How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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When Hiccup discovers Toothless isn't the only Night Fury, he must seek "The Hidden World", a secret Dragon Utopia before a hired tyrant named Grimmel finds it first.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Dean DeBlois
Stars: Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 64 out of 669 found boring (9.56%)

One-line Reviews (354)

Compared to the well-characterised villains in the TV series or even Drago in the second movie, this villain is just plain boring, cliche-ish and 2-dimensional.

The Hidden World had breathtaking visuals, enjoyable characters, and music was great.

Stunning, stunning work.

The third instalment is the pinnacle of the trilogy, rounding up everything in a breathtaking adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Astonishingly Breathtaking .

Not even a good kind of bad, a boring "I'm considering just leaving this movie because nothing is happening" kind of bad.

Breathtaking, a tear or two was shed.

The animation is better than ever, too, especially in the visually stunning 'Hidden World'.

At certain part the coloring and the movement are so amazing and mind blowing.

Then again, maybe it has something to do with me getting a little bored of such films, though it may also have something to do with me not being as young as I used to be.

Unfortunately it is kinda forgettable movie it has it touching moments but at times is feels somewhat dull

Firstly, the villain is lacking in a solid motive, the reasoning behind it just feels bland, he's praised by people after killing a night fury, therefore he must kill all the night furies to ensure world peace.

Overall, this was a great conclusion to a beautiful and visually stunning triology.

Plus, the ending is predictable.

But once they get to the main plot, it's still bogged down by sappy romance between Toothless and a bland dragon who I will get to and a tiresome villain.

Focussing mainly on the friendshio between Hiccup and his friendship with Toothless ,along with Toothless's childishness with a lightfury it a compelling tale.

Pros: great closure, alright story, beautiful imagery, good humor Cons: character development for the villain, not as epic in the action scenes, somewhat predictable plot.

Animation and music is topnotch and you feel fully immersed and the whole spectacle is just breathtaking!

They were able to make music in this one bland, too.

I went to see it with my wife, and the two of us enjoyed it.

This action packed, romantic creation.

It's entertaining from start to finish, every line of dialogue is memorable, it's fun, it's wild ride, music is top notch and it stays with You long afterwards.

Visually stunning, even more so than the other two if you can believe it.

I feel like after the Light Fury was introduced, Toothless' bond with Hiccup shattered and they weren't best buds anymore, but more like just boring friends.

Grimmel was such a powerful and unpredictable force that he held leverage over all of Hiccup's decision.

Expected more from the beginning the others started much more exciting than this.

The father is dead and yet in order to have him in the movie we have these long and pointless flashbacks.

The dragons have great designs and expressions, while the environments are absolutely breathtaking.

This movie completely lacked the fun, heart, uniqueness and wonderful characterization of the original film in the series which brought joy and positive emotions but replaced that joy with boredom and an eagerness for the the movie to end, so I could go home and do something more entertaining like doing the dishes.

A movie for kids which has the repetitive formula of "how to make a commercial movie with nothing different and very very very simple script", a waste of time.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

An enjoyable ride from the 1st to the 3rd.

There is no feels from this movie, no reactions, its just a bland addition to something that was great at one point before being milked for every bit of money they could milk it for while being released at a time where you are not allowed to have any opinion outside of "its the most perfect thing I've ever seen" given to everything.

The drama is still compelling, the characters are still likable, Toothless is still the cutest thing ever made, and so on and so forth.

The story is one of the most clichéd and predictable plot lines I have come across in recent memory, which is a shame for a franchise generally rooted in its authenticity by animated movie standards.

Breathtaking, incredible and worth the wait.

The movie also has a fascinating animation, and some of the scenes, such as a flight on a dragon, or demonstration of the hidden dragons' world, can definitely blow your mind.

The entire writing and story was just incredible and unpredictable in the best of ways.

The villain (whose name I already forget) is bland and forgettable, and his motivation is nothing more than evil for evil's sake.

The main theme of dragons and humans learning how to coexist is heavily touched on, but this time to the point of boredom.

And finally, the last one, the one that should be the most epic of the trilogy, the one that should close the circle and fulfill all of our expectations and leave us in awe and with our expectations fulfilled, ends up with a dull villain, a plot filled with dumb decisions, resulting in a movie that fell short compared with the previous ones, and failed to surpass (or even reach) the epicness of the second movie, and with an ending that is totally forgettable and felt empty, so dissapointed

First and foremost, this is an absolutely gorgeous movie with several stunning shots.

Toothless and the Ligh Fury relationship seemed to be a decent push for the movie, and I was looking forward to some cute moments that hopefully wouldn't be handled with too much cliche.

Brilliant film, stunning animation 10/10

A stunning ending .

) and keep you on the edge of your seat.


These people lived amongst hundreds or thousands of dragons, and then one guy (the ridiculous villain) enters their territory with just a bunch of drugged dragons and his ridiculous "drone", makes some empty threats and leaves.

The stunning soundtrack from John Powell and Jónsi complimented every scene, particularly during the ending of the movie and the credits sequence.

Humor and action nicely balance out the intense emotion of the movie.

Utter waste of time .

The director of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (Dean Deblois) did an amazing job of incorporating new changes to the movie that made the movie more of an exciting film to watch.

The villain is really interesting and entertaining .

Characters aside, the movie also has some serious tonal inconsistencies where there will be life-threatening circumstances that are treated as throw-away jokes or characters who might be on the edge of death and someone will say, "Eh, I don't really care.


For me, it was not a great watch, but there is some unexpected parts which kept me awake.

This film has several emotional and utterly amazing moments involving dragon flight, new locations, and sacrifices in exciting action scenes.

It is still worth watching, because there's a few places, especially towards the end), that tug on the heartstrings.

The message of the movie, and the paralles drawn between Hiccup's story and the side-story with Toothless was quite engaging.

The conflict is suspenseful enough, and personally didn't find it too scary (some may disagree though).

A visually stunning motion picture, the hidden world is portrayed as a marvel, a delightful place to admire in awe, because of its bright colorful patterns and shapes, and the enormous and varied amount of dragon species living down there.

Waste of time .

Even in scenes that you know are supposed to be suspenseful, you're left feeling bored.

I hope they can create something just as compelling and entertaining as this because I will never forget the beautiful friendship between Hiccup and Toothless.

The animation was stunning and the story even more so.

Definitely worth the watch.

I was so entertaining in the beginning when toothless find his light fury.

It again manages to tell a fairly compelling story, coupled with absolutely stunning animation and a mesmerising score from John Powell, which really adds impact to certain scenes.

-The animation was breathtaking!

First off - the animation is just mind boggling.

Well, whilst this is the weakest of the three, I'm glad to report back that this conclusion was stunning and cements this fire-breathing trilogy as one of the most accessible for everyone.

I absolutely loved the film it was exciting and funny

Too slow .

This was a movie I was thinking about skipping actually really enjoyed it so much going on here plenty of heart action and humor

If you have young children who can simultaneously have enough patience to sit quietly through the boring parts of the film, this may suffice.

The first half of the movie was bland and unexciting.

Its been a good 10 years since a I have seen an innocent coming of age film that did not push an agenda.

This was breathtaking .

The How To Train Your Dragon trilogy is more than a mere cartoon, it is enjoyable at all ages without feeling cheesy, and has a cinematic, almost live-action quality that makes it exciting and involving.

Female fury was cliche and lame.

There are moments when watching this film that I thought that it was getting a little slow paced for me.

Incredible and Stunning - Speechless.

from dragons that are individually unique and real to the hidden world that is vibrant, beautiful, brilliant in one word stunning.

Every single character in this movie is enjoyable or interesting .

The cinematography like in the other films are just breathtaking.

The villain is bland and has nothing on past Villains in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise.

The animation is utterly stunning, so vivid and beautiful in design, particularly the hidden world itself which just jumps off the screen with its metallic and glowing vibrancy.

Just breathtaking!

The comedy was on point, the animation STUNNING, far better than any of the previous two films, the music stirring.

Third chapter in the "How to Train Your Dragon" series doesn't offer much that's new (its central themes and messages are old hat by now), and carries the same major issue as the last two episodes: lack of a defined or compelling antagonist.

That's all well and good, but the real magic of the franchise is found on the big screen (the biggest, if you can find it), with "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" the most awe-inspiring and thrilling of a trilogy that began in 2010.

I am animated movie lover and this movie was one of worst and waste of money and time.

Everything flows at a very casual pace even at the most intense action scenes, and there's hardly any pause, providing a very consistent homogeneous watching experience.

The Hidden World does have a strong emotional story, the animation is yet again beautiful and stunning, and the fun characters are back.

The trilogy never had me fully captivated, but the characters were the most engaging in this one, and the humor didn't hurt, either.

A emotional and entertaining ending to a great trilogy .

It was a great way to end a breathtaking movie franchise from Dreamworks Animation.

One of these scenes are almost 10 minutes long, 10 minutes of literally nothing happening.

But the new villain, and the repeated conflict from the second film, are both dull and rote.

All in all an enjoyable movie.

Stunning and without any doubt the best animation movie so far .

Had to see it another time in the cinema and enjoyed it even more than the first time.

Overall the movie was great and definitely worth watching, the scenery is truly beautiful and many of the shots were breathe taking and will leave you wondering how they animated it!

Wonderfully animated, breathtakingly cinematic, great voice acting from a very talented cast, action packed and heart warming, this is a series to remember!

then again, it all sounds like a big cliche again as this happens exactly at the same time when Hiccup is held down by his community to marry.

Boring .

and deliver a visually stunning and superbly animated film with a sumptuous score, tremendous character animation and some lovely moments of heartwarming silent movie charm.

The graphics were truly amazing, the characters were just as strong as ever, and the plot was emotional and exciting.

This movie plot is really entertaining.

Because of that, the romantic subplot between them was boring.

Boring from start to end.

Worst movie of the series .

The story is good, altough i think the second movie had a better script, it had twists and it was unpredictable.

Highly recommend it even though it's not the best in the trilogy, it does give it's fans and audience a perfect closure to a beloved franchise.

Absolutely stunning, surprising ending.

Superb voice acting and stunning animation.

The film starts out rather formulaic, and struggles often with pacing, as well as a decent script.

On to the movie: Story line: solid Visuals: Stunning Music: Even better than before Overall: Good close to the series.

The characters all move humanly and look stunning.

But the pace is too slow which makes it less interesting

and this is also a coming of age story for both Hiccup and Fury.

Sometimes unpredictable, sometimes ordinary, sometimes spectacular.

Although I, overall, enjoyed my experience, I felt that this particular instalment was predictable, tail-pulling rushed.

I LOVED the other movies in this series, but this one was pretty boring.

Very cliche .

Dark, drab animation, no fun, no wit - just terrible.

It starts with a bang but the pace becomes slower towards the middle (kids and all may get restless), and then picks up pace again towards the last 45 mins.

"The Hidden World" has its thrills (propped up by John Powell's rousing score), with a defined interest in swordfights and mid-air dragon battles, making the run time fly by.

The Hidden World doesn't quite reach the heights of the first two films, but it's still an enjoyable ride and successfully brings the whole story full circle, resulting in one of the stronger trilogies of recent memory.

Enjoyed it much more than I expected.

It's good but the movie have some boring in the viewer

The second film was fresh in my mind and I enjoyed how it got darker and bigger than the first film, producing a quite thrilling story with real impact.

Nine years after the first movie came out 2010 we here follow the ending of a great trilogy with colorful animation, action packed scenes and highly entertaining characters.

Breathtaking dreamworks movie!.

The short showed that Toothless would rather NO auto tail then one, does this make that short pointless now?

I knew this was going to be the final movie of the trilogy so reasonably I thought yeah it's going to be entertaining at least.

But you will still be sitting in the cinema in amazement over the breathtaking beauty of this film.

The characters have devolved and the basic predictable plot is boring.

It had super basic plot lines and predictable scene.

I went to see it with my whole family and we all enjoyed it.

I'd most certainly found Grimmel twice as intriguing as Drago.

End how to train your dragon the hidden world is a almost perfect conclusion to the highly anticipated series with its amazing visuals, compelling story that rather feels repetitive and wonderful well developed characters.

Every storyline felt rushed and empty.

Absolutely Breathtaking.

As for my thoughts on the third film, I really enjoyed it!

It went pretty quick to me, there wasnt any twists, it was pretty cliche too (Kill the bad guy and friends going away).

The ending left me feeling empty, and I cannot gauge whether this is in a positive or negative way.

The good: The animation was STUNNING.

Absolutely Stunning.

The separation between the young hero and his dragon feels contrived, since the protagonists have just relocated to a larger island and dealt a devastating defeat to their enemies.

We are all bored with the same ending within every movie

Vibrant but way too predictable...

Utterly boring ending of the trilogy about how all humans are bad and all animals should be free.

Visually this movie was just stunning, even more so than the two films before this.

It's exceedingly formulaic, to the point it hit EVERY SINGLE NOTE I and some writer pals were hoping it WOULD NOT lay out after we'd seen the trailers, given that they are THE MOST PREDICTABLE AND LAZY POSSIBLE OUTCOMES for those plot devices.

The scene where the hidden world is introduced is absolutely breathtaking, visually and with the synced soundtrack.

The kid with the baby dragon was kind of pointless and compared to how many times it was shows it only really got useful one time that really didn't do much either.

The story keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I felt bored out of my mind until about half way through the movie once somewhat compelling things began.

I know this is a kid movie but for me was unwatchable due its unlogical fighting scences and reasoning.

The Verdict How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is a fantastic, visually stunning and poignant way to end this beloved trilogy.

The animation is beautiful and stunning.

I found the story rather boring.

Entertainment value - This movie is extremely entertaining family friendly fun.

Wasted a couple of my own hours but it was necessary to shield my child from this uncreative, predictable, formulated & trite production...

Which leads me to my biggest issue in the movie: it feels like 50% of runtime is just establishing shots and literally nothing happening.

Boring plot line hiding behind grand scenes.

The animation is still breathtaking and Toothless is still adorable and gets a nice and entertaining romance here which made me laugh many times.

The Least Impressive of the Series By Far, But Still Enjoyable .

It had me on the edge of my seat all the way through to the end, it had me weeping with joy and sadness.

In the first HTTYD (2010 -- surprisingly, almost a decade ago), we were treated to a refreshingly original story setup with thoroughly engaging characters we were meeting for the first time (including Toothless, the Night Fury of course), whip-smart dialog, spot-on comic timing, and a masterfully paced storyline that kept me involved from beginning to end.

It features an intimidating villain and engaging animation.

The wedding scene is pointless.

It critically lacked the emotional depth to the characters and stories that the first two movies were filled with, there was no story, no well played moral or lesson, nothing that left you thinking like the past films did.

I've never been enamored with these movies, but I still find them to be an enjoyable way to pass the time.

I didn't like it as much as part 2 which is my personal favorite of the trilogy, but this is hands down the most stunning and most emotional movie in the franchise.

That being said the animation was gorgeous the score epic and the movie was touching and engaging as a whole so I still like the movie, I just wish more care was put into more subtle aspects of the storyline.

Even if the story in this instalment isn't your cup of tea, the visuals alone are enough to make this an enjoyable experience.

Another issue I take with this movie are the sometimes very annoying side characters that most of the time just slow down the main story.

Overall, The Hidden World is a compelling adventure, both amusing and touching.

Plot and villain were awfull, dull and predictable.

It's such a cliché, with lame characters, only 3-4 funny scenes.

A good and emotional end to an entertaining trilogy.

cliché .

Such a breathtaking and beautiful end to the series.

If you like Hollywood movies about the conflict of generations, over-accentuated feminism, a hint about marriage to them free-living millenials who just won't take any bank loans, a conventional villain with the boring plan, and some boom bangs to top it all, go see that movie.

This may be a visually stunning film, but the bland story and shallow characters might prove challenging for more demanding viewers to find entertainment in.

It manages to be so boring that I ended up not paying attention to some scenes which simple were too prolonged without any justification.

But I must say I was entertained though the movie sometimes was kid like (and we have grown up since the first movie) and a few times boringly cliché.

but while the first two films had a sense of maturity and depth that made them enjoyable to all ages, this film feels like it's been dummed down for kindergartners.

The plot is boring, the bad guys are boring.

The flying sequences are absorbing that you get lost in the visually detailed world.

An expected end, but still a beautiful and entertaining story.

the main character mere seconds later making the whole seperation both pointless and so short lived it didnt even matter

The villain varies from being menacing and entertaining, to being plain dumb and lifeless.

That set-up was fantastic and seemed like a good start to a movie, but like the 2nd one this movie feels the need to have an antagonist, and a super bland one at that.

This is the best animated movie ever created be far, and I would recommend it to all kids and adults alike, as well as being fast paced and intense it brings out themes of humour and love.

Like the part one only, this part 3 mostly forcus on toothless finding his partner, doing all sort of silly thing, waste me a lot of time.

An amazing breathtaking movie.

Graphic 10 Intense 8 Story 9 Element of surprise 9

Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), originally a kid on the cusp of adolescence, and Toothless, his adorable Night Fury, have grown up incrementally with each instalment - a boy-and-his-cat-dragon duo who rank among DreamWorks Animation's most emotionally engaging partnerships.

Rousing spectacle and fights follow which lead to the antagonist plunging to his death and Hiccup saving both Toothless and the dragon's new mate from captivity.

The battle scenes were at times very noisy, confusing and hard to tell who were the good or the bad guys.

Incredible and Stunning - Speechless .

I understand the need for a finale and I do accept how they have ended it the saga of "how to train your dragon" but honestly the movie was boring and worst movie of the series.

Certainly, seeing this in a Dolby theatre probably made it even more enjoyable as it was quite thrilling feeling the seats shake when certain events were coming.

The storyline has been well written, combined with the stunning visual effects and epic music score, it is a truly beautiful finale.

These scenes are 10 times longer than they should be, they're not funny when they repeat the same joke again and again, and they're just boring.

So while we in Europe are currently breaking down sexual prejudices and clichés and focusing on a person's CHARACTER, films like this help sexual cliché are further cementing - or they just turn old sexual clichés into the opposite.

This one, it focuses mostly on a pretty forgettable villain and Toothless' love interest, who is bland and nowhere near as memorable.

In doing so, we find ourselves following the life of a group of unexpected friends, Hiccup, Astrid, Ruffnut, Snotlout, Fishlegs, and Tuffnut in their journey to bring peace among humankind and the dragons of their world.

and the stunning visuals are enough to make up for the flaws.

what I felt with this trilogy, is exactly the same I felt about The Dark Knight Trilogy, it started with a good and enjoyable movie (ending with a bang and expectations for the adventures to come).

Visually stunning.

"Hidden world" on the other hand seems contrived and boring.

There are so many beautiful scenes and events that happen within this 1hr 40min film, and each is just as exciting as the last!

But the jokes and story are still entertaining overall.

I found myself bored, too bad.

Real Review: It was pretty boring .

Visually breathtaking.

Anyway, this third one seems just as enjoyable as those first two.

It was entertaining and even had a glimpse into the future of both Jay & Toothless.


It's mostly predictable while losing interest and attention pretty often, which is a big disappointment.

While the second film went even darker with the core themes, "The Hidden World," while it has less subplots, presents to us the closing chapter of this vast, coming of age saga, and it still very much holds its heart and soul in its sleeve.

Although it seems as though the plots of each of the three movies have been copied from one to the other, each have their own intense realities that emerge.

Very slow from beginning to end.

When the first movie came out i was totally in love of the movies beacuse it was funny and good , many moments that was great and much other things ,second movie was more of laugh and intresting/exciting when they faced someone that hunted dragons that made it more exciting.

Boring .

it's compelling and concludes this large series almost perfectly.

This installment fails to overcome the temptations of going the generic sequel route, opting for cutesy imagery over a compelling plot and characters.

Disappointing and repetitive .

The action and plotting are actually interesting and engaging, which is an impressive feat after 3 movies.

Worst movie of the trilogy .

We were so bored and shocked since we liked the first one so much.

The music, the detail and the storyline are absolutely stunning, and I think that this is the first time I have cried in a cinema.

I'm especially fond of the transitions as they lend themselves to the beautiful visually stunning backdrops.

In general, the picture is enjoyable, if a little predictable.

In this one the story is still good too and exciting.

The villain is a boring character with no motivation or personality other than he's a bad guy who likes to kill dragons.

But after all this movie isnt that bad and i enjoyed it.

Absolutely stunning .

Story was a bit thin and predictable.

Predictable formulaitthat missius the mark .

No need to squeeze more about this superb animated movie, or it will become a monstrosity like star-warsOverall it is very entertaining, funny and heart feeling good

I enjoyed it so much the ending was beautiful.

Watching it is just a waste of time.

The dialogs are dull and this film drips with sexual clichés and applied sexism.

Great, compelling writing is more enjoyable and economical, and I just wish film companies would realize this by now.

The visuals of this film, as were the visuals of the previous installments, are stunning, almost live-action worthy (Roger Deakins's credit as Visual Consultant payed off definitely).

A visually stunning conclusion.

Really enjoyable watch .

The movie is visually striking, most notably in a scene in the Hidden World of the title, and the final big battle is pretty rousing.

cliche is the very word that comes to mind when I think about this film...

Absolutely stunning display of friendship, leadership, romance, courage and so much more....

The visuals are as stunning as ever, and if you enjoyed the scenery from the second movie, this one almost puts that to shame.

Went to the movie when it just got released in the Netherlands, yes I did cry but that's because the movie is so special and the story is so intriguing.

no plot just dragons .

Boring show .

The action and animation is beautiful and stunning.

Certainly it's nothing new for artists to try to emulate realism in an unreal way, but it feels like a lot of money and work hours went in to creating a very mundane film with little thought put into pacing or other tried-and-true conventions of filmmaking.

It was meant to be aww-inspiring but it was super bland

The visuals were stunning and I cried in the end .

The animation is still astonishingly stunning.

All of the action scenes in this film were just breathtaking and were probably better than some of the live action fight scenes you see.

Regardless, we enjoyed it greatly.

Truly enjoyable.

the dragons are stunning.

The visuals are stunning, much better than the previous films.

Nevertheless, the movie is entertaining for sure!!

This film is a fitting end to films in the how to train your dragon universe, there's points that make you laugh and others that will make you cry but the experience in this film is one of overwhelming joy as you see how far the beloved characters and their dragons have come and the ending is just stunning.

The action scenes are highly engaging and the characters are a lot of fun.

The backgrounds are vivid and well detailed, the character animations are fluid and weighted, the details in the character's design are precise and meticulous, and the fire, water, hair, scale, and other visual effects are breathtaking.

It gets a bit too slow in the middle act and the big moment seems too easy and happens quickly.

Overall, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is an entertaining, emotionally resonant and straight up perfect conclusion that should act as a tutorial on how to end a franchise properly.


No story hooks or to be continued wink at the audience nonsense.

With a lot of loose ends tide up, a nice fast paced action story that is relentlessly interesting this film really does prove a worth threequel, though not quite as compelling as HttyD 2.

It is fun, fast paced, exciting, romantic and also had a lot of nostalgia and emotional moments.

HTTYD 3 is a stunning and heartfelt piece of art that Dreamworks should be proud of.

Love interest, bland villain who's a copy of a better one from the previous film (a more literal copy in that case), the danger of the plot device now suddenly too dangerous to be permitted to exist (Delorian too risky, dragons staying with humans too risky)the smashing of the first movie's plot device (literally having the Delorian hit by a train), and the pseudo-partings.

PLOT The plot is predictable and the trailer just tell all the main plot.

This is boring, repetitive and unimaginative.


Don't listen to the reviews, this movie is a borefest that also managed to ruin the lore of the entire trilogy.

All in all, it's kind of enjoyable if you're into romance films.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is an awesome, breathtaking emotional ride.

**Oddly, my favorite section of this movie came at the very, very end: the utterly engaging little coda where Hiccup, Astrid, and their two new little children (who are absolute charmers!

This movie is visually stunning, wonderfully voiced, and while it is an action movie- it's funny in all the right places.

Factor in the rousing score and you have a movie that's a feast for the senses.

) His motives were so basic and "cliche" that I only made it about 1/2 way into the movie....

Absolutely stunning visually as well.

Overall, the movie may not be as good as the first to but has a great main character, an intriguing plot, and beautiful animation.

From the landscapes to the dragons (especially the new light fury) look stunning.

I wont spoil anything but I left the theater as a really happy fan.

While women in this film are all portrayed as totally normal people, all male actors (both humans and dragons) are portrayed as either abysmally evil or mentally dull, almost retarded beings who are busy all the time recruiting female sexual partners.

The How to Train Your Dragon series is one of them rare non-Pixar franchises that actually has amazing quality to it, great looking animation, Toothless is so adorable, it takes risks, it's funny, emotional along with a wonderful score, it's definitely a great DreamWorks franchise that is beloved by many along with Kung Fu Panda and sort of with Shrek, the first movie isn't perfect but I appreciate the effort of taking a old cliched story and doing something a little new with it, it still has great heart and amazing flying scenes, even if it started it off a little cliched, it does start to pick it after that and it ends up being a great enjoyable ride, the second movie is even better then the first one, the animation has greatly improved, it has a surprisingly emotional twist that I did not see coming, it has more action and comedy and of course I love Toothless, so when I heard the third is coming out and it is considered the last one, you bet I was excited as heck to see it, I want to see how this franchise ends because I actually saw the last two when they came out in cinemas, so I was lucky enough to see this movie that got a UK release (sorry America..), saw it yesterday and........

Definitely the weakest of the three movies, but still worth watching to close out the series.

The first film focused more on a coming of age story about Hiccup and the special bond he has with Toothless.

The animation, and effects are breathtaking; the characters look stunning, and the environment is beautiful.

Which also means this movie was a tiny bit predictable for me.

I did feel like this film did have a cliché weak forgettable villain just like the second movie did.

It's predictable and boring, the magic is gone.

Verdict:A solid movie with a lot of eye- and ear-candy that is well worth watching, especially so if you've grown up and loved the previous ones.

Stunning beatiful finale of a great film series .

That would've been unpredictable and would've also been emotional.

Because of the messy plot and all of the new characters being uninteresting.

I just wished the main plot was a bit more engaging and not stuff we're already seen before.

They are Stunning and when accompanied with an Amazing Score, there Breathtaking.

Breathtaking .

The villain is also very entertaining and pretty funny and is good with the way they handle him.

A story of a thousand and one cliche .

How To Train Your Dragon likely has the most inflicting soundtrack out there, among many other animated hits, but this one just sticks to me like old, dull blu tack.

Of course, the music in this film, which was done by John Powell, was intense and easy listening to.

Lazy writing, boring villain, stupid plot choices, plot holes.

Enjoyable fun .

The final part of the movie is another cliche farewell.

very cliche and bland storyline .

The first one was fantastic and enjoyable by kids and adults.

Cliché .

Out of the trilogy this is the most visually stunning and also the most emotional of the three and if you've seen the trailer to the movie, you will understand why.

Each film has been enjoyable to watch and have brought joy to my boys faces.

It's worth watching even if you did not watch the other movies in the series.

Very sweet story and action packed, and sooo funny.

No story development no strong statements.

It continues as if nothing happened.

Save your money and buy it or stream it.

The bad: The story itself was very boring.

This is a stunning action film.


Then, there is all this cliche thing about Hiccup needing to marry so that the community gets stronger.

A great conclusion to a gripping series.

Then it blew me away with the second one, with an epic villain, and with the death of an important character, that hits you in the gut, and an ending so tense and exciting...

The first thing to highlight are the visuals, this film is stunning to watch, every small detail has been crafted to perfection in this movie.

Extremely boring .

Worth the watch.

I highly recommend seeing this film in 3D due to the breathtaking visual effects.

The final moments where Hiccup meets Toothless again, when they already have children, is also cute, but it's so much a cliche that it hurts.

The action sequences are gorgeously animated, are fast paced and full of thrills and imagination.

Stunning and heartfelt .

It was a little more predictable than the others which I was a little disappointed with.

That being said, the main villain Grimmel is compelling in his role and presents a very real threat to Hiccup and Toothless, while Toothless' hilarious and heartfelt romance with the Light Fury is just so genuine and feels like a natural progression for him.

It had its flaws as any movie does, but was very enjoyable for children and adults alike.

Why I dont give it a full 10/10 is because I think the flow of the movie was too fast, things happen really fast, compared to the second movie this was really fast paced and the creators wanted to give us maybe a little too much of stuff in maybe a little too short time.

The animation was stunning as always and the character and creature design is as strong as ever!

The animation is breathtaking, the villain is intriguing, and the timeframe feels right.

Murray Abraham) who is trying to complete Drago's goal of taking over the world, However at the same time, Toothless finds a Night Fury, however it is a Light Fury and Toothless has a crush on her, Hiccup has to try and get through things without Toothless and Toothless has to manage without Hiccup, Hiccup and Astrid (America Ferrea) also think about if they should get married or not, while at the same finding this new Hidden World where the people of Berk can't be seen, so that's basically it and DreamWorks did the best they can with all of these plots, taking down Grimmel, Toothless meeting the Light Fury, finding this Hidden World and Hiccup thinking about marrying Astrid, it takes it's time to bring more chemistry with these characters and bring the humanity side to them, since they have evolved and aged, every scene with Toothless and the Light Fury is amazing, funny, cute, emotional and beautiful, the action is really strong and exciting, the humour for the most part is quite funny and when it comes to the ending-NOW HOLD ON!

The camera work along with the stunning visuals create a living breathing world that you almost forget doesn't exist.


The beginning was boring due to it taking like 20 minutes too long to get to the main plot.

Breathtaking animation.

We found the plot engaging enough, a lot of the visual humor landed pretty well, and the story actually hit pretty darn close to home for us in a number of ways.

It wouldn't feel dragged out unnecessarily.