Hotel for Dogs (2009) - Comedy, Family

Hohum Score



Two kids secretly take in stray dogs at a vacant hotel.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Thor Freudenthal
Stars: Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 13 out of 66 found boring (19.69%)

One-line Reviews (49)

Laughs generally, in number and size, were lacking, and 'Hotel for Dogs' does fall into danger of being on the too-sentimental-and-contrived side.

Film was fun, entertaining and cute.

It's loaded with predictable outcomes, suspense and fantasy clichés.

It is an excellent movie for children and adults alike, and it is well worth the price of a ticket, and I would highly recommend it for any child or dog lover.

Predictable, cheesy, and a ton of other things, please be sure to stay away from this film.

For me the drawbacks were these: Slow start, unfunny 'comic' characters - like the foster parents and dog catchers, and a lame plot.

very good family film - enjoyed it thoroughly.

The young cast can only stand by and react to the idiocy while accomplished actors like Don Cheadle do what they can with predictable elements.

Andi and Bruce aren't just refreshing in the manner to which they are written as intelligent, dynamic human beings but also due to the fact that the performers playing them are consistently engaging and compelling to watch.

The movie is very predictable that said its a lovable movie.

Clearly this film wasn't designed for me, but the trite dialogue (Kevin Dillon mutters the stale line, "We're in deep doo doo," after falling into an enormous animal waste bin), the predictability of Bernie's role, the sappy ending and the Kill Bill music montage (Tomoyasu Hotei's instantly recognizable "Battle Without Honor or Humanity") are huge distractions – especially when one just wants to see some adorable dogs running amok.

In conclusion, Hotel for Dogs is a enjoyable and entertaining movie for the whole family and for those who love dogs.

Despite how I did like Hotel for dogs,the human characters were boring.

That was the most enjoyable aspect for me.

Otherwise, you'll be pretty bored.

A well made and entertaining family film .

John Debney's score has the right amount of the rousing, the whimsical and the sentimental, with some sweet song choices.

I won't for one second suggest that this is a conventionally good movie, but I kind of enjoyed it in a "don't think very hard about any of it" kind of way.

Disney should stick to animated films and stop doing this boring and bland live action films.

Sad to see Lisa Kudrow, Kevin Dillon, and a host of others as contrived stereotypes with less personality than the dogs, who really are the stars of this thing.

Yes I along with many other parents dreaded the thought of wasting my $25.00 on this trite silliness.

The story was dumb and the direction was bland at best.

one of many films so predictable than you know the plot from the first scenes.

Hotel for Dogs movie was very exciting for any dog lover.


The star of the film is the dogs, who are simply adorable and very well-trained, loved the scenes and tricks with them that were adeptly choreographed, entertaining and cute.

6 stars for the dogs and the female character Andi,but the rest were a waste of time.

If you have children between about 4 and 10, this film should prove an enjoyable treat.

The film is delightful, amusingly done, treated as a lark, not too sentimental, and most enjoyable for people who love dog films.

The adults and 12 year old were bored; the two youngsters were thrilled!

all of us enjoyed it.

The storyline is thin and very, very predictable.

OK, now the part that matters: the dogs were hilarious, likable, and intriguing.

really honest, fun, enjoyable and totally entertaining.

Worth watching!

Being Man's best friend, I understand the slew of movies that are made these days in honour of our canine friends, from the chihuahuas in Beverly Hills Hollywood or the Labradors in Miami, to the Roadside Romeo in Bollywood, I guess you just can't put a good dog down, as they continue to endear even through the most cliché of stories.

With a empty heart of love toward their surrounding, since they leave in a harsh environment.

So begins their very slow starting mission of saving abandoned dogs from around their city, with the help of pet shop employees Dave (Johnny Simmons) and Heather (Kyla Pratt) and a friendly neighbour Mark (Troy Gentile from Drillbit Taylor), who is mostly underutilized and in it like a sideshow extra.

"Hotel for Dogs" is just another boring live action Disney film, with annoying characters and a horrible plot, full of bad clichés and dumb jokes.

The plot is good yet predictable and with some flaws.

very entertaining, if you want to be cheered up and laugh or cry and have some fun with a film, this one would suit you well.

The message is well-meaning and heart-warming However, the rest of the cast don't make much of an impression in pretty depth-less stereotypical roles and with too many instances of weak, trite dialogue.

This is a highly predictable movie with every cliché from a dog lover's movie you can expect.

This movie was made for kids, not for adults, so you shouldn't have expected anything more than the predictable dialogues & happy ending.

It's hardly a tangible plot by any means, and adults may find the movie's middle act which feature's the most overt doggy-farce, yet there remains a morally compelling emotional core to the whole thing that ties the whole ordeal up rather well.

This year I think I have seen either 2 or 3 films only that I would class as entertaining, this is one of those.

One of the film's highlights was the climactic escape across the city, which was quite exciting and paced in a very spirited way.

Kick back, suspend belief, and the movie is entertaining enough.

What it is though is a perfectly enjoyable hour and a half film that has a good heart and good performances from all involved.