I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007) - Comedy, Romance

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Two straight, single Brooklyn firefighters pretend to be a gay couple in order to receive domestic partner benefits.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Dennis Dugan
Stars: Adam Sandler, Kevin James
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 44 out of 248 found boring (17.74%)

One-line Reviews (95)

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry definitely ends up being one of the worst movies of 2007.

Not only was this movie not believable, it was boring.

The premise is simple and contrived.

LGBTQXYZ propaganda film.

What was so lame about this movie was that it was so contrived.


The movie was very slow.

I have never felt so strongly against a movie to comment on it in a forum like this, but this is honestly one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I would have removed the religious protest group, the outnumbered scenes of homo phobia some were funny some, just too many or drawn out too long.

There were a few funny moments and a few decent parts but overall I found the film to be very dull.

Enjoyable Comedy with lots of Heart .

Several minutes into the movie I turned to my best friend and whispered "What have these guys dragged us to?

If fart jokes and predictable plot/gags are your thing, then you surely won't be disappointed.

When I left the theater I felt like a did 100 crunches because I was laughing so hard.

it was enjoyable, i laughed.

Either way it fails miserably, the funny side of the movie being just too annoying and offencive to be entertaining and the sentimental side being so vomit inducing over the top it makes the movie even more unbearable.

Then she asks him out on a "girl day", basically trying to turn him into the gay pet cliché.

Funny, Entertaining .

The plot is cheesy at best, once you have seen the first 10 minutes you know exactly what you have to be dragged through for the next 1 hour or so.

Paid $4 and thought it was a waste of money...

Chuck acknowledges Alex saying something very few straight guys would say, "You are gorgeous, smart, and funny…" What follows is predictable.

As a "high concept" comedy, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" is pretty much a contrived manufacture from the get-go, mixing equal parts humor and sentiment in an attempt to play to the broadest possible audience - which is probably the only way the filmmakers could reasonably have gone with material this dicey.

Cliché to the max.

Dennis Dugan has become the main director for any of these Sandler comedies, with uninspiring and flat directing; whenever a good moment arises to adds strength, Dugan take all the easy steps.

If you walk out of the theater feeling sad...

Save your money and your time.

Granted some of the points are lame and predictable.

There was no plot, just a vehicle for telling gay jokes.

Seeing Adam Sandler break out of his sport oriented movies or goofy side.. and see him on a kinda more serious level was entertaining.

Complete with annoying kids and a love interest where Sandler gets to pretend he is goofy, and you have a dull, unfunny movie that should have bypassed the theaters and gone right to DVD.

I found much of it enjoyable.

The plot was dumb, the jokes were bad, and the movie was way too long.

its worth watching if you want to turn your brain off and watch an average American comedy!

A total waste of time.

I have laughed at Scary Movies etc just because everything is so lame and hence enjoyable in the right company.

It was a waste of time.

I thought this film was very enjoyable and shows how Chuck goes from using that term, to defending them.

At times it becomes pretty tiresome to be one joke ahead of the movie.

Entertaining comedy .

Jessica Biel also shows up, or rather stands round in skimpy underwear, as you can guess she's a bit pointless and only put in for eye candy.

I was bored at 20 minutes, and I finally gave up at 54:22.

You can depend on something very entertaining that has Kevin James in it.

They're like bright gems in this well known cliché jungle.

In the case of Mr. Sandler, far too long.

They make a better team when she thinks he's gay but Biel is kind of boring in the role.

So I watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Tuesday night and while it was funny at times, it was typical Sandler: same cast from previous movies, him hitting people, funny beginning and middle, then sentimental message at the end, and predictable love story.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is funny at times; but at some moments it seemed a bit hypocritical and predictable.

I was ready to leave after Jessica Beil's character said something about the Christians (who were standing out front of a night club with a bullhorn yelling obscenities) being miserable and trying to make all the gay people at the party just as miserable as they were.

This is probably Dugan's sharpest film to date so far and it is his most entertaining comedy since "Happy Gilmore".

We need a contrived instance to set up our asinine plot device and it comes in the form of James saving Sandler's Chuck from plummeting to his death during a secondary search after a fire.

It gets a little tedious and it is difficult to sit all the way through it.

This film manages to drag out all the stereotypes about gays and gay marriage and to actually present them in an entertaining and even uplifting manner.

It's not Knocked Up or Hot Fuzz, I'm probably not going to buy the DVD, however it's certainly worth watching, something you won't ascertain from the 14% RT review or terrible IMDb scores.

By showing how terrible cliché people think about gays, he hits the spot.

Before I went to this movie, considering actors Kevin and Adam, I hoped this movie did NOT have the cliché teen/ college humor/underwear/wedgie gags running through it, that it did NOT have a social and political morality popping up every 30 minutes, NOT having a feelgood moment every 20 minutes, and NOT trying be a desperate, predictable merger of teenage movies for 18-21 year old and silly situation comedy movies I thought belonged to the 90's.

Everything is predictable.

This high concept comedy is modesty entertaining and decent.

The story about two straight firefighters, Chuck and Larry, that are the best friends, pretend to be gay and get married to protect Larry's family was really good and entertaining with a convincing plot.

Ridiculous idea to start with, a surprisingly fun and engaging comedy.

Jessica's performance is very sexy and stunning her screen time was awesome her character was so flashy, intelligent, and warm anytime Jessica is on screen it just glows she was the supporting weight that carried this film.

This movie was so entertaining from the very beginning to the end.

Since this comedy has a good cast, it's fairly fast paced and the usually tough Ving Rhames offers an change of pace role.

After watching every other new release worth watching I brought this home on movie night to annoy my partner more than anything else cos he'd heard this sucked, Instead we laughed just about the whole way through.

The words of the sermon become predictable (monologues about two people loving each other, for example) and the premise behind the movie is forgotten.

It is funny and entertaining .

All three scrape the bottom of the barrel, digging up every cliché and stereotype to whip up a film more insulting than actually bringing awareness.

It's highly enjoyable minus some absurdities.

In conclusion, it was a very entertaining and enjoyable movie with a very deep message of equality.

This movie is loaded with predictable and awful jokes.

This movie is at times funny, offensive, stupid, unbelievable, and unwatchable.

At the start I was pretty much in agreement with where my head was going in, the fake Brooklyn accents, the horrible bluescreen of NYC behind the racing fire truck (although I blame the HD for that), and the bland jokes made up of a mix between obvious and uninspired definitely didn't help.

Cute and funny, but predictable and typical Sandler .

By no means a great film, there is some charm hidden within that crops up enough to make it just the right amount of enjoyable making me feel that I didn't completely waste two hours of my life.

OK it is full of stereotypes, yes the movie does old jokes, it is fairly predictable and we have seen it before.

Its just a boring unfunny movie.

The film offers solid performances in unexpected roles by Jessica Biel, Dan Aykroyd, Ving Rhames, Richard Chamberlain and others.

I found this motion picture very entertaining.

Unexpected .

What I did stay awake long enough to notice is that the movie just isn't funny to me.

All the predictable confrontations and stereotypes are trotted out...

I wanted to go watch this movie and believe that these two guys really had a reason to fake their marriage, but their marital arrangement was so utterly contrived and full of holes, it made me physically sick (Michael Caine from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels).

Though criticized as insulting to a particular race , Rob Schneider's unbilled cameo as the Asian minister is enjoyable , and could be considered more broad-mindedly , just for the sake of the fun in a gay wedding , and his description of the ring , which is a circle , and eternal , makes you laugh .

Propaganda .

James's and Sandler's characters are obtuse in their prejudices, up until the predictable point where they begin to experience some gay bashing themselves, which effectively teaches them the error of their ways and that yes, gays are people too.

For a comedy the story is proper but the problem is that the movie is too long and too boring, it could have been made half an hour shorter and you still didn't miss a thing.

The jokes were most certain to be either over the top and dumb, or bland and boring and for the most part they went bland and boring, probably to be safe which is not Sandler's usual style.

I saw it with 3 friends and all really enjoyed it.

I just watched "I know Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" It was an OK movie, and would say worth watching.

It wasn't bad, I rather enjoyed it, and while some elements were certainly lacking (A credible third act) it was enjoyable, and that's all a movie is for.

The cliché about the honorable and dedicated to each other firemen is also included so I think there is nothing left to say.

You will spend an entertaining Saturday evening if you want not to see all the time real action movies.


Cliché Cliché Cliché .

Parts of the film do remind one of 'Three To Tango' but it has its own jokes and is quite an enjoyable comedic flick.

Officially the WORST movie ever .