Hidden (2018) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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Police investigate when the body of a girl is found in a lake.

IMDB: 7.2
Stars: Sian Reese-Williams, Sion Alun Davies
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 42 out of 98 found boring (42.85%)

One-line Reviews (99)

Will this be another four-part series dragged out to eight parts will unnecessary padding?

As far as the storyline goes, don't expect any twists or turns or surprises, because there aren't any, it is all so utterly predictable you will probably nod off from time to time.

Too slow too dark too local .

Yes, it is very slow paced and really doesn't build a faster pace until right at the very end.

I don't feel like there is any thrill, just a slow story developed around the chasing the psychopath who abducts kids.

Above says it all, this is dreadful and pointless from start to finish, made worse by the glacial pace of the obvious move towards the conclusion.

As other reviewers have noted, this a compelling mystery series.

Excellent acting and believable, random meaningless evil banality.

Some scenes move too quickly so you cannot keep up with what the heck happened, while others are pointless.

'Hidden' is a Welsh police drama, but a boring one.

They were just pointless filler.

It gets better as it progresses, and after some real shocks you get a gripping finale, which really satisfies.

It's not a whodunnit, or a whydoneit, just a head on depiction of the banality of evil.

It was all wasted due to a lot of background story that was boring and had little to do with solving the crimes.

It's been a long time since I've seen such a gripping, exceedingly well acted, haunting and photographically beautiful programme.

Dreary .

In the Hannibal series, yes, Hannibal is developed but it is all on the edge of belief, he is a fantastic character.

Dull dialogue.

If you start to watch and feel like it's going too slow, I urge you to hang in there and keep going.

This is a slow moving drama with very little plot development and not much happening from episode to episode.

Beautifull environment, real humans, nice and slow .

This is one of those shows where you could easily stop watching early on due to the slow pace of the early episodes, my advice is don't, watch it to the end, it is worth it.

Too slow for my liking .

What a bleak series - dark, dreary, filmed mostly in the dark or against the outside light, no likeable characters.

Standard cliche - gruesome murder.

First of all: I totally love British police series, especially the slow paced ones.

Gripping drama and watching the story develop makes this one drama not to be missed.

Gripping, raw, grown up drama .

All cliché and so damn slow.

so bored.

Other than that, I enjoyed it.

The dialogue between her and her dad was often cliched and dull.

Watched the first 3 episodes with all the (now typical) worrying topics but felt it was very slow with lots of long pauses seemingly introduced to fill the allotted 8x1hrs allocated.

Self-indulgent emoting.


Dull plotted , target was to make 8 episodes rather than putting good script !

Like watching paint dry .


Instead, the boring and largely pointless conversations happen in some dumb language that maybe 69 people in the world can understand.

How many dragging minutes do we have to watch her smoke a cigarette, drink a glass of wine, look out at the sky, etc. In any episode, virtually nothing happens.

So much time is wasted on this, but it is boring and no one cares about it.

Snorefest - Dull, Slow and Boring .

Expertly defined and realistic characters with simple, but riveting, storyline.

I had mixed feelings about Hidden as I was watching it because at times it seemed quite slow and wandered off the story.

Slow, earnest and generic .

It is necessarily slow, it is 3/4 in Welsh, and it is bleak in it's depiction of rural Wales.

And yet, it was a hugely compelling second run out.

Very slow moving .

What it is -- it's boring, wasted opportunities in favor of fillers and ambiance.

Overused "girl(s) held captive" plot, mind-numbingly slow pacing, boring and irrelevant side stories, and no suspense whatsoever.

The use of Welsh during some of the dialogue made it all the more compelling and somewhat reminiscent of Scandi noir, "The Killing".

But I AM put off by programs that are unwatchable due to "atmospheric" ( translate that to 'nonexistent') lighting techniques.

If you don't like a dark, slow story, then skip it.

I think the projection of mental illnesses and anxiety as being a cause of miserable lives is too cliché.

We already knew who the culprit was, so it wasn't misdirection, it was just pointless.

There is virtually no plot.

The plodding predictable story was an absolute disaster.

The reviews seem to focus a lot on it's great or it's too slow....

Slow, tedious and predictable .

But, like other reviews have said, it is full of cliches, Wales feels like Mordor (haha brilliant to whoever said that), it is frustratingly slow, and for me, the show could lose a storyline or two.

It is dreary, it is perhaps the S L O W E S T piece of TV drama I've ever come across.

Dark compelling drama .

But it has a rare depth and realism that makes it even more enjoyable.

Why: poor acting, poor dialogue, PC correct characters, young bland detectives that look like snowflakes, everything is filmed in the dark, meaningless scenes (filler?

The actors do their best but slow is slow, where is the drama.

Repetitive and slow.

Like the movies made of the Hobbit book, itself a slim volume - they dragged that out to three gigantically stretched out flicks to max out the revenue.

Slow would be a complement .

Noir is moody and slow but that shouldn't be an excuse for lack of storyline.

It totally ruins the show (ages it boring and depressing) and has got nothing to do with the main plot.

I watched all 8 episodes but it took a while to get used to the slow pace.

Finding this excessively Dreary, Dark-- .

It has a lot of dragged out scenes, randomly stuck together, that all just adds to the confusing story.

There were many good performances but for me the most compelling was from Elodie Wilton who played Nia.

This series had us on the edge of our seats the whole time!

Dark, brooding, slow.

If dark, moody, dreary and dreadful is your cup of tea.........

Frankly compelling, suspenseful, brightly interpreted and well produced!

This was dull, dreary, depressing and way too long.

Dull plotted ordinary suspense .

Slow and Overcooked .

Except the lead actress I thought overdid the body language and facial expressions like an ITV newscaster sexing up a dull story.

The mother is mean, so there's the backstory for the villain, and even he is boring with all the whining about his childhood and stupid behavior at his workplace.

It is dark and is unusual because you know who the perpetrator is from the very first scene (the absolutely compelling Rhodri Meilir).

The script is fantastic, the suspense is very well administered, and the interpretations are really credible, both intense and contained and the same time.

Basically I cannot complain about this series, beautifully shot and suspenseful but as others have said it is painfully slow.

The depiction of the family living on the edge of society.

Glacier slow.

Pace - incredibly slow, many filler scenes.

This is, though a modern production, one that goes old-school-ish nice and slow, with real characters.

Long drawn out ...

All dragged on a bit.

Yes, I agree that the writing is great and the setting for Hidden makes for an entertaining and interesting show.

Dragged out .

Slow moving and grim .

Very Slow (spoiler alert!

This is slow without any purpose.

Dull, stereotypical and sooooooo uneccesarily slowwwww..........

Acting is fine in this series but the episodes (especially the first two) are so slow that I actually fell asleep.