How Do You Know (2010) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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After being cut from the U.S.A. softball team and feeling a bit past her prime, Lisa finds herself evaluating her life and in the middle of a love triangle, as a corporate guy in crisis competes with her current, baseball-playing beau.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: James L. Brooks
Stars: Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd
Length: 121 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 84 out of 229 found boring (36.68%)

One-line Reviews (185)

Extremely boring film .

The pacing is too slow ,and the camera angles are awkward.

My partner, she loves romantic comedies and she fell asleep!

Save your money, please .

This film is a painful and mind numbing experience in boredom, bad writing, bad chemistry and pure stupidity!

I never was able to figure that out in this movie that awkwardly and haltingly opens with a flashback on the young Witherspoon character's life in little league and then continues, at best, at a snail's pace.

Honestly the phrases used have so much deeper meaning, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The scenario is confusing and the dialogues are stilted.

Like if I would rather leave the theater and the $10 I spent on it than watch it.

As matter of fact when it comes out on DVD or On Demand--save the money too.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Maybe it's the insipid script, the uninspiring story, the miscasting, the overall banality of the production.

I thought the way they set things up with the phone call by Reba, the pragmatic selfishness of his current girlfriend, and the non-date date worked well together and was plausible enough within context to be enjoyable.

Waste of time .

Found it intriguing that on further review, my "go to" critics didn't review this one.

In some ways her character is in the middle of a coming of age for her.

Very nicely entertaining romantic comedy, with a few novel ideas.

It's something that is entertaining as it proves love and life is complex as we never know our love status day to day?

To the extent that this film was watchable, credit absolutely goes to the cast, who desperately tried to bring this snore-fest to life.

It not only tries to be formulaic, but it tries to be boringly formulaic.

Probably because he's so boring you forget about him before you even stop looking at him.

It's a little frustrating to watch plenty of whining going all round, and I felt that much can be salvaged if the pace was kept snappy and succinct.

Number one - it's boring.

No real plot...

And then think to yourself, what a waste of time.

There were a few funny moments, some memorable quotes here and there, but the script (written by Brooks himself) was just too weak and the pace too slow.

And not because I found the storyline unusually boring or bad for this type of movie.

Pointless .

" so viewers can finish the sentence with "boring", "senseless", or "much it drags on", or any other negative adjective viewers can think of.

I haven't walked out of a movie since the abomination that was 'The Next Best Thing' ten years ago.

But still, the story was enjoyable, though at times very slow moving.

Save your money and go outside and watch the grass grow...

Film pace slow, jokes miss-fired, Matty's cluelessness annoying, FBI investigation not needed and George being to dorky, made it a rocky road cookie with no flavor.

But this one was dull and forgettable.

Average average average, i found this movie to be slow and without point or humor.

Reece Witherspoon was far from her usual sparkling entertaining self and I found it hard to sympathize with her confused character.

In this scene — possibly the first written — has the two to-be lovers filming an awkward proposal, and then engaging in a re-enactment in a folded engagement.

But don't let that deter you because this film is fun and enjoyable and just all around entertaining.

Please don't waste your money at least wait for on demand or Netflix.

There is no plot in this movie, honestly you keep waiting for something remotely engaging to happen.

Boring .

A waste of money.

Don't waste your money on this movie, it is a complete and total flop!

'How Do You Know' is mushy, breezy, funny & ultimately, entertaining.

I left towards the end because i was very bored.

My best friend and I were bored one day and decided a movie was our best option.

It is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

This is the worst movie I've seen in a while.

For years he's just cruised through role after role delivering lines, relying on his smirk and physical presence to carry him, and becoming one of the most boring actors in the business.

I thought they could have cut some scenes out and not only gotten away with it, but made it a more enjoyable experience.

This movie dragged on and on and we were both tempted to just leave because it was so boring.

The slow pacing must be building up to something, one assumes, and s/he keeps waiting for everything to dovetail; for the "chaos" of Witherspoon's character's life to sort itself out; for there to be more to Nicholson's character than "I bribed an Egyptian"; for any singular portion of the film to make sense.

This movie is boring...

There is no story, no point, no comedy, no love, no nothing!

Owen Wilson was funny in parts but the other guy would never get the girl in real life due to his lack of balls and boring personality.

It's got a very talented cast for a very cliché story line with some over the top moments, all of which is modernized for a 21st century audience.

It is one of the worst movies I have ever seen and I am very disappointed that I never switched it off!

I also cannot leave out the stunning performance of the (in my opinion) often underrated Kathryn Hahn, who in many ways steals the show in every movie I've seen her in.

There was no story line to this movie, it simply was all over the place.

Still, the performance of the cast failed to steer this film out of its self-indulgence, deciding to run on the spot rather than to move the story along.

It's as predictable as most every Rom-Com, and Nicholson's presence here doesn't really add to much in terms of quality - even though his character is integral to the storyline.

No, how can you take a movie with Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson and basically throw away their talent by wrapping it around insanely boring and random dialog?

I was invited to a private early screening on Thursday night, so I dragged my wife to the theater for a night at the movies.

A warm, enjoyable story .

My first thought when the movie ended was "that was a complete waste of time.

How do you know lets the audience follow the lives of two people George (played by Paul Rudd) and Lisa (played by Reese Witherspoon)who connect in the most unexpected way.

My best advice is don't let the case list draw you in, save your money and wait for this movie to show up on HBO where you can at least turn it off when you're bored with it, I'm sure that won't take too long.

Honestly this is the WORST movie I have seen in theatres in a long time.

This could be Reese Witherspoon's worst movie.

Reese Witherspoon is as cute as ever and Paul Rudd is is still the wholesome boy next door but even with these three actors, the movie was a total waste of time and money.

There are pointless subplots, forgettable and clichéd secondary characters (Owen Wilson...

I think it should be re filmed with a UK cast ;) Over all I really enjoyed it.

In fact, several people got up and walked out half way through it.

I could see people playing with their mobiles during the film, usually i find this very annoying, but in this case, i couldn't blame them, as you just simply get bored watching this.

Enjoyable if you're a fan of Paul Rudd or Reese Witherspoon .

Don't waste your time .

a waste of my (or anyone's) time and money .

This movie was so dull and poorly written and directed that I am at a loss for words in complaining about it.

When exceptional boredom and viewers walking out of a movie happen in a movie theater, you know how bad the movie actually was.

She most ably, and with seeming ease, injected not only an unmistakable air of beautiful professional competence but a degree of class, physical grace and presence that is riveting to watch.

Watch this movie imo, it's not a masterpiece, OK, but it's a fine and very enjoyable movie.

It is filled with unfunny lines and silly jokes that will make you go to sleep.

The Worst Movie In Cinema History .

File under:Boring / Stupid Unfortunately the vote field here will note let me vote in the negative ...

The Rom-com is trying to be smart, with mind boring dialog, and suffers from a real vital lack of charisma and likable characters.

'How Do You Know' is, without question, the worst movie I have seen in the past ten years.

Formulaic comedy drama--simply too long .

Cast adrift from her one passion in life, she starts dating Matty Reynolds, a self-indulgent A-Rod-type pro baseball player with a classic case of Peter Pan Syndrome.

" Unfortunately, the plot wasn't interesting; the acting mediocre, Ms. Witherspoon did not look like her normal svelte self, and we were just plain bored.

Almost too sappy right till the ending but not a single passionate , breathtaking moment , not even a decent kiss.

This movie was totally enjoyable.

Flat, dull, pretentious.

Don't waste your money .

This was totally unexpected.

This movie was awful, such a waste of money.

Most awful and most boring movie seen in a long, long time.

If you were looking for just funny entertaining movie, this probably wasn't it.

It is so boring, the script is trying to clever which makes it very confusing, the acting is dreadful and it is not funny one bit.

Secondly, This movie is BORING!

After a dismal theater run, This movie continues to get a bad reputation based on non-existent word-of-mouth, or its criminally over-bloated budget, but beneath it all, it's a some what enjoyable experience.

Don't waste your time .

I did expect Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd to make this a worthwhile movie, but the incredibly awkward dialog and failure of direction made this movie unbearable to watch.

Worst movie seen in a long time .

It's like watching a little river which is gently flowing it's way to the ocean and falling asleep while watching it.

My sister got up to go for a walk during it she was so bored.

Man, that movie seriously was boring.

The story-line was pointless.

What it deals with: crazy law suits abuse whores cheaters age discrimination greed depression angerTotally pointless movie!

The plot, like most "chick flicks" is pretty predictable.

It reminded me of a young teenager's type of romance book - one that has little/no plot and is ridiculously lame.

Reese Witherhrspoon who is always a joy to watch, but just wasn't here, although there is one scene she does have good dramatic moment, but other than that she is unwatchable this time around.

Slow pace?

When I first viewed this film I admit that it seemed a bit disjointed in places.

What a confusing movie!

The film dragged on for about another hour, which seemed like one of the longest hours of my life.

A totally unexpected joy to watch was Kathryn Hahn.

Brooks' Spanglish, but alas it went on aimlessly for far too long and wasn't able to salvage the damage done.

Enjoyable fluff .

This was all over the place, back and forth, going nowhere and ultimately without an ending.

Paul Rudd also went into unchartered territory with his very muted but engaging person.

This is the worst movie I have seen all year and I was very, very disappointed.

I like to say I made this just because of how disgusted I feel after watching this boring,romantic?

It's unfortunate to see these originally great actors in this horrible movie that seemed to literally have no plot.

The pointless story is illogical and uninteresting, with Paul Rudd performing a naive executive with the behavior of an intern or student; Reese Witherspoon performing a softball player with an erratic behavior that does not justify the profile of her character; and Owen Wilson completely lost in a dull character.

Stay home and save the money.

I like going to the cinema and watch 1-2 movies a week, this was one of the most boring ones I have seen recently.

Really flat characters, bad acting, VERY bad and predictable story...

Reese, usually very charming and sweet was boring and annoying, not to say more.

waste of time .

"Disjointed" is perhaps the kindest way to describe "How Do You Know?

The movie just dragged on and on.

Let's get started with this review in a very soft and loving matter,, I HATE THIS MOVIE, AND ITS THE MOST BORING MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!!!

Reece Witherspoon is as attractive as always but Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd must surely take equal honours as THE most boring men in Hollywood, let alone two hunks that Witherspoon's character would want to actually date!

I didn't hate it, but it was slow and boring.

This film was very boring, I like all the actors and am a big fan of Paul Rudd and really was looking forward to seeing this film and so was my girlfriend.

Horrible, No story line, no comedy.

Slow,mostly uninspired running around New York wanna be comedy.

It was just badly done, too contrived, tried WAY too hard to tug at heartstrings, and just had so little reality and depth, that I could tell even Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson couldn't believe it.

Honestly, it was a waste of time and i don't recommend seeing this movie....

This is a fragmented, disjointed film with a horrendous script and barely there performances from Witherspoon, Nicholson and Wilson.

It is quite possibly the worst movie in history.

What the writer and director thought was "funny" was actually weird and confusing.

But this was the worst movie I saw in last few years.

One of THE worst movies EVER.

Rudd plays a (yawn) businessman who is honest and true (bigger yawn) but is bogged down and hampered by his father's (Nicolson) dodgy dealings.

How Do You Know manages to be dull, boring and unimportant all at once.

The story in itself was lame and the ending was so unbelievably predictable that I actually found myself wondering if I respected any of these actors.

It's been a long time since I watched a movie that was as confused, unfunny, meandering, and insufferably boring as this one was.

boy wants girl who's not really available, boy tries anyway, boy presumably wins girl at the end, the movie seemed very long and drawn out, and the ending was not even decent, there are too many questions left unanswered.

The ONLY memorable funny line was so crass and pointless I don't even want to repeat it.

Hollywood platitudes with tens of minutes of nothing happening.

I was on the verge of falling asleep during most part of the movie.

At best, you should wait until this is out for rent but so as to avoid disappointment, I would illegally download it and have it on in the background while you're entertaining one weekend.

As for a romantic comedy, then "How Do You Know" was fairly slow and lacked some of that special ingredient to make it stand out from the many, many others in the same genre.

But as it developed we found it reasonably enjoyable and entertaining.

She adds a real element of class to what otherwise may have been a mundane role.

Tonight it was a rain-soaked, bone-chilling, blustery night and I wanted to find a warm comforting place to spend some enjoyable time.

Disjointed, mixed up, went no where and a waste of time.

It is a waste of your time.

This was a total waste of money.

The ending is quite predictable and overall How Do You Know just isn't all that romantic of comedic.

I will have to say unless the rest of the audience has nothing better to do, don't waste your precious time watching, it starts out boring and doesn't get better.

Owen Wilson is great but the story line is boring and there's nothing here in terms of emotion and making me care about the characters or how the movie ends.

FINAL VERDICT: Boring and I was glad when it was over.

Please please don't waste your time watching this movie.

Every actor is likable, but the script is disjointed and boring.

This movie is incredibly boring.

Don't waste your time or money with this film.

If you're in the mood for typical fluff, this will seem too slow and slightly off.

The plot was predictable and boring.

This movie does something that is hard to do, a funny, romantic comedy that is enjoyable for both men and women.

I wish I had trusted my first impulse and walked out in the first ten minutes.

You will fall asleep and waste your time and money!

I was very disappointed at how boring and pointless it seemed to be.

I truly believe this is the worst movie ever made.

Whatever it was, it all contributed to producing a movie that is flat, dull, pretentious and mediocre.

Whilst the premise (rom com) and the setting (New York cities most beautiful apartments, restaurants and side walks) had predictable written all over them, the cast seemed to have real potential.

Overall, I found myself annoyed and bored by "HDYK?

This movie sucks big time, slow and drifts in and out of boring to comatose...

has been replaced with tentativeness, confusion and the exaggerated facial expressions of a sitcom comedienne.

Still, she follows Rudd around like a lost puppy, confusing the viewer into believing she is into him, if for no other reason than that he has way more chemistry with her than he does with Witherspoon.

Anyway it was good seeing America's sweetheart beauty Reese Witherspoon and it was nice again seeing the man legendary Jack still this picture though enjoyable from James L.

As a romantic comedy it is so predictable and not very romantic.

I love the actors in this movie so i thought it would be fail-proof, but somehow the plot dragged and the scenes did not make sense or move the movie along.

The story for starters is very plodding and predictable, with an ending you can smell a mile off, while neither the comedic and romantic aspects work, few of the comedic moments feel natural and the romantic moments are stilted both in pace and flow of the dialogue.