Intacto (2001) - Drama, Fantasy, Romance

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An enigmatic tale of four incredibly lucky people whose lives are intertwined by destiny are subject to the laws of fate. They discover that they cannot afford to be without luck as they ... See full summary »

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Stars: Max von Sydow, Eusebio Poncela
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 77 found boring (11.68%)

One-line Reviews (66)

It was a bit strange and confusing at times, and I do like strange movies.

an interesting film by all means but in the end, utterly pointless.

Sam is so lucky that he survives many games of roulette where he gives a challenger first crack at shooting him with a six-shooter having only one empty chamber.

'Intact' is a weird and intriguing tale about fate, luck and gambling.

Intacto was Intriguing.

fascinating puzzle .

a fine film, well paced and intriguing .

After a muddled start, this moves along at a nice pace, engrossing.

The game, Russian roulette, one empty chamber, the challenger shoots first.

When this is added to a thoroughly exciting and beautiful film, the result is brilliant.

This mystery movie trips at the first hurdle with a staggeringly banal angle on fate .

Dull .

The picture displays thriller , mystery , suspense , shocks , grisly scenes and intriguing events when a motley group crosses ways until an amazing finale .

Enigmatic yes, slow no.

However, although there are many things wrong with this one, there are so many intriguing ideas and so many individual sequences are excellent, that it can just about be forgiven.

Stunning visuals, perfect ending.

Are they playing "entertaining" games for the wealthy ones?

Love, fear, death and gambling, a perfect combination… The movie itself might seem a bit stretched, but this is only because we are used to fast paced thrillers that leave no time for thinking and further pontification of story.

Boring crap.

The film contains suspenseful and hair rising images and a sinister, mysterious atmosphere .

A fascinating and enigmatic study of luck and chance .

I think a lot of people didn't because they got hung up on the potentially confusing aspects of the concept.

Much of the early action is a bit confusing because the viewer doesn't have a clue as to what's going on.

Finally, after a tense yet oddly predictable shoot-out, our hero walks off and burns a photograph.

The "luck testing" scenes are wonderful - funny in places, incredibly tense in others, always fascinating and something completely unique to recent cinema.

at first viewing, this was such a great flick (even when it was pretty slow at points).

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

An stylish original and intriguing Spanish film that will keep you entertained with your mouth open in a shaped O and your forehead frowned.

And it is confusing, I'm afraid.

Strange but compelling Spanish thriller .

Intriguing, even if you don't speak Spanish.

There is very little character development, and the confusing story loses steam between "games".

When read through this idea, that The Jew has created this "game" in order to understand/think through/deal with his experience in the camp, the film becomes a stunning moral and ethical tale.

A Bit Confusing, But Entertaining & Visual .

A masterpiece of the new wave of Spanish cinema that is invading the world in this new millennium, this strange, fascinating thriller has one of the greatest ideas of all times used very well till the end of the movie: imagine someone who has the power to steal good luck from other people and using it he may become powerful, but bored in the end.

My favorite scenes had to be the Russian Roulette ones as they got fairly intense.

com - Only movies worth watching

I mean, common give us a break.. this movie was really bad, a waste of time (first of all) and money.

There are also very intense and interesting scenes like the run in the forest, that will take out your breath.

Expecting another stylized entry into the recently popularized surprise ending genre of cinema, I was pleasantly surprised by Fresnadillo's construction of a thoroughly gripping, spellbinding tale.

Intriguing film contains thrills , chills , suspense , twists and turns , and results to be quite entertaining .

Suspense and mystery movie with top-notch acting , interesting plot and enjoyable set design .

Slow,bit dream-like narration,avoiding obvious solutions,think-forcing movies and great photography makes Intacto my favorites.

Max Von Sydow is the old concentration camp survivor that establish this "game", while other interesting faces of the Spanish scenario are his comrades in this trade over each other destiny that is gripping, tense and full of surprise until the end, when all comes full circle and you exit from the cinema conscious that you have seen a gem, a rare, rare gem.

Many scenes have you on the edge of your seat, like the scene that has the blindfolded men racing through the dense forest with their being sequentially taken out by hitting a tree at a dead run.

Now imagine a Spanish film that tells their story in a dazzling and confusing manner.

From start to finish the intrigue and suspenseful scenes are continuous till a striking ending .

What really makes this film exciting to watch, is the extreme lengths that those who have this gift will go to, gambling on who the luckiest person is.

Preposterous, pretentious, incomprehensible, and completely mad.

Deceptively Intriguing .

Original and thrilling .

A fascinating and enigmatic study of luck and chance, which is directed with some style and skill by Fresnadillo.

In fact the movie was fast paced till climax.

, if you like being whipped around in unexpected directions and dimensions), this is the cinematic equivalent.

The original story line and the general atmosphere of the movie "à la David Lynch" make a very good movie not to be missed, even if sometimes I tought it was a bit slow, the acting was very impressive.

This is a fascinating and well-structured film from first-time writer/director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

Everything towards the start seems to be like an anti climax, but as it draws near the end, it does get incredibly riveting.

Weird and Intriguing Tale About Fate, Luck and Gambling .

It's very entertaining, and at times, you'll be emotionally drawn to it.

Great Spanish film with a wealth of great European actors delivering good performances in this intriguing thriller.

his compelling, climactic monologue about discovering his `luck' as a child in a concentration camp (echoes of `X Men's Magento-genre fans will have fun with this film).

It's an intriguing film and, perhaps, I should have waited for a second viewing when I understood more things about the story.

Fresnadillo is perhaps best known for 28 weeks later and here weaves an intriguing and complicated plot into an at times confusing visual feast.

Saw this terrific film today in an empty cinema and thought I'd better get my two cents in before this becomes a cult classic.

Sensitive as well as thrilling musical score by Lucio Godoy (Blackthorn , Fin , All about my mother , Mataharis , Triage) .

The scene of the race in the forest by blindfolded runners is just fantastic, so thrilling, crazy and engaging.