Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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An eight year-old boy genius and his friends must rescue their parents after the adults are abducted by aliens.

Director: John A. Davis
Stars: Debi Derryberry, Rob Paulsen
Length: 82 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 18 out of 129 found boring (13.95%)

One-line Reviews (67)

Go watch Godford's Park or something equally stupid and insipid, pointless and meaningless.

This is a good thing because instead of boring studies into the treatment of hair and fabric they concentrated on getting a rich image.

Surprisingly entertaining, fun little movie .

It was very exciting, the story was funny and my 7 year old loved it.

but entertaining enough for adults...

Very entertaining .

In all a very enjoyable film that kids will love, and young at heart adults will love too.

The humour was excellent, enjoyable by 5 year old and 23 year old alike.

This has little sex/nudity, little violence/gore, very minor profanity, no drugs/alcohol/smoking, and little scary images/intense moments.

It's a waste of good money as it is.

To be fair the movie wasn't great, but it was entertaining and it was very well targeted at little kids.

Surprisingly I enjoyed it.

I thought the movie was really entertaining.

Without a doubt, the worst movie ever!!.

Ok, so maybe it might have been a cliche, and it's not the greatest movie in the world.

With Jimmy Neutron's impossible, but entertaining inventions.

One of the things that makes Disney movies so entertaining are the clever in-jokes for adults as well as the kiddie jokes that make the tots laugh out loud.

The Plot, predictable, and ability of any of this ever happening, IMPOSSIBLE!

The humor is occasionally inventive, but many times it's boring, childish, and too straightforward.

Overall this is a colourful and entertaining film that will amuse children and at least be viewed by adults with some air of interest.

His personal battle with his own height is trite because of this, he should have started the film with more self-doubt.

NO PLOTThe `no plot' complaints are fair enough as there is little character development.

This is the world's worst movie ever made.

The plot is very cliché and not very original.

I found this movie enjoyable and totally delightful.

The only thing I found remotely entertaining about "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" was the soundtrack which included several '80s songs like "She Blinded me with Science," "We Got the Beat," and "Kids in America.

All in all, a very enjoyable time!

Worth watching!

An elementary school student has to save his parents from evil space aliens with the help of his classmates (who all had their parents kidnapped as well) in this fun and overall enjoyable animated feature from the Nickelodeon Studios.

The entire story was unimaginative and quite frankly, boring.

For approximately 82 minutes we are packed with one exciting element after another without getting sidetracked.

With a cool, if overly computerised look and feel to it I thought I'd give this film a go while a little bored over the Christmas period and, although not anything that great, I must admit that I quite enjoyed it.

There's some incredible computer animation, hysterically funny lines (for kids and adults) and a VERY quick pace that make up for a few dull moments and a really silly script.

Now THAT movie was Oscar banality at it's worse!

Not only the CGI is pretty bad, with an ugly and incredibly unappealing character design, but also the plot is dull, boring and clichéd, with many annoying characters and unfunny jokes.

Don't waste your time on this worthless piece of crud.

One of the enjoyable elements of this film has to be the pacing.

The story was as entertaining as the cast.

Instead, Jimmy Neutron is full of vivid colours, exciting action, childish humour, and it proved highly entertaining for my girlfriend and I, both of us being well advanced in years of the target audience of this movie, and we don't even have kids!

The other characters are boring, and the plot is something that we've seen a million times on t.

I thought it was a fun and entertaining, not to mention well animated film.

The characters are dull and unfunny.

It is not even the kind of film that someone could enjoy despite being bad, it just bad, being boring and annoying.

A funny and exciting ride...

My little brother dragged me along to see this film, I sat down, watched it, and I was bored silly.

Look it up :-)Aside from a few slow parts, the show moved along well.

Quite entertaining for adults too .

I guess it depends because I actually found this movie entertaining and light hearted.

While JM won't go down as an all time classic, as anything from Pixar seems to (deservedly), I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

While one notch above the pathetically lousy Osmosis Jones and several notches above such fare as the Pokemon movies and the Rugrats movies, Jimmy Neutron is just one boring, sugary, pandering "been there, done that" fare.

This is the worst movie in the history of films!!!

This fast-moving 'kids' movie has so much going for it.

Very average and quite boring CGI-cartoon tale about a whiz-kid who finds that his and his friends' parents have all been abducted by aliens.

This movie is an entertaining show for children (11 and under).

A thrilling and heartwarming tale .

The movie's more concerned with entertaining children than catering to "knowing" adults, which is no bad thing; it's just not very exciting without any real attempts to be out of the ordinary in its plotting, characterisation or even in John Debney's Elfman-meets-David Newman score.

Jimmy's doodads were really cool and interesting but a lot of the characters were really flat and uninteresting.

I thought I was heading for a boring movie with lots of unfunny scenes, because many critics had rendered this a movie for kids, and kids only.

It's really worth watching just to hear Stewart perform.

the other ones kinda boring after awhile.

It's clever, cute, funny, and exciting.

Again, I found this film really enjoyable.

If you're looking for clever, original animation; funny, inventive dialogue, both for kids and adults; and a genuinely entertaining movie-going experience, then seek out "Jimmy Neutron.

Laugh all you want, but Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius was an enjoyable experience.

I don't see why Paramount finacied this atrocious film, The characters are un-interesting, the script is boring and the only thing which saves this film is the voices of Patrick Stewart and Martin Short, whom are the villians, damn.

I really enjoyed it.

The story takes so long setting itself up (and including stupid, unfunny, kid jokes) the movie makes itself dull.