Igby Goes Down (2002) - Comedy, Drama

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A young man's peculiar upbringing renders him unable to competently cope with the struggle of growing up.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Burr Steers
Stars: Kieran Culkin, Susan Sarandon
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 63 out of 234 found boring (26.92%)

One-line Reviews (137)

Despite that, "Igby Goes Down" is an intriguing portrait of a rich kid on the brink of losing his sanity.

Well surely enough she put in the same weak caliber, cliched, overacting, melodramatic, trite performance I've always seen her give.

As the film starts to move toward a more structured storyline in the end, it starts to feel somewhat uninspired and dull.

It's got flaws: the narrative wanders a bit, there's one scene of teen angst pushed, arguably, a bit too far into melodrama, and there are a few brief dances with cliche.

)But any film brave enough to snub the stereotypical aristocratic tier for its failed pretentious values should be shared for its inherent social commentary, methinks.

Every scene this inept little actor are in are doomed to be boring, unconvincing and full of bad acting.

If you waste your money on this movie, as I did, don't say you weren't warned.

Why be trite?

Self-indulgent crap .

That snappy, metaphoric dialog comes from studiously unreal people, so is delicious.

His darkly comic trip--shared by a deviant cast of characters, including his terminally bored, part-time lover Sookie, his Godfather's trophy mistress Rachel, and smack-dealing performance artists Russel--veers from bizarre to tragic in Igby's ultimately noble attempt to keep himself from "going down"...

About a rich private school kid who runs away from it all to live like a starving artist, Igby Goes Down is engaging (and important!

Well, usually the characters have had some reason to be anything but empty and still have some kind of capability of human emotion left.

Entertaining scenes and good dialogue, and i suppose the plot kept me interested throughout, forced me to give it a 6 out of 10.

Pros: Pretty fun characters, good acting goes a long way Creative, effective costumesCons: Bad editing, every scene starts the same way with the same shot Pretty pretentious sometimesBest part: that part when Igby was locked out of Sookie's place and he was trying to get away from NY, sad stuff Worst part: army guy parts, useless and unfunny

Igby Goes Down (while occasionally flawed) is a stunning and deliberatelyobscure under-rated dramedy.

The movie, while surprising at times, follows the predictable arc by the end.

Compelling & Enjoyable .

Especially enjoyable was his talk with Igby about how families need contracts, a business venture rather than a loving relationship.

Yes, but they sure are fascinating.

Just know that you will waste 98 minutes of your life.

The movie veers from comedy to tragedy and it's never properly explained why Igby's teenage angst is so out of control and why he tries to alienate everyone around him, but the film is lively and entertaining.

I walked out of their trying to justify whether or not I enjoyed this film, with the same feeling I got when I walked out of ROYAL TENENBAUMS.

An very amazing and engaging film, from camera work to screen play, and most of all dialog.

Even more contrived was how he managed to get two attractive older women (whatever their hang-ups)to go to bed with him at the drop of a hat.

I found Tennenbaums to be much more self-indulgent, and at times completely boring.

If a typical Hollywood cliche ridden, predictable, cookie-cutter film is your comfort do not see this movie!

Massivly self indulgent .

The cast is incredible and it's unfortunate that they took part in such a dull film.

Coming of age for the new millenum.

We were both bored to tears.

"Igby Goes Down" is a very cleverly written film, with a stunning soundtrack and quality cinematography.

There was nothing thought provoking or earth shattering in it, I didn't find it to be the glossy social commentary that some reviewers have labeled it as, I found it to just show that everyone has problems and images arent always as they appear, and doing so in the most pretentious way possible.

Overly pretentious + indulgent = booorrriiinnnng.

'Igby Goes Down' is TOTALLY pointless coming of age film.

And there were so many implausible situations it became tiresome.

After seeing the reviews for this film I thought " at last a funny intelligent film which I can watch after the boring blockbusters of the year so far".

I sat there with four friends bored out of my brain and after the film finished I was informed that they had felt the same way.

I found Igby Goes Down to be an entertaining movie.

All the characters (except perhaps for Sarandon's, who could have used some further development to explain her bizarre behavior) are interesting and intriguing.

Igby himself is interesting enough for awhile, but there comes a point in a picture where the central character has do do something worth watching.

Oliver is a much more engaging character than Igby.

It's well written and worth watching.

With solid performances from an incredible cast, great direction and a fresh, engaging story, Igby Goes Down is one of my top picks for the summer.

However, mainly due to his acting and partly due to an unfortunate script, my overall impression of Igby was one of nauseating boredom and incomprehension.

The younger Culkin does a wonderful job at showing the complexity and multiple layers of Igby (I was very surprised) and seems to be more talented than his Home Alone boring brother.

We have a pretentious attempt to make "Catcher in the Rye" and a badly borrowed "Rushmore".

But if you want a compelling and powerful story with some Oscar-quality acting performances, check this one out.

Then, we have over 90 minutes of boredom and torture as we see the life of Igby and those around.

His father's failure to cope and his mother's dictatorial self-indulgence (not to mention pill popping and drinking) reinforce the possibilities that the world is not how it is portrayed to the general public.

I liked it even less than I liked Catcher in the Rye, i found the writing and plot to be extremely self indulgent, I just felt like the writers were screaming for the audience to pat them on the head and tell them how smart they are, while leaving out any real sense of wit and humor(aside for one line about religion).

Throw a bunch of weird familial characters at a coming of age movie, and Igby Goes Down is the result.

It's so trite for a movie to be fun and engaging, and have lovable characters.

I could sometimes glimpse a funny and deep film in there somewhere, but the execution just left an empty, depressing work.

This film bored by companion and I almost to the point of leaving.

inspired but uninspiring .

This was a film that defines the new adage 'Quiet is the new loud' and sets a new standard for coming of age films.

For a more interesting coming of age film further down on the socioeconomic ladder, watch SLC Punk, which is more relevant and revolutionary to this decade even though it was about the last one.

I saw it twice in a week, owing to scheduling on my satellite package, and enjoyed it even more the second time.

Worth watching .

Caulkin looks like a short, ugly, boring, young Robert Downey Jr., and the writing is too self-assured for its mediocrity.

He, while 17, prefer's the company of older women bedding both his step-father's mistress Rachel(Amanda Peet) and an older druggie vegetarian Sookie (Claire Daines) while 'on the lam' from going to military school in this slightly coming of age film.

He must endure a father whose response to the pressures of life has been to seek surcease in an emotional breakdown; a mother whose rampant drug addiction, domineering personality and general coldness have driven a wedge between her and her children; and a brother who, in some odd way, seems to love Igby, but who is more than willing to play by the rules to get to the top of the heap in the corporate world, a goal Igby soundly rejects as meaningless and empty.

Simple yet engaging and not dragged out makes this movie well worth buying or renting.

Solidly enjoyable movie if you enjoy non-mainstream movies .

In the end, a good cast was wasted on pretentious drivel about unlikeable people.

I particularly love all the unexpected moments, lines and situations in the movie without being exagerated or out of place.

Bill Pullman has a short but intense turn as the boys' father and Susan Sarandon does her usual excellent job.

Everything else was utterly boring, like the boring lives they lead and the boring way they talk and that hypocritical moralistic Hollywood twist of oh I love my mother even though she is a bitch from hell (xcuse me to all bitches).

Good fodder for self indulgent critics, buffs, dilettantes, etc. For those who just want entertainment, forget it.

The main character came over as a spoiled brat and SPOILERShis breakdown on his mother's deathbed(designed to show the vulnerability underneath a cynical exterior) came over as contrived in the extreme.

The story of an uninteresting rich brat.

It was a self-indulgent wallowing in pity for shallow, spoiled people who deserved no pity.

The dialogue is snappy, the costume design is excellent, and the film navigates a mix of arch comedy, angst-filled coming-of-age stuff, and social satire well.

They believe that pseudo-clever dialog, an amoral approach to decision-making and a lot of pointless activity culminating in somebody's life falling apart add up to a meaningful commentary on a world that to them is both intimidating and despicable.

The disjointed plot which went in all directions at once and the mostly ho-hum performances meant I was barely able to watch this movie through to the end.

I never comment on movies I don't like because why waste the time?

Everybody did a great job of just being abnormal and bored.

For a good coming of age/teen rebellion film, try "Harold and Maude".

Clever dialogue, good acting, and always compelling.

It is there to make us laugh, cry, think about the world and our place in it, but more importantly it is there to allow us to escape into the fantasy of living someone else's life (which is why Reality TV is so addictive)'Igby goes down' took me to a place where I fell asleep, where I had to finally press stop and could not care less what happened to the little rich boy with problems.

In coming of age films the protagonists (if they don't die like James Dean did in "Rebel Without A Cause") presumably learn something about life.

Entertaining feature from 1st time director/writer Burt Steers .

If not, you may find it a bit of a waste of time.

Poor Haitians their stockings will be empty for Christmas.

the dialogue that was supposed to be clever and quoteable comes off as unconvincing and contrived.

When will these studied characters find themselves in a film worth watching?

To compare it to Catcher In The Rye is a sin; the eponymous character has none of the real angst of Holden Caulfield, and the hotchpotch of miscreants and socialites Igby meets along the way are as dull and linear as in any film I can think of.

) None of these characters care about anyone or feel any passion for anything but money, and even that bores them.

Salinger's or if because of restrictions, he was trying to update Catcher in the Rye with a cast of pointless "phonies" who enact a lot of random life dramas without the seriousness and feeling of Catcher.

Igby has a bunch of terrific performers, but I pity them trying to act around the pretentious, annoyingly "intellectual" dialogue.

This side of the movie is interesting but unfortunately, at this moment, the movie turns into a teen romance really boring.

Or maybe what caused me to be totally disinterested was the pretentious art student feel of everything.

For a genuinely enjoyable, subversive, and more realistic coming-of-age story, read JD Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, from which Igby's character and story are largely borrowed.

It's a coming of age movie about young Igby, his brother, and his overbearing mother.


The performances are uniformly excellent, and Kieran Culkin adeptly carries the film amidst large but enjoyable performances by an impressive roster of experienced older actors.

Not to over praise it, as it does have fault, growing melancholy and predictable towards the end.

The writing in this movie is everso fancy, the saterical cynicism is very enjoyable.

emotionally packed and very enjoyable and sad movie!

Sufficiently eccentric characters, a disturbing yet intriguing story hold up this film, with it's wit and brilliant cast.

Rather pointless, I'd say .

Deep down it's a view on the rich, bleak, befuddled lifestyles of not just Igby but of others, and also a compelling character study that doesn't cheat from first frame to last.

First, I would like to address the people who have said that this film was pointless.

As a coming of age film it does not work either simply because it is so nasty.

It's completely disjointed: we can't tell who's sleeping with whom, who is whose parents, etc. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON!

What a waste of 98 minutes of my life.

Solidly enjoyable movie if you enjoy non-mainstream movies.

Nothing happened.

whiny pretentious CRAP .

The performances were all around pretty good, Kieran Culkin, while talented, suffered from a little bit of overacting, but in the end is still very watchable and very entertaining, plus I think that is a criticism you can lay blame on the director/writer, who was actually my main problem with the film.

Steers seems to recognize the dull thud of his delivery as he spruces them up with punchy mood music that seems not unlike a banner reading "laugh here.

Ted's evaluation: 3 of 4 -- Worth watching.

But most importantly, the confusion and the feeling of being lost, like a child who's just learning how to walk without anybody's help.

Overall a boring film.

Its like watching wet paint get dry aka bloody boring!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Well, I attempted to watch Igby last night but fell asleep so perhaps I cannot rightfully comment on the film being that I missed the "exciting" conclusion.

Quirky, Darkly Funny Coming Of Age Story With An Amazing Cast .

I enjoyed this film surprisingly, and while it did seem slightly pretentious, not nearly as much so as "American Beauty" did.

A likeable "hero" with a strong cast of characters in one of those "coming of age" movies.

It is impossible for me to explain just how I felt after seeing such an amazing film; I enjoyed it so much that I watched it for a second time the morning after I originally saw it.

Except Rushmore was WAY more exciting.

I found the characters to be quite real, believeable, engaging as hell.

This movie wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be, I often found myself bored and wondering when the movie was finally going to end.

Personally I was bored with it from the get go, utterly and completely detatched, and toughed it out with a piecemeal watch.

If its trying to portray the world of old money as a confusing and boring land where peoples actions are motivated by nothing then it truly succeeds.

The dialogue is stolen from "Love Story," characters Rachel (Amanda Peet) and Sookie (Claire Danes) walk through Igby's world by the most contrived of reasons, and the word "humor" would be a gross misrepresentation of anything that happened in this film.

They are so much different from all the repetitive crap that we are subjected to over and over again.

Underrated Coming of Age Movie (Catcher in the Rye-esque) .

1 minute earlier we see Mimi lying on the bed and her hands are empty.

pretentious and overwritten .

Even Bill Pullman's small performance as his absent father is intense.

The movie is punctuated with a snappy dialogue,loaded with irony and wit.

This movie could have easily been a 3 hour, but the crew resisted developing the multitude of fascinating characters.

As a coming of age story, it's unoriginal.

An Engaging and Unique First Film .