and an interesting story.

Very enjoyable and funny .

It has the same format as the first with the pink ladies and the T-Birds but this movie is more intense than the first.

Right after that is a somewhat dull scene in a diner with Michael & Stephanie.

Boring for its length.

I work in a video store so I watch a lot of movies and this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Michelle Pfieffer's big break, also her worst movie.

Michelle Pfeiffer went onto much better things, but it started off disastrously here, with Maxwell Caulfield dull, dull, dull as the cousin of the unseen Sandy who is taken in by high school returnee Didi Conn.

Don't waste your'e money on renting it.

People actually walked out of the theater during it's short run.

The music is great and just an enjoyable movie to watch.

This is definitely the worst movie i've ever seen!!

The only thing mildly entertaining about G1 was the final scene, and watching and laughing as John Travolta shook his thang.

If I was bored out of my mind, I'd consider going back to watch this movie.

So if you haven't seen Grease 2 before because people say it's crap and that it's a waste of time, at least give it a chance and watch it, it might surprise you.

Worst movie ever made.

Good looking girls, a catchy soundtrack, and a silly story made for an overly entertaining flick.

Overall this movie for me is quite entertaining and I like it, and I certainly do not compare it to the first one as it is a whole new different movie and storyline.

But past that, it's strangely compelling--and fun to watch in a heinous, "Saved by the Bell" kind of way..

The film is also, one must remember extremely boring.

Worst Movie Ever.

Possibly the worst movie EVER .

The story is predictable, badly paced and dull as well, and spoiled by cardboard characters who don't interact with each other very well at all.

Maybe die hard Grease 1 lovers won't like this, but I think this movie is truly enjoyable and alot of fun.

The rest of this rather short soundtrack is made up with what can only be described as uninteresting fillers.

Worst Movie Ever.

Finally, the soundtrack is just boring and predictable.

Banal rubbish .

What happens next in the story is ludicrous, ridiculous, implausible, and EXTREMELY contrived.

Its sequel is a pathetic attempt to cash in on the original's success, using what is plotwise a banal flip-flop in gender roles of the original Grease.

But, to be honest, although it has it's good bits, "Grease" get's boring very quickly - I couldn't stand the cheerleading scene and it is very cheesy.

one of the worst movies in history .