Hard Candy (2005) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A teenage girl raids a man's home in order to expose him under suspicion that he is a pedophile.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: David Slade
Stars: Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 163 out of 732 found boring (22.26%)

One-line Reviews (577)

At 103 minutes this is just way too long.

Ridiculous, pretentious crap .

Again this is spoiler free but one scene in particular ratchets up the "icky-factor" to truly squirm-worthy levels, I distinctly recall the sinking feel in my gut as it played out – keep in mind also that I have seen the film a couple times before and knew the outcome already… In the interest of not giving more away I will leave it there, as hard as it is to recommend Hard Candy on an enjoyment level I suggest that those mature enough to differentiate cinema from real life will find much to admire, it is uncomfortable, but it is also unpredictable and riveting, and you'll go a long way before you see better performances from two lead actors.

Disturbing, gritty and compelling in a twisted way, this movie is almost everything that mainstream cinema isn't.

This is the intriguing premise for David Slade's new film Hard Candy that was released earlier this year.

In parts the script seemed to get real thin, like the director had run out of story, so he just added some pointless dialog and side stories.

Hayley was an intriguing character, while Jeff was every bit as creepy as he ought to be.

Some scenes are very intense, especially one scene hint "gastration" really made me cringe in my seat.

Most of the things that happen are much too contrived to be believable, physically and otherwise, and that hurts the film's ability to keep the tension up.

Worst movie ever.

Engrossing, vivid, and emotionally-powerful are the best adjectives that I can use to describe it.

While the performances from Page and Wilson are the drivers of the story, the intense and clever writing of Nelson is its vehicle.

To propel a very effective and engaging, as well as masterfully-paced plot, we have the acting abilities of the protagonists - Page and Wilson, that are, in one word, perfect.

One of the worst movies of all time.

Hard Candy is a graphic and gripping film without being overly visceral or inflammatory...

Jeff and Hayley plan to meet up later that day, where their meeting turns into an unexpected series of events.

The characters where completely unrealistic, the dialogue was annoying and most importantly the movie was completely pointless!!

If you accept this as possible, it is a perfect thriller, gripping to an extreme and the difficult subject matter so delicately handled.

Their attention to detail in camera work, lighting, set work and editing, combined with stellar performances by the actors involved make this film far more engaging and gripping than it might have been in less skillful hands.

These people either suffer from very boring lives, or are part of some sort "promotional" group (paid or whatnot)...

Well worth a watch if you can face it - its heavy material and not for the faint hearted or weak stomached or people who cant hack intellect :) It starts very simply and goes one way then bam it flips over and the defence attacks, its chilling for the most part because it is so unpredictable.

Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page were stunning with their performances!

Both Patrick Wilson and (especially) Ellen Page turn in excellent performances and the scenes are edgy and suspenseful.

Stagy action, stiff acting, very dull uninsightful writing.

The dialogue was laughable at best - the pretentious "I'm going to break you down psychologically" garbage gets really old REALLY quickly.

but what happens is just predictable - I expected that from almost the very beginning.

So yeah i give it 6 because of all the great stuff in this movie but not higher because it becomes repetitive.

Intriguing .

it IS intense and often hard to watch.

Page is very engaging and Wilson is great.

Now, back to the film, the story line begins with some all too familiar, present day internet happenings only to very quickly twist and turn into something quite suspenseful.

With no spoilers, all I can say is at the start, some may not expect the story to play out in the way it does but regardless of expecting or not, it is phenomenally done and quite a gripping story to get its viewers sunk into the film.

Maybe I'm just VERY slow!

This has to be one of the more pointless and awkward cameos I have ever seen.

"Little Red Riding Hood" should be therefore seen as a symbolic narrative engaging the thematic of sexuality as a rite of passage; the wolf representing the potentially threatening and dangerous facets of the experience.

Worst Movie Ever made .

I am really really shocked by this movie, it has been a complete waste of time, and even worse, it actually made me quite mad.

Filmed largely in the home of the suffering photographer, the action is intense and unrelenting.

This film is rather poor, It's watchable but is slightly boring to begin with.

the movie evolves into a intense climax, that makes you thrilled, and that feeling doesn't quite end until a month after you have seen the movie.

" It was the most fascinating piece of film involving a young girl and a child molester I have ever seen.

The main aspect concerning Hayley that make her deeds seem so unexpected is the fact that she is a teenager and one that is initially portrayed as a typical, timid but outgoing young girl who is on the border of venturing into an adult world - reading avidly, taking university classes and engaging in sexual topics.

Pointless red-herrings and plot convolutions seemed to be dragged-in, and the supposed fourteen-year-old started making speeches that sounded like passages from "Sociology Today".

Yet this whole process becomes frightfully exhausting to watch, the acting becomes unbearable and neither of the characters truly interest you.

The most intense parts are when the guy is struggling to break free and we want him to!

I heard this movie was bad and the girl in it was annoying, but I had no idea how truly disappointing this movie is, save your money and go watch something interesting of this pedo genre like 'The woodsman'

They go to his house and things get intense as Haylee is not who she appears to be.

This is not the kind of movie you take your mother to during a family weekend and normally I would consider myself more of a art-house-movie kinda person, but this movie kept me on the edge of my seat for almost two hours!

There are tons of good movies out there that are worth watching.

Other issues include its sometimes disjointed cinematography, disposable minor characters, characters having an identity crisis, some misleading and miswritten scenes, and obvious missed opportunities to make a statement in exchange of simpler storytelling.

Intensive .

Where I felt the film was letting the subject matter down was in it's use of contrived speeches taken direct from the mouths of Anti-Paedophile lobbyists and regurgitated through the mouth of a 14 year old girl, there was something disturbing in this manipulation that is not fair to the audiences intelligence nor to the portrayal of a supposedly 14 year old girl.

worst movie ever...

And predictable is boring.

Pointless .

But as it continues to feed on shock value, it gets tedious and weary.

Pure junk, don't waste your time if you haven't seen it.

It reminds me of all the horror movies where the person is being chased by some slasher type but then falls on the ground a hundred times and you wonder why would a person who seems to be able to walk and run normally in every day life all of a sudden become a stumbling fool when chased by a slow moving person in a hockey mask.

The film also has a random pointless neighbor scene that was only put into the movie because they thought there's not enough characters or something.

Unfortunately, good acting by Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson cannot overcome the simplistic and repetitive script by writer Brian Nelson.

If only the director could have used the camera to help tell the story in the final act instead of emotionally confusing the audience, this could've been a really great film.

Hard Candy is an enquired taste, for some the pace will be too slow, for others this is how it should be delivered, in a non rushed manner that has both victim and victimiser bonding, for the wrong reasons, and unsuspecting of what is to be their overall fate.

This is a torture and slasher film using the very serious subject of pedophilia as a mask to position it as some important message film.

This was truly the worst movie i have ever watched i wish i could see that girl die the worst death ever.

While starting off promising, addressing the very pertinent and seldomly discussed topic of underage sexual predators, the movie quickly turns into a drawn out shock-fest, playing out like a naive feminist's wet dream, where tables are turned and morals are skewed, despite my disgruntled apathy towards the whole thing.

the clash between Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson, the psychological tension, the use of camera, the ambiguity of end, the slow development of story, the theme who remains delicate and provocative, in same measure.

Either way, there needed to be an intense life-death struggle outside of the House.

The cinematography is excellent, maxamizing the simplistic settings for a variety of thrilling shots.

Instead it jumps on the bandwagon of trying to create word-of-mouth with a ridiculous, contrived and wallowingly self-conscious 'sicko' scene.

On the making - Page makes a thrilling psychopath, and the script is natural and clean.

Her anger is so mundane and nauseating at the same time.

I just find the plot rather pointless.

Yes, it is interesting to see a torture scene; it is what he deserves apparently.

And at others, they are dark, drab and downright evil.

The film bores through lack of plot development.

The movie was decent with some exciting parts and a couple of very minor twists.


Please don't waste your time, and rate this movie 1 star for that is what it is worth.

Nothing happens, to much pretentious dialogue and no suspense whatsoever.

Hard Candy is a well presented film: it looks nice and the actors are effective, but the plot is holed, it's patronizing and the audience is left feeling empty, without a hero or a satisfactory outcome.

The whole castration scene was too drawn out; a stupid premise in the first place.

This film is punchy, exciting and most important of all meaningful.

The plot development was intensely disturbing but compelling!

I had no idea that this movie would lead to Ellen Page becoming my favorite actress, that I would be blown away the acting genius who is Patrick Wilson, and that I would fully appreciate what a low budget film with nothing more than great acting, creative directing, and a thrilling story could accomplish.

i would of enjoyed it more if the girl was older or if she didn't act so intelligent and mature for a 14 year old girl?

And also that Haley was a, dumb and pretentious prodigy, or schizophrenic and in either case, a sociopath, who also is ignorant of how terms are defined and how the law works.

The 2 main actors were intense and believable, impressive considering the extreme situation.

The move is boring and predictable.

"A brilliant and intense psychodrama, it's at once fascinating and repellent, challenging the normal tendency to take sides in a conflict by trapping you between a charming young man who is very possibly a calculating pedophile and a cherubic young girl seems to be a ruthless vigilante.

At that point, the movie truly becomes compelling and all the artistry involved is brought clearly into focus, primarily because the viewer's attention becomes riveted by what's going on, and because the camera work is very tightly crafted, so the intensity of the on screen action is heightened considerably.

It was fun seeing little Trina Lahey from trailer park boys, but her character was beyond pretentious.

However, I would postulate that few people would find Hard Candy entertaining or enjoyable.

erm no 'cus she's presented as a two dimensional character and so not only is she predictable but quite simply, very dull to watch.

Pointless and unnecessary tension that never goes anywhere.

Worst movie ever just doesn't cut it.

Suspense, will keep you on the edge of your seat .

Don't waste your time with this one!

Sandra Oh's brief appearance was a reminder how contrived the whole film has become.

Once the basic setup is underway, I was exhausted and wanted to turn it off.

Dark, intense, shocking.

The film is definitely likable if you're looking for a film to stick with you for a while, bringing up some fascinating questions about humanity.

The storyline is boring, the characters are dull, acting is bad, dialogue too, and so on… I made no connection with characters and couldn't care less what happens to them.

The movie starts off great, a little confusing even because of the mixed messages being sent about what each character's agenda is and this really created the sense of mystique.

The truth is that Page's character is nothing, just an empty shell defined solely by her desire for revenge.

This is a film that deals with a tough subject so very well that the viewer gains an understanding into dysfunctional characteristics while being caught up in a suspenseful thriller of a story.

Though the plot is unpredictable it is a bit crumby in scenes.

They decide to meet up and eventually go back to the mans apartment where things take a dramatic unpredictable turn.

'Freak' sums up Hard Candy - Fast paced and full on, sickly and engrossing till the end.

I had already seen "30 Days of Night" and enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time on this.

The problem of "Hard Candy" is not that it is overlong, pretentious and boring.

She wasn't bad, but she's always so pretentious and as a result, seems to over act.


Physiological thriller / intense .

There is extreme moral confusion here, and the pedophile is actually a more sympathetic character than the girl.

It's overall a pretty intense experience, it's not exactly the type of movie you'd bring to a casual film night.

On the other part, the adult appears to be sclerosed in his processes and seems therefore to be an easy target for deconstruction on the part of his younger opponent, like some obsolete functioning system relying on predictable binary logic (slight overstatement to be taken with a grain of salt).

Comments seem heavily weighted to either Loved It or Hated It, and it's fascinating to see how really divergent peoples' perceptions are.

She just about taunts us with interest, with her character Hayley Stark, but this meandering quickly becomes repetitive and a tad too perplexing in places to warrant any believability in the long run, in retrospect of the David and Goliath scenario that transforms into The Mouse That Roared.

As a member of the general public, odds are that you will leave the theater feeling depressed and cheated by the story (and especially the ending).

The storyline, though somewhat confusing was overpowered by the Oscar-winning performance given by Ellen Page, 14-year old Hayley.

the pace of the movie is slow and basically very little happens.

The plot combines this with a suspenseful plot as the pair battle it out for power and control.

Although his character is physically sidelined for much of the film, Wilson does his best to create a compelling and believable pervert.

The lead actress is way over the top, the lighting, dialogue and location are completely unrealistic, and the actual point of the film confusing.

It's odd to occasionally side with Jeff the pedophile, but as all sociopaths do, he rationalizes his behavior very well, spins intriguing, almost plausible lies and causes you to wonder how easily a single adult male who legitimately photographs under-age girls for a living could be wrongfully accused of abuse.

Okay, pedophiles are bad, but the film started to get dragged down at making the point.

For the most part this film s pretty involving and intriguing.

it was extremely twisted and made my fiancé so sick to his stomach that he had to walk out of the theater for the last half hour of the movie.

The film is slow, and slightly unclear.

In addition to all this the movie is just plain boring.

Thus begins a series of very predictable cat and mouse games, involving scenario after tired scenario of events that we have seen played out many times before.

The acting is pretty good for a movie of this kind, Ellen Page is obviously hugely talented but her performance here is too monotone - her character only exists as an on-screen creation, try to imagine her outside the confines of the film and she vanishes.

Overambitous, preachy and boring.

There are long, drawn-out sequences of torture both physical and emotional.

Two great performances highlight this high-adrenaline thriller.

Many films revolve around a game of cat and mouse, but because this movie dares to go where few would even think of going, it allows room to break other taboos, and thus make for more unexpected and surprising twists.

Basically just a 2 person movie and mostly all talk but absolutely fascinating.

Director David Slade has definitely left audiences cringing and gripping their seats in this disturbing story of misguided justice.

I'm not saying I didn't like it, I'm just saying it's pretty bad when the trailers for other movies(the opening trailers) were more exciting then the actual movie itself.

This film is truly stunning.

Worst Movie In The World.

The acting and story is intense and you can't avert your eyes from the screen even though there are times where you think you might have to.

drown in hate and subjectivity, this looked like propaganda to me.

Left to a lesser actress this role would have blown into a contrived fantasy.

This is easily the worst movie I've ever seen.

What starts out as a realistic take on a sensitive subject turns into a pretentious, upsettingly obnoxious piece, communicating the wrong message to youths.

In confusion of which person was true or not, and all of the added action, it created a fully addicting environment while keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Very intense Ellen Page,fine Patrick Wilson, direction and cinematography very compelling.

and as a sub-point to this, the dialogue was dreadful, the line-delivery was overdone and slow, and the casting was a little absurd.

After seeing so many "controversial" films made outside of Hollywood, this attempt at shock cinema comes across as flat, and somewhat uninteresting.

The movie is empty, hasn't got any moral.

However he is trapped, taken hostage, beaten, even 'castrated' (if you see it you'll understand -> very intense and well made scene) and you begin to sympathize with him.

but how can someone love a film which is so slow, no clothes changing, not many extras, I had to avoid myself from getting asleep on the sofa..I prepared myself to enjoy a good movie and ended up forwarding the movie up to the end.

It seemed like it played out a little slower then it had to.

I liked the start of the movie because it actually came off as being open-minded, or unpredictable, rather than clichéd.

Worst movie i have ever watched in my life .

It is more like disturbing to hear a teenage girl speak how she does, and it is fascinating how your feelings will go from one character to the other during the movie until you realize that no matter what the end is, everyone is guilty of something and it is not to us, humans, to decide what bad actions can be justified by other bad actions.

Oh well, sometimes we waste a couple of hours watching a pointless movie because .....

the movie is slow, the plot pathetic, even Alicia Silverstone in Crush look more evil and crazy than this silly Hayley..Not even good actor Patrick Wilson saved this film from been a boredom...

But halfway through the movie kind of lost its touch, The ending also is very frustrating and confusing.

If, however, you want a riveting psychological drama that will have you thinking and talking about it long after you leave the theatre, Hard Candy will go down easy, even if it does leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

The interplay between the two leads is compelling as is the overall production.

Patrick Wilson fills the spaces Page leaves empty and he's so professional and nice that you find yourself feeling sorry for Jeff, anything he could have done.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen.

The roles of predator and prey are smashed and the thrilling story is heart-pounding and sad.

Visceral, disturbing and completely engrossing .

I found the movie to be unpredictable in the "that so illogical" sense.

This movie has an perverse fascinating, which makes this interesting.

Snappy, taut and seriously good .

The film is intriguing, interesting, uncomfortable and tense.

The movie then becomes a big suspenseful romp, and you are constantly cringing and asking the dreaded question, "What the F__CK is gonna happen next?!

Up to this point it is a compelling story, but the twists and turns become a bit silly and contrived.

kept me on the edge of my seat .

Zzz .

Do not see this film, it is terrible, meaningless and pointless.

Then it hits you with a twist and suddenly the movie becomes a whole lot more interesting and engaging.

Ellen Page on the other hand steals the film with her surprisingly riveting performance as a very disturbed and vengeful little girl.

Calling it intense does not do it justice.

It was too predictable, it dragged on, and i say the critiques can all shove their "5 stars", because this was terrible.

It's a film that delivers each and every plot turn, even the smallest ones, with such intense shock to its audience that if you're watching it on DVD and you see someone banging on your window for help because wild predators are chasing them, you will quickly motion for them to wait until it's over.

The script lulls the viewer into a mild complacency about the story arc, despite the subject, until the sudden shift in the power dynamic between the characters.

A big problem with this film is that we can't care about any of these people; Jeff is a creepy, but boring "photographer", who likes to photograph young girls, and talk to them on the internet.

If you haven't seen Audition, check it out as long as you're prepared for the shockingly overdone horror elements; otherwise it's a fascinating art film about a girl taking revenge on a man.

However with its 100 minutes running time, minimal characters and at times slow pace I doubt that I'd watch it again.

What makes this movie so compelling is the conflict the audience should feel between condemning Wilson's character for being a pedophile and their sympathy for the terrible situation he is in at the hands of Page; much of this conflict is owed to Wilson's ability to sell the audience on his character.

The final twist was completely unexpected and the entire final scene simply blew my mind.

This is the most intense and passion-filled that I've watched till date .

Because your pretension is unfortunately not only sloppy in its failure to cover galaxy sized holes, its also predictable.

Hayley's supercilious and self-indulgent behaviour and the way she conquers Jeff in every aspect could serve as a way of self-justification for unrespectful, antisocial teenagers who think the world is for them to extort.

Every single camera shot and film technique was completely predictable, and this is coming from an 18-year-old with no prior filming experience whatsoever.

Ellen Page gives an absolutely incredible performance, and made her character into one of the most complex and fascinating villains in cinema, up there with Kevin Spacy as Kaiser Sose, and Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector.

Brutal and uncompromising but strangely compelling .

I'm sick and tired of coming on IMDb to see if a movie is worth watching only to find a rating of 7-9 / 10 then waste my time to find out that it should have been rated 1/10, this is not rotten tomatoes, if you likes this movie STOP POSTING HERE AND GO THERE.

No special effects here - this movie is completely driven by dialogue and story, both of which will have you on the edge of your seat.

This flick is thoroughly riveting and terror personified.

Insipid, trite and unrealistic .

This movie is a perfect example of simplicity producing a compelling story and complex characters.

With its story of revenge and retribution, moments of shocking brutality and bleak gallows humour, it provides a much-needed shot of adrenaline to a lifeless season of summer blockbusters.

The long drawn out castration scene was gratuitous and disgusting.

I have let myself be a little disjointed in writing this ...

When the situation finally clarifies for the audience (because a character behaves apparently out of char5acter, until we grasp its significance), the intense mind faking ends and the plot moves into the merely melodramatically improbable.

The entire buildup to the castration scene kept me on the edge of my seat and was shockingly more suspenseful than anything Hitchcock could conjure up.

The story is really thrilling, using elements of psychological thrillers with manipulating characters, which occasionally remembered me of Haneke's "Funny Games".

Toss up of whether or not this movie is worth a crap or not but to me, it was just a waste of time.

The dialogs are intense and always have a double intention.

waste of time.

In fact, it's worse, her painfully irritating screen presence is accentuated by her total dominance in the film, she's even more unbearable than she was in the ironically titled 'Super'.

First off, this movie was way too long, truly unmotivated and full of discontinuity (roof scene), Hayley popping out of undefined areas with undefined materials (plastic wrap?

Definitely not for all tastes, but a riveting film experience for those who are game, HARD CANDY is a severely intense and claustrophobic two-character drama that will have you either riveted to your seat or running from the room.

This movie was excellently made, very well acted and had me on the edge of my seat throughout.

However, it is a still a torture film, a genre that struggles to find any redeeming qualities.

Ellen Page is strong willed, confident, and psychotically irresistible with her tomboyish outward appearance and her innocent little girl personality, making the film all the more fascinating and unique.

pretentious .

This is a film that tends to stay with you once you leave the theater...

Tortured acting tries to save cliché plot .

Until nothing happens.

Tedious, plodding, low budget without charm, the only suspense is will she castrate the guy or not?

I think that this is an emotively deep and effecting film, carefully captured to give an entertaining perspective on our modern world.

Start and ends very good, but it get boring in the middle part.

Spoiler warning This was a very riveting movie and it was done well.

It is one of the most disturbing and engrossing movies.

this is one compelling little thriller,although thriller might not quite be the correct word.

It's so unpredictable and so cruel, the seemingly innocent teenager can show psychotic sides you'd never want to discover, and the devilish pedophile is not so terrible.

In conclusion, it should be said that an enjoyable viewing experience isn't required for a film to be considered a work of art.

A really tense and thrilling movie .

Some do, like the change from bright and exciting colors when Ellen Page's character first comes to her "new friend's" house to dull and grey after she drugs him and ties him up.

It has a fascinating premise of a high schooler turning the tables on a potential pedophile, obviously something too edgy for mainstream American cinema.

This is possibly the most tense and thrilling movie I have ever seen.

And yet, this all said, it provoked enough of an emotional response that I can get where both sides are coming from- those who loved the tense unconventional idea of the roles reversed in a common criminal story that's almost become too common as of late (NBC's "To Catch a Predator" is one of the funniest, if most repetitive, TV shows as of late date), and those that hated that it went with no real message at the end thanks to muddled ambiguity.

The story is really intriguing.

The film is a series of twists and turns that take you on a roller coaster of emotions and leaves you completely numb in the stunning conclusion.

I find the torture porn movies, like Saw and Hostel, far more disturbing precisely because of the lack of character development, because the actors are just empty pawns whose pain is meant to titillate the audience.

dire and dull, in a word: excruciating .

Otherwise it gets too predictable in the last 20 minutes of the movie.


But here is a role she should go down in history for playing, as it really is intense.

The director uses a lot of shaky camera tricks, because, as we all know, this means "intense", and this movie is totally intense.

What follows is a suspenseful thriller of twisted cat & mouse game filled with mind games where he tries to take full advantage of what he feels is a serendipitous development while she intends to deliver her own version of justice for his unholy deeds.

A bland generic early-30s "pedophile" who "preys" on a twisted teen played by a cute slightly under-age looking 18 year old?

Literally the worst movie I have ever watched in my life .

The plot summary sounded pretty intriguing and all I can say is that it gives out nothing to whats in store for the viewer.

Entertainment and storyline are things that all those pointless, big-budget studio films do.

With Hard Candy a really waste of time and money...

People were walking out of the cinema half way, others were falling asleep, and some even decided to yell profanity at the screen along the lines of "stop f***ing talking and do something" - which i was very much thinking myself.

I found it unsettling and fascinating.

if you want to watch this im telling you, you cant stay longer because of the boring scenes

I really enjoyed it.

I thought the film was like a particularly engaging comic book in this sense.

While this movie may rely on shock value a little I did find it extremely entertaining and it definitely held my attention.

It also displays Slade's talent for visual flair, using the evocative colours of Jeff's flat to betray underlying character emotions in a highly professional manner that shows off a stylish music video background.

worth watching .

As time moves on, this movie turns into an exciting thrill-ride with unsuspecting twists coming from each character.

Hard Candy is worth watching just for the great performances by Ellen Page Juno) and Patrick Wilson (A Gifted Man).

Again from a style perspective I felt the movie adopted grey and dull colours too much leaving it feeling very independent and almost dirty if that makes sense.

') and dull sarcasm.

The most boring 1.40 hours .

The tension that develops while you, the audience, are trying to sort out certain clues that for a while favor one side, then the other, are riveting.

The sparring between the two is engrossing and methodical, and despite their collective relative inexperience, the two forge a magical chemistry that elevates the performances of each of them.

A very intense psychological drama ensues… I just got back from an advanced screening of "Hard Candy" at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

This is not a bad movie, but I found it boring in the end.

The shock/surprise here is that its totally unexpected as we have a prejudged idea in our heads as we enter the cinema on how a movie will pan out.

Sad - don't waste your time.

The whole movie was boring.

If I hadn't seen Garcia's Cuba Crisis a few days ago, i'd call this the worst waste of time since long.

The plot line was imaginative and engaging, although rather stomach-churning at times.

however if torture and pointless violence makes you kind of sick, then stay away from this movie unlike I failed to do.

This film was very confusing because some of the time I was wanting him to get away with what he'd done and some of the time I wanted him to pay, confusing huh?

For the second year in a row, one of the most intense and visceral performances of the year comes from an actress who is not even 18 years old.

Working with the simple premise of a young girl turning the tables on a sexual predator, it manages to be gripping throughout and features a terrific pair of central performances from two very talented actors.

Worst movie I've seen all year.

Jeff is just as empty, we are given nothing of his character other than a trite, if rather shocking, account of how he was sexually abused by his aunt at the age of 9.

one intense film .

What then transpires between the 2 of them, however, is quite unexpected and more than a little off-putting.

And yet Hard Candy is one of the most gripping and suspenseful films I've ever seen.

A Gripping Thriller .

I highly recommend it.

This movie was made under major budget constraints, the format is really simple, and the camera work is intense and far from mainstream.

By the time you get to the end you are expecting it but it is still shocking and unexpected.

Having said that it's quite gripping at times and also thought provoking.

waste of time and energy.

I think this movie is definitely worth watching; there is just the right amount of suspense.

Some stories are greatly improved if at some point a mob of zombies attacks: goodness knows that made a recent novel revising "Pride and Prejudice" an entertaining story instead of slow torture.

The will of wits between the two characters is just stunning and has you questioning if Hayley is right or if Jeff is innocent.

Though I believed all of the scenes to be "intense", the intense action filled scenes were well shot, but I honestly was more looking forward to the dialouge, because as the viewer you learn to respect the girl and her intentions no matter how twisted they may be.

To put it short, it is one of the most intensive movies I have ever seen.

A smart intense movie with solid acting and a thrilling sequence.

This film relies almost entirely on the dialogue between its two actors, and manages to remain suspenseful throughout, in spite of its minimal action.

I thought the end was confusing, it wasn't clear to me if the photographer was a pedophile or not.

Like normal I watch something when it's over a decade old and probably been beaten but I enjoyed it very much.

The story is intriguing, although if you think about it afterward you can shoot many holes in it.

The plot doesn't make sense, the characters don't make sense, the action is contrived.

Intense, Captivating, and Worth Watching .

But even to a more serious level within this filmNot a film for all, not always easy to stomach, but worth the watch for Ellen Page's best performance to date.

Great cinematography, inconsistent character design, disturbing sense of morality, extremely predictable scenario.

" This isn't a spoon-fed story, it unwraps in pieces throughout the film with a stunning conclusion that left my agape.

I would advice to save your money, don't watch this film, write angry letters to the film maker, and boycott the film!

Lame dialogue, weak character development, pointless movie summarizes Hard Candy .

Worst Movie Ever .

I think that the film was watchable, worth watching simply to feed by curiosity as i had herd about it.

The story moves along at a gripping pace, the cinematography is beautiful (simple and complex simultaneously.

Bottom Line: "Hard Candy" was such an amazing film with powerful, intense scenes and great acting.

Okay I was feeling bored on my iPad with nothing interesting on the internet so I went out into the launch room and say my mum and my sister watching this movie.

If you haven't seen this film, I highly recommend it.

The one setting of the movie also constricts the world of the story, creating a claustrophobic tension where Hayley resorts to acts unexpected from a teenage girl to force Jeff to confess to his crimes.

If someone would have said to me before that with just two characters and a single location, you could make a film that can make the audience sit on the edge of the seats and stare and stare and stare, I wouldn't have believed it.

Extremely predictable, I could see events from miles away.

This is, in fact, how I felt for most of the film, until the unbearable ending in which the film's monster (Hayley) is glamorized as a sort of activist superhero.

The movie is predictable and cheesy and the ending is of no consequence.

A pretty good story and a fascinating premise.

A powerful scene which was so intense and disturbing I may never forget it.

A gripping psychological thriller that keeps you on your toes guessing who's telling the truth with twists and turns in almost every scene.

Extremely predictable, most annoying female protagonist .

He seems like a nice guy, with his professorial specs and his bland handsomeness and his apparently genuine reticence about taking a pubescent girl to his flat.

After a very intriguing set up the film fails to deliver and is a HUGE disappointment for the general public.

I found that more funny and sad then suspenseful.

Intense emotions of thrill .

So, if you want to see an excellent intense thriller, I recommend this movie.

This movie was just unbearable, the only movie I've seen in my life that I actually regret watching.

Plot descriptions have been explained in so much detail that there's nothing really to add, but on viewing the film it does become undeniably tedious and, in parts, frankly irritating.

The acting is fantastic and the slow build up and tension is amazing.

Not to say that the film is inferior because "Hard Candy" is a stunning alternative perspective of revengeful methods that youthful internet targets can undertake on their "too-much-time-on-their-hands" pedophile solicitors.


It's bad storytelling, but a fascinating piece of cinema.

And worse, its predictable.

Though it is not one to recommend for "Family Night," Hard Candy offers an intriguing one-time viewing thanks to the effectiveness of its two-man show approach.

Ellen Page is simply brilliant here, and her ability to make the audience forget they're watching a very young and untested actor has only been equaled in one other performance I can think of: Natalie Portman's stunning turn in The Professional.

The mood quickly changes from a curiously funny and slantedly "romantic" beginning to a suspenseful and depraved story of a girl who is threatening a man with castration for his sick interest in under-aged children, and his possible involvement with the murder of another young girl.

Nor, does the contrived denouement satisfy the viewer's need for emotional closure.

However, it is far more exciting and far more thrilling and riveting.

An intriguing question raised by a very intriguing scenario.

), she must compensate with cunning, the almost supernatural like of which Jeff could never have imagined, and it is this fatal assumption that proves his tragic flaw, akin to the unexpected detour taken by a car-load of impending corpses in standard horror fare.

You will love the unpredictable twists in this movie.

At first, you don't know where it's going, it's minimalist and confusing.

This is an exercise in the pointless grotesque and should be avoided at all costs.

Check this movie out for an intense time.

Disturbing, but gripping.

During the long and drawn out scene(a lot of these in this movie) the guy is "castrated.

It's totally cliché.

It's so unexpected...

Just when the noose is ready to be tightened, the prey becomes the predator and we are exposed to a taut, suspenseful film with an amazing new actress.

I mean, it dragged on, and on, and on and then it stopped.

At the end the movie left me feeling rather empty.

But there are some genuinely suspenseful moments in the film, although in the hands of lesser actors these scenes would disintegrate.

I highly recommend it to people who think they are slightly dweeby, freaky or loony.

Its an ordeal to sit through this pretentious piece of film making.

Neither Hayley or Jeff are particularly likable characters, which is often a suicidal move for a film, but it works with this film and makes for compelling viewing.

As a thriller, the film works extremely well also; as mentioned, Hard Candy is extremely gripping at its best moments, and I don't think I've completely 'gotten into' a modern film this much for some time.

Also, I didn't like the ending, and I thought the castration scene was far too drawn out.

Incredibly Intense and Thought-Provoking .

I felt sad for the actors for having done this film: reading the script you'd think they'd understand how unbearable it would be to watch.

You'd like to leave the theater thinking, "Wow, I'm glad the bad guy got what he deserved!

spare yourself, this ranks towards top worst movies i've ever had to suffer through...

Namely it being suspenseful and disturbing (i.

Very intense.

the acting was very good but it was to drawn out and at some points you did feel a little sorry for the patrick wilson charcter ....

Then my friends female companion decided she wanted to see it, and i was dragged along for the ride.

the film is totally unrealistic, and totally unbelievable and the dialogue tries to shock you but just ends up being annoyingly predictable.

its a stupid movie , damn waste of time

She drugs him, and when he awakens Jeff is the captive, forced to undergo the intensive questioning and innuendos from Haley, including being set up for castration.

The bottom line is that Hard Candy is a terrific film, that will make you think, and wonder, and ponder, and question, and discuss long after you leave the theater.

The worst movie ever .

When they leave the cafe and head to Jeff's somewhat remote hilltop suburban ranch home, the troubles really begin, both for Jeff who is soon to get more than he could possibly have bargained for, and the viewer, who is treated to a higher level of sadism and a more excruciating, drawn out series of psychological tortures than necessary or perhaps possible.


Viewed objectively, without any particular moral basis, Hard Candy is a tautly directed, brilliantly acted, and generally effective psychological thriller unfortunately hampered with a contrived plot that is unable to find a satisfying conclusion.

Super intense movie with just two actors primarily .

The work seems more European than American: the construction and the editing recall François Ozon's "Gouttes D'Eau Sur Pierres Brûlantes" and the unbearable atmosphere compares favorably with that of Haneke's "funny games" ,a Haneke who would have discovered "moral" for "hard candy" is primarily a "moral " movie.

The beginning of the movie is as well made and intriguing as any other great thrillers.

The first 45 minutes of Hard Candy was riveting and thrilling.

I feel this is a breathtaking and powerful first film about an uneasy subject matter that so few talk about.

The director was probably doing for a "scandalous" and "provocative" but it turned out to just be boring, poorly executed and overall horrible.

You just met this guy, now you want to leave him guilty, (sort of) remove his balls, and torture him just because he has an issue?

The camera angles were very odd and confusing.

However with its 100 minutes running time, minimal characters and at times slow pace I doubt that I'd watch it again.

The intense close ups of her face and that of her co-star Patrick Wilson helped to make the characters larger than life, which is one of the things that film can do so very well.

The story itself is a little too simple that it makes it a bore to watch after a while.

The tension mounts to a peak as the two characters uncover aspects of each other; the final resolution of the long encounter comes as a stunning surprise.

And very boring.

This is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

unfortunately, the director wanted to add a 'feature' to his credits, so the dialogue revolves around woefully tedious mechanisms to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the narrative to 85+ minutes...

There was more talk than action, which I'm not saying is a bad thing, but at the end of the day if you're looking for a thrilling ride: this isn't the movie for you; if you're looking for something intriguing, something different, then give it a go.

But overall, 'Hard Candy' was excellently paced, suspenseful and extremely clever in asking questions/opening doors and leaving the viewer's mind reeling during the last frame.

Horrible story, horrible acting, predictable plot....

I was (to drag out the old cliché) on the edge of my seat.

The acting and interaction between the two is relatively enjoyable for the first 20 minutes of the film.

The film starts off somewhat slow and predictable, and we quickly jump into the meat and potatoes of this gorefest, as our 14-year old "heroine" proceeds to psychically and psychologically torture his victim.

Even, if the viewer walked out of the theater, the movie has made an emotional impact which could be an compliment for the director, David Slade.

Though rather on the slow side to begin with, Hard Candy soon gradually delivers momentum, and while we are at pains for this young girl's welfare, we are driven to the precarious world of the Internet chat rooms.

Most of the film takes place in a very bland house.

Besides having a suspenseful twisting plot the film displays a large plethora of outstanding thematic elements.

I thought Hard Candy was a very disturbing movie to have to sit through but still it was entertaining and definitely a unique movie going experience.

low budget movie and a waste of timethe girl wouldn't turn on the animals at the wild side on any given point of time.

As the film progresses, whenever you're put in a suspenseful situation, you wave your hand with a shrug and say, "Jeez, I give up.

Also watch for an enjoyable cameo from Canadian actress Sandra Oh as a good hearted neighbour of Patrick Wilson's photographer character.

For that reason, the ending may totally be unexpected and will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

This is possibly the worst movie I have ever wasted my time on.

Patrick Wilson gives a stunning performance as Jeff, showing of a wide range of subtle emotional shifts, giving the character depth and believability.

engrossing & disengaging at once .

I found this film to be very gripping and intense in most parts.

It was worth watching.

the movie aught to be a thriller, but for me it was very boring.

Totally sick, but compelling .

But it felt un-finished and ultimately a tad pointless.

Watching this film will leave you squirming, flinching and tense, but very satisfied by two solid hours of thrilling entertainment.

Ultimately, the characters are too uninteresting, we know as much about them as cardboard box.

The movie has completely failed because I was laughing at scenes that were supposed to be exciting.

It was described to me (by the owner of the film) as intense.

It bathes in an unsettling atmosphere, and the tension is at times just unbearable.

Watching as Hayley goes about her mission is as fascinating as it is disturbing.

I am still asking myself - why the *hell* did I actually watch this sick piece of unpleasantly scary pointless crap?

Then the guy walks around the house like nothing happened?

Understanding who Jeff really is through carefully studied research makes this film quite fascinating as it develops.

(i get it for the articles) If you paid $9.00 to see the latest "over-hyped Hollywood snoozer" than this movie ain't for you.

It's boring and I hate the characters.

It's intense and has a couple of scenes that even the non-squeamish would flinch too(especially if your of the male gender).

I laughed too but only because of how stupid and pointless it was.

Watching Page increase the tension is gripping and there's a real sense of danger for both characters.

this movie is boring!

No little girl could actually pull that off, and the directors/writers of this film were so damn pretentious spitting this preachy crap on film.

Not to mention the acting was amazing, Ellen Page gave quite a thrilling performance.

It was so unpredictable that when you get the whole point of it you are glued to the seat until it ends.

Intense, provocative and interesting, this movie is really something else.

Though 'Hard Candy' is undeniably powerful and gripping, it is unfortunately spoilt by Ellen Page and narrative issues.

,,worst movie ever...

a thought provoking, contrary, perhaps even entertaining take on a difficult subject....

Thankfully, being on the verve actually works and makes this intense film all the better.

I have seen all kinds of movies, all kinds of genres, bad and excellent movies, movies from many, many countries in several different languages, but this movie is surely disturbing and so intensive.

It's a relatively interesting idea, but drawn out in such clumsy and random fashion that it's generally much harder to watch than some of its more stomach-churning scenes.

But even the best protagonist needs an equally engaging foil to soar on screen, and Page finds her ideal dark muse with Patrick Wilson's Jeff.

" That kind of dialogue is just too cliché.

The writing is awful, wordy and pretentious, and the director should have stuck with music videos, which this seems more like than a real movie.

Bored in the first 15 minutes.

The girl was so annoying when she was supposed to be scary and intense, I almost had to turn off the DVD.

An Intense Film .

I myself am not a fan of horror movies, or much of anything that contains gore, violence or intense agony as the main theme.

Basically a short film stretched out to about 2 hours, this movie was overlong with nothing happening.

Even if Geoff got what he deserved, the whole story and acting is too ambivalent and confusing to make up as a whole.

If you think about it, there's only like 2 or 3 settings and 2 main actors, but your on the edge of your seat the whole time.

If my above description makes this sound like the worst movie ever made, don't watch it.

Instead it was just average and, to be honest, a little bit boring.

Total Waste of Time .

Like the debut made by Mark Romanek in One Hour Photo, David Slade really excels as a director who keeps things extremely intense and gripping with a touch of shocking elements and pure disturbance due to its story.

It tries to be clever by pulling a role reversal -- but this eventually wears thin and the dialog becomes didactic and contrived.

waste of time .

It was boring, it was pretentious, and it attempted to be high-brow when the creators of the film are quite obviously completely non-creative.

Before you watch, be aware that this movie is pretty intense and grapples with some dark themes, so if you're not prepared for that you should find something else.

From then on, there are roughly five pivotal moments, and an awful, awful, awful lot of saying the same things over and over again ad infinitum, with the film reaching a predictable conclusion.

This film is far from perfect, but it is oddly entertaining.

Disturbing and Engaging .

This is one of the most intense films I've seen in a long time.

A very intense film that develops nicely and quickly.

The filming needed to break out Jeff's pad, like in The Vanishing (1993), for example, open spaces are sometimes more claustrophobic and thrilling than a slick apartment, Somehow, the story needed to break out of Jeff's place, I think an intense showdown needed to occur, perhaps a cliff etc, would have made a great backdrop for the final scenes.

I assumed I already knew the predictable plot.

It's not a happy film and certainly not the kind of thing you'd pop into your local multiplex on a Friday night to watch, but it is an intense emotional roller-coaster that will leave you drained.

Let's feel pity for her, what a shame, what waste of time.

makes everything pointless....

All the way through the film, I was on the edge of my seat.

Combine the poor personalities of the film with the cheap photographic gimmicks (I was squinting at all the extreme close-ups) and you have an effort that seems more like a self indulgent horror flick than a genuine psychological thriller.

As said, the first half of "Hard Candy" is magnificently intense shock-cinema.


Owing to the fact that viewers don't even know whether Jeff is guilty or not till the very end, the film is much more compelling.

It belongs in a gallery, not the cinema, and left me feeling annoyed to have parted with my cash to be tortured with boredom for the next 2 hours.

Hard Candy is one intense, psychological thriller.

It is the role of Hayley which dominates the film as her role is unexpected and moves the plot along.

A stunning portrayal of vengeance .

I hope everyone will appreciate the time and effort it probably took the editor to splice the scenes together, because from what I could see, it must have been intense.

This movie is a waste of time that will try to lower your IQ so you can enjoy it as the creators did.

I enjoyed it.

Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle, in a particularly idiotic case of critical hypocrisy, calls Hard Candy a "wallow in ugliness" with "no point," while praising Sin City for its "entertainment value," despite noting directly in his review that it's a pointless exercise.

This little film was one of the most enjoyable I watched from last year.

Intense, dramatic, uncomfortable .

It's like a theater play and that's why the game of the cat chasing the mouse gets very elaborated that it can become dull.

all fantasy.. impossible bad enoying bla bla bla bla good bye,,,,worst movie ever...

Total crap, Worst movie since "Pay it Forward".

It was just pure tedious.

Literally the worst movie I've ever seen.

The cliché CCD camera effects do not add anything.

It's difficult to enjoy a movie that tries to be "intellectual" with its dialogue when it's really just piling on top of ten or so years of cliché, pseudo-intellectualism.

all fantasy.. impossible bad enoying bla bla bla bla good bye,,,worst movie ever...

A very intriguing and intense storyline is really what made this movie great.

Hayley's motivation gets confusing and not very clear...

Pointless .

An interesting film - worth watching .

Unfortunately, what evolves is a maddening, easily predictable, implausible, amateur torture session narrated by over-acting Ellen Page.

Those people who feel that this film explores an important issue in the modern world, portrays a thrilling and well acted drama and is well shot etc. On the other hand though, we have those people that feel it's a poorly shot, pretentious and vastly overacted little film that is so desperate to be extreme and shocking and win awards at art festivals that it forgets any form of narrative, realism and character development.

While it sounds like a pre-pubescent 'I Spit on Your Grave' it is a film worth watching if you can stomach the subject matter.

The plot is totally unpredictable and many scenes amazes us throughout the movie.

insert several long and pointless expositions on each character's behalves, do some choppy editing...

The plot was intriguing and offered a lot of suspense, it's a pity that it did not show more of the back story/real motives that drive the female protagonist though.

I had never heard of this film before today, but I highly recommend it.

Clever but ultimately boring.

The slow, suspenseful film is set mainly in the Los Angeles home of photographer Jeff, a 32 year old man whom Hayley, a mature 14 year old girl who met him online, suspects to be a pedophile.

I found the messages of the film to be very confusing, as if the scriptwriter was unsure whether he was aiming to show society is too obsessed with paedophiles that we risk condemning the innocent or that paedophiles do deserve to meet a sticky end.

Whenever somebody asks me about the worst movie I've ever seen, I'll often resort to answering with 'hard candy' first.

After watching the preview of this movie I figured that it would another predictable movie and boy was I wrong.

I quite enjoyed this film, Ellen Page's acting as the sweet yet obviously highly disturbed girl who is "on the hunt" was brilliant and that alone makes this movie worth watching.

Full of itself, major plot confusion, poor acting .

In "Hard Candy", the initial tension that keeps the viewer focused slowly turns into boredom; and there's nothing anyone can do to help it.

Him appealing to her carrying this burden is also pointless since she doesn't feel anything, and it's evident.

Intense, controversial drama .

Films like "Fatal Attraction", "Hand That Rocks the Cradle", "Single White Female", etc. These were all entertaining, and fun to watch once.

This is one the most intense and hard-bitting movies that I've watched till date (and btw I watch a lot of movies)!!!

the worst movie I have ever seen.

I have seen this movie like a hundred times, and it is still thrilling and exciting even though i know what happens.

This movie is intense, intelligent and compelling.

" but all in all, this was a thrilling movie.

It's rare to have a film that keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout, manages to deliver an unexpected ending that has you going "whaaaaaaaaaat?

waste of time .

Suspenseful, well-acted psycho-horror piece .

And do see it for the acting, as Page and Wilson do their best to look as cruel and frightened and provoked and unpredictable as possible under the circumstances; Page, especially, tries and succeeds in filling the shoes of a smarter-than-the-average 14 year old who's probably very clever- too clever by half even for the audience- in her plot.

This film is an intriguing little nugget that should be seen.

Tasteless, pointless; nothing more than an overly dramatic revenge flick...

The plot is a pointless, unrealistic storyline in which, all and every action has no physical and psychological logic into it.

I was looking forward to a gripping story filled with thrilling scenes and compelling dialogue.

Hard Candy is really one of those mind f*ck films that when you leave the theater you just want to talk about what just happened.

Unbelievably intense.

In the film's favour, however, we have a compelling and discomforting visual style which really is quite unique.

As is, the film consist primarily of contrived dialog, with the two characters trying to prove their intellectual prowess to one another.

This was just as well, as by the end this film had me on the edge of my seat.

The plot is merely a set-up for a lot of interesting and thrilling twists.

Bottom line, I wasn't looking for a lesson in morals, I thought the script was poorly structured, but otherwise, truly worth the watch

The reliance on the repetition of escape-capture might have you on the edge of your seat but the contrivance fails to convince, so yet again we end in the tired old cliché of formulaic Hollywood; Halloween, Friday 13th, blah blah blah.

Hard Candy is a powerful thriller which carefully and intelligently explores the delicate themes of paedophilia and vigilantism, whilst also delivering some excruciatingly unbearable scenes of tension and a few cheap thrills.

No story.

Absorbing and provocative update of sorts of "Fatal Attraction" for the cyberspace set with newcomer Page in a remarkable display of smart acting as a teenager who seeks out a pedophilic chat-room participant (Wilson equally good) to meet up and instead keeps him captive in his home so she can torture him to find out the truths he is hiding.

It is a gripping thriller, a film that deserved a more mainstream release rather than an indie film background by a novice director.

The film has two characters, a rather short runtime, and two settings and manages to be more fascinating than your average dozen-person, two and a half hour long thriller.

Excruciating, counter-intuitive, heavy-handed, boring .

I read the comments on the DVD case for "Hard Candy", and, as a result, expected to see a very compelling, gritty film that would push my buttons.

While the dialogue could easily have been made dull and cliché by the majority of Hollywood talent, Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson OWNED these roles.

Actually, while the film asks some fascinating underlying questions about morality and justice, on the surface it feels too much like an exploitation film, focusing on the violence and shock value rather than smart dialog - which is the one aspect in which it's severely lacking.

Waste of your time and mine .

Over the top acting on a predictable script, so many impossibilities and plot holes that it is hard to suspend disbelief for very long, and a leading lady that looks like a boy all add up to a miss.

Worst movie one can ever see...!. .

I really don't think that many people would be that shocked by it, although I was… Other than the shock value, it was pretty boring.

This film is utterly useless, uneducational, unentertaining, very boring, useless.

Instead, it is more like boring theatre.

The people I saw it with found it laughable, agitating, pornographic and banal.

The resulting frenzied adrenaline rush confuses and exhilarates, positioning viewer as both predator and prey.

With a cast of essential 2 leads + 3 extras with extremely limited screen time, the story and dialog pieces had to be extremely engaging to hold the audience's attention.

How could that possibly be enjoyable?

The movie sets up its rather intriguing, tension-filled scenario.

I truly can't find any point to this movie if you don't give half a rat's ass about the psychological profiling and lecturing the girl was constantly blabbing about, and once she finally shut up and Jeff got free I started rooting for him because I knew once he got caught again we'd have to listen to another one of Hailey's boring speeches that never really got anywhere.

It is not a great film, but the gripping performances and crackling dialogue keep the enterprise from ever derailing entirely, and elevate what could have been a sensationalist attempt at rejuvenating the thriller genre into something memorable.

For me, the film starts to unravel towards the end and I would have preferred a more satisfying and intense finale.

This was easily one of the worst movies I have ever had the misfortune of viewing in the last decade.

Though it could have wrapped up a little sooner (it was a bit longer than expected) I would highly recommend this to anyone who has buddies they talk to online, or anyone that generally enjoys suspenseful films.

You have to suspend your disbelief at some points, but if you're willing to do so then it's a very captivating movie and well worth watching.

sick, unrealistic, pointless .

Well you know what, I was going to right more but it just seems a waste of time.

Hayley switches between victim to hero to anti hero, she becomes so vulgar and disdained, it's hard to follow her cause.

But on the plus side, the actors were able to keep up beautifully with the intense dialogue and content matter.

Some people may think that making an entire film with only about five minutes of music is new and bold, I think it's pretentious and ridiculous.

Enjoyed it the first time amd still find myself watching it whenever I come across it

The acting was solid, the direction was intelligent, the script was intense, and the topic is controversial.

What I can say is how this very low-budget film, consisting of two main characters that are indulged in explicit and overpowering dialogue, was suspenseful from the beginning to end.

Complete waste of time.

The only flaw it really has is that sometimes the plot can be a little contrived, and the characters' actions can get somewhat illogical.

Dull, goes nowhere, boring, boring, ends.

Actually, don't let my two-star rating mislead you: The acting is very strong in this film, but the story and plot are so utterly and atrociously defective, misguided and self-gratifying as to render the entire exercise pointless and the viewer wholly unfulfilled.

Ellen Page's performance is frightening and exciting.

But, the content here is far removed from the innocent and enjoyable pranks of those animated characters.

I know; when you read reviews and especially viewer comments from nonprofessional critics, the words "brilliant," "surprising," and "unpredictable" are simply thrown around whenever someone loves a movie and raves about it.

Hard Candy is an intense psychological drama, with incredible performances by both Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson.

Intense interrogation sequences soon derail into hackneyed monologues, with the occasional twisted zinger.

There are moments when I really didn't want to be there, as the intensity, particularly from a male perspective, had me right on the edge.

Unrealistic, stupid, sick, pointless - just a few of the adjectives that spring to mind when I think of this movie.

All in all, Hard Candy is definitely worth a watch for those ready for a genuinely intense and emotionally brutal experience.

Truly stunning performances.

This makes it a tedious and stupid film about 2 stupids engaged in their incessant stupidities.

If viewed strictly as a piece of propaganda to deter sexual predators, the film serves it purpose.

Can things really to be seen from a monotone lens?

the dialog was a bit dated, & repetitive, the acting was terrible, and the cinematography was good at best.

And when it finally forces you to fast forward all the pointless violence, the ending gives you the middle finger.

It's an incredibly intense thriller and a showcase for two extraordinary actors.

The story is masterfully acted and told, the plot takes several unexpected turns.

Thus, the drug scene, the interrogation scene, and the safe combination scenes are pointless (while the chat thing is totally disconnected from anything else).