Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011) - Comedy, Drama

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Dispatched from his basement room on an errand for his widowed mother, slacker Jeff might discover his destiny (finally) when he spends the day with his unhappily married brother as he tracks his possibly adulterous wife.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Jay Duplass
Stars: Jason Segel, Ed Helms
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 27 out of 125 found boring (21.6%)

One-line Reviews (95)

A dull and idiotic ending to an otherwise okay movie.

This movie isn't beyond salvage, but it's boring.

Worth watching for yourself.

This movie isn't a masterpiece by any means, it's just an entertaining film.

Funny and enjoyable comedy .

If you want to see a movie that's along similar themes that's far more entertaining, go see 'Our Idiot Brother'.

Though the end was a bit cheesy, I enjoyed it.

It is just so unapologetically boring.

Although Jeff feels less ambitious than Cyrus or The Puffy Chair, the guys keep the film moving forward at a fun, entertaining pace.

To take in mind that the cinematography was bad, add unnecessary waste of screen time.

Worth watching!

Firstly Jeff, Who Lives at Home is a pretty uninspiring title.

30-Something Slacker Propaganda .

Pat is a mono-toned and pretentious salesman.

And our calling must be as dramatic and heroic as saving a family from a sinking car, after which we can return to our dull, infantile existence for the rest of our meaningless lives.

He is floating through a marriage to Linda (Judy Greer) that is going nowhere in particular.

A Sweet, Unexpected Character Piece .

Their emotional wounds get explored, and the film becomes touching and engaging.

This is a self-aware, wonderful, and entertaining piece of storytelling.

While the film promotes sound ideas of spiritual connection and a purposeful universe, it turns them into a meaningless jumble of clichés, using them only as a device to market a contrived and artificial commercial product.

It starts slow, then reveals some wonderful surprises.

I'm open to these kinds of movies done well, done badly it's just a painful waste of time.

That movie was a waste of time and money to make and watch .

The story is boring, the filming isn't bad, and the characters, while believable and real, aren't anything special.

The plot is weak and never fully explained who the hell Kevin is, its just stupid with really longed out scenes of absolutely nothing happening.

Again, don't waste your time on this piece of NOTHING.

worth watching if you're debating sending back on netflix .

Plus is has a really slow procession to show the life could be good.

This flick will take you on an unexpected emotional roller coaster ride of which laughter should be the least of your concerns.

In fact at some points I didn't want it to end because it's just entertaining to watch how the character interact with each other.

In a way, I felt like Susan Sarandon's character while watching this movie: superfluous, and easily manipulated by an exploiting presence to feel the heady pleasures of superficial, short-lived enjoyment, which like this movie lasted only 70 or so minutes, before reality set in and I realized what I watched was a perfectly contrived machine for making me feel this way...

They were however all too often predictable and traditional TV/movie bits.

Aside from that the hard working mom of Pat and Jeff Sharon(Susan Sarandon)finds an unexpected and crazy surprise at work with her boss Carol(sexy 80's screen siren Rae Dawn Chong).

waste of time .

Such writing is kinda dull, guys.

The action is already painfully slow, why would you slow it any further?

Still, it's enjoyable, and I loved the third act.

Thru it all this film showcases that a lot can occur in the lives of people during a day, some of it is just unexpected and crazy still it proves life is complex and a struggle and still love and happiness is possible.

"Jeff, who lives at home" very much falls into this category and it is very enjoyable.

It starts with a negative life feeling with a boring kid who has a boring family.

His performance is engaging and never resorts to the cheap over the top physical comedy that some of his peers are guilty of producing.

This opening scene embodies the slow paced humor used throughout what is actually a very funny film.

***spoiler***This is seriously the worst movie that I've ever seen.

But there are plenty of laughs throughout the film which make it very enjoyable.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable comedy that is worth seeing.

Still, the performances are what make the film and they're good enough to where the film just comes off very pleasant and entertaining.

Until something unexpected, a surprise, a misstep off the script happens, and from then on, everything drifts apart.

The two leads, JASON and ED were unbearable!!!

This is a lovely, quirky, slow burning, touching portrait of a family with 2 brothers and a mom.

"Jeff, Who Lives at Home", in my review, "remarkably authentic, and beautifully entertaining".

I don't know who directed the movie 'cause I din't saw any other movies of his repertoire, but I confirm it was waste of time and money to spent to watch and make.

My admitted bias is that I now really enjoy in movies what I have always enjoyed in life, seeing different people, hearing their ideas, absorbing the interaction around me.

The film is no masterpiece, but it is an enjoyable little film if you like these types of films.

For sure an enjoyable movie through and through.

This is a beautiful, entertaining, realistic, and inspirational motion picture.

There isn't any action really, it's all predictable easily.

The acting wobbled as much as the camera-work from boring and flat to jittery and overly stylized.

All three of these plots are equally engaging and perfectly written.

Boring and Ultimately Feels Meaningless .

But really, for the most part, this came across to me as largely pointless and without direction.

"Jeff Who Lives at Home" is a meaningful story about what happens when you open yourself up to the unexpected and what you might gain by putting yourself in a vulnerable position.

Though "Jeff, Who Lives At Home" may be a little boring at first, it is worth watching as the last twenty minutes are excellent.

The Duplass brothers have put together a very entertaining slice of modern life that belies their young age.

I was expecting great performances from Segel and Helms, likable characters and an engrossing plot line surrounding why this 30 year old guy still lives at home and how he is going to move on in his life.

These scenes provide funny and suspenseful moments between two characters that couldn't be more different.

Her work day takes an unexpected turn when a secret admirer begins to drop her notes and instant messages at work.

I was looking for a Comedy, what I got was an engrossing, endearing film .

The problem with the Duplass brothers' 2012 movie can be summed up in one word: boring.

The writing is so believable, and it creates an authentic and creative value to the movie, and it makes the film more entertaining to watch.

Pointless .

a possibly very good film rendered unwatchable by terrible camera work .

What we are ultimately provided with is an unpretentious and entertaining microcosmic view of the haphazardness of existence and the arbitrary nature of fate.

It comes off so forced and, yes, predictable.

Decent-Enjoyed It .

Reilly) but in my opinion it is a lot more developed in terms of script and character development, it is also a hell of a lot more engaging.

Only worth watching for the snob appeal of being able to say you watched it.

Jeff's mother, Sharon (Sarandon) is a bored office working widower whose day is brightened by an instant message from a 'secret admirer'.

A good, enjoyable, funny, well directed, well acted film .

I admit that I expected little of this movie, but I found it engaging right from the opening scene.

There are probably more contrived and coincidental things happening during the course of the story to move it along than I've ever seen in a picture before.

A very entertaining Flick .

For a film centering on looking for signs and following them, this movie does so in a very predictable and obvious way with stereotypical characters.

Nothing happens the whole entire movie...

Boring, forgettable, unrealistic.

It has the neat, bow-wrapped ambitions and comedic situations well tread by the twenty minute sitcom, but ends up dragging out its philosophy into something far more pretentious.

What I got was a very engrossing and endearing film about the family bond, with a little funny mixed in.

Overall good film about the struggles of life, family, relationships and it shows life takes unexpected twist and turns.

This was boring, and I have never seen Jason Segel look more dumpy.

Anybody in this movie has a pointless life.

Sweet and slow .

This film is not fast moving in any way, it is very mellow and well some might say slow and boring, I say easy going, slow moving and interesting.

The plot occasionally flounders, due to its own exploration of randomness, but at a brisk 82 minutes it's always engaging.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home, is 30-something slacker propaganda disguised as a mopey indie flick.

This one has more substance and heart and is very much worth watching.

Predictable attempt at an "indie" film .