Inception (2010) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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A thief who steals corporate secrets through the use of dream-sharing technology is given the inverse task of planting an idea into the mind of a C.E.O.

IMDB: 8.8
Director: Christopher Nolan
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Length: 148 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 85 out of 1000 found boring (8.5%)

One-line Reviews (366)

trippy, suspenseful, interesting .

It is a beautiful masterpiece showcased with breathtaking visuals, tear-jerking acting, and a meaningful plot that transcends religion as well as culture.

Inception is a great, exciting and tense melodrama.

A multi layered snooze fest and a reminder of how abysmal the DiCaprio's acting really is.

Stunning cinematography, complex plot, brilliant action, hypnotic music, this film has it all.

The worst movie I'll never forget .

I was on the edge of my seat waiting to face that question.

So complicated and stilted that it became boring and silly.

It will have you on the edge of your seat.

On the edge of your seat as they all come to and end.

There's one big part of Inception that really works though, and that's that the movie is just really entertaining.

great entertaining movie overall and i think it'd be great for a family movie night, except really young children.

Mind Blowing Masterpiece .

An extremely clever, action packed and gripping movie that constantly leaves you on the edge of your seat, there is literally never a dull moment.

All this is a combination of the greatest cinematic experience that Nolan dragged through all these years.

Still, it's a riveting visual exploration of the surreal.

REVIEW: I think the movie delivers in the aspect of Sci-Fi and has a very intriguing story.

Movie was boring.

Stylish and gripping.....

Some may says it's pretentious and the ideas presented acctualy aren't fully understood by the creators and/or don't make sense.

An intentionally complex and non-linear storyline is not smart, but pretentious filmmaking.

An epic and deeply engrossing story .

The dramatic scenes of tension are EXHAUSTING where you actually get bored of them, and the pace of the scene is just frozen in a seizure.

It possessed a seemingly undeterred route to live on in infamy (they thought up the hard part) as this movie has stretches, bursts if you will of extreme utter sheer brilliance but everybody is wearing like suits, all suits, only suits and acting all rigid-like and it's sort of hard to follow honestly and stuff like what a waste of dream space.

This movie is Cristopher Nolan at his best,the story is literally mind-blowing, the whole movie is confusing, and from the beginning i wanted to know what was going to happen next, the story unveils itself smoothly, the music score fits perfectly with the action, The movie itslef is rated 13+, even if it contains almost no violence, at the end i thought it was pretty deep, in the end i loved it

The music is unique and adds to the adrenaline-rushing tone of the film.

Impossible to keep up with slow and boring .

So that I feel viewers might find confusing and disregard the movie.

A simple yet fascinating concept, masterfully crafted for fans of the genre .

Surely very high budget, impressive cast, and I actually like all them, but this was simply too pretentious, and full with scenes which actually had nothing with story flow.

Therefore, I completely agree that what would be a dream within a dream, within a dream, the tossing and turning of flashbacks or the fact that a person's subconscious can be trained to use weapons and tear any intruders to shreds as a defence mechanism, could be confusing.


Overall, the suspenseful performance of Nolan's movie is quite good, especially in the 2010 era.

Really very interesting movie unpredictable each and every turn in movie below your mind.

on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Smart, innovative, and thrilling, Inception is that rare summer blockbuster that succeeds viscerally as well as intellectually.

The sheer brilliance of it is mind blowing.

If you are looking for a film that is confusing,mind-boggling or like me a fan of Leonardo Di Caprio then do check it out.

Nolan's oeuvre is definitely one of the most creative outpourings in commerce and cliche-ridden Hollywood.

Waste of time...

The complicated yet intriguing storyline is amazing.

I enjoyed it exactly the same as before, not learning anything new about the narrative.

Now, the only reason I have this film at 9 is because of how damn confusing this movie can be at times.

The plot of the movie is unique, suspenseful and clever.

Over long, Pretentious twaddle .

Had that role been given to a talented actress like Taryn Manning or Juliette Lewis (with the part re-written to work with her age) instead of an empty show-biz personality like Ellen Page, this would have been a 10 star film, all the way.

Just feels a disjointed version of 'the matrix' Such great actors and cgi for such a ridiculous hard to follow story.

From the premise of the movie, the ending, it was cliche and tiresome to the point of annoyance.

Mighty confusing.

Inception is not only one of the most original films ever made, it is absolutely riveting stuff.

Furthermore the visuals (and even action scenes) are straight up stunning.

The movie is very long and the real concept of movie starts after 1 hour.

It is most likely that you have seen the most exciting movie in the theater in recent years.

It's like Christopher Nolan took Heat-style heists, dropped a tablet of acid, and fell asleep.

Wannabee matrix in a confusing package.

I nearly walked out of this film.

Now the British cinematographer is 39 years old, and the world has finally come to the opportunity to get to know what Nolan was so stunning, fast and loud all these years.

'Inception' is one of the most overhyped, overrated and pretentious films I've ever seen.

Inception was a thrilling movie for me to watch.

It's not a wild assumption to make, for both the reasons that perfection is subjective, and that it's simply too difficult to achieve a masterpiece with equally intriguing and driven plot, characters, cinematography.

Strange and somewhat confusing tale on a group of individuals who can enter their dreams and those of others and manipulate them into reality.

Just like in that movie, in this movie too, there is too much complicated, unknown, unsolved, difficult, unpredictable stuff.

And coupled with length of over 2 hours, that makes watching this movie very demanding and energy intensive.

Worth watching.

Several Intriguing Concepts to Ponder .

I liked this movie, it's fun and trippy and can be stunning to look at.

Nolan takes the nebulous psycho-analytical concept of dreams in his usual literal way, presenting a vision of the untamed subconscious as boring as an international action movie.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'Arthur' is perhaps the weakest of the ensemble (even though he is the focus of the films most thrilling sequence), his character is literally just there for exposition.

Tedious and empty .

The plot is intriguing, the casts are awesome.

They all have the dark color pallets, and intense visual images.

Inception is the most mind boggling movie i have ever watched.

The worst movie I've ever sat thru.

At each level of the dream, perceived time passes several times slower than real time.

Hard to follow .

It's worth watching.

Too long, plotholes, confusing and much luck just to work every little detail-not realistic.

Dreams, dreams in dreams, dreams and reality are intricate, and movies that you can read even if you burn your brain a few times are worth watching.

The cinematography has a Noir style, performed by Wally Pfister (who has worked with Nolan on other films such as Dark Knight, Prestige, Insomnia), an ultra-talented professional, who uses perfect angles in the scenes and sequences, with a good use of shades differentials in every situation and dream sequences.

Both the writing and performance of his character actually give this film its backbone, it's just a shame that Nolan keeps pushing him to the sidelines, instead wishing to focus more on the uninteresting concept of the film itself.

If she enjoyed it, then there was something about Inception.

"Inception" (Legendary/ Warner, 2010) is a fictional film/psychological thriller, which also encompasses the theme of Heist, and which was nominated for several awards at the time of release, being written and directed by one of my favorite directors, Christopher Nolan (Memento, Dunkirk, Dark Knight, Interstellar, Insomnia).

Is the story a little hard to follow and straight-up a little confusing?

A tedious action movie with Bond-level stunts (not a compliment) with two other major problems:1.

Cons:The film doesn't make sense, and is confusing.

One of the best,Nice ideas,Filmed creatively, worth watching

All of the action scenes are intense, the runtime and pacing is perfect, the performances are all wonderful, and the couple of jokes thrown in there get a laugh out of you.

Memento, The Prestige, Dark Knight and now Inception: Nolan's oeuvre is definitely one of the most creative outpourings in commerce and cliche-ridden Hollywood.

and a stunning plot and ending.

Even the article was dull and uninspiring...

The plot involves you in a fascinating world of dreams, and the intensity of the ending reflects wonderfully the intense experience of dreaming.

So much so that when you walk out of the theater and look around, there is a sense of film shooting in your eyes.

Overall, great movie, fun to watch, exciting and emotional in turns, and I think people can take away many different messages and themes.

Inception is a confusing pretentious film.

Its a fiction movie and it's more a boring time waste for me

The whole score is so well matched up with the shots in such an entertaining way, it's the reason I have watched this movie more that 30 times already, and will watch 30 times more in the future.

This movie is mind bending, thrilling and unique so I suggest you don't miss it..

Fascinating .

Absolutely entertaining visually stunning.

After some years, I basically don't remember almost anything except main part of plot, and that silly scene of shooting on street, what was so utterly pointless.

The end result is an extremely entertaining movie that had me at the edge of my seat for the entire runtime.

Very enjoyable .

Because of unique plot alone not to mention thrilling heist sequences, gripping themes, lovable characters, and fantastic finale, Nolan's baby has its spot among the all-time greats.

Inception keeps you on the edge of your seats like nothing else, and it's gripping enough to get the audience feeling as though a single intake of breath would shatter the entire dynamic of the movie.

Soundtrack- I think the background music of movie adds value to the thrilling experience that we get in this movie and it's background music will definitely leave a good impact on all those who are going to watch the movie.

Inception is a slow starter.

People rating this movie so highly really haven't looked at this movie objectively at the substance of the movie or its characters, or the MANY, MAAAANY holes in the story, or just how cliche the entire premise and story is.

But boy, I found this so dull and I ended up really hating it.

boring .

Some complain that the dreams were too logical and realistic compared to the real world, but in this case, I think, adding the layer of surrealism to the dreams would have turned the film too confusing and taken away the credibility of the film's logic that was so carefully constructed.

The concept of going into someone's subconscious seems kind of fascinating.

This is an awful movie and pretentious by trying to make it so hard to understand it has to be explained.

Inception is also one of Nolan's most purely playful and fun films, a heist film done that way of hijacked dreams and acts of deception, you sense the giddiness and joy Nolan would've had conjuring up this film into a reality and never a director to do things the easy way, this is the perfect example of a high-concept feature done with thoughtfulness and tact but also with entertaining at the forefront of its mantra and for those that are willing to be swept away by Nolan's grand vision that's lead by a typically strong DiCaprio turn, Inception is about as good as it gets in regards to big-scale movie making.

From beginning to end I was glued , the cinematography, and visual effects hewed stunning, completely out of the box visually.

All the characters are really likeable and the story is fun and exciting.

Although it might relly to much on exposition, "Inception" is a mind blowing film with amazing visuals and action scenes and a fascinating script.

With the 2 other people I watched this movie with, I asked them both to name one other characters name in this movie 5 minutes after we walked out of it.

The cinematography was stunning with some original concepts and elements built in, CGI was believable if there was any.

I really recommend checking it out it can be very entertaining.

Because I lost my investment in the film, it just dragged out and became boring, especially some of the generic action scenes like the one in the snow.

Another thrilling and entertaining movie by my favourite director.

All this is a combination of the greatest cinematic experience that Nolan dragged through all these years.

It's worth watching.

it explored something fascinating in all the right ways, taken it in all the right directions (7 viewings, 5/15/2020)

amazing, smart, thrilling.

Simply Breathtaking .

Christopher Nolan is an absolute genius with a mind blowing performance from all the actors, special mention to Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.

Fast paced story .

A mind blowing masterpiece of Christopher Nolan....

I think Inception is a great film for a few reasons: the cinematography is amazing, the cast is stellar, it is action packed, and it visualized abstract ideas.

it's a really fascinating masterpiece.

Omg what a thrilling movie it is.

The back-and-forth interplay between dreams and reality highlights the ingenuity of dreams to a great extent, and all kinds of unexpected sudden points add points to suspense.

While the beginning was a little too slow for my liking, the movie did very well in terms of it's themes and foreshadowing, making the ending very effective.

Nothing but special effects, boring plot, and lame acting.

And for what - an ending that was predictable, cheesy and devoid of emotion.

This along with The Dark Knight and Memento is probably Mr Nolan's finest work, however Inception is stylish, gritty, gripping and very intelligent.

But recently, I watched Avengers: Endgame which has 3 hours of running time.

The directing is amazing and makes the movie entertaining right to the end.

This dumb waste of time take a single scientific factoid that has already been proven to be certainly untrue, interprets it in the most nonsensical way possible and weaves a convoluted narrative around that one hinge point to project an utterly flaccid one-dimensional and forced plot.


What I disliked: It's so fast paced that it feels rushed and grew tiresome in parts.

It's very easy to be absorbed into the world that Nolan creates, thus making the story that much more engaging.

Nolan's mind blowing work .

The concept is original, the action is entertaining, the cinematography is top notch, and for all the brilliant and memorable moments, there are plenty of plot holes, and a whoooole lot of exposition.

Much like my own most enjoyable recurring dreams, it seems to mutate subtly to feel ephemeral and, at the same time, everlasting in its impact.

The middle is magnificent, the whole journey is breathtaking and tense.

I'm sorry to say this, but it is bit pretentious.

It's worth watching.

The cinematography of the film is stunning.

Got to say something - MIND BLOWING!.

The love story had me on the edge of my seat.

Breathtaking all around .

This is indeed a very exciting movie.

Still, they did expand upon the idea enough that it was a major part of the entire plot and certainly was quite a fascinating film anyways.

Unmitigated Pretentious Claptrap .

The performance for each member of the cast are exceptional and the visual are stunning and so creative, not too flashy considering it's about dreams like for me it's a realistic as I could imagine being able to function inside dreams would be.

Fast-moving story together with the exciting visual style makes the two and a half hours pass without noticing because you are captivated by everything that happens on the screen.


The good actors, and the stunning cinematography made this film to one of my all time favourites!

Few phenomena are more fascinating than dreams.

It might not work for everyone, specially bits where it gets a little slow.

Fascinating film.

I kept falling asleep and missed second half .

In this incredible Christopher Nolan film, the mystery, soundtrack and promise of more makes it a gripping tale of progress, defeat, mystery and understanding.

Christopher Nolan, once again, tells a fascinating story in a very unique way.

Stunning .

a waste of time, just like inception.

A pretentious pile of garbage.

Both of these problems can be rectified with a slow burn narrative.

Lengthy movie that is pretty much a thrilling ride the whole time.

The movie was good from the beginning and it has a very intriguing plot along with some good action scenes.

multi-layered snooze fest .

Probably the most exciting movie you have seen in a cinema in recent years

He further substantiated his status by conjuring movies like Insomnia, The Prestige, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight.

It's fast paced story keeps hooked to the screen.

Far too much for my brain to handle really as I found it really hard to follow, maybe would be more suited towards someone who can concentrate for more than 5 minutes

Although this film has quite a disjointed, distracting, difficult to follow start, and perhaps needed to leave the presumably theatrical-format lights-fading?

Very confusing.

Hans Zimmer does a stunning soundtrack, as always, with these loud air horn noises that apparently were written into the script.

I thought a lot of stuff in it was overdone and a lot of parts were just downright boring.

Starting off slow , It really transforms into a stay calm thriller adventure.

Great actors, great screenplay and a great setting contributes to the most stunning movie in this decade and of all time.

The movie admittedly is difficult to understand the first time you watch it, but is still quite enjoyable.

I kind of like the concept, but maybe the presentation style is very confusing, so, it's really a big confusion.

The first half of the movie is visually brilliant and just entertaining .

The ending was way more predictable then I thought it was, and there certainly were a couple of plotholes.

What should I do if I can't believe the pain of scratching my fingers, the satisfaction of filling my stomach, the humid heat between my fingers, the intense heartbeat when hugging, and the memories of happiness, sadness, and promise?

Boring dreams - dull performances - really irritating noisey soundtrack that drowns our the dialogue.

Mind blowing .

This is one of my favourite films its so intense but thrilling!

Truly a superb, indifferent film that makes our dreams and reality cross in unexpected ways.

It's a science fiction film released in 2010 and written by undoubtedly one of the greatest directors in Hollywood, Christopher Nolan, the creator of such stunning films as 'Memento', 'The dark knight', Prestige' and 'Interstellar'.

Captivating and incredibly enthralling, Inception balances what could be too much of a confusing concept with just enough intelligence and thought to make a stunning original story with great acting and plotline.


I see this movie few time because was fascinating for me.

Very confusing and I am really not a fan of DiCaprio, another overrated actor.

The way the story progresses through the layers of the dream, the fact that it's all so consistent with itself, the fascinating story, the character moments, it makes sense why this screenplay took Nolan so many years to write.

Exciting action scenes > Plot development and philosophy .

Inception is not only one of the most original films in recent months, it is absolutely riveting stuff.

It's a breathtaking juggling act, and Nolan may have considered his "Memento" (2000) a warm-up;

The movie has incredible scenes that explain very accurately the idea of the movie so there is no need to explain more the situation with dialogues because it makes it tiring and boring.

So confusing and complex and boring!!

But let's leave Shutter Island on the side, Inception is of that kind of movies to make you wonder if the end is the best thing on the movie with its fascinating ending or it's the movie that it's making you question ypur reality.

It's just mind blowing.

Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' often gets a mention in many 'best films of all time' lists, despite the fact that this is probably one of the least rewarding and most pointless films I've ever watched.

All the possibilities of today's (2010) technology in service of a thrilling story.

This was no better than any of Nolan's other hack films he's made, like the Barman movies or INTERSTELLAR, and it drags on for way too long, which is why I'll never watch it again.

This is definitely an exciting and one of a kind movie.

Simply thrilling!

One of the best movies out there I highly recommend it

Rubbish Make Me Fell Sleep And Boring!

Nolan's passion-project deals with an obscure concept that informs every aspect of the feature and leads to some visually stunning moments.

Exciting and intriguing at the same time!

Thrilling & trippy, it mimics the complexity of the different levels of the dream state perfectly.

Incredibly suspenseful movie!

" Within twenty minutes of the film's somewhat intriguing intro, I knew not only how it would end-I also pretty much knew how we were getting there.

While watching the movie, I was totally immersed in it.

The soundtrack is a by-the-numbers Feel This Emotion Now tone cliche.

From the first minute you are shrouded in complete confusion.

It is most likely that you have seen the most exciting movie in the theater in recent years.

It's WELL worth the watch.

Stunning, I.. loved.. it!!

The supporting cast is very, very strong as well, this includes Molly which as a character makes the movie even more engaging.

"Inception" is an intense, complex story, but it's always coherent, imaginative, and entertaining You can handle the immagination of this movie

The story keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, also the direction is handled by none other than Christopher Nolan himself who needs no introduction.

Dreams, dreams in dreams, dreams and reality are intricate, and movies that you can read even if you burn your brain a few times are worth watching.

Action-packed suspenseful.

For someone like me, who've rarely slept without dream, it's so exciting watching how Christopher Nolan had illustrated every single characteristic of dream on the big screen.

I also wanna talk briefly about the soundtrack which is on par with the movie and very expressive of the recurring themes of the latter, Hans Zimmer added so much depth to the overall experience thanks to his genius and the music he made felt as if it came straight out of a dreamworld, at times mysterious, elegantly confusing, intense ...

in a similar way, that during the convoluted planning and setting up of the planned indirect contributors to the target's future decision-making, far too much scene camerawork was focused on their control over someone else's dream, the person no doubt having to strain their normal levels of dream activity, to compensate for all the extra activity when handling so much more, from multiple people's input / synchronizations, etc.-----------i had to take points off from 10, for the difficulty in following scenes that SEEM clean-cut enough, that you try to follow them in detail, when more blurring, focus-shifting, perspective elongating / optics-effects, etc. could have DRAGGED the audience along with looking-forwards in the direction of the characters own realizations about the progression of their plan a little like a 3rd person view in computer games perhaps,.. sometimes along floors, or camerawork like in thrillers or psychodelia types movies from the 60s-80s, to make it SEEM more like a dream.

Arriving in early August in Morocco, a big unexpected success for the creators was the acquaintance with the local team, with whose help Hollywood partially took off more than one blockbuster in the territory of this African country.

The back and forth between dream and reality, to a large extent of the outstanding dream clever, all sorts of unexpected sudden point is to add points to the suspense.

Overall, I believe that the Inception is a visually stunning film that is definitely worth the 2 hour and 28 minute run time.

Great film but hard to follow .

Magnificent, powerful and with intense action.

But the characters are boring.

Well what can I say about this movie except absolutely stunning and clever, I love the idea that you can hack people's dream and create a whole world in a dream, my second favourite Nolan movie after the dark night.

It's a breathtaking juggling act, and Nolan may have considered his "Memento" (2000) a warm-up;

This movie is so, so, so, so entertaining.

Even though the movie seems a bit confusing at times and it might have some plot holes like for e.

It was intriguing how the three subconscious levels affect each other with various risks and how speed of time increase the more subconscious levels deep you go.

The worst movie I'll never forget.

This movie honestly is mind blowing and extremely difficult to understand.

Entertainment value: 9 Visuals: 10 Soundtrack: 7 Plot: 9 World building and depth: 10 Characters and dialog 10 Total: 9The good: There are obviously so much good in this movie, the acting is superb, the intense heist setup, the dialog...

This movie is complete:acting on another level,thrilling action sequences,Hans Zimmer's breathtaking soundtrack.

If confusion is what you want, this is perfect for you.

I thought it was way too confusing for my teenage brain, and that made it very boring to watch.

I actually felt bored at times.. And as far as the debate about the last scene is concerned it is an open ending doesn't matter it was reality or dream it depends on the viewer....

Even the scenes with Cobb and Mal were boring and unimpactful.

The second time you are totally immersed in the film you have been sucked from reality in to this film.

Amazing,Mind blowing film .

'Inception' is a well made film, visually it's stunning...

Everything in the film perfectly melds together to make the viewer constantly on the edge of their seat.

Each time I watched it was just as enjoyable.

The sheer ambition of the movie itself is enough to get you on the edge of your seat.

The movie pacing is awesome, the story is gripping, compelling and very exciting up to the point that you have literally no guarantee or confidence what happens, how or why.

Following a group of people that can control their and other people's dreams, Inception has some great acting, deep storytelling (that can be hard to follow sometimes) and an awesome soundtrack for every intense scene.

I have tried to watch this film twice now but found it boring and shallow.

It will only hinder your enjoyment and waste your time.

Pretentious claptrap for people with an inflated sense of intelligence .


Just rewatched it 10 years on, still spectacular, mind blowing.

The cinematography itself is breathtaking, with the addition of Nolan's great vision and the world class actors.

There were points my attention drifted due to the slow pacing of the film and then it became hard to follow.

The screenplay is gripping and background music is great.

This movie is both visually exciting and directorially interesting to watch.

The film is tragic and breathtaking and one must take it for what it is.

The most exciting thing is The emotional entanglement of Cobb.

There is definitely an emotional impact at the end that can feel overwhelming but is sitting through 2 hours of rather pointless nonsense make this a great movie?

Different, intersting and mind blowing; even thou it suffers from being unclear sometimes, movie uses it so masterly that it becomes a part of the film.

Exceptional performances & stunning twists.

Well worth the watch.

the experience was phenomenal, fascinating, nerve-racking, and awe-inspiring from beginning to end.

It's a breathtaking juggling act, and Nolan may have considered his "Memento" (2000) a warm-up; he apparently started this screenplay while filming that one.

Brilliant visuals, mesmerizing performances, and an engaging plot.

For the truth is that there are plenty of directors who can make an engaging movie that people will like.

This is pretty much just your standard big budget action flick given Christopher Nolan's signature touch of psycho thriller confusion.

It's a breathtaking juggling act, and Nolan may have considered his "Memento" (2000) a warm-up; he apparently started this screenplay while filming that one.

i really enjoyed the intense visuals that define this movie and i understood the plot and what was happening without getting too confused so that was a bonus and i like that the story got more suspenseful towards the end and the entire movie was one of Nolans best which will be remembered forever.

This is a great film, made very well, acted very well, with intrigue and good plot, not to slack and not to confusing, just at the right level, It starts off "hitting the ground running" and doesn't let up, the last 30 minutes have you on the edge of your seat, yes 30 mins!

This is a film worth watching.

An intriguing espionage storyline of a group of friends and business partners, able to infiltrate peoples dream states - for money - to unearth with careful strategy & cunning genius, even the most deeply buried secrets stored in the subconsious mind and manipulate the dreamer ...

Always entertaining.

The script was a mess and worst of all it was very boring!

The thrilling music in the film is provided by none other than Hans Zimmer, who also set the mood for Nolan's previous film, The Dark Knight.

An always-tense, extremely suspenseful sci-fi action film that respects a viewer's intelligence.

And I'm sorry if the gun nuts come for me, but scenes of two groups shooting machine guns at each other from behind cover are such boring ways to visualize action.

Inception is a story about dreams, how you can build anything you want, Nolan took 10 years to write the screenplay and it was definitely worth-while, this is one of the most mind-blowing, nail-biting, epic action packed science fiction movies of all time.

I understand Leonardo and Joseph have dream entering technology, but how would you fall asleep within a dream?

An original and thrilling blockbuster spectacle .

I always try watching for the story, it gets a little to hard to follow for me about halfway through, I adjust to just enjoying the action and following the general story.

Slow and steady wins the race.

It is entertaining and didactic.

As the protagonist of the film, Leonardo DiCaprio delivered a solid and breathtaking performance.

It's neither as confusing as some have painted it, nor does it have any tricks-peek behind the curtain type-up its sleeve.

This film is absolutely mind blowing.

Inception Is Mind Blowing .

Contrived crap.

A movie that is as accurate as a pocket watch and enjoyable as a pocket watch.

It is most likely that you have seen the most exciting movie in the theater in recent years.

With Inception, Christopher Nolan has effectively proved that summer blockbusters can be compelling as they can be intelligent.

It's Stunning!

It's fast paced and fascinating; the characters are real and their actions are meaningful, since they grow and change because of them.

It was really confusing.

It has plenty of twists, fights, many special and visual effects, and subtle humor to keep your average movie goer entertained, but the beauty of the film goes way beyond that to have a very compelling cinematography, intricate story-telling, and genuine attention to detail that calls for multiple viewings, each making the film better than before.

And the action itself is so painstakingly dull that I could not imagine watching it again.

All this is a combination of the greatest cinematic experience that Nolan dragged through all these years.

The storyline is intense, there's a LOT of timeline jumps (which normally annoy the hell out of me), so you'll have to pay attention.

A confusing movie .

Multilayered plot, extended and uncovered narrative, core love story within a Sci-Fi context, character team dynamics that are fast paced and engaging, visuals that will lure your attention, and a depth of ideas that uncover a whole universe of possibiliy.

Nolan makes watching movies in theater exciting again.

The emotion throughout is gripping and I will always have an attachment to it.

I don't think it's a masterpiece like some other people do, and there are still quite a few of Christopher Nolan's films that I would watch instead of this one, but it was thoroughly entertaining and I enjoyed all the storylines.

Dreams, dreams in dreams, dreams and reality are intricate, and movies that you can read even if you burn your brain a few times are worth watching.

But I love how the movie gets more enjoyable as you rewatch it.

' After the first 30 minutes of this immensely overrated fantasy I was bored out of my mind.

Inception is a really fun movie, and I very much enjoyed it when I saw it in 2010, before it became a "must see" movie.

All this is a combination of the greatest cinematic experience that Nolan dragged through all these years.

Overall, Nolan's film is a good suspenseful performance, especially in the era of 2010, and the idea is amazing.

Action packed.

idea was good but the movie is too irritating, boring and way too long

Innovative ideas and entertaining storytelling .

The score plays just as an important role as the characters as it creates a thrilling and intense tone to the film.

It always pulls me back from the intense and exciting plot.

Great intense film, another Christopher Nolan classic

As an actor, filmmaker and writer myself, I can relate to the amount of time I think it took Christopher Nolan to write this and put it on the page and make it smart and compelling and innovative.

I have no idea if this got better or not because I kept falling asleep and my 24 hour rental period ended before I could finish it so I'm giving it a 5 based on what I saw.

It is a mind blowing experience to watch the movie.

Waste of time, but if you fast forward it and just see the "effects" you could avoid wasting your time.

The acting, the plotline, the idea behind the plot, the action, the emotion, the adrenaline, the soundtrack, the look.

To conclude I emphasize that there are parts that could be done differently to make the film more enjoyable.

Visually stunning, and an incredible job by one of the most spontaneous and viscerally-entertaining directors in our generous, it would be a crime to miss this movie!

There's something that feels pretentious about the character names chosen for the story.

The film presents an odd idea and has intriguing plot elements, and the acting is actually quite good.

Simply a pointless and unexciting movie to watch the two and half hours are gone in vain.

Boring and unbelievable .

Plausible, absorbing, and entertaining!


Muddled through this long and confusing film, never sure what was happening, whose dream we are watching, how many levels deep, and how it related to the concept of the film.

A very boring film, too long and without any emotion, very bad.

Brilliant, but intense...

I just saw a review before I started typing that said "a one of a kind mind blowing masterpiece.

The plot line is really just confusing and messy, it makes the viewer think to much.

Waste of time.

It's a fascinating story of how human dreams can be manipulated to create an idea in their mind or change someone's view about something by being a part of their dream.

Too Confusing.

Dreamers link dream sense is very realistic, learned in the dream, emotional fluctuations caused by the street explosion, enough stunning.

The man makes the most boring films in existence and idiots will eat it up, even if he directed literal dog poo on the sidewalk, and hail him a "genius".

We have learned much about the neural activity that actually control dreams in the twenty-first century, but dreams still have an unpredictable mystery that fascinates many with still more to be discovered about them.

Mind boggling .

Truly amazing concept and movie really enjoyed it the most.

Christopher Nolan's mind blowing Sci-Fi epic adventure.

One of the mind blowing cinema .

The plot is intense, thrilling, mind-blowing, intelligent, duplicitous, ingenious, cathartic and has an ambiguous ending.

The movie is really exciting 2.

Mind blowing.

This movie is mind blowing full of twists until the very end.

What a mind blowing movies .

Honestly just mind blowing .

This movie is confusing in terms of how wide spread the use of inception tech is.

Plot- The plot of the movie is amazing and gives you the best thrilling experience.

The plot has so many layers and complexity to it that I found it so enjoyable piecing it together.

Some scenes were so confusing.

The way the story also unfolds is also very compelling.

It's a great movie, except that it's very confusing at times, and I had to watch it twice to understand it.