Heartbreakers (2001) - Comedy, Crime, Romance

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A mother and daughter con team seduce and scam wealthy men.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: David Mirkin
Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 36 out of 222 found boring (16.21%)

One-line Reviews (144)

The film was sooo boring, silly plot, predictable, an unfunny comedy, let's be honest that comedy sucks.

)8/10- enjoyable

I caught this one quite by chance on cable and intended to switch channels if I found it boring.

Although plot was predictable, it was entertaining.

The movie's tone becomes a little too serious, and we end up feeling cheated out of even more boisterously entertaining moments.

Ray Liotta is good, if not on screen for most of the film, Gene Hackman is entertaining as a tobacco magnate with a persistent hacking cough, and I always like seeing Anne Bancroft.

It's just a good mindlessly entertaining movie.

Moves at a brisk pace with some funny pratfalls and plot twists that will keep you watching until the predictable fadeout.

5/10, watch if your bored and want a cynical view of both sexes.

But when it's juxtaposed with limited and banal material, that's what makes "Heartbreakers" so mediocre at best.

But I must say that i enjoyed it a lot.

The ending is exciting,enjoyable and romantic.

All of the principal (and supporting) actors are in top form making "Heartbreakers" one of the most surprisingly enjoyable comedies of the year.

And it was far too long.

Occasionally funny but uneven comedy has a likable and enthusiastic cast, but it loses energy and becomes predictable as it nears the finale.

The direction is nothing special, but the stars raise their mediocre material and aim for comedy heaven, often reaching it, in a deeply entertaining, sometimes sweet, movie.

The movie was funny, exciting, and romantic.

One of the things that irritates me a little about Hollywood movies isthat they are normally quite predictable.

Then mommie (Sigourney "Still Stunning" Weaver) quickly marries him, explaining her religion doesn't permit premarital sex...

Speaking of wardrobe, kudos to the set designers and clothing departments as Weaver and Hewitt look stunning throughout the picture.

The script was plodding, and the plot was, well, just not there.

My brother rents this kind of stuff all the time and out of boredom I popped the disc into my DVD player and prepared for pain.

Then the movie slowed down and dialogs became dull and finally stupid (what Ray Liotta says to Sigourney Weaver at the end is absolutely dreadful and should be cut off).

Love Hewitt throws out any lingering ideas of her previous performances with this stunning turnabout movie.

Gene Hackman's character was the only one who breathed some life into this flat tire of a film, but alas it's not enough to get past Weaver's sad attempt at badly-written comedy, and her big-boobed but boring and annoying daughter is also quite pitiful.

Much to my surprise, this movie is actually very funny and entertaining!

6.5 stars = regular + (entertaining)

" There are some snappy one-liners, amusing physical comedy (Gene Hackman dying never seemed so funny).

But besides the film portraying these two con artists as the not so bad girls being beyond me, it was actually pretty entertaining.

Take "Heartbreakers" for what it's worth: funny, silly, and entertaining.

Although not a JLH fan, she shows an unexpected comic talent here.

Very entertaining .

Don't waste you money on it.

The plot is so predicatable, the movie cannot possibly be enjoyable.

Every scene was predictable.

Disappointing movie which was overlong and predictable.

Don't waste your time.

Jennifer Love Hewitt wears some clothes that make your jaw drop and its worth watching just to see her, forget the storyline.

Now Jennifer Love Hewitt once again proves her young sexy self but you see how cunning her character is here she learned well from mother(Sigourney Weaver) and Hewitt is stunning as ever check out the short skirts and colored bras she wears.

Everything was predictable.

I was surprised cause I thought she'd like it but even she was bored through it.

I Highly recommend it!

Fun, but horribly predictable .

A good attempt with fine performances, but a confusing trail of cons and twists, and a ridiculously improbable ending.

Lee has an especially engaging screen presence, and some of the most memorable moments of the film are in the scenes he shares with Hewitt.

And if you guys out there just want to see it because Love is wearing skimpy dresses, save your money, It's really not worth it.


Sadly, the characters are too cliché and the tone flip flops making it just an average movie.


Even the love interest, ordinarily an immigrant from the realm of the bland, takes the form of Jason Lee, and is given some terrific exchanges with JLH.

Entertaining Female Variation of "Dirty Rotten Squandrels" .

That's not a badthing in itself, as the journey can often be more enjoyable than thedestination reached.

Watch "Heartbreakers" if you are in the mood for a light, fast paced Romantic Comedy with an edge.

Handed to a solid, if pedestrian, TV director like Dave Mirkin, however, it's little more than predictable pap.

How many times must we rehash the same old boring and tacky jokes?

On a lighter note, the film managed to fill the two hours well with it's unpredictable, outrageous storyline.

2/10 for the best efforts of Sigorney Weaver and Gene Hackman in this waste of time comedy wanna-be.

Typically I don't say that about her…she tends to go after roles that are aggressive, and more manly…but she was funny and entertaining to watch.

Plotwise, this will not stretch you, and you will not be taxed, unravelling the complexities of the various scams and tricks,and since the film dips into romantic comedy territory, the ultimate outcome is, of course, predictable.

Every cliche was used.

Even with the solid sterling cast of Liotta, Weaver, Bancroft, Lee and Hackman this movie could easily have become a little tedious and lack-lustre.

All around enjoyable...

My companion was ready to leave loooong before I was (I wanted to wait for Hackman).

The close ups are both entertaining and disturbing, since his complexion and his teeth-coloring is as close as you get to a corpse with the ability to speak.

It is the film that is as predictable as weather in LA.

I highly recommend it!

The schemes, plot points, and romance seem contrived and/or forced.

Was it predictable and a waste of my money and 2 hours of my life?!

This is actually a film that could have benefited from being more formulaic.

Funny, I couldn't even force myself to watch it with help of fast-forward button; yes, skipping every few minutes, and just making sure that the story was going where I thought it would, was still too boring.

Still, "Heartbreakers" is quite entertaining, and despite its weak moments (such as the fact that a film of this type should not be peppered with so much romance), it easily clears the pass grade.

Really enjoyed it

(It's pointless giving them their characters' names - they keep changing them!

I found it pretty entertaining, and especially enjoyed Ray Liotta's performance.

Criticizing criticsA lot of reviewers said that the plot is predictable.

Entertaining well made comedy .

It's entertaining, there's some laughs and some nice moments, and it's easy on the eyes.

Initially entertaining, but after Hackman's exit, it all peters out: it's as if everyone got bored with the initial novelty of the film and needed to get it finished so they can go and work on other projects.

Despite the mediocre reviews, Heartbreakers is an extremely entertaining film.

This romantic comedy is as predictable as them all.

The whole movie is very enjoyable!

Cute & Enjoyable .

The other secondary characters are entertaining and fitting to the mood of the film, except for Jennifer's love interest, who drags down the pace a little.

Well let me say that my girlfriend and I both walked out of 'Heartbreakers' with hate on our minds.

I really liked this movie despite it is a little bit silly but Hey I had a lot of fun watching it and it has the most important thing about a movie that it is being entertaining which is very rare for a silly comedy film which last 2 hours (a lot of time for this kind of movies which frequently last 100 minutes top).

I highly recommend it.

I found this movie quite entertaining.

Contrived, Barely Funny .

Add to the developing mess, a faithful maid, unexpected proposals, maimed statues, and the power of true love.

This is a witty, clever and fast paced comedy.

Supposedly this film is a "comedy" but with such contrived situations and jokes it's as funny as a hole in the head.

While The Heartbreakers was a fun movie, the con was predictable and not that good.

However the actual film turned out to be slightly dull, not particularly funny and lumbered with a poor script that comes close to insulting the audience and is certainly not the sparky, con comedy that I had hoped for.

Seeing that incredible body is worth watching the movie alone.

Formulaic but Entertaining .

It's either boring, embarrassing, or both at most times.

Sigourney Weaver is amazing as con artist mother, and may I say…she was stunning too.

The last half hour was one of the slowest and most painfully excruciating I've ever experienced aside from lectures.

Then the unexpected happens.

Very enjoyable and entertaining, with some excellent performances.

And it's far too long at 123 minutes - I mean this is not "War and Peace".

Heartbreakers is a great film it has many things humor, con, and an intelligent story that was made great by two sexy and talented women Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt they were both ravishing and stunning.

Very funny, entertaining, and well-acted (with a few exceptions) comedy.

Very predictable, very boring and very amateurish despite its "huge" cast of stars.

Silly, Entertaining and Funny .

but you can watch it if youre bored.

Other small roles from Jeffrey Jones ("The Devil's Advocate," "Sleepy Hollow") as a hotel manager and Nora Dunn ("Three Kings") as a maid framed for house robbing her own employer, are also entertaining.

If you actually WANT to waste you're money,I recommend burning it before handing it over to see this movie.

The story plods at times, the plot doesn't convince or engage while the characters are either unconvincing and unlikeable, meaning even the stars involved cannot do anything to make it better than the uninspiring product that it turns out to be.

The ending is exciting!

Was it even entertaining?

Nevertheless, the film is entertaining enough and worth seeing (in my humble opinion) for Sigourney Weaver's triumphant performance, especially as a Russian!

Overall its good, fun and entertaining, watch it.

The comedy was also very bland.

Lee, so hilarious in Mallrats, is flat and bland here.

It is a very enjoyable film.

]Heartbreakers is a very entertaining romantic comedy.

A very enjoyable movie.

She is without a doubt the best thing in this movie and the glue that holds it together; although the script shares out the gags fairly evenly between its characters, most of them are just too boring (Jason Lee), stereotypical (Ray Liotta) or short-lived (Hackman) to have an impact.

Very Intriguing Comedy .

Add to that Hewitt, and a horrible script for Chris Lee, who I usually like, and it was literally unbearable.

snappy one-liners galore, good performances by all involved (including Gene Hackman's tobacco-drenched cigarette-maker, Jason Lee doing a surprisingly fresh take on his normal type, and Ray Liotta also poking fun at himself), which helps the delivery of some admittedly cheesy lines.

This movie was so predictable that you could literally call out each scene before it even happened.

Predictable and overlong .

Half way through the film im thinking "Why did I waste my money?!

HEARTBREAKERS contains unlikable characters who inhabit the most contrived plot that's filled with improbable points (like the car accident and the manner of Hackman's final return to his home), all of which is wrapped up in, of course, a happy ending in which all sins are forgiving.

Then it is down to Palm Beach, Florida requested by Hewitt where she finds unexpected love in the process while she helps mother(Weaver) do her best to con wealthy tobacco tycoon(Gene Hackman).

It ends on schmuck factor 10, leading to an increasingly predictable conclusion as it goes on (not to say an implausible and unexplained ending).

If you want to see a bold film with riveting script and daring performances, then this saturday-matinee, lightweight won't be very satisfying.

I can promise that the last half hour of this film will crawl across the screen so slowly, that you will beg aloud for the contrived ending that you know is coming.

This film has nice cast and for me the most interesting was Jennifer Love Hewitt who's character (page) is smart, sexy, intriguing and sometimes even sincere.

But, otherwise, I enjoyed this movie and found it entertaining.

This is easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Worth watching, good fun.

Add to that an in-form Gene Hackman, a wonderfully bitchy cameo by Anne Bancroft, and Ray Liotta proving once again that he may have a second career in screwball comedy, and it all adds up to a very enjoyable way to spend an evening.

Worth watching, at least once!

Even the jokes that were remotely funny, ceased to be funny because they were so predictable.

The ending is horribly predictable,and I was very disappointed to see a couple of possibly interestingtwists passed up.

While this seems to work fine for them on a rich chop shop owner named Dean (Ray Liotta of `Goodfellas') and tobacco tycoon William Tensy (Gene Hackman of `Enemy of the State'), they run into a unexpected problem when Page falls for a bar owner named Jack (Jason Lee of `Chasing Amy') and actually grows a conscience on their supposed `last con'.

With the cast involved and some good looking trailers, I decided to watch this film when it came onto television, hoping for it to be smart, funny and entertaining.

but if he wasn't in the scene, then i was bored.

This is purely enjoyable lighthearted fluff that's so funny all the way through.

So much of it is back and forth between what is right and wrong which becomes tiresome.

Yes, there is a strong 'romance element' in there, but you'll probably see where that's going in both cases and - yes - it does succumb to every cliche associated with that genre.