Hook (1991) - Adventure, Comedy, Family

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When Captain James Hook kidnaps his children, an adult Peter Pan must return to Neverland and reclaim his youthful spirit in order to challenge his old enemy.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams
Length: 142 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 47 out of 413 found boring (11.38%)

One-line Reviews (165)

For the purpose of entertaining young audiences, it fulfills the intention and more.

If you can look past the movie Spielberg didn't make, you'll find that what he has done is pretty entertaining.

It is a hideously self-indulgent mess of a film.

The flying sequence is so thrilling that it literally makes me get up and want to levitate!

It gives momentum to the weak mid section of the film, it's one of his most enjoyable scores ever.

" On top of everything else, this was one crashingly boring flick with Dustin Hoffman, despite his four hours of make-up daily, no nearer to being Captain Hook then Mrs Robinson!

This is an enjoyable film...

The script is cringeworthy, the sight-gags silly and predictable.

This is how most pretentious, stuck-up nerf-herding critics respond to Hook.

It's long, slow and dull.

One user said 'One scene that involves the lost boys at dinner engaged in banal childish name calling should have been excised from the movie after the first screening and burnt,it is Spielberg at his most unconstrained' Hmmm, once again I think this person does not remember what it is like to be a child.

These boys are dreadfully uninteresting, as is Peter's irritating son, played by the usually reliable Charlie Korsmo.

For those of us who were in the target audience during this movie's release, it was one of the most entertaining and influential movies of our childhood.

Re-watching the film 23-30 years later shows it to be a little dated in CGI and special effects but none the less, remove yourself from the judgement of things like this and the charm of the film makes it enjoyable still.

The performances are equally stunning and convincing, Robin Williams encompasses both his comedic and dramatic skills towards a full blooded performance.

Unless the producers have a strategically laid out plan that goes beyond a couple years like Marvel Studios, the wait for how long it would take to make such a follow-up is unpredictable.

The buildup for the first appearance of Hook was suspenseful and when we finally see Hook it is a pretty epic moment (Spielberg really loves to build up the first appearance of something in his films).

An enjoyable and sensible movie for the whole family regardless of age.

First 15 minutes, showing William's family and work life bored me to death.

In my opinion, this movie had the best Captain Hook, had an entertaining Peter Pan and the most true statement running through it throughout it.

Critics have called this movie 'overly sugary', and 'boring'.

A simply BREATHTAKING fantasyland of childhood imagination.

) The overall story, although clever, tends to fall flat at times, with an overly predictable arc with more than just a dollop of sentimentality.

And he went full-out on the pretentious show-off stuff.

But overall this is an entertaining if unusual film.

At the same time, it was too boring and nonsensical for adults to bear.

There is a thematically identical scene in Hook where Peter is served the empty plates with food that he cannot see until he understands that the play is all for real.

That's why it's enjoyable for kids because they all end up getting pies in the face and getting messy.

This is such a typical Steven Spielberg kids' film, which means some good and some bad, but always an entertaining movie.

And the story is consistently entertaining and touching while throwing in themes such as the inevitability of growing up and the importance of loved ones.

For that reason alone, watching the transition of Peter Pan finding his old self is worth the watch.

This 1991 version of Peter Pan is still entertaining even today.

Bland and clumsily made misfire .

Don't get me wrong, this is classic family fayre, its typically "Disney", mundane, sweet, and appealing to the "lowest common denominator" as I've heard it touted.

It's also a good idea to have him come back to NN-land years later, after having abandoned the Lost Boys in pursuit of that boring quest to fulfill his budding teenage urges.

To appreciate the film, a viewer has to slow down and not expect chaotic merriment at every turn.

The scenery in the movie is awesome and breathtaking.

Finally, one IMDB reviewer says '"Hook" is reasonably entertaining in a mindless sort of way, I suppose'.

The Lost Boys were terrible -they came across as bratty, overindulged hoodlums rather than young, innocent, mischievous children and it was quite impossible to feel any empathy with or them -they were good actors but badly written characters Nevertheless, despite these flaws, this is still a worthwhile and enjoyable movie that I think young children will enjoy.

There are some scenes where for example when Peter Pan reunites with the lost boys, feels drawn out for too long a time.

By now, however, I've seen too many of Spielberg's films up to now that speak to his themes of re-imagining escapism and of a father losing responsibility to more satisfying, more entertaining heights than this.

He seems too slow and sloppy for that.

it takes forever to start, about 30 minutes of boring setup.

It has lots of comedic humor and is fast paced.

If only that one unexpected nightmarish scene wasn't there.

On an overall scale, Hook is a dull, unimaginative & monotonously crafted fantasy adventure that neither dazzles as a fantasy nor interests as an adventure.

The visual contrast between the adult Pan's bustling outside world and the insulated fantasy of Neverland is striking, but his ideas about the politically correct in their ethnic diversity, energetic on skateboards are contrived and cheapening.

Anyway, "Hook" is certainly the worst movie Steven Spielberg ever directed and seems even more politically correct, family friendly and syrup dripping than the most colossal Di$ney fiascos.

Undoubtedly the film has its flaws, but it is so enjoyable to watch.

Verdict: Hook is an enjoyable film.

Overlong but hugely enjoyable fantasy adventure.

Maggie Smith is very good and Bob Hoskins as Smee is enjoyable .

Above all, every scene with Hook and Smee was extremely entertaining.

The script and screenplay were terrible, focusing on pointless minutiae, skipping over the actual EVENTS of the story.

Then an unpleasant sense of overly twee schmaltz began to overwhelm me, along with mounting unease and confusion, of an infantile nature.

You can give back or move people, I volunteered in India immersing myself in an unknown culture with new and exciting people.

) and foodfights are frankly just boring.

Pretty Good But Dragged In Middle .

The music by John Williams is simple and repetitive, but very catchy and thrilling.

The confusion of her brother was more interesting, and it would have been nice had the girl shown some decent emotion...

Music: 10/10 Fantasy music all the way, this is your typical music from Steven but the music from him have always been welcomed into the movie collection family, it does a great turn in making the movie more amazing and more enjoyable, and if that isn't something great then i don't know what is, i personally love the ending in the movie, it is normal of a Steven Spielberg, love it, or at least try.

First off, the plot was so contrived , I was practically in tears while watching it.

Barrie's play and novel so magical, "Hook" is a family film that will bore kids and annoy adultsOne plus: David Crosby as a pirate

What makes this movie so enjoyable is the combination between the real world and the fantasy world of Never Land.

Spielberg is truly a great director, and this movie, while not showing every facet of the man's ability, is truly an enjoyable and memorable ride.

There are plenty of action and adventure to enjoy, but with some filler scenes that dragged the movie somewhat towards the middle.

Nonetheless, it helps bring the film to life at intense levels.

It is a little slow paced at some points and has a few plot holes.

I've watched it with my dad and sisters for many years and every time it seems just as enjoyable.

my whole family gathered around to watch it and we all laughed and enjoyed it.

This movie is so worth watching if you're looking for a family movie and have kids of your own now.

Barrie's Peter Pan story opens fantastically and for the first 40+ minutes it's absolutely one of his most enjoyable films.

Also, this movie was boring at some parts.

Though this sparkling little Spielberg gem may has some pretty sticky moments (the misty flashback of the boyish Peter Pan mashing lips with the young girl that had obviously resulted in such juicy babies), it nevertheless carries such a MARVELOUS wealth of whimsical eye candy, swashbuckling adventures, dreamy flights of fantasy, child-like wisdom, and really funny sight gags as well as a truly ASTONISHING range of imagination that had made just about everything possible, including such a stunning scene of THREE moons in the Neverneverland sky that really made me gasp inward!

Dull, Bland, boring and (to steal a word from BobbyKlump) saccharine!!

The talent that made up the film was entirely wasted and I can't imagine why any major name, such as Meryl Streep, would waste their time doing cameo performances.

If however, you can accept the changes and are in the mood for an exciting adventure, then "Hook" is more than worth your time.

worth watching i say.

Yes, it has some issues regarding themes, characters and some random scenes, but it is still very entertaining.

Also, Julia Roberts fitting around is really tiresome.

These factors combined ensure that the movie for the most part lives up to its potential and remains intriguing, gripping and heartwarming throughout.

The myth of Peter Pan, an all-star cast, world class director Steven Spielberg at the helm, and an utterly fascinating concept promised a unique and haunting modern fairytale.

It's the adults who think they need pandering to that gives us trite like "Hook".

This one is overlong and very pretentious.

However, this film could serve as a benchmark for movies whose concept is so exciting and whose execution is so mundane.

That is exactly what it aims to be, entertaining, and not taxing on the brain cells.

Even if the before doesn't apply to you, despite its flaws, it is still a very enjoyable movie for everyone.

Peter Pan grows up, gets married and forgets his past, turning into a fat boring corporate lawyer.

This crass, dismal, predictable, shallow effort seems to be expressly intended for just such an audience of spoilt, fat, junk-food addictive brats as those who feature in it.

Very, very entertaining.

In fact, he's such a buffoonish character - full of empty threats with no backbone or follow through - that he's not even a worthy antagonist.

It's real, heartache, thrilling (in a good way), including love stories that reblossom.

The film is much warm and slower than I expected, and the simple fact that Pan has changed so much may displease those who expected a story closer to the original.

I had watched the movie when it came out and found it very pleasant and enjoyable and, re-watching it again just recently, I still found it a very good movie The movie's strong points to me are the scenery and design, the storyline, the music and the quality of acting by most of the cast.

Well I loved it, or at least really enjoyed it, and I didn't see it when I was younger.

I Enjoyed It .

His absolutely stunning score supports the story's tenderness.

-The cinematography is stunning in how they create the look of the inhabitants of Neverland (Lost Boys, Pirates, etc.).Perhaps the main reason "Hook" is an all-time classic, though, is because of the themes it espouses.

The scene with the baseball game was so enjoyable that I felt that this was indeed the right ballpark for all concerned and though indeed this is being a-bit clever about all this, it is nonetheless first rate entertainment.

Even Glenn Close in her brief cameo as a bearded man was pointless.

The characters are engaging, the music beautiful, and the message timeless.

Robin Williams always makes a good protagonist and is thoroughly entertaining with the funny voices he makes and the lines he delivers.

Elsewhere, you get a pantomime turn from Dustin Hoffmann (nowhere near as effective as Alan Rickman in ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES), Bob Hoskins as the sole saving grace Smee, a typically unlikeable Julia Roberts, huge dollops of sentimentality, cheesy, dated special effects, and uninteresting action.

) The plot is lame and contrived.

It's just boring predicting every shy look that she's about to give!

)A sufficiently entertaining and scary movie for kids and adults alike.

It is visually stunning; straight out of a fairy-tale with mermaids, pirates, and flying lost boys.

or Close Encounters, but it's a very enjoyable, very well made, movie with great, funny characters.

Don't Waste any time, and try to find this movie in a store with used DVD.

Hook is, overall, an engaging movie.

The movie touches the heart-strings in the right places at the right times, and is overall quite an enjoyable movie.

And sure, the story is original and fun but it also has some silly and just plain weird plot lines in it, that don't suit the movie because they distract too much from the main plot line and will probably bore the kids as well.

Overall, "Hook" is an underrated Spielberg movie that can crow, as it has a great cast, exciting action set pieces, beautiful music, and has a heart to it.

Overall, an enjoyable movie .

Taking inspiration from his family, Spielberg crafted an entertaining, if emotionally painful, version of events.

I fell asleep in between the multiple, irrelevant and badly executed 'dramatic pauses' that Mr. Hofmund (Tootsir) laid thickly on.

It's not one of my favorite movies, but it is still somewhat entertaining to watch.

Other than that, Spielberg doesn't have much control on a few scenes, which are either tedious (when the film requires the characters to talk) or downright overcooked (the boys tormenting Pan with all sort of pie-on-the-face mayhem).

A wonderful film that is victimized by spoiled critics and intense Spielberg cynics.

It is entertaining, funny and a thrill to watch, as long as your not trying to pick it apart and go to deep into the film.

oddly perhaps because the original story of Peter Pan bores me senseless and I'm SO grateful that someone breathed some LIFE into it!

Ironically, for a film that features a stellar casting trinity of leads, they are oddly wasted in favor of the tiresome adolescent cast.

If you want to see an action packed-adventurous movie then you need to see this movie.

On reflection, Hook is very simplistic and mundane, and if that's what Steven Spielberg's films are coming to, simplistic "eye candy" then maybe he's not my favourite director anymore.

It's a slow start and I do think they could have not drawn that out so much.

Worth watching with the kids, if only for Hoffman's gleeful performance of the all-time favourite pantomime baddie.

Good Film unexpected content .

Brainless, feckless, pointless.

But once the setting moves to Neverland, it becomes an unbearable mess that gets lost in its poorly designed set pieces, childish antics & muddled storyline.

and they critize it as being kiddie and trite and whatnot...

Once again, it may simply be impossible for any set or movie-created environment to be as evocative and full of wonder as the one we carry around in our heads concerning this mythical place.

However, the pacing can be slow at times, and the humor can be hit or miss at some points, this is actually a good movie that puts a new twist to a classic tale.

When l saw this movie in 1994 l've found it confuse and silly, after DVD advent l decided to re-watch hopeful to see something more which l probable missing in the past, but unfortunately l lost my valuable hours in this foolish movie, the big sets are fake, statics and awful, the whole idea to make this at sound stage struck the picture, Captain's Hook's ship never could be static, all the kids were used in wrong way, too corny sentimentalism spoils the story, who needs a father to see the games anyway, in my childhood l used to play football with my friends only, no father or mother nearby to give so endless lectures all the time, anyway so boring movie and too long, Hoffman as Hook deserves keep apart this mess!!

That being said, even though it had it's flaws and its detractors, I still found it to be entertaining in its own right and for that reason I have rated it accordingly.

Yes it does ask the intriguing question, what if Peter Pan grew up?

It's entertaining.

Sadly while the idea of a grown up Peter Pan is a good one the film ends up being overly long, dull and oddly for Spielburg, lacking in charm.

Although the main theme is not as highly memorable as his Superman (1978), Star Wars (1977) or Jurassic Park (1993) motifs, the music is still lively and entertaining.

On the whole, 'Hook' isn't a masterpiece, but throughly entertaining nonetheless.

But, your delivery was non engaging, just so-so...

I enjoyed it as a child and today as an adult.

Art Design & Visual Effects, are stunning.

Spielberg's deeply flawed but sporadically fun update of the Peter Pan legend is entertaining.

Not as awful as some would have you believe, but this revisionist updating of the unforgettable Peter Pan tale is a bland misfire from the start.

At least Bob Hoskins makes for an entertaining Smee.

Despite the lack of plot the story itslef isvery engaging .

Plus, the movie is quite long.

We are rescued, once again, I think to myself, from absorbing into an action orgy instead of a wonderfully bright, fun, and touching life lesson.

I love the melodic identifications for all the main characters John Williams absolutely hit the nail on the head as to what was required and needed for each character it is the greatest Score John Williams has ever composed for a film just perfection I love the themes for Peter Hook Granny Wendy The Children Tinkerbell Smee Neverland The Lost Boys The memory theme it all fits perfectly just wonderfully powerful in the memory scene simple delicate piano plays Peter's music simple but effective Tinkerbell's theme simple and played on magical bells Christmas like in it's melodic presentation just stunning some of the musical presentations and moments are heartbreakingly unforgettable and more poignant now that Robin Williams is no longer with us the Remembering Childhood music in Particular I want to cry every time I hear Remembering Childhood John's music follows the whole film It is heartbreakingly beautiful really tear jerking at the end Farewell Neverland tears flow through me every time Tinkerbell's enchanting music is so touching and magical John Williams adored this film I feel his true magic came through on this film and it is the greatest score ever composed for a film ever!

The movie's worth watching for Dustin's performance alone.

However the film spends too long setting up its concept and is full of overly long and dull scenes.

The action, however highly dependant upon it's enormous sets and seemingly limitless props, is exciting, charming, and (unbelievable for popcorn entertainment) uncompromising to central events.

Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is a dull affair.

Overall this movie is very entertaining and no matter what Robin William film I see his actually a very good actor.

A Dull, Unimaginative & Forgettable Fairy Tale That You Shouldn't Even Bother Checking Out .

Huh, at least then the movie might have been entertaining.

What makes this movie great, well it is directed by one of our favorite directors who always makes movies entertaining, Steven Spielberg.

Hart & Malia Scotch Marmo's Screenplay, is mostly engaging & lively.

The movie is great fun, and highly recommended for the young and the young at heart etc.Well worth watching, it moved me, and I wish I could see more Dustin Hoffman in these disney-esque types of movies.

Character are fun and lively making it an enjoyable family film.

The problem is, however, that HOOK turned out to be perhaps the most self-indulgent film he has ever made, certainly since the overblown "1941".

Youngsters will be intrigued and excited by the film's boundless energy (especially the ever-engaging Williams), while seasoned viewers will see the human commentary and be moved by the deep themes of family and staying young at heart.

So all in all, it's a good film, just really saggy and boring in the middle.

Many may find "Hook" silly, but I found it to be an enjoyable evening's entertainment.

Minor flaw in an otherwise very enjoyable film for families.