Into the Sun (2005) - Action, Thriller

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When a government official is killed, an American operative with experience in the Yakuza culture is brought in to investigate.

IMDB: 4.5
Director: mink
Stars: Steven Seagal, Takao Osawa
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 89 found boring (23.59%)

One-line Reviews (65)

Flawed, Full of Clichés, But Very Entertaining .

unfortunately more like..into the boredom .

Heck its probably the worst movie this lifetime.

The other entertaining part was the cinematography of the hong Kong area which was well filmed.

Overall a pretty entertaining movie and without a doubt his best since Exit Wounds.

The movie has a plot that sometimes is hard to follow, at least to hard for a movie like this.

If all of his movies are going straight to video, at least he made this one entertaining and watchable.

"Into The Sun" is a huge piece of film entertaining, involving sentiment, nostalgia, pride, integrity, loyalty, corruption, honor, betrayal and crime...

No folks, Seagal is pretty much the same guy he was ten fifteen years earlier, only he'd getting tiresome.

This thing called "boring" has plagued about half of Seagal's DTV movies.

From minute 3 to minute 70, its pretty boring, it would have been better with more action and had it spread.

It is boring and utter trash.

Exciting first 2 minutes, & last 20 minutesThe Cons - 1.

It definitely hits the mark of the kind of Seagal movie worth watching multiple times.

This time though, its the cultural difference thats confusing.

"Into the Sun" is Seagal's best and most enjoyable effort since 2001's "Exit Wounds"-this easily could have been a theatrical release as the production value of the film is much better than that of his previous efforts.

That was a good choice because the colors are bright, and there's a lot of breathtaking sights.

Rating : Passable and entertaining.

You would think that after making a mistake on one movie, the next would improve in quality, and continue to do so until they are enjoyable films.

back to the movie, it was lam boring, and PREDICTABLE i give it like a 4 out of 10 because its fun to make fun of and a 7 out of 10 on the Seagal-scale i can't wait till under siege 3...

Before then, we get a tirelessly developing but uninteresting plot about the Chinese and Japanese versions of the Mafia and how they are developing a massive drug corporation, with Seagal entering the mix investigating the murder of a government official.

There are not that many fight scenes, and they are also too short and overall just uninteresting.


I enjoyed it and was fascinated by the way the camera got into the street with real looking people.

Their plans to become rich rock stars, famous or whatever, are usually just as bland.

The majority of his filmography will clearly illustrate such a fact, however the stories applied have always been interesting and action packed if somewhat overly familiar.

I have no better news about the acting, Steven Seagal looks unkempt and gives another quite lazy performance, while William Artherton seemed bored.

The plot is equally uninspiring.

Into the Sun in one of the worst movies I have seen in years.

Fancy, but pointless.

The acting is bad, the plot is confusing at times, and the situations are unrealistic and stupid.

Strange, yet enjoyable B-movie.


In fact, considering the earth population, very few people actually have anything very original or exciting going on or planned for their future.

Extremely formulaic, Seagal really is in a stupor for most of the film.

The story is flawed, full of clichés, but also very entertaining.

Not the best either, but worth watching all the way through.

Steven Segal makes the most enjoyable comedies being produced today.

Some parts (the beginning and especially the middle part) are just tediously boring.

I'm usually bored, and SG knows how to fill up that 1½ hour with brainless violence, big naked tits and poor stories.

After being bored for most of the entire film it suddenly got really good at the end.

Very mediocre when it could've been far more entertaining..a film which has plenty of Yakuza to kill, you'd think such a plot would provide Seagal with ample opportunities to carve up a body count.

Worst movie (if you could call one that) Stevel Seagal ever made.. .

) About one aikido fighting the first hour of the movie (against a couple of street kids) The rest is sword fights to the end Unimaginative baddies (I miss those guys from Under Siege 1 & 2, Hard to kill etc) Too much uninteresting plot too little fighting.

So please, can you not get a good scriptwriter for once and put together a decent film that is not full of plot holes, bad acting and cliché?

Though, first time I *tried* to see this movie, I couldn't stop laughing at Seagal (can't take that guy seriously, sorry) and fell asleep.

Well, I enjoyed it.

And half the time I was worried that Seagal was gonna fall asleep half way through his conversation with his new partner.

It is the worst movie which I have seen starring Steven Seagal and I know that more are to come.

Honestly enjoyable Steven Segal flick.

That said, I found this a real slog to get through, it is ridiculously paced, and is so slow it feels a lot longer than it actually is, particularly in a dull midsection.

The trademark fight scenes will see Seagal flailing his hands about very fast, with a flabby middle where nothing happens and I am not talking about his waistline.

A fair share of Asian Hettie's made the slow parts better with token nudity, which I am a fan of.

Seagal accidentally has a brush with some low life as they walk a Tokyo shady area, and soon he is back with 5 of his low life friends, and Seagal sends them to the intensive care unit.

This is such a disjointed, poorly edited, badly scripted mess.

The fat one's recent output contains formulaic scripts, you know his partner and new bride will buy it.

When you are fighting with someone who fights like him, it actually does look the way it looks on screen in most of his movies, you don't always see everything, you can't always focus on the attacker hitting you at the moment, and it's really fast, and the environments can seem chaotic when your adrenaline is pumping.

Derivative, dull and clichéd, not one of Seagal's finest hours .

In my opinion it's an in between very good and excellent Steven Seagal film which maybe not be as good as or excellent like some of his earlier films such as Hard To Kill, Out For Justice, Marked For Death, Kill Switch, A Dangerous Man etc, but is a film which had an interesting storyline, is full of tension and high powered fight scenes and was enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

It actually sounds much better than it is, because INTO THE SUN is such an awfully boring waste of time.

Luckily it didn't because this movie is boring.

Worst movie I have seen in a while .

Surprisingly Entertaining.

Into the boredom .

CONS: A little slow first half, a lot of set up and not much to show for it, some fans may become discouraged.