Hide and Seek (2005) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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As a widower tries to piece together his life in the wake of his wife's suicide, his daughter finds solace, at first, in her imaginary friend.

Director: John Polson
Stars: Robert De Niro, Dakota Fanning
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 132 out of 460 found boring (28.69%)

One-line Reviews (364)

I did enjoy the story quite a bit but it did have many of the same stereotypes or cliché's you see in most horror/thriller movies.

In hide and seek the end is unexpected, what makes it even better.

I was already spoiled, so the totally predictable and somewhat clichéd ending didn't bug me at all.

It was all too predictable.

This movie tries to be so many other movies from Fight Club to Sixth Sense, via Psycho and Identity but it end ups just being a very long boring and unimaginative plot with a bad direction that confuses looong quiet scenes with meaningful scary tension.

It was very confusing because I didn't understand what it was all about and didn't understand the ending.

After having viewed this movie, I realized that any anticipation I began with had since died and I was left with a potentially-good-turned-rot Hollywood horror (and by horror I mean psychological {Hollywood has a fine way of confusing the two}) film that was predictable from beginning to end and seemed to follow a nice MadLib pattern of placing a name here, a noun there, a vowel here, etc. It was lame and it seemed a bit candid to me how DeNiro was out-acted by Ms. Fanning.

Hide and Seek is a tired, tired film that makes a slow and unspectacular start before turning a slight corner and moving up a gear with its great acting performance from Dakota Fanning before finally limping its way towards the finish line with a weak twist, fewer and fewer scares and a really disappointing 'Hollywood' way of rounding the story off.

The director trotted out every bad movie cliché he/she could think of, and things rapidly go downhill from there.

If you like scary suspenseful strange movies go see this one.

It has a slow build.

Do you remember the worst movie you've ever seen?

A total waste of my money, and a Saturday evening...

Man that kid looks scary and malnourished, etc etc. In addition to looking very similar to the mediocre Godsend, Hide and Seek also deceivingly appears to be a very run of the mill 2nd rate horror movie but actually has some unexpected twists and turns.

:) i was on the edge of my seat when i first saw this movie.

How predictable.

The editing by the director/cameraman is very sloppy, Dakota Fanning is very annoying as the "Carrie" child, Elizabeth Shue has a predictable death scene that the viewer knew was upcoming; Famke Janssen has a good small role as the psychologist keeping an eye on the girl's behavior, but suffers with the material; there are familiar character actors in the roles as the weird neighbors and sheriff overlooking the girl as well; Robert Di Nero is good as always as Fanning's psychologist dad who at the end is revealed to be the imaginary friend causing all the mysterious murders, thus, creating a absurd/unbelievable ending that even when the viewer understands it all is just dull/lazy script writing and doesn't change the fact that this is one of Worst Films of 2005!

The twist to me was pretty predictable.

The set up is kind of fun, then the center of the film gets a little boring, then secrets are revealed and you realize you've been lobotomized by stupidity.

It was easily the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.

"Hide and Seek" is cliché in the extreme.

His scenes with Dakota are fascinating to watch.

I was nicely surprised and really really enjoyed it.

I found the movie quite compelling, but the ending was too predictable to shock in the desired manner.

It is not the best, but it is worth watching at least a second time.

A clichéd thriller with a dull, idiotic conclusion.

Rating: average but entertaining .

Depressing and waste of time .

Fanning is stunning in this movie.

But it's still engrossing.

Script is hopelessly contrived, rife with "creepy movie" cliché.

The audience I saw it with was loving it and I thought it was a thrilling ride.

DeNiro sleepwalks through his role and it struck me that he was rather bored doing it.

I think it was one of the worst movies Robert De Niro has ever played in.

Then we get cliché after cliché for 90 minutes, as well as a stupid and cop-out ending.

The plot is pretty much a copy and paste from another Deniro film, Godsend, from the year previous, except this is far more boring and pretentious than that film ever was.

There are too many plot holes to tackle, so many boring (unscary) moments, I nearly cried when I realized they won't refund my 8 bucks.

It would also be too easy for me to say that it was predictable and poorly directed.

Far too slow for far too long .

Another Suspenseful Thriller.

Hide and Seek moves and an utterly ridiculous slow pace, making you stop caring about the characters by the end of the first half.

' If you've seen Secret Window or any of the recent horror=thrillers with endings of an identical twist, you'll understand how tired and utterly formulaic this has become.

The story is a little slow moving at first as director John Polson allows everything to be clearly explained without worrying about cutting the film down to an annoyingly short hour and a half.

Both of these movies feature the legendary actor turning in bland performances and the movies themselves are way below his talent.

just don't waste your time and money on this.

I believe that an alternative ending (much shorter) would make this movie a really good one, but as of now it is actually quite dull at the end.

Then everything turned predictable.

I walked out of the theater feeling disappointed and cheated, just to see that the movie "sideways" was playing and I hadn't seen the poster for it.

John Polson does an okay job at directing and he manages to create a couple of suspenseful moments.

Although it is decently made, its failure to become a box office success was due to its script which was rather cliché.

I guess I can understand that the "alternate personality" thing that went on with the Dad, is pretty common in horror movies, but at least in this one it was unexpected.

Can be predictable .

No matter what you think of the movie's final act, HIDE AND SEEK is worth watching for the performances alone.

I get an adrenaline rush from movies just like "Hide -n- Seek.

Until that point, the film isn't bad, but it is a bit dull.

Do yourself a favor; don't waste your money on this, and watch a classic horror movie.

And I realized how much happier I'd have been sitting at home watching that film again than waiting for this bore to come to its blah conclusion.

Yet even after saying this Hide and Seek did have the right elements to be a good thriller/horror yet it unfortunately falls flat on its boring non-scary face which is quite a shame as I believe Dakota Fanning acted very well in Man on Fire and I do sincerely hope that this does not taint a promising career.

The script is a cliché itself and is no different from any other crap movies' script.

just a slow unfolding of a highly suspenseful story that builds to an exciting climax.

As for Hide and Seek, well, it's got a lame script, wasted potential, a washed-up, rehashed plot, and it's far, far too long.


Great thriller, worth watching .

My only complaint might be how the movie at times could get repetitive in ideas, such as dead bodies in a bathtub.

Exciting and eerie terror film with a good acting by a great cast .

Predictable, by-the-numbers tripe .

The pacing is really sluggish and the movie becomes dull at times.

With an intriguing premise by screenwriter Ari Schossberg and fluid direction by John Polson the story becomes predictable by its middle and last acts which are confounding that it relies to atypical horror/slasher tactics to elicit any pulse pounding moments that were achieved only to flatline by the end.

What follows is a very mediocre thriller, that is resolved at two third of the total time of the movie, so the last third is inane (with an ending that is called home way too long before).

Could this film be any more cliché?

Laughing started and the whole intense atmosphere of the movie was gone.

Every cliché in the book .

The first 80 are suspenseful, scary, somewhat funny, entertaining, and keeps you guessing.

DeNiro must be bored and will do ANYTHING for a check.

Most surprising of all is that the finale has become such a cliché in Hollywood that they're no longer delivering the "shock" endings with finesse – I found the final revelation in "Hide and Seek" rather lackluster.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) was more entertaining then this!

Whether you're a fan of De Niro, good psychological thrillers, or both, Hide & Seek is a very decent film and is definitely worth watching.

Even when you get into it, in the end, you're just watching it just to see how long this confusing mess of a train-wreck is going to go on.

A dull and generic horror film is amplified by the performances of Fanning and De Niro .

Aussie-born actor-turned-filmmaker Polson, whose directing credits include the awful teen thriller, "Swimfan" (2002), directs with little imagination, opting for routine shocks and contrived moments of suspense that never rise above ho-hum.

The slow, staggered dialogue between Emily and anyone else, at first was meant to build suspense and give the inclination that this is really a disturbed individual.

I loved it and the ride was so intense I thought I'd burst at the end of the movie.

Also if you like movies that end in an unexpected way.

which is predictable on the verge of laughable.

It is a typical dull thriller with good actors set against material that earns them little or no recognition.

It all becomes so insultingly predictable and done a thousand times before that if you're lucky, you'll sleep through the dime-a-dozen ending.

the most predictable twist since Chubby Checker's hit remake .

it's a 2 yawn movie!

My stupid teen-aged friends found crap like this, and Shrek 2 good, but said Closer and The Wicker Park were the worst movies they've ever seen.

Very slow build up for a weak payoff.

YAWN - after seeing you in 2 x-files movies, we expect you to show up as PHOENIX and save the child....

Well even though it could have had more action and terror, it still was very satisfying and enjoyable.

The movie is suspenseful and scary and has a great plot.

I disagree with many other users that rate this movie as a poorer version of Taking Lives, Secret Window, etc. No, is not as good as M Night Shymalan movies ("Sixth Sense, etc.) But it was still entertaining and provided some nice shock value.

Unfortunately, when it comes time to give us the big revelation, the movie becomes entirely predictable and clichéd.

This movie's kinda predictable.

This movie moves far too slowly for far too long.

It has its faults, its foundations are built on quicksand, but it is thoroughly engrossing, so for the sake of enjoying it, and marveling at the acting, do give it a chance!

Chilly but predictable Hollywood Horror movie .

Robert De Niro is too old to act as the father of Emily, but in the end, this movie is enjoyable.

Bad, but not because it's predictable .

Hide and Seek was made out to be a really bad, predictable, stupid movie by both critics and the moviegoers, so I didn't see it when it came round in theaters.

We can predict this film because it's so formulaic.

A big waste of time.

The movie makes you wait too long for something way too predictable.

Endless dreary grey scenes don't help either.

Creepy and unpredictable .

But this movie was so gripping that I only noticed the jerk when he shifted and kicked my seat and even with that interruption every 5 minutes, I still found the movie scary.

The movie was well-crafted and suspenseful with incredible performances from the cast.

First of all, this movie had damn near every single recent horror movie cliché, of new and old.

In fact, even though I thought I had it all figured out from the beginning, it was still pretty exciting.

Being invisible makes "him" more unpredictable because you can't tell when "he" is going to do something and what is "he" going to do (something truly evil).

As fun as the children's game is, this movie is a severe disappointment falling in the ranks of repetitive horror.

Hide and Seek is a very dull horror movie, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Also,it is somewhat predictable as the end is obviously not going to be a surprise to the viewers.

Do yourself a favor and save your money.

This movie is thrilling and is the edge-of-your-seats thriller.

How contrived can one movie get?

OK so everyone has agreed that this movie is predictable.

Worth watching, even if we forget it quickly.

Despite a talented cast, including Robert De Niro, Dakota Fanning, Elisabeth Shue and Famke Janssen, Hide and Seek remains a dreary mess, devoid of atmosphere and lacking any fresh ideas whatsoever.

Horror fans will find some of it quite riveting.

It is quite suspenseful.

I was absolutely on the edge of my seat the entire time.

"Hide and Seek" is a good, but predictable thriller.

In the end, you will be pleased to see that those advertising were at least true about Dakota and Robert, because the rest is just so dull and worthless...

The 'pay-off' was horrible, predictable, and not particularly interesting.

skip the remaining 15-20 minutes of the movie: a) everything that follows from there is totally predictable, b) the movie is so dark you won't see much anyway (unless you're an owl), and c) De Niro does a lame, low-key impression of Jack Nicholson from "The Shining"; you know, the father-chases-his-kid shtick.

This is a great and suspenseful edge-of-your-seats thriller.

The storyline was so predictable it was like other psychotic thriller that makes you guest what's going to happen next.

As much as I liked this movie and definitely think it's worth watching, I thought the original ending was a bit dragged out.

Very dull .

Another Enjoyable De Niro Movie .

Then the weak plot just tumbled over one lame cliché after another.

I reckon he recognised the potential of this film just to be a good entertaining night out for many people, and an actor should do a film like this once in a while.

It's like the person who wrote this film got bored half way through??

The scenes involving the neighbors are confusing and perhaps there was sub-plot that got cut.

It was enjoyable from beginning to end, and really made you think.

This lame reveal is so cliché now that I don't even know if you could consider it a twist at all.

He's still a good actor, there's just nothing in the world he can do with such banal, bland material.

overall - they tried to make a scary psychological thriller - but the only thing scary was how empty the theater was for what COULD HAVE BEEN a kick-bu## thriller.

But sometimes even respected actors tend to be greedy and star in pointless movies just to earn a million bucks which obviously turn out to be sh*t.

It was interesting at the beginning, then as the movie went on it became very boring and the end was horrible.


Unfortunately, it's all pretty standard, cliché type stuff for this kind of movie.

If parts are a bit slow, there's always fast-forward, a favorite button for me.

A repetitive and un-interesting film.

If I was to look for a visual explanation of the word predictable for somebody I would show them this.

Prior to viewing this film I heard bad reviews; that it was shoddy, full of clichés and predictable from start to finish.

"Hide and Seek" recycles an old horror cliché, offers nothing new and has a twist spot-able from a mile away, this is one round I wish I sat out on.

The movie is very fast paced and it leads to a nearly fatal ending that you will never forget.

All in all, the movie is worth watching, at least for its ending (not original either).

What waste of my time and money.

There's also a bit of confusion in the moments of that revelation too, visually it's not clear enough until the final moment, I do feel that (without giving it away) if they'd film it a bit more open and recognisable you would have had a much longer time of the surprise than the short moment that you end up with.

Nonetheless the final hour of the film is riveting and nail biting as all thrillers must be to be watchable.

This is a simple by the numbers horror film that moves painfully slow and telegraphs every 'scare'.

" Also the writer dragged in lots of things that have nothing to do with the story, probably just to get the viewer to suspect someone else.

It had the cliché scary movie creepy neighbors, and mysterious cop.

Do yourself a favor, save some money, stay home and watch paint dry.

Additionally, the plot twist, while interesting and unexpected, was nothing new.

Hide and Seek is a rather dull movie, I believe that Dakota Fanning is a very talented actress and has such captivation screen presence, she is the only reason the movie was somewhat entertaining.

Boring and predictable film with boring and predicatable acting by Deniro.

For a movie with so many great and well known actors in it, the movie surely features some boring and flat characters, as well as some disappointing performances.

Hide and Seek is an excellent, suspenseful thriller about a girl who finds an imaginary friend after her mom dies.

I had been promised a thriller, been bored to tears and now was fits of hysterics as the credits rolled.

A third act that goes on for way too long so that you realize that the killer would have to have superhuman powers to have accomplished those acts in that time span.

" In "Hide and Seek" when the twist finally occurs, there is no light bulb going on, there is only anger and confusion.

I highly recommend it if anyone wants a great scare!!

Dakota Fanning does play this piece very well to say that she is only a kid she actually makes it entertaining.

The plot, it is nonsensical, yet predictable.

Her deep set eyes haunts the viewers long after they leave the theater.

just bland...

Overall the film is extremely entertaining and the plot was done really smart to make everything seem OK when everything was definitively not.

The movie is both too slow and too fast at the same time.

Predictable tedious waffle with undoubtedly the dumbest ending in motion picture history .

suspenseful start, stale end .

At first there wasn't all that much to admire except for a very fine Robert DeNiro performance that seemed to be wasted on a somewhat aimless movie that didn't want to venture anywhere; but by sticking with it, things gradually came together in the final mix for an entertaining experience.

Two actors of this Galibi do not deserve to be put in such a cliché, predictable, and by-the-book thriller.

Dakota Fanning is a brilliant young actress whose talent is compelling.

The movie is well crafted and suspenseful with a great cast.

This predictable thriller attempts a Sixth Sense approach to strange happenings.

This work has some extremely dark and suspenseful moments and in spite of its shortcomings was still entertaining.

All in all, this is an interesting and entertaining atmospheric movie with a lot of dark vibes and an interesting twist in the end.

The writing is too slow and that's where 'Hide and Seek' failed.

Slow and disappointing, you wait for something to happen.

The only thing, in fact, that keeps you in your seat until the end is the thought that 'Well, they've shown me every horror movie cliché under the sun...

Hide and Seek; cliché in the extreme.

This movie really kept me on the edge of me seat, and thats why I have to give it a seven.

Again, my only feeling upon leaving the theater was confusion and I want someone to explain to me the meaning of the ending.

The preceding hour+ of De Niro pandering about as a doting single father is just there to fill screen time and drag the viewer to that destination kicking and screaming, and to hell with anything that's interesting or intriguing or vaguely intelligent, no, no, no forget all that we just have to set up the tension for the big original, amazing twist that will make everyone choke on their popcorn.

One thing we learn from horror movies is that a lack of dialogue leads to boredom.

The ending is a bit long and cliché, so try not to think too much and enjoy the film.

That's just one of the problems with the dreadful "Hide & Seek," a movie that's as predictable as it is terrible.

De Niro is at his best when he plays angry or psychotic, but his character is rather dull here for the most part.

the ending was predictable and pieces were missing...

I mean, the plot was pointless.

I mean intense.

However through all this there is a huge feeling that the makers are more concerned about how to create an engaging thriller, and the rules of making a scary, hidden twist of a film.

waste of time.

I haven't seen so many horror films , but to me the plot is original and intriguing .

Hide and Seek will keep u on the edge of your seat, and also provides several red hearings.

Schlossberg's script does have its jolts and scares, but the payoff is substandard, trite and boring to say the least.

just far too much cliché and not enough thrill ***CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

All I have energy for -- and this movie is so tiresome it simply drains the life out of you -- is to warn you away from it.

Oh yeah and the plot twist…is highly predictable.

nothing happens.

It's a waste of time, and it's not worth the money.

I stopped counting, for the film is one extended cliché after another.

The pacing was slow, which can be quite effective if done correctly.

Yes, this movie has a surprise ending but you'll be able to guess it a long time before it happens, this movie is that pathetically predictable.

I was mostly bored and annoyed because I also didn't liked any of the characters.

It's a boring movie that makes you wait for a crappy climax.

I'm not going to go defending this film and say its a great movie or anything like that, because it definitely has many faults, but I found it entertaining enough to like it.

" Despite a stellar cast - Robert De Niro, Dakota Fanning, Elisabeth Shue, Famke Janssen, Dylan Baker and Amy Irving - this is yet another dreary, tepid thriller with a sole gimmick, and not a good, or original, one at that.

Good little suspenseful thriller .

Ho hum.

Note to the director(s) - twists are more suspenseful and effective if you haven't been painting a "you are here" road map to them all along.

The only unexpected thing about the ending of the movie which is worth mentioning is the fact that the screenwriters steered the moviegoers to think that this movie was a horror movie in which an apparition named Charlie was behind all the horrible things occurring in the Calloway household.

The plot is going nowhere, you are just thrown in the middle of things without any introduction at all.

Overall though this mish mash of successful horror films ("the shining" and "The 6th sense" mainly) is boring and the reward for the monotony of a full viewing is a lame ending that most people can see coming from the 1st 30 minutes of the film.

Its not a masterpiece , but quite enjoyable .

Decent thriller which can end up being predictable, as the story is very similar to other films.

I don't know who wrote the script (I guess I could've looked it up, but I just don't care), but the writers and Polson dredge up every cliché involving Strange Old Houses, Strange New Neighborhoods, Creepy Children Who Might Have Spiritual Powers, and Tell-Tale Psychology in the entire catalog of such nonsense.

And yet you had to sit through 5 minutes of terribly boring dialogue (or should I say monologue?

A horror film with a surprise denouement, "Hide and Seek" kept me on the edge of my seat even when nothing was really happening.

1) Long drawn out moments of loosely tied "clues" that have absolutely nothing to do with the movie plot.

Every 10 minutes they let out a shrill, even in moments where nothing was going on (the film mostly consisted of such moments), the rage building up inside me was far, far, far more intense than the film itself.

I've been getting disappointed quite a bit lately at the movies, but i must say i was really enjoying this movie with its no frills laid back old school no special effects and no digital trickery or big movie magic wizardry, just telling a good story ( though admittedly a tad slow ) that was very genuinely creepy & interesting.

Save your money.

I enjoyed it .

This was a horrible waste of time!

i felt the trailer seemed more exciting then the film itself once i had viewed it .

As all horror films it has th 'scary' building up background music when something is going to occur which i felt was repetitive and there was nothing unique about this film.

The performance throughout this movie was incredibly realistic all thanks to Dakota Fanning she is an absolute stunning young actress and I truly felt that she was doing her performance for real.

Hide And Seek, starts out like it could be interesting but it turns more into a bore and gets a little repetitive after awhile and soon I just stopped caring.

Direction could be more engaging.

From viewing the trailer i thought this was going to be an exciting successful film.....

Complete waste of time!!!!!

De Niro gives a quietly compelling performance.

HIDE AND SEEK has a nice disturbing mood, but it starts out at a very slow pace and it's only in the end that it picks up.

Unfortunately that leads to a tedious wait to see every one of those predictions proved right.

The ending though is intense, the final scenes with the girl and the flashing torch really did get to me, it was one of these scenes I'll bring up when I'm asked about the creepiest moments in cinema.

A lame, predictable thriller that thinks it's smart.

But the average viewer can guess the "unexpected twist" long before the ending.

I still held out hopes that I was wrong, but I think anyone who's seen enough films of this sort would work it out by a process of elimination, and besides, the movie blows its own cover completely a good 10 or 15 minutes from the end, which leaves you with a rather disappointing and predictable run home.

If you want something suspenseful or even just just entertaining, then watch it.

however,some audience may be able to predict this ending,which is a flaw of Hide and Seek,also I think the movie needed more description on the characters of their normal life,for the stressing air in the entire movie was a bit boring.

Atmospheric, But Predictable.

after one third of the way through the movie you will be sitting on the edge of your seat wanting more.

The resolution is dull, and the final scene pointless.

The plot was disjointed, and several things about the film do not make sense.

Whether that was their way to sell the DVD or not, both ways it's confusion at its best.

I always try to find something good in every movie, even one this awful, so let's go with Dakota Fanning's incredibly natural and engaging acting.

We were very disappointed in this movie and felt it was a waste of everyone's time (including the cast and crew as well as the viewers).

She was raised under custody of Katherine, and is ready to bring us another exciting story in the coming sequel.

The movie had some parts when you would literally jump because the thrilling parts were very unforeseen.

Thank you very much Hollywood for a complete piece of crap and a waste of my money.

Nonetheless the story was unfolding in a satisfying way, leaving many options open, before going for the weakest and most predictable swerve possible.

With my unfortunate first-time experience of falling asleep during a movie, I haven't quite perfected the skills on picking up on what's going on.

And a waste of my time.

So hide the women & children and seek mental help if you encounter the boredom of this snoozer!

I was so bored during this movie I though I was going to chew my hand off.

Catch it on TV don't waste time or money before hand!

Robert DiNiro, a great actor who fills his time between limited first rate movies with formulaic pulp, has made another clinker.

Some of it seems a bit repetitive even though that's the concept it all becomes a bit too flawed.

" But this movie was a lot more scarier, it's really a great movie if you like adrenaline :)...

One of the worst movies I've seen in the past few years, this is a sort of Secret Window gone bad (and Secret Window was definitely not so good, indeed!!

An enjoyable thriller, that keeps you guessing in your seat.

I found myself gripping my fiancé at times and almost burying my head when I knew something scary was about to happen.

Predictable maybe.

Famke Janssen also gives a good performance as an old psychologist friend of David's, not to mention the only person in the film who seems to think that moving into a huge, spooky, empty house out in the middle of nowhere right after the loss of her mother might NOT be the best thing for Emily.

I think this movie was very well thought out, it was suspenseful and you never knew what was going to happen next.

It had a good story, it was thrilling, shocking and kept you guessing till the very end, and still keeps you guessing.

Come on, if you show up at a house and notice an empty police car outside with its lights flashing, you might be alarmed, right?

Now its not as good as "Idenity" but i was surprised at the end as to who is doing all the killing at the end of the movie, totally unpredictable.

A suspenseful, mind numbing thriller.

" Soggy cat, crimson bath waters, bloody printed expostulations worthy of a demented kindergartner on the tub surround, swinging metal lamps that squeak in the night, light bulbs on strings in basement a la "Psycho", with empty cot at the ready - a perfect John Wayne Gacey sublet - this movie has something for everyone.

Bad, bad, bad and especially predictable.

Dull, pointless and stupid.

That's not to say it's not entertaining, there's some dark thrills here and there and it's shot wonderfully to give us some spooky visuals and drab, ominous frames.

This movie started off very slow and really didn't pay off in the end.

The movie's "twist" was so predictable I actually tapped my friend on the shoulder 10 minutes into the movie and told him what was going to happen.

The only downfall I feel that this film may have is due to it drags during the beginning, however once we get into the story your on the edge of your seat until the end.

It was truly entertaining.

Very confusing .

It is an 'on the edge of your seat' kind of movie.

However, the reasoning behind it all makes all the more exciting!

In conclusion this film was a massive waste of time and I would have been better burning my hard earned cash and watching a bad b movie on T.

First-time scenarist Ari Schlossberg cheats audiences with a script so convoluted and contrived that it defies its own logic, especially with its preposterous last minute revelation of the murderer.

I felt that the film was dragged out and didn't capture my imagination from the start which i feel a successful film needs to be able to do that...

Some great Cinematography with breathtaking aerial shots.

A Dull, Worthless Dramatic Thriller .

OK, so this film is pretty confusing to say the least.

As the movie went along the ending became totally predictable.

Thrilling Thriller.

The twist ending, obvious for other reviewers but unpredictable for me, is suitable for a plot that made expect something different and rather shocking.

Thrilling .

For a while, director John Polson kept me (quite literally) on the edge of my seat, and had me thinking he would pull something new out of a genre complacent with familiarity--unfortunately, "Hide and Seek"'s plot springs a leak and becomes obvious at the halfway point.

Plus the movie was confusing at times.

In-between all these supposed scares is a really, really weak and pointless love story that seems to want to form between the father and another town resident who seems all too happy to pop round on request, cook and dine with the main characters.

The plot (you must know it) is quite simple and very repetitive, with the same sequences that you know you won't find out how they end until the last minutes of the film.

This was the most boring movie that I have seen in a long time.

In spite of developing in interior scenarios and with not many people , it is neither dreary , nor tiring , but entertaining .

There are some slight chills even though it is pretty predictable.

By the end of the movie it seems tedious and it becomes clear how it will end.

People always ask me what is De Niro's worst movie, I can possibly say "Hide and Seek".

I thought that declaring the truth about "Charlie" was too early; hence that's why the third act seemed so predictable and cheesy.

Far more mundane.

If you want to see a predictable movie then go see some garbage like XXX or some silly Will Smith flick where you can check your brain out at the ticket booth and pick it up when the film is over.

It starts off in a subdued way with some odd mysteries but becomes really intense.

Watching Hide and Seek for the second time, things finally began to make sense - mostly because I fell asleep the first time and so missed the big chunk where everything was supposed to come together.

There were pointless parts that were sloppily written in for extra content.

But why move to a creepy, enormous, empty house out in the middle of the country?

The tone for this film is dark and dull.

The script is more absurd - weird neighbors, brave colleague, naive friend and cliché policeman are in mixture of non-sense and stupidity.

Hide And Seek first appears to be a thrilling movie.

The minute I saw that these people had a cat I thought this was going to be one cliché after another.

" This offers the basic modern horror-suspense found in a good movies, but you can tell what'll happen on most of the "suspenseful" last half of the movie 'cause they give you enough time to think.

Also, most of the scares are predictable and most of them fall flat.

Movie moves a little slow in the beginning, sometimes plot doesn't fit together after you know what happens at the end.

All in all this is just a dull horror film that will be forgotten in a few months.

But they'll be bored too.

I walk out of the theater and the first person I see I have to tell them.. Don't see this movie!

Leaving aside the stalwart performance of De Niro as the late middle-aged psychologist and the quite astounding breadth of performance of Dakota Fanning as his young daughter, it seems that Hollywood has become stuck on one predictable twist.

I am begging you and if you are still waiting to watch it, prepare to be bored or worse, sleep!

Entertaining Film .

Clichéd and predictable .

The bloodshed and gore belittled the movie to shock factor horror rather than the thriller it claims to be Very cliché' with an ending going for shock factor rather than depth.

The Climax is One Big Yawn .

Hide and Seek isn't necessarily scary, but very suspenseful and sure to keep you guessing until the end.

To conclude Dakota Fanning made the film more thrilling, what I mean by this is that she looked normal and it was like she knew what to do even though she was incredibly scared.

" Neither are excellent films, but one of them is below mediocre and the other is lukewarm and, at the least, entertaining.

To the film's credit, Dakota Fanning gives a believable performance, even though the material is cliché and I was never bored.

Robert De Niro looked so bored in this.

There was of course the typical horror part where you're supposed to realize the plot and what's going on, and of course it didn't, in fact it made the movie more confusing.

The predictable ending surprised me.

Dakota Fanning was very well too, far from the absolutely annoying performance she'd given us in "War of Worlds" (in which she just screamed constantly as she was dragged across the set).

The first half of the movie is OK and drew me into the story quite pretty soon, but after the father and daughter moved into the countryside, the story line began to develop at snail's pace and it was hard for me to retain attention or to sympathize with the two main characters in the movie.

You brain searches for the character Charlie, if you are a familiar with horror movie endings stay awake to see the climax and to know the Charlie.

I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation.

De Niro also has a stunning performance.

Unlike the Shyamalan efforts,which have never failed to bore me to distraction, this movie is actually entertaining.

Robert DeNiro, the stunning rising Dakota Fanning, Famke Janssen and Elisabeth Shue.

That is why I recommend watching it when it comes on HBO or Showtime and don't waste your money renting it or going to the theater.

Save your money.

But Hide and Seek is really let down by actor turned director John Polson, who floods the story with every imaginable horror cliché, from the thunderstorms at every single frightening scene (that's not an exaggeration - every single scary event is accompanied by the crash of lightning in the background) to even the horrendously overused 'door slams by itself when protagonists enter the scary looking house' trick.

From boredom to bad acting, this film is full of it and believe me when I say, FULL OF IT!

It's just a stupid movie anyway, and to pick it apart is just a waste of time.

That would make sense if she was in fact evil, but since we find out that she is merely a pawn, it is confusing.

Overall a very memorable, tense and enjoyable horror/ psycho thriller.

The whole film was really suspenseful, and it tricks you a lot.

It's a dramatic, suspenseful, disturbing and scary movie.

The final twist remains the best treat of the film, however, albeit a very tame and predictable one.

But enjoyable if you leave your brain someplace else.

All in all this is a mediocre film, dragged down by the ending.

Send a message that stupid and pointless twist endings will no longer be tolerated.

The director was trying to tell an original story but failed to deliver it in a reasonable and entertaining way.

The end of the movie is quite sort of a cliché and defies proper reasoning.

i just felt it was disappointing because the parts that were picked out to produce the trailer made this film look somewhat scary,jumpy and entertaining....

i enjoyed it...

It's a long, languid fright in the night, especially at 2:06 a.

Therefore this movie isn't one that I would say you definitely need to see, but if you have some time to waste its a pretty good time.

I am talking watching iron rust, grass grow and paint peel kinda slow.

THIS movie was confusing!