I Am Dragon (2015) - Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

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In the midst of the wedding princess Miroslava is kidnapped by a dragon and carried away into his castle on the remote island.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Indar Dzhendubaev
Stars: Matvey Lykov, Mariya Poezzhaeva
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 3 out of 84 found boring (3.57%)

One-line Reviews (29)

This was a stunning movie.

Enjoyed it .

The Princess is much tougher than she seems on meeting and while the over all plot is predictable there are still enough moments of suspense to keep you interested.

Absolutely stunning.

I was enthralled the entire time and I highly recommend it.

If you stumble across this film and wonder if it's worth the watch, it is.

It is visually stunning and the storyline feels simultaneously as old as time while somehow also new.

On a positive note the costumes, settings, props and graphics gave a very real Russian historical culture vibe that was engaging all by itself.

The one good thing it has going for it is that the CGI dragon sequences are done quite well, but the rest is slow and dragged out rather painfully.

An enjoyable watch, even though its with English subtitles.

This was totally unexpected.

You find yourself completely wrapped up in the narrative and even on the edge of your seat a few times.

The trailer alone is enough to turn you off as being a predictable sweet romance.

Enjoyed it very much.

(Personally, I enjoyed it even more when I re-watched without subtitles, and this is the first time ever I've done for a language I can't understand)

Breathtaking .

The only way to put it is that you must see this film to believe it; it's charming, fun, exciting, and free of cheesy formulae.

Beautiful, Heartfelt and Utterly Breathtaking .

It was intense in places and emotional in others.

Yes you know what's going to happen start to end but I still enjoyed it.

Absolutely stunning.

I enjoyed it very much.

The scenery of this movie was breathtaking and I found myself not wanting to look away.

Definitely worth watching!!!

The scenes and the music were so breathtaking.

I highly recommend it.

The twist is somewhat obvious, but what really lets this film down is the cheap, digital, greyed-out staging which makes it look pretty boring and robs the visuals of their impact.

I watched many movies but no one make me too much emotional , firstly the Russian language is bit unfamiliar to me, but after putting subtitles its the mind blowing .

Had me on the edge of my seat a few times.