I Love Dick (2016) - Comedy

Hohum Score



In an arty Texas town in the desert a woman becomes obsessed with a colleague of her husband's and creates an art project around it, a series of letters that start "Dear Dick..."

IMDB: 6.2
Stars: Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Hahn
Length: 32 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 11 out of 53 found boring (20.75%)

One-line Reviews (31)

Dull romantic novel setup .

And the shock of seeing the reflection so intense and with such a strong pulse is a breath of fresh air ......

Everyone else with an open mind who enjoys artsy pieces with lots of sex and nudity, as well as dialog that makes you pause the show so you can absorb the multitude of "lightbulb moments" it triggers within your own life, I highly recommend it.

Drab terrible boring show.

In I Love Dick, a couple moves to a small town of writers headed over by Kevin Bacon as someone who is billed as cool and charismatic but who actually just seems like a pretentious jerk (charismatic jerks can also be found in Transparent - Soloway seems to be intrigued by them).

He is riveting in this role, as is Kathryn Hahn.

Slow music and not in a good way makes the series .. slow, even though it´s not like all slow.

In my opinion, a rather boring topic.

First off, it felt very studenty especially at first, and I got a little bored of the message the series was giving out.

And shes done that again, with Chris (Hahn) as our complicated, compelling protagonist.

And also entertaining; which is essential for television.

It is more like a housewife fantasy, only that it is boring and fails to connect with viewers.

Horrible Waste Of Time .

I didn't find it funny, shock nudity in the day of the internet is pointless and immature and I really couldn't care for any of the characters as I couldn't relate to them or accept their insecurities.

Boring, distracted, frantic, boring, boring, old people, boring, dull, sucks so much.

Don't waste your time.

This story unravels over the course of the episodes and the characters develop and take you to unexpected places.

I'd even go as far as calling them uninteresting, broken and lost.

Third episode in and I agrees.. music does a lot and this music makes it even more boring sadly.

Unfortunately, the only point of view is from the woman who is an uninteresting artist who almost titters when she has to say the word.

Series summary: Its all about how confused and insecure women lash out on the world in even more confusing and weird way and then taking on the label of being feminist without ever taking any responsibility for their own actions and its consequences.


Second, even if you're not particularly interested in feminism or art, this series is very entertaining.

Old people who are smug and boring and enjoy terrible, boring pieces of garbage to watch.

Overall, an enjoyable experience commendable to those who are open to a more artistic and thoughtful type of entertainment.

My mother was one of those artists so I initially found it trite.

Kathryn Hahn, especially, is fascinating to follow through her journey of changes.

Breathtaking and unapologetic.

A boring story that does not connect with viewers .

This is the most exciting new series I've seen in years.

Snoozer .