Indecent Proposal (1993) - Drama, Romance

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A billionaire offers one million dollars to a young married couple for one night with the wife.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Adrian Lyne
Stars: Robert Redford, Demi Moore
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 24 out of 142 found boring (16.9%)

One-line Reviews (89)

An interesting premise for a lively dinner conversation due to formulaic plotting and a unbearably soapish love angle, turns into a cumbersomely dragging romantic snoozer with a mild level of tension build midway thanks more to the premise itself, then a sudden jump in quality.

It was suspenseful that they wouldn't go into the details of that night.

Even their stupid whining and moaning is compelling, in a bizarre way.

She's in her beautiful prime, her physical prime, her sexual prime, her hot body in white underwear rolling around, laying on the bed surrounded by cash with Woody looking super intense prime, or at least on the very verge of it.

Great set-up for a story that takes a slow spiral downward once the couple returns home (to a rather lovely cottage in Southern California).

He is also fascinating.

A movie that starts slimy and dumb, and then continuously gets slimier and dumber with every second; where every single character is a pretentious, self-righteous, abhorrent nightmare, and the movie is convinced they're all wonderfully philosophical and complex.

You could tell that the characters loved each other, which made it even harder to believe that Moore could fall for the dull rich guy.

The criticism I have read is rather empty.

Awful script, lousy acting, plodding pace, zero entertainment...

Up to the encounter with this character the film seemed fairly well-done,yet uninteresting.

It has some very splendid bits of cinematography -- the bit where Harrelson's character is standing amidst a backdrop of TV screens, which suddenly in his mind's eye displays his wife, is very evocative.

People are saying that there's no message in the movie.

Director Adrian Lyne does a very good job with the personal drama and emotions in the story and certainly helps keep it moving even during the predictable moments.

The plot offers a moral message of the limits money can buy, and the old cliché that money really couldn't buy love.

The script is so predictable you can say the characters' lines before they do.

It's very tiresome waiting for it, and it's tiresome to listen to discussions about it.

Director Adrian Lyne (who hit gold with "Fatal Attraction" in 1987) tries to create another adult pot-boiler, but really this film is a major bore.

Long, boring, idiotic, and based on a non-issue (should a woman take a million dollars to sleep with Robert Redford?

This can equate to the confusion or mysterious man behind the proposal who happened to be John Gage the billionaire.

Its tense and dramatic at various points though fairly predictable and corny at others.

He depended on THEIR arrogance and scoffing at the fragile nature of human relationships and the invisible architecture of the human soul; knowing, like every man (and woman) with a secret plan for another human being, that that would bring about the predictable but unexpected chain of outer events.

Lyne's direction becomes formulaic and contrived.

A pretty engaging story with a moral message attached to it.

This was the most pointless movie I have ever seen in my life.

Unable to cope with the rife possibilities of the story, instead we venture into melodramatic twists, which lack conviction and can be deemed even remotely intriguing, plodding out a deeply unsatisfactory finale well in tune with the lowered bar set out prior.

Yeah maybe it's Hollywood trash but it's engaging Hollywood trash

Diane was bored with David, why not let her ride the Robert Redford wave?

No substance, and what style there is is just pure schmaltz at its most trite.

This movie, like "The Purge", has a concept that I found so repulsive yet so compelling.

It just was a little contrived and not at all natural anything between them.

So Repulsive, Yet So Compelling .

The movie could have been so much more and other actors would have made a difference, but having said that on late night TV - it was enjoyable and I if you don't think too much - also palatable

The first hour of the movie is extremely good because you get to feel for these two characters and their journey and decision is something rather exciting to watch unfold.

INDECENT PROPOSAL, along with THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE (Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves) are two of the most entertaining morality plays out there.

But overall, the movie has something we can all learn from and is, again, a pretty engaging story.

There will not happen any great twists in the story, it only gets lame and then dies off before we see the sudden and a bit unexpected mellow ending.

Glossy But Empty .

Quite annoying that he was benign and predictable.

There is a group of five movies, all within one or two degrees of separation from one another, that I consider the five worst movies ever made.

The plot requires intense and meaningful performances by all actors involved.

That apart, the film was actually very entertaining to watch.

The male side of the spectrum is a rather bland role, and although Harrelson makes the best of it; there isn't a great deal of meat available.

It's engaging, it's interesting and it's moving!

The story of the movie was indeed mind boggling, more so myself being from India.

Sappy and predictable .

Movie was pretty dang boring.

My God is the film a cliche!!!

One of the most entertaining morality plays .

Robert Redford plays the cliche calm and suave tycoon who gets what he wants including women.

The worst movie i've ever watched!.

It was predictable and annoying in its attempt to keep the plot going.

There is a great deal of flirtation and insinuation that is truly riveting and, at times, quite plausible.

Despite a relatively intriguing premise, and a good first half; this steamy nineties romance-come-thriller falls flat on it's face in the second half, turning what could have been a great expose of love and money into a turgid sentiment packed drama, with little care for keeping it's plot or characters consistent.

Visually, it's all television commercial stuff - empty gloss signifying nothing.

David's whole idea on archaeology was very intriguing and was a cool little sub story to look upon.

The writers turn the film into a ridiculously sappy flood of emotions and over-acting that can only end in the most predictable way.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

However, the film just doesn't get under the skin of this idea enough, and once the actual proposal itself has been made, a thick layer of sickly sentiment overtakes any sleaze that the movie may have; taking the intriguing plot with it.

Throughout, the film impresses with mostly logical character actions; and this is what makes the film intriguing, but as soon as it loses that it ceases to be a film worth watching.

The single worst movie I have ever seen .

The worst cliché that comes about is the last ten minutes of the movie, though, which inexplicably ditches two hours of characterization for the copout happy-ending-after-all that the Moral Majority and Lifetime crowds would appreciate.

And I did watch and really enjoyed it - title notwithstanding.

It's not without entertainment on a superficial level, but this is generated more by how appallingly cliché the characters are than by any serious thematic exploration.

Gripping, heartbreaking, entertaining and thought provoking, this offers a lot more than much of the 'fluff' produced today.

It could have addressed any or all of them and still be entertaining and a conversation starter.

The theme was intriguing - will they?

The film turns extremely predictable in the second half and it really turns into your typical Hollywood film, which is a shame because it could have been so much more.

This can equate to the confusion or mysterious man behind the proposal who happened to be John Gage the billionaire.

Demi Moore, despite having a nice bod, was neither stunning nor intriguing enough for Redford to be so fixated on.

The film boasts very impressive performances from Demi Moore, Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson, who made the best out of this mediocre script, I think the scenes between Moore and Harrelson are the best, they are very intense and it is very believable that they are husband and wife.

This film was actually pretty good I thought - it kept me engaged and kept me wondering how the unpredictable plot would unfold at the end.

Best Scene: There are many…One that comes to mind is Harrelson's character reflecting on the relationship with Moore as he sits alone in his empty apartment with his dog by his side.

It must have been strictly a money thing for him because, if he actually saw any artistic merit in playing this role, then he has truly been out in the sun way too long.

Despite this flaw, Indecent Proposal is worth watching because we step into the world of a happily married couple who assured themselves they would survive an unorthodox way to solve their problems.

The tearing apart of the happy couple in Las vagas and the hollywood ending makes for a pretty entertaining night's viewing.

Mind-numbingly boring, utterly predictable and in the end simply laughable.

Not a fan of any of these characters, even though I'm supposed to root for Harrelson and Moore (who looks stunning in this movie), and it just feels so trashy watching this thing.

surprisingly enjoyable .

The story unfolds in a somewhat unpredictable manner and takes us through the struggles of money troubles and relationship conflicts with all three characters.

The story unfolds in a somewhat unpredictable manner and takes us through the struggles of money troubles and relationship conflicts with all three characters.

It becomes rather pointless and dull.

I am shocked to hear this sort of thing, as if it was something banal, inevitable and to be expected.

Indeed, his "Fatal Attraction" (1987) is one of the most horrifying and entertaining movies I've ever seen.

Without doubt, the touchy theme makes this film worth watching.

The idea of pimping out your wife, for any amount of money, is repulsive, but watching what unfolds when someone pimps out his wife is compelling.

I didn't think I'd like this movie at first, but it was surprisingly enjoyable.

Although changes have to be made for an adaptation to work as a film, the ones in Indecent Proposal made the project look formulaic and generic.

Gimmicky to the extreme, with little fault especially to Robert Redford in his charmingly ruthless persona, the pretentionality hits hard especially during contrived banal voice-over narrations by Moore and Harrelson.