Halloween (1978) - Horror, Thriller

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Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween night 1963, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois to kill again.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: John Carpenter
Stars: Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 131 out of 1000 found boring (13.1%)

One-line Reviews (482)

This gives a very suspenseful essence to the film because you don't know where he went a lot of the time and he can pop out of nowhere.

i think most war films locates in foreign country that's why most war films are entertaining.

Mostly formulaic and made with the lowest common denominator in mind.

I'm telling you though it is a great movie and I hope you will find it very enjoyable.

The reason I gave it a 7/10 was because of prison been some of the tropes of horror movies maybe you should all of them and it was really entertaining.

The constant stalking rapidly becomes tedious, finishing off victims with badly acted deaths.

plain boring.

A little humor, sometimes, is nice relief in a suspenseful horror flick.

There rest are pointless and are really only made so they are given he opportunity to flash a woman's breasts or exhibit lots of blood and violence.

Nothing happens for almost an entire hour.

This is a very suspenseful, intense movie that builds on a strong horror atmosphere, shot without much light, instead a strong presence of shadows.

Suspenseful in every way possible, John Carpenter's Halloween is a classic!

Probably original for it's time, but this time around I found it extremely boring.

Each minute I was getting more and more bored.

Stunningly Directed, Ultra-Atmospheric, Super-Suspenseful, Spine-Tingling, Psycho Killer Horror Movie .

Like every good director of horror films, Carpenter created "Halloween" to be scary and suspenseful.

He knows Michael is coming back to Haddonfield, but by the time the town realises it, it'll be to late for many people This movie crabs you right at start with the murder from six year old boy and it next boring at (as it really short too) and it had a great atmosphere from start to end of the movie.

On contrary, i thought the mask man had asthma and was very slow in catching his prey to the point of hilarity!

Countless rubbish was churned out in its wake in the 1980s, reducing horror to something teenage gore hounds went to see, films with little plot, inventive and increasingly gory deaths and a formulaic laziness.

Both Pleasence & Curtis are great and the supporting cast features Nancy Loomis & the always entertaining PJ Soles, who solidified her status a one of the queens of cult-filmdom by appearing in ROCK-N-ROLL HIGH SCHOOL the following year.

Later on, he starts to kill her friends, until, in the heart- stopping climax which had me on the edge of my seat, tries to kill her.

The scene in which he gives an eerie monologue in the Myers house is just breathtaking.

The exciting conclusion and thrilling finale ends with Laurie fighting for survival against The Shape as he unleashes a relentless attack.

The cinematography, music, and atmosphere are creepy and intense, and the whole movie is an insane thrill ride.

Overall "Halloween" is a great, stunning film that delivers in all regards.

His knack for creating suspenseful, jump-out-of-your seat scenes is legendary in this film and his subsequent ones.

Michael Myers is unpredictable.

A lot of what you see in the finale is cheap and predictable although I did like the fact that Laurie used a knitting needle and coat hanger to attack Mike Myers - who needs a knife...

This is a rather confusing and really tough film to talk about.

Boring, stupid...

yawn .

With a simplistic story and an engaging heroine, this was the horror movie that started it all.

For instance, the silly thing they do with Michael all the time, kind of NOW YOU SEE ME, NOW YOU DON'T, NOW YOU SEE ME, NOW YOU DON'T, after the 3rd or 4th time it REALLY gets irritating and predictable.

Pleasence is always a gripping screen presence and as Dr. Loomis he is excellent.

It Is Unbelievable, Poorly acted, Repetitive , ANd BORING!

The darkly intriguing story is complimented throughout by an unsettling atmosphere.

I remember thinking that the only good technical aspect of the film was the lighting in some places but otherwise it's one of the most boring films I've ever seen and it's such a joke that it's considered to be one of the scariest films of all time.

Pretty boring .

Horror classics are such a joke to the world, considering that they are either boring, have lame story lines, and very little suspense, this is one of them.

Not scary, banal, not worth watching again or in the first place if you haven't seen it, unless you simply must just to say that you have.

It created an iconic villain in the form of Micheal Myers and popularized an entire genre of film which has since become cliché.

As suspenseful as the movie is, the score(composed by Carpenter himself) is almost just as effective.

Young Jamie Lee Curtis is very beautiful and she delivers a stunning performance in her first leading role of Laurie Strode.

It is suspenseful and Hitchcockian in its elements.

Soles plays Laurie's "totally" stunning cheerleader friend Lynda whose sexual escapades will come with a price.

I actually found it a bit boring and just ok.

silly & boring .

Nothing in this film is good, it's boring, laughable, and NOT SCARY AT ALL!!!

And that knife looks very dry for having just stabbed someone seconds ago.

The casting of this film was brilliant and all the actors and actresses gave top notch performances, Jamie Lee Curtis was stunning in her first film role as Laurie Strode and Donald Pleasance gave a thrilling performance with his small role as Loomis.

)--am I the only person thinking how tacky she was during the supposedly thrilling kill scene to have been over at these people's house (where her friend was supposed to be babysitting) having sex with her boyfriend, smoking in their bed and drinking their beer?

Neutral, cold, boring.

I understand that it is a classic and it was interesting to see so many cliche scenes borrowed by many movies that have followed though.

The other really fascinating thing to mention is just how influential a film that "Halloween" was, and how big an inspiration it became to the numerous other copy-cat films to emerge after its release.

There's the by-now cliché plot of his killing promiscuous, mostly female teens--all of which seems to stem back to his simultaneous incestuous desire for and repulsion of his sister.

During this scene, you watch the slow moving Michael walk closer and closer to the house, and by the time the little boy unlocks the door, michael is nearly on the porch.

Slow pace, haunting atmosphere, well developed characters...

The reasons this film gets 9/10 from me not 10/10 are: - the low budget affects the technical quality of film, making it slightly fuzzy to watchthe pacing is sometimes too slow with scenes of the teenage chatterJamie Lee Curtis grates on my nerves

Halloween is thrilling, from start to finish.

One of the worst movies I had ever seen .

Though not classic cinema by any means, Halloween was still innovative and, at the time, more riveting than just about anything else touring drive-in theater screens (which was, after all, the intended market from its very conception).

I thought this movie was as good as they say, but I almost fell asleep watching it, it was a waste of time !!.

Jaws, and Piranha also got some adrenaline going.

Anybody who pans "Halloween" as tawdry and exploitative misses out on what elevates this minor chiller above its clones and makes it worth watching beyond the usual cursory viewings.

From the impressive opening sequence featuring an outstanding long take, to the creepy instances of glimpsing Michael poking out in the background, and then on to the bone-chilling climax as he wreaks havoc with vicious intensity, Halloween rides on its drawn out dread build-ups, ignores jump scares, and never forgets the audience its destined to frighten.

As it stands though it just felt trite and contrived - with sequels in mind rather than a good creative conclusion.

I thought the movie was extremely suspenseful and filled with great atmosphere.

Overall, "Halloween" is arguably THE most influential film on modern day horror cinema and although it's pacing can be slow and almost meandering at times, once it revs up, it's a suspenseful thrill ride that holds up to this day.

No plot, no depth, no nothing.

Carpenter sustains a creepy, suspenseful a atmosphere all the way through the movie.

The first classic horror movie I saw many years ago was Psycho, which while somewhat problematic and outdated, at least held up as a pretty good film otherwise with great use of suspense, twisting the plot in unexpected ways and having a lot of character development both for the main character and the killer.

The iconic soundtrack and (unique for it's time) scene structure blend together to make a creepy and thrilling atmosphere that most movies can't pull off to this day.

The character of Dr. Loomis is an integral part of what makes the story engaging.

It is a total bore

The less we knew about him, the more fascinating and menacing he was.

All of this combined created a very suspenseful and downright scary movie.

The conversations between the characters, especially Donald Pleasance, are enjoyable because of the true range of emotion that these actors give in their performance.

Only downside to this movie is sometimes the characters act in stupid ways which removes from the intense story.

And the ending is very scary, as well as exciting, and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the credits roll.

This could be an evocative and tantalizing effect, but each of Michael's "surprise" appearances are extremely predictable and usually accompanied by a melodramatic, campy musical cue.

Definition of the term horror: "intense and profound fear".

A lot of these kids today need things quick and easy for them,they don't want to use theirbrains they want quick editing,a lot of gore and tongue and cheek,so chancesare when they watch Halloween they wont get it ,they will be bored by it,and my answer to that is that ITS OVER THEIR HEADS,ITS TO SMART FOR THEMSADLY.

Enjoyed it immensely, and plan to see the rest.

From the moment Michael kills Judith, to the time he falls to his apparent death, this movie carried with it unexpected and original moments of horror and suspense.

Despite the fact that they make the police look like complete moron's in this movie, and the annoying repeatedness of the eerie music, this movie still pulls off a realistic and highly entertaining view.

", one of my all time favourite films is Rivette's Out 1, which is 13 hours long, so I am perfectly happy to watch a long, slow burn, if the plot and acting can draw me in, which Halloween never really did.

I suppose this material is an attempt at realism, but when it contributes nothing to plot, meaning or character arcs, it's just an insulting waste of the audience's time.

I also have to commend this movie for being able to be suspenseful without gore.

There's builds up that are very suspenseful.

I thought it made great use of the Halloween theme (a holiday I've always loved), and incorporated it in this, and had a very creative, engrossing plot.

The rest of the cast - even including Jamie Lee Curtis to be honest - had its ups and downs, and some of the lines seemed spoken in a bit of a monotone which didn't suit the action.

Things like Dr. Loomis in desperate search of Michael because he is the only one that really knows the seriousness of Michael loose on the streets - the chase is thrilling!

The rest is basically a boring fest, people walking from places to places and Michael killing 3 more people in same poorly filmed scenes, the acting in the kill scenes are actually funny rather then scary.

Halloween sets a new bar for the horror and suspense genre and will keep audiences on the edge of their seat from start to finish.

As a whole, Myers is very convincing and compelling as a villain.

This made Halloween WAY more exciting.

I think this movie was slow and predictable at parts, and some of the kills took way too long to build up.

The music, the opening scene with 6 year old Michael, and the super-intense delivery that Donald Pleasence, gives to every line!

"Halloween" works so well on many levels for a B-movie horror flick; the types of camera angles, the deep shadows and dimly lit night scenes, and ominous/suspenseful music.

Waste of my life and my three dollars.

Donald Pleasence (Loomis) gives a brilliant intense performance, his dialogue and one of lines are brilliant.

It doesn't matter how many times you've seen it, it loses none of its power to make you scream, and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Surely then, a HORROR film should contain intense and profound fear.

Even at its most basic form as a work of entertainment and sadly when I feel a movie has failed at entertaining me in the slightest I feel it's failed at doing anything.

Halloween is just a very, very slow paced independent movie that was lucky because it had a soulless producer named Moustpha Akkad who in later years would destroy every thing he worked so hard to build with Halloween H-2-0.

Waste of time and effort.

That said, the slow-burning narrative and sinister atmosphere weren't enough to make this movie scary for me.

It may have set the standards for today's horror films, but it is better than most of them, it maintains a structure throughout that works and remains thrilling, unlike most that get boring and predictable after awhile.

It, instead, relies on pacing and suspense to keep our viewers on the edge.

beautifully shot, an amazing score and with very minimal use of gore; this is a classic tale of horror that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie.

But best of all it manages to keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

But it's the empty shots that create the most tension as they leave you thinking 'What's going to happen next?

The screenplay doesn't hold up to much scrutiny, but overall the film is still so well made and compelling as to remain essential viewing any time of the year, not just tonight.

"Assault on Prencict 13" was one of the worst movies I have seen so far, and "Halloween" was not so much better than that.

But, today, nearly 40 years later - (Watching it with a very critical eye) - Halloween certainly left this somewhat jaded viewer quite bewildered and, yes, let down by the sheer tediousness that prevailed throughout its story.....

This is Jamie Lee Curtis' debut movie, the movie that made her famous and one of the stupidest and the most boring movies I have ever seen.

Because that's a films job, first and foremost is to be entertaining to the audience.

Stunning .

ironically i watched it on Halloween, and the following sequel Halloween II (1980)was not as impressive but was enjoyable, but didn't have the same magic and fear Carpenter had created in the audience, possibly due to the overuse of blood and predictable next scenes.

Castle, who is a filmmaker in his own right and helmed the wonderful "The Last Starfighter", creates a grand character through only physical movement, which is highly commendable and exciting.

(Yes, my parents let me watch them) In my opinion, they are simply the most entertaining movies from the, "Slasher" category of horror films.

I was hanging on the edge of my seat the whole time.

In this first suspenseful scene, Micheal simply stops the car.

James Wan's Saw is an exception, but like all other actual good horror films, it has been exploited by making pointless sequels.

Throughout the manipulative, morbid film, the suspenseful stalkings and killings are seen from the subjective vantage point of the killer's or 'peeping tom's' eyes, a few times while looking through a mask.

It set the tone throughout the movie, where mundane scenes become scary.

John Carpenter's 1978 slasher horror film is a cult classic which is equally enjoyable today as it was in the 70's.

And yes, it IS the most simple and predictable story ever written.

I blamed Carpenter for the limited potential of his scenarios, it's a bit evident in "Halloween": different steps of the story interlock often in a predictable way and some well-worn tricks aren't very welcome (Laurie's little brother who claims having seen the bogey man (the monster in reality) outside.

Poor writing, poor acting, boring and simply not scary.

You only saw one or two places where there was blood and even then it was just enough for you to understand the person was dead, which made the movie very suspenseful.

The deaths in this movie are too tame and it's kinda boring.

I'm not crazy, just really bored.

Directed by John Carpenter (Assault on Precient 13, Dark Star, The Fog) made an fascinating, original, horror, suspense thriller.

A brilliant and highly effective masterpiece of suspenseful horror.

It's an easy thing to do, I suppose, to just get a load of horny teenagers on screen and have them picked off one by one: no brains, no suspense, no script and no fun from a theoretical point of view.

nothing really spectacular, but she's entertaining in this.

It's the way things are dragged out in this movie - the tracking shots, the breathing sounds under the mask, that damn score - all played to just that right length.

The direction by John Carpenter is brilliant,giving the film tension and creepiness,moving the camera and showing the small town and neighborhood during the day and night,while also doing great with the scary and suspenseful scenes and also does a great job with the Michael Myers point of view shots.

In most tracks, a piano will play at either a quick or slow pace.

In a pristine CinemaScope format with powerful and stunning framing, John Carpenter turned this film into a condensed version of his years of training and movie watching as a teen, and a specific homage to "the" master, Howard Hawks.

Halloween is a classic horror movie it's thrilling, scary and has good directing with also good acting and the soundtrack to this movie is phenomenal!!!

Also, a lot of the first hour of the film is filled with boring and not very necessary scenes filled with pointless chatter about sex, school and babysitting when it should have been filled with back story, reasons they should be killed or reasons they shouldn't.

This cliché-ridden thriller is praised (blamed) for spawning the slasher films of the 1980s - a dubious distinction.

In retrospect, "Halloween" is very predictable.

John Carpenter's score adds tension to an already suspenseful movie.

really slow.

While pretty much nothing happens in "Halloween"'s first tens of minutes, the film's atmosphere as well as the performamces of the cast are enough to make this movie worthy of its classic status.

I highly recommend it.

But instead of that, I got amazed how dull the end was treated...

" After that long laundry list of complaints, there are some tidbits of quality to be seen: a young Jamie Lee Curtis, well-cast as The Final Girl; the subtle menace of Myers, when shown, is effective; Carpenter's establishment of the 'indestructible killer' cliché; and during its most suspenseful parts, the director does put us on the edge of our seats.

I did like Halloween 2 and H20 but this was INCREDIBLY ENTERTAINING!

obviously a suspenseful and captivating music!

The slow pacing draws out the tension, and allows the character development that other such films lack.

Also kind of slow.

Having said that, many of those films are highly enjoyable (be they cheesy or classy) and are, indeed, things to cherish themselves (well, at least if you're anyone like me!

The lack of gore doesn't help either, as it tends to give this one such a dry feel that, due to the low body-count it really has a big problem here in actually being original, which when combined with it's slow pace makes for a rather problematic viewing.

Halloween ponders our fear and fascination with death, sex, pleasure, and the teenage coming of age years.

The movie itself isn't scary because I've seen too many slasher films to remain disturbed after the film however Halloween is extremely suspenseful and offers pretty much everything you could want from a scary movie.

It's incredibly suspenseful, has a killer score, and a memorable villain.

Boring .

The 2nd half is equally intense.

Boring plot, boring music, boring direction and boring performances from all the actors in it.

the scariest, most thrilling movie ever made in cinematic history.

Michael dons a mask and brings along a knife, not the most confident linguist, mick largely remains silent adding to the confusion during his visit.

In conclusion Halloween is a perfect 1970s film that inspired many movies years after, it creates horror in creative and unexpected ways, and being so remembered that it creates one of the most recognizable horror movie villains

Watching a slow, plodding mental case in a dumb mask wasn't scary enough.

there are also a few logic gaps,which i only noticed when things got slow.

I've never seen a movie that I would rate a perfect ten out of ten, but for sheer style, thrilling entertainment value and passionate commitment to film-making, this low-budget masterpiece is pretty damn close.

Rather than having a melancholy feeling when all this violence is going on, we are fully immersed in the world of these characters and have fear for them.

Having said that, I rewatched this horror gem a couple of months ago and the more you watch it, the more enjoyable it gets.

Predictable and boorish .

Dead slow movie with a horrible finish - which felt more laughable than 'scary'.

Halloween is suspenseful, scary and disturbing, Halloween night will never be the same.

The way he moves his camera the way he builds suspense throughout the whole movie and finishing it is truly fascinating.

Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis add credibility to the film with sincere performances – in fact the entire film is far less campy than many of its peers from the 70s and 80s – and the film helped write the modern slasher rulebook, notably the sections that demand pretty teens who covet alcohol and sex must be killed, and the fact that a slow shuffling pursuer somehow always manages to catch the fast fleeing teens.

The suspense is really good and does hold you on the edge of your seat,you never see a lot of blood if any,the film relies on suspense and lots of jumpy moments.

"Halloween", a movie a lot of people consider to be the most suspenseful and therefor best horror movie ever made, just didn't really do it for me.

The whole stalking thing in the beginning is intense, but a bit boring.

John Carpenter's directing is very dry and clean, here.

Horror should be believable, and that is what makes the film enjoyable.

On paper, some girls walk around their hometown, a guy follows them a bit and a worried psychiatrist meets the local sheriff; that should only be worth about five minutes of screen time, but what is really happening is terrific character development (Hill's girl-talk dialogue is great), physical mapping of the houses and spaces that become so crucial later, and a fabulous slow-burning build of tension.

Atmospheric, chilling, and suspenseful.

It's not bad, just silly and boring.

Actually seems tedious as time goes on .

The suspense is maintained at high level the moment the first attack takes place--and from then on, the scares become more intense as Jamie realizes she and the kids are in real danger.

Thrilling and suspenseful, Halloween is a very enjoyable film that I would certainly recommend to all fans of horror.

There's also the unfortunate matter that many of the scares can be seen as predictable because the film practically codified them as clichés, so modern viewers may find the movie boring as a result.

He builds the tension and when he strikes it is unexpected.

Every move was so predictable.

Most of the movie features the average main characters going about their boring lives and occasionally noticing Michael Myers appearing on a street corner, then disappearing.

Since the sceneries are so dumb and hence so predictable, the movie is not scary at all.

The next scene provides one of the most absorbing three minutes of suspense ever put on film.

- characters say "oh, silly me" - deadNot to mention how incredibly stupid the protagonist is, how predictable are the killer's comebacks, how awful is the acting and so on.

If I wanted no story, I would visit an art gallery and use my imagination to fill in the blanks.

To call the movie engaging would be an understatement.

I still am unsure if this review captured how truly timeless and thrilling this film is.

Carpenter manages to make a mundane town, desolate and terrifying the long location shots instantly make the viewer un easy even in the day time scenes.

Total waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What really keeps me terrified by Halloween is John Carpenter's malevolent and haunting score that sends chills down my spine each and every time I hear it, and it's the music in this film that makes the suspenseful stalkings and killings all the more effective.

"Boring," to modern, ADD-afflicted youth.

Donald Pleasence is just stunning as the troubled Psychiatrist Sam Loomis, giving him a great deal of pathos and depth in the role that went on to define his career.

mindless killing, puerile acting, hollow and empty plots...

Also whilst we might not mourn the loss of the first few irritating kids (and can maybe just vicariously enjoy those kills) with Janet Leigh's daughter, we care and the final section becomes quite breathtaking.

one of the worst movie i've ever seen in my life i just wanna cry

If you separate John Carpenter's "Halloween" from it's many sequels, remake and the many copy-cat films from the 80's, you are left with one Hell of a suspenseful flick.

An excellent, fearful, intense, wonderful, excellent-plot-filled, edge-of-your-seat mayhem and intensity as the killer, Michael Myers kills in his first Halloween flick!

Then you wanna skip to the end because EVEN THE MURDER SCENE ARE BORING!

It's suspenseful, spawned a great franchise, laid unimaginable influence and is truly defining of its genre.

A bland one.

summing up go for this one if you want to watch a intense horror movie at night and iam pretty much sure it will not be a disappointment and will surely scare the hell out of you.

It's far more entertaining AND it's the very beginning of slasher flicks as a genre.

With clever camera work the intense writing style of Carpenter and Hill comes to life, especially the haunting nature of the boogeyman.

It is worth watching

Eerie,suspenseful,soundtrack is fantastic,movie was made 38 years ago!

It helps build up this unbearable tension and you just know something is going to happen soon.

For those who have watched lots of horror movies, the old movie is boring and not exciting.

As a result, it's quite difficult to be afraid of Myers when he's shrouded in confusion and it even becomes slightly comedic when he is killed and comes back to life again - think the original Child's Play, only not as exciting because we're meant to take it seriously.

The simple premise of having a mentally unstable killer on the loose on a Halloween night is enough to keep me on the edge of my seat.

Its a boring character.

The ending of Halloween is brilliant and a classic John Carpenter ending that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats and makes viewers ask a lot questions and never gives viewers many answers.

Later Lynda and her boyfriend Bob Simms (John Michael Graham) arrive at the now empty house.

After watching this film for the first time, the one that created the slasher genre and was supposedly one of the best horror classics, I got a sudden urge to drop dead of boredom.

Boring and predictable by 1978 standards .

This movie is a thriller, and a horror movie and will have anybody on the edge of the seat wondering what will happen next.

Not made with a particuarlly large budget when put in comparison with some of the horror films made modernly, but compared to the mass amounts of pointless torture films Halloween had real suspense and terror.

really its more the prototype for the cliché bad horror movie.

John Carpenter and Debra Hill created the most suspenseful, creepy, and terrifying movie of all time with this classic chiller.

However, It is not just the childish, boring and highly predictable plot that hurts the movie.

"Halloween" has a really poor plot (a madman escapes from prison and kills people), a low-budget set that looks low-budget, an incredibly cheesy screenplay (the doctor about the madman: "I have worked with him for 15 years and he is pure evil" or something like that), a lousy, lousy soundtrack that should win an award for the worst movie score (composed by Carpenter himself btw.

Overall, this movie is a classic film worth watching.

Everything from its music, to its lighting, to its suspenseful pace.

Michael has no character or soul He isn't entertaining to watch as he slowly Moaps around the film he sucks the life out of it.. The acting too is bad except Donald pleasence who is a legend, th other actors go around their mundane life talking useless dialogue irrelevant to the film then they get spooked by Michael watching then they go about their mundane life again.

Audiences want an exciting thriller from Halloween, but a ridiculous amount of the movie consists of bland, mildly annoying teenagers chatting mindlessly.

Michael then appears in a closet/doorway behind her, slashes her shoulder with his knife, she then falls down the stairs, and then the big chase is on and it leads to a huge adrenaline rushing, blood pumping thrill ride, with a fantastic ending of Michael somehow disappearing after been shot off the balcony by Dr. Loomis who had been chasing him all night and coming up short.

The slower pace pull in the viewer enabling them to fully take in the whole scene.

But don't waste your time watching the others like I made the mistake of doing.

The creepiness of Michael Myers is unnerving and the suspense as he stalks Laurie will have you on the edge of your seat.

The characters in the movie were so annoying, laughable dialogue by Dr Loomis, far too much suspense I like some suspense but after a while if there is wayyyy too much suspense I feel bored as shite There was a lack of action which made me mad.

There are more dull moments than suspenseful ones in HALLOWEEN.

Annie was a pretty funny character for the little screen time she had, and all the action is very suspenseful.

The film is suspenseful from the first minute onward, the yummy young Jamie Lee Curtis shines in her first leading role of Laurie Strode (still her most memorable role to date), the great Donald Pleasence (one of my favorite actors) is superb as Dr. Sam Loomis, and the film introduces one of cinema's most memorable psychos - Michael Myers.

I'm sorry to say it, but in my opinion, "Halloween" is a pretty boring movie with some bad acting and pacing issues.

I'd love this movie like I really enjoyed it.

Film is technically well made, its photography lends it a certain amount of atmospherics; probably one of the most effective and instantly recognisable music scores ever; a good intro and tense climax all work in its favour, but it is a long, slow, verbose way in between.

What is distracting, however, is the lack of action for most of the screen time does get very boring.

I was 20, but I am sure that I had walked out after 15 minutes.

"Halloween" is a typical teenage low-budget horror cliché, full of bad dialogue and bad story telling.

As I've mentioned, the atmosphere is great, and for that, the music, by the same Carpenter, is also truly essential, along with the cinematography by Dean Cundey, which is just stunning and beautiful.

Most of the murders are rather predictable and what we see on the screen isn't too disturbing or shocking, at least not by nowadays' standards.

From this point it is clear that the movie will follow a basic and rudimentary path that is highly predictable.

Sorry but all of you artsy fartsy posers who think the original was a horror masterpiece need to go take a cold reality shower.

An impressive, highly effective, suspenseful, terrifying horror film which inspired a new sub-genre .

It is a dark, scary, and intense movie.

These elements made a great and horrifying horror movie, but unfortunately today's generation won't be able to see this the same way because of rip off horror movies that make this seem like a cliché just as well.

The cinematography and the well-paced screenplay is pleasing in many ways, as every suspenseful moment is captured so professionally.

For me suspense is what makes movies like this enjoyable and memorable.

Directed with mastery and suspenseful as hell, Halloween's story of supernatural character Michael Myers's reign of bloodshed is undoubtedly legendary.

Since most horror films don't bother to try to make sense, we're all used to this formulaic approach, anyway.

Once Michael finally makes his presence felt things finally get to moving, the finale involves the (what has become) usual stumbling, screaming, sobbing and stabbing, with a slow shuffling Michael always a step or two behind the fast moving prey.

Other problems include a tedious lack of drive and some weak dialogue, like the girls' conversation walking home from school, which doesn't ring true.

The beginning is great and the ending is suspenseful but the whole middle part is pretty dull.

It tells an intriguing story that leaves you wanting more.

When the camera is closing in on the pumpkin, as well as all of the creepy shots in this movie, just keeps you on the edge of your seat.

This movie dawned an onslaught of slasher movies to come, and still few of them are as suspenseful as this nearly 35 year old movie is.

The sheriff basically does nothing during the entire film, and has no bearing on the plot at all, while Dr. Loomis is a hammy scenery chewing ball of cheese who runs around shouting at people that the evil boogieman has escaped and will kill them all, which is both unintentionally hilarious and also give off the impression that he is completely unfit to work with mentally ill people and was probably the real killer all along (he is not though, the movie has no plot twist).

While the movie is definitely very suspenseful, unfortunately the pacing is very slow and kinda boring.

Camera angles are uninspired and the character of Myers is just too dull, so you killed your sister.

"Halloween" ranks as one of the finest suspenseful terrifying horror films of all time and the gold standard of all the slasher films which followed in it's success.

So involving that every time the Donald Pleasance character reappeared it came as a shock, so forgotten was his place, so exciting was the predicament of the victims.

A rock-solid, entertaining, fun, funny, sometimes clever sort of slasher film/voyeur drama.

It still gives you chills listening to Carpenter's thrilling music while we see another victim get chased by that shadowy Michael Myers.

Just a bunch of boring teenagers doing boring things and some wholly uninteresting children.

Its a good movie with a great suspenseful ending.

I think that this is a great movie for anyone who wants to watch a suspenseful slasher film that isn't too gory.

He didn't create any tension leading up to anything: all he did was have a couple murders, a bland sex scene, and young kids.

the plot sounds scary and engaging..Micheal myers a young boy of about 8 years kills her sister judith myers by stabbing her with a knife in a halloween night after the incident the boy is sent to a mental asylum where he was treated by doctor samuel loomis..after 15 years when Micheal was being sent to prison because dr.samuel felt that he can be very dangerous if left between common people...

The dialogue is bland, and (with the exception of Pleasance, Jamie Lee Curtis and Charles Cyphers) the acting is bad.

The film relies on a sense of creeping dread to disturb and unnerve the audience in a for the first three quarters of the film before embarking on a sudden and thrilling descent into terror.

Black Christmas has a far more interesting screenplay with some very lively and interesting characters, some deliberately humorous moments, a great non-intrusive but suspense- heightening score and an intriguing premise of telling you nothing at all about the villain.

The imagery was stale, the suspense was yawn inducing that even as a child I couldn't watch it most nights out of boredom (it was being shown several times a week on channel 2 back in the day).

I admit that I am not a fan of the slasher genre, I neither find it entertaining or scary.

The languid pace at the beginning of the movie and the cinematography lovingly set up the perverse "romance" that is to come later between the slasher and his virginal prey.

the next time I watched the movie I found the slow pace good because it was a good buildup of what was to come

My main problem with "Halloween" is that I find it a little bit slow (there, I said it!

Overrated movie with a ridiculously slow pace and no suspense whatsoever .

It may be a gem of its time, but today, it irritates, it bores and it disappoints.

Nowadays, we use the word "cliche" a lot, especially in horror films, where silly jumpscares and characters who always make stupid decisions are trademarks.

This is a very good and suspenseful film who's reputation is slightly disturbed by the fact that it inspired several lesser efforts by creating the slasher genre.

The movie is absolutely boring and the deaths are laughable, not scary at all.

He knows that silence can be just as effective as suspenseful music in creating an aura of expectation.

You can only enjoy the deliberately slow and banal moments of their demise.

With his commanding use of cinemascope carefully framing each scene, and the stark yet atmospheric cinematography, he creates a brilliant and thrilling visual experience.

However, the fear that each character was constantly being watched combined with ominous music (excellent work by John Carpenter with an eerie piano/organ combination) was enough to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout.

Great, Exciting, Fun.

So even though it's slow, dated and predictable, this low-budget movie hit a nerve and started a trend, and you gotta respect that.

It transpires that they are often relentlessly formulaic and derivative, although this does serve to highlight the strengths of superior films in the genre.

Halloween has very thrilling scenes and it's SCARY,whitout ANY gore.

the credit also goes to the director john carpenter for making the movie sequences engaging and interesting as well as giving us goosebumps time to time.

He's a fascinating specimen that stands out from the rest.

While Halloween may seem slow at times, it successfully sets a "you're never really safe" atmosphere being excellently suspenseful without a heavy reliance on jump scares.

The suspenseful moments in this movie can be so intense that they are palpable.

What more is there to say about this stunning movie ?

The opening credit sequence is quite absorbing.

The theme song is immediately recognizable while at the same time thrilling, even after nearly 40 years.

Donald Pleasance is the only real actor here and it's the expression in his eyes and intensity of his voice that carries this slow and plodding plot line.

He composed it himself, he uses it at the appropriate times and the movie really wouldn't be anywhere near as suspenseful without it.

Decent, but a bit slow at times .

Still, I found the movie boring and uninteresting almost not saying I think it's good that this movie in contrast to you doing others will not bring any rage moments he did.

I too enjoyed the original Halloween when I watched it at 14 years old, today it just bores me.

I highly recommend it for anyone a fan of horror or not!

Not that John Carpenters Halloween really deserves to be described as a horror, more like watching paint dry.

There is virtually no story in this film.

This film has to be in my top 5 favourite movies it was released way back in 1978 and is still one of the greatest horror movies ever, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to watch this or has been thinking of watching it for the first time I promise you, you will have the time of your life so grab a duvet grab a pillow grab some popcorn and she drink and lie on your sofa and watch HALLOWEEN!

It is undoubtedly scary, suspenseful and well-made, despite a few fouls.

The stalking chasing scenes are very lengthy and irritatingly dull.

Curtis somewhat broke the typical "damsel in distress" cliché and stood confidently against a physically intimidating Castle.

I do realize that this is intended to create a frightening atmosphere and it actually works well, but after a while, I find it a little bit tedious.

" 'Halloween' is suspenseful, original, scary and had an excellent theme (thanks, John.

It's just a uninteresting film.

Tame by today's standards, it's still interesting and suspenseful.

For example, the plot is pretty thin and the characters are uninteresting, except for Donald Pleasance's Dr. Loomis.

The way that the acting in this movie was acted, was stunning.

On the second point, 'Halloween' is refreshingly free of the over-the-top gory "kills", such as in 'Friday the 13th (1980)' or 'Halloween 2 (1981), which went onto become such a predictable characteristic of the genre.

Kind of Boring .

This film is definitely worth watching if you haven't seen it already.

I have to say that his film was kind of boring.

his unexplained origin, the mask that leaves him seemingly without emotion, the fact that he is explained as a purely evil person and the lack of motivation makes the character unpredictable.

I loved how Carpenter keeps us hooked for most of the movie (the first hour) just by making us waiting for Myers to strike, and yet nothing happens till the third act.

However, everyone in the town knows the story of how Michael Myers killed his older sister and everyone thinks his now empty house is haunted by the "boogeyman.

It's scary, visceral, and suspenseful.

And Myers has to be the most boring horror villain ever.

The music in this movie was really, really good and enjoyable, like we rate the music 10/10.

Nothing happens in this movie for more than halfway through.

Other than the death scenes, the film pretty much bores me.

And all in all, though I'm very willing and patient and tolerant and I wanted to enjoy it, it's awfully boring.

Its a bit slow in the beginning and starts getting over you as the movie progresses.

It is so boring up until that point and even at that point it remains boring because majority of the action happens in the last few minutes of the film.

There were a couple of moments that bothered me but for the most part, this is a thrilling, entertaining & satisfying ride from Carpenter that is every bit worthy of its legendary status.

An Intense Classic!.

Myers is hidden well until fully revealed at the exciting conclusion.

Carpenter is the real star here, his work is still superb, amidst the slow pace, the silly scares and the gratuitous nudity and almost comically tame killings compared to what we're used to, Halloween is still quite obviously still the king, and it somehow also manages to be classy and deliciously low-budget.

The ending will have you on the edge of your seat.

It's easy to see why this was a massive hit and spawned 7 sequels and this movie remains cherished It's incredible that it can still seem so vibrant and engaging- it's ability to grab the viewer and scare them shitless is resolutely undiminished.

The plot is not remotely intriguing or creative, there is virtually no story to this film other than Michael Myers going around killing people.

Actually, it is boring.

Every scene offers intriguing moments and keeps the viewer brainstorming, throughout, to find out what the main antagonist, Myers, is up against and when he will make his move.

Halloween is also recognized as one of the most suspenseful, frightening films of all time up there with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and the Exorcist (1973).

An intense, thrilling, slasher.

If you're looking for a suspenseful, violent at times film that delivers on jumps, chase and enough phallic stabbing to get any psychoanalytic fan in a flush then you will want to give Halloween a go.

What's remarkable about John Carpenter's 'Halloween' is that, despite the endless sequels and slew of imitations that followed, and the subsequent decay of the slasher sub-genre into ineffectual parody, it nonetheless retains its chilling and suspenseful atmosphere, keeping it fresh, vital, and (stop press) scary.

Halloween is a genuinely scary, influential, stylistic and tasteful, extremely well-crafted slasher/horror classic from young film director John Carpenter (who had previously directed two cult cinema classics, the sci-fi film Dark Star (1974) and the riveting crime genre film Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) - a modern-day film often compared to Howard Hawks' Rio Bravo (1959)).

It has just what every good horror movie needs -- a haunting murderer, suspenseful moments and interesting murder scenes.

The exciting scenes showed so late....

Jamie Lee Curtis is stalked by a silent, seemingly indestructible masked killer who escaped from a mental asylum in this highly-suspenseful horror flick directed with style by John Carpenter.

It's also responsible for the called "slasher" films that become the staple of 80's horror flicks and a tired cliche in latter day movies.

If you haven't seen Halloween, I highly recommend it.

John Carpenter built a masterpiece of thrilling and terror, partially inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

It looked stunning, sounded stunning, with an occasional vinyl-like crackle quality to it that made it all the more authentic.

What's on screen is a psychotic killer stalking teenagers in empty spaces: Bare rooms, abandoned streets, darkened house which is heightened by gracefully orchestrated camerawork, which often puts the killer near the audience, lurking at the corner of the screen with his back to us, keeping us adrift, moment by moment, as the stripped-down, primal, enthralling notes of the soundtrack remind you of something terrible is on the way and it gets a little more menacing as it goes along.

The story is boring, the script is OK.

It's just incredibly boring and I have a hard time sitting through it.

Halloween is a stunning, stylish slasher film with an excellent cast.

I can see it being good in the 70s but every single cliche or scare tactic is in this film.

The pace, quite slow to be a horror movie, music is chilling and constant and subjective camera well managed by John Carpenter, results in a good horror movie that will leave you chained to your seat.

There is a slow building of atmosphere with both Laurie and Tommy spotting Michael at various times, at the least expected moments.

It's the anticipation of waiting for something to happen that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

With a story that would literally inspire hundreds of other movies, it's an entertaining and suspenseful time that you should spend with your friends and family.

The scenes are intense without resorting to "over the top" gratuitous violence like so many films other of the time did.

Simplicity of the slow serial killer is better than most movies in the new generation

A story can have no story and still be a good movie or at least in my opinion.

First the music is just plain creepy and haunting that is one of my favorite movie musical scores ever (but not as good as Dawn of the Dead's) and there's the suspense; it's built the whole movie everything you see is suspenseful, this is mostly due to the music and the fact that you can see know were the killer is but the characters don't, creating truly gripping tension.

This has to be one of the most overrated and boring movies this side of the Shining and the Exorcist.

Classic horror flick is more sexy and suspenseful than scary .

OK, my big problem with it, is it just kinda dragged along at the beginning, i felt like it took way too long to get going.

Point blank: it's generic, unoriginal, and just downright boring, even in its time.

The photography and lighting by Dean Cundey is brilliant giving the film an intense dark and claustrophobic nightmarish feel with natural during the day and frightening,surreal lighting at night using dark shadows where you feel that no character in the film is safe.

The plot is simple and straightforward, and is a very good, exciting story.

Without the sequel film 'Halloween 2', the ending feels empty and not really like an ending at all - almost like the film just cuts out two-thirds of the way through.

Halloween is good because of its autumnal atmosphere, its small town setting, its fascinating killer, and its infectious and constantly cloned musical score.

"Halloween" has almost no blood in it, and yet it managed to create such a massive genre that tends to be repetitive.

I feel like it was there to add suspense, but being bored while watching a horror film isn't good.

As each scene reveals more and more of Michael Myers disfigured mask, the dread for what is coming increases tremendously and becomes more and more gripping.

Unfortunately, the dialog is trite to the point of tedium (generic girl-talk from the girls; vague 'evil-speak' from Pleasance) and the characters are so ill-developed that it's hard to get excited, scared, or upset at their eventual demise.

This for me is the fascinating aspect of the character of Myers and what drives him to do what he does.

Its slow rhythm keeps us waiting for the climax all the time playing on our nerves and when it comes it doesn't disappoint us.

There is a highly predictable story here -- extending all the way to the movie's sequel-guaranteeing final frame -- and one can see the attacks by mute monster Michael Myers from a mile away.

Its a boring movie thats overrated.

Its camera angles are dull, while a terrifying theme keeps it good, and the killer is a bit of alright.

It is so suspenseful, has amazing long tracking shots that make it so scary and thrilling unlike any other film in history.

Halloween is one of the best horror movies of all time and remains groundbreaking despite the repetitive use of many parts of it's plot by other less good industry products.

In conclusion, I believe that "Halloween" is the best horror film because it is scary and terrifying and it is one of the most enjoyable films I have seen and I am proud to have this film on D.

The violence and nudity was so taboo at the time that it made for a fascinating watch, the story was almost believable and most of all it truly scared people.

This film has me on the edge of my seat every time I watch it.

On my annual re-watch of John Carpenter's Halloween, I changed the settings to black & white and it was absolutely stunning.

John Carpenter's Halloween may not be the actual first slasher flick, but it was, given its initial cost, the most successful and inspired a flood of inferior copycats (Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.). From the very first time I saw it at age 15--lying about my age w/a bunch of friends in order to get admitted--to the present day I have felt that Halloween is more suspenseful and even sexy than it was scary.

When I watched it recently, I have to admit that the film was quite boring and not very well structured.

The original Halloween the tension with the music score just made some honest to god moments where you're on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.

That special something that makes a horror movie enjoyable.

Take Hitchcock for example, some of the lighting and framing of shots which appear in Halloween are reminiscent of scene's in Hitchcock classics like Psycho, where the ordinary and mundane can look frightful with the right lighting from the right angle.

This movie isn't superbly intense or bloody, but it is very creepy and suspenseful creating the overall scare level to the max.

The characters were boring and some even so pointless I wonder why they made the cut.

Cinematography is inventive for the camera stalks our characters at all times, benefits from some ingenious placements, and is further uplifted by clever lighting while Editing makes sure that the suspenseful ambiance is kept alive from start to finish.

The first hour of this movie is so slow, you'll be crying for something that is more then a glimpse of a white mask.

It's basically a high-concept premise meant to set up a suspenseful series of set-pieces culminating in a climactic showdown late in the movie.

The chillimg soundtrack adds to the intense atmosphere as well.

The power of this movie comes from two things - the atmosphere, which is appropriately suspenseful throughout, and the musical score, which fits perfectly and which cannot be forgotten once its heard.

While she can come off as a bit bland, she's still a good person who isn't a complete moron or tool, and that goes a long way with me.

The movie is incredibly suspenseful.

It sends chills down your spine every time you hear it and makes you think of Michael Carpenter really knows how to build up suspense and keep you on the edge of your seat , the scenes are magnificently depicted and the acting by both Jamie Lee and Pleasence was top-notch...

I didn't get too far into this movie because it was boring and the child acting was really really bad.

It's fun, it's scary, and it's entertaining.

Is halloween worth watching.

Check out those beautiful long and languid steadicam takes while the simplest of melodic motifs plays in the background.

* Kid kills sister in a clown suit gets sent to a loony bin * 15 years later, mid 20's bloke escapes from loony bin * Teens see said bloke waiting besides bushes * Doctor also waits behind bushes hoping to see said bloke * Bloke slow walks and stabs / strangles several teens * Bloke gets stabbed with a knitting needle by Heroine and lives * Bloke gets stabbed again inside a wardrobe with coat hanger and lives *Bloke gets shot by Doctor and lives * The end #halloween #meh

This movie is so riveting and amazing, throwing suspense, terror, and bloody good fun at the viewer.

I found a lot of it unrealistic and stupid *especially parts of the chase scenes between Michael and Lori* This is your classic horror flick that is only good for a dark dreary night....

However, the movie is still worth watching as a straightforward horror flick whose success is based more on suspense than blood and guts.

Everyone from Jamie Lee Curtis to the girl who plays Annie are unbearable and whiney.

If you compare the first Nightmare film with it, we like the first Nightmare film because we get to know a great deal about Freddy and the psychological horror aspect of the movie was engaging.

and its just so suspenseful and done so well.

Halloween is one of the best and most intense horror films of all time, and it took me way too long to realize that.


purely because of how terrible this film is, I would describe it to something like tommy wiseau's the room with pointless plot devices and about 45 mins of useless material.

Donald Pleasence is marvelous as the intense and driven Dr. Loomis, the psychiatrist in charge of Michael's medical care and who has deemed him unfit for release into society – ever.

Halloween is a classic and since it has had six sequels, although only 2, 4 and Halloween H20 are the only ones worth watching.

While some of the imitators are mildly entertaining, none of them compare to Carpenter's classic film.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

At least there are a lot of elements that can make it entertaining in some areas.

Obviously the intent of Carpenter is to create a slow paced atmospheric horror.

An unforgettable, jaw-dropping, suspenseful masterpiece.

Halloween does get boring.

" which is both mildly offensive and juvenile; the holiday of Halloween is not utilized in the movie in any substantial way (the film could have taken place during Easter and nothing would change), and the whole thing is just sorta dull and middle of the road throughout.

There's very little violence (to be honest, an average Jerry Springer episode has more of that-and bear in mind that it's even more phony on his show)and just a hint of the vein filler and the ending is so unexpected and unfulfilling it should be given a slap.

His slow movement and his calm demeanor when on screen are pretty eerie.

Many people instantly dismiss all modern slashers as garbage while other people find a few of them to be enjoyable.

The plot varies from being slow to quick, so it feels hard to say if it takes long to become interesting; either way, I felt entertained for most of the time.

The characters,they were well written,well acted,and entertaining.

This film was one of the first to successfully use these formulaic characters.

However, it is definitely entertaining in the same way, and succeeds in what it set out to do: just give some hair raising chills and scares.

Everything felt kind of slow to me, like the actors were taking it easy with each other in those scenes.

as for this movie,i found it quite slow at times.

The music is so ineffective and repetitive, the theme sounds more like music for an action thriller and not a horror, plus throughout the film the music is very basic with little atmosphere.

It is the movie that gives you the adrenaline feeling everybody loves.

Thrilling masterpiece.

Often, nothing is revealed when something is expected, but sometimes the unexpected is shockingly viewed.

A couple days ago, I had about seven of my friends over to watch scary movies and we were still jumping out of our seats in shock even though the majority of us had already seen it because it's so suspenseful.

But to claim that this boring piece of trash is somehow better than the rest of that crap....

John Carpenter's Halloween is a stunning film, one that stands as a genuine masterpiece 30 years on.

The beginning of every scene is easily predictable in the way it will end whilst the music for each scene containing Michael (the murderer) is exactly the same throughout the movie, thus alerting the viewer to the likely events to follow.

Some scenes are dragged out deliberately to crank up the fear factor, but end up being way too long to maintain it.

Even the original Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Friday the 13th had creative and intense death scenes.

He's unpredictable and evil, with no obvious motifs and rules he follows, neither human nor monster, just pure evil.

Movies are much more enjoyable when they are in the theater, so make it as theater like as possible.

Life seems so easy, safe and enjoyable....

Suspenseful and Thrilling .

Overall, there are few moments of intense action.

Some may complain the film is slow - the body count is low and the action doesn't start until halfway through the film.

Another problem is John Carpenter who did go on to do great work this isn't ,not really a look or feel absolutely lacklustre cinematography when it doubt this film will go to long shot and you will be sick of hearing that keyboard play that theme tune (which is played in place of showing us any suspense, feeling or emotion) It hasn't aged well at all it, no style, and no story This movie got lucky and made millions that's it

Halloween manages to have you on the edge of your seat, poised to cover your eyes with a blanket.

What followed was something so mundane, banal and absurd in a prosterous way that I was completely taken aback.

This as formulaic as any horror movie can get.

His mask, which became iconic and nightmarish, his slow moving style, because actually, and that what most of the slasher-directors forgot nowadays, is that rushing wasn't scary, the suspense was never there when the killer ran or moved quickly, it was all about the slow-moving style, that what could build an intense atmosphere!

Halloween definitely gets boring as the once horrifying now dull and overused Micheal Myers stalks and eliminates everyone.

This horror classic is a grand example of how a great, low budget movie with production flaws can be so entertaining that nobody cares about those flaws.

I enjoyed it very much and according to the IMDb rating, so did a lot of people.

The bottom line is keeping things 'mysterious' is a cheap cliché in itself and gutless discussion when it comes to movies.

The score is resolutely haunting, the story is tightly paced and compelling, John Carpenter's direction is superb with some inspired, efficient techniques and while I have heard better the dialogue is good enough with some sharpness and nothing really that stands out as too cheesy or stilted.

Halloween, I don't believe I should call it excellent, but it is definitely worth watching.

laurie Stroud(Jamie Lee Curtis) had started getting harassed by Michael when she and her friends had been walking home, and her friend shouts out an insult at michael for driving so slow.

The intensity was intense.

Not only is he good at killing babysitters, he is entertaining because the viewer knows that no matter what his victims do, they will most likely end up dead.

I can still hear the audience shriek in breathtaking terror as did I when he rose up and turned his head after being stabbed.

The brilliant pacing and excruciatingly long takes manage to keep the adrenaline pumping as Michael slinks in the shadows rising from death again and again to chase the clever, bookish and virginal heroine Laurie Strode.

It has some top notch acting and a gripping storyline that is slowly peeled like an onion, until revealing its shocking core, a twist that will leave you reeling for more!

John Carpenter put together a pretty fascinating little scare film with this Halloween treat that was so successful it spawned a couple of less worthy sequels.

The scenes that had potential to scare were completely ruined by bad timing, too-slow a pace, inadequate music, cheesiest of sound effects, terrible acting, too long of scenes...

An edge-of-your seat suspenseful score, that is both creepy and foreboding.

Boring boring boring .

Guns and other weapons stop him; then, he gets up like nothing happened.

So because of that, I became sort of bored at the beginning.

Star attraction Donald Pleasence is wonderfully sincere and intense as Myers' persistent nemesis Dr. Loomis, really bringing Carpenters' memorable dialogue to life.