I Still Believe (2020) - Biography, Drama, Music

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The true-life story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp and his journey of love and loss that looks to prove there is always hope.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Andrew Erwin
Stars: undefined, K.J. Apa
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 27 out of 152 found boring (17.76%)

One-line Reviews (57)

It will be worth the watch for all, especially teens, True love is when you understand the sacrifice and be there for that special one....

Christian Propaganda .

A sincere and true love, faith-based story, somewhat trite .

Make the film unwatchable!

With their "topsy turvy" dating period lasting a short amount of time in comparison to the drawn out hospital scenes.

It was very boring.

Good message but dull.

Kj and Brit did a wonderful job to an otherwise boring and at times annoying plot.

This film is engaging and powerful!!!

I know i am not religious, but this where the most boring movie i have ever seen.

So boring .

This seems more like a Christian propaganda than a love story.

Vapid and predictable.

I can see in the comments, that a lot of people are saying it´s a good and touching movie, but the movie was such a cliché.

The plot is fairly standard which covers up a predictability, while script is filled with devotion to your loved ones and the power of faith, but that story never has an opportunity to develop because so little of this film focuses on character or relationship, while Christianity is being represent mostly with (empty) words or Cross on the wall.

Breathtaking .

So touching true story, worth watching..

It's decently predictable.

The movie was so predictable.

Nothing really happened, I was bored.

Such an amazing movie and most definitely worth watching 10/10

Boring .

Now maybe the songs make up for it, after all there are plenty of these films where the music comes in to save the day with a stunning performance.

I believed from the moment they met on screen that they had fallen for each other, which made the story so much more engaging.

Unlike some other movies, the film manages to keep a good pace, always keeping the romance moving towards what will surely be an intense lesson and minimizing how many tangents these films can sometimes take.

Parents should know that there are intense scenes and we do not think that the movie is suitable for kids under ten, or kids who can't talk through serious topics with you afterward.

Sooooo boring and slow.

I feel like I have wasted my whole Sunday night watching the worst movie of 2020.

First of all, two hours is way too long.

So freakin slow .

although it's fairly predictable, I enjoyed it.

Entire film quite long, slow and full of boring conversation!

For example, the film may feel tedious for some.

Too long, slow, weird and bored!

The story is incredibly dull to watch as main characters had almost no chemistry WHATSOEVER.

" (2015), both of which appear to be unwatchable judging by their trailers.

Due to all these extras, the film has had a playing time of almost two hours if necessary and this playing time can unfortunately be felt due to the slow tempo.

Treat that as a musical movie will be more enjoyable.

The pacing was slow.


This is a movie I adored it's very powerful and a fantastic movie it shows you just when your about to lose faith God shows up and works things together for good so much fun to watch so beautiful I highly recommend it

Not only is it a bible bashing movie but it has the worst storyline, poorly structured and down right boring.

I highly recommend everyone to watch this movie at least once, even if you aren't a believer, I highly recommend it.

Most boring movie ever .

Cliche trope.

I thoroughly enjoyed it especially since in lockdown I can't face watching anything that is violent or nasty so this was a brilliant choice.

At the end they kept saying they wanted to tell the dying woman's story but there was no story to tell - you can sum up the movie in one sentence because nothing else happens.

Painfully boring.

It's absolutely stunning.

Really standard and predictable .

Very predictable movie.

I'm a sucker for a good love story and this one delivers, while it does have issues with some character development, some dialogue was weird, and the plot was a little cliche, you do get invested in the story and the character's feelings.

It was literally like watching paint dry, but I think I would have rather just watched paint dry instead of spending $5 to rent this snooze fest.

Nothing happened as it did in Jeremy's book.

As someone who has suffered unexpected loss, this movie hit all the tough spots and then some.

Definitely worth the watch.