Johnny English (2003) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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After a sudden attack on MI5, Johnny English, Britain's most confident, yet unintelligent spy, becomes Britain's only spy.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Peter Howitt
Stars: Rowan Atkinson, John Malkovich
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 65 out of 317 found boring (20.5%)

One-line Reviews (147)

This was really a waste of my time, except of the appearance of miss Imbruglia this movie contained really nothing worth watching.

funny, boring at times .

Johnny English has all the rib-tickling sardonic wit of Blackadder and the unpredictable slapstick skill of Mr. Bean, and comedy fans of all tastes are sure to find something to their liking in this character.

Most stunts, tricks, behaviors are too predictable (expected).

Although at times it's crude (see opening paragraph), and there are quite a few lulls, with some jokes going on for too long, Johnny English is a great example of a non-summer summer movie.

*possible spoiler*(movie's so predictable it dosent matter) .

"Johnny English" is an Action - Comedy movie in which we watch an unintelligent but very confident spy, becoming the only spy of Britain after an unexpected attack on the MI5.

Fine comedy, not brilliant, but enjoyable.

Rowan Atkinson is very funny and very entertaining.

Some fun, some dull .

Patchy it is, but surprisingly enjoyable .

this movie is definitely worth watching I would recommend to anyone.

The plot is disjointed and insane, John Malkovich unfortunately embarasses himself in a terrible hammy french accent, the gorgeous Natalie Umbrugia is given there to look good (what attract is there to English????

I thought it was predictable and that the script lacked humour.

"Johnny English" is an entertaining, secret agent spoof that is James Bond - meets - Inspector Jacques Clouseau - meets - Frank Drebin.

When a film rotates solely around the tediously predictable idiocy of one man, there can be little of much amusement and as this film is allegedly a "comedy" then there can be precious little point in watching it.

The pacing was very uneven and the story totally formulaic.

This was the movie Rowan Atkinson had to make for his North American fans and being one of those fans, I enjoyed it tremendously.

This film is one of those you either love of loath but there are enough big comedic moments to entertain most people and Atkinsons charm more than makes up for some of the slower moments.

More Excruciating than Entertaining.

The plot is mind numbingly stupid and the jokes are predictable and quite frankly lame.

Most of the other roles, however, are generally unchallenging and dull in comparison with the two just talked about.

Very Predictable .

'Johnny English' really is a pretty lame effort, and you wonder what kind ofsubstances the makers were taking when a potentially great idea is reduced to juvenile and/or predictable humour.

Furthermore, there are so few jokes, and the few jokes there are, are so predictable and lame it is disgusting.

Overall, a very entertaining film and, like all spoofs, not to be taken seriously.

This movie was fun and enjoyable to watch!

Alas, it gets worse as it goes along, and at 88 minutes it feels way too long.

The plot is sooo damn predictable and the jokes are ridiculous and not even remotally funny.

Unfortunately, I never even got a mild chuckle out of "Johnny English" (well, during the first 45 minutes anyway -- I walked out of the theater at that point deciding not to waste any more time on this dud).

And the physical comedy is repetitive.

His unbearable overacting made me sick.

If more are produced, I can see the Johnny English character slowly fading from our minds as a character who was once very funny and enjoyable to watch.

The movie was the worst movie i have ever seen.

"Johnny English" tries desperately to become the next Bond-spoof film; and while it is entertaining for 88 minutes, it is in no way as clever or humourous as any of the Austin Powers entries.

Even if it is a pointless movie, you're sure to love it.

To anyone who hasn't seen the movie, I will warn you, don't expect too much from the screenplay, it is very simplistic, and the plot is predictable.

Nothing special, but entertaining enough and great for good laughters .

Please don't spend your precious money on this childish, dull, ridiculous movie.

Johnny English is a tired comedy, with stale and predictable gags.

It is very funny but also uplifting and dramatic and action and thrilling and anti French which is also a bonus

Disappointingly,from the usually reliable and extremely funny Rowan Atkinson,for the most part,the gags are just tired and predictable and seem to have been recycled,and,in some cases,even blatently stolen from other,far superior movies.

It was witty, clever, unpredictable in many places, and appealed in varieties of comedy- clever lines, the expression of the lines, physical comedy, a marvellous film, and really can't understand how people can't find this funny?

He probably realised that he was largely responsible for creating one of the worst movies in cinematic history.

This movie would have to be one of the most boring, predictable and non humourous in the slightest I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, this film proves to be more excruciating than entertaining to watch.

A lot of the jokes are seen coming from miles away while the plot twists are also very predictable.

I found it a quite entertaining comedy without being hilarious.

Enjoyable .

Directed by Peter Howitt (Anti-Trust, Laws of Attraction, Sliding Doors) made a entertaining comedy that spoofs the films of James Bond and The Naked Gun Trilogy.

Atkinson's dry wit, so brilliantly executed in Black Adder, was doomed from the start, with a shaky, feeble script of hackneyed one-liners and repetitive, corny gags.

English is being fired at by a thug, and this fast, action packed music plays.

THE GIST "Johnny English" is an unoriginal, predictable, and unfunny movie whose humor is definitely directed towards 10-year-olds.

In one scene involving his mixing up two drugs, a truth serum and a muscle relaxant, I was in tears laughing for a good five minutes, even though the entire skit was predictable and not very creative.

Any attempts at a joke are signaled in advance, which makes it all rather pointless.

still entertaining .

If you don´t take it too seriously and don´t expect too much you will have two entertaining hours.

The characters and story are just way too uninteresting and shallow.

With minimal laughs, a predictable plot, a story involving stereotypes, it's a film destined to be hated.

One of the most unexpected pieces of this puzzle is that Natalie Imbruglia is a surprisingly good actress (and gorgeously hot!!

There just seemed to be too many breaks in the comedy and too many predictable, cliched scenes for me.

A bit boring plot with one or two original scenes which made me going.

Boring not funny action sequences.

Well, the good news is that Johnny English, while hardly groundbreaking stuff, is at least as entertaining as anything Mike Myers' time-travelling crimefighter has done recently, reminding us just how talented Rowan Atkinson really is.

Ultimately however, in "Johnny English", this respected actor manages to give us a tedious accent which grates on the nerves and is incredibly annoying.

' There is no fun watching a film which is unfunny, predictable and doesn't add anything new which so many other spy spoofs such as 'Austin Powers' with its funny characters does.

There's nothing really original or different in the way perhaps that there was in, say, Austin Powers 2 to take another Bond spoof as an example, but it's an entertaining hour and a half.

The jokes in the movie seem to be made up by drunk teenagers with a really dull sense of humor.

I was amused many places, but the plotlines were so predictable you could tell all the things meant to be funny was about to happen, way before the climax of the amusement took place...

It could be funnier but I still enjoyed it.

The rest of the score, composed by Edward Shearmur, was very exciting.

Much of the rest of the movie is just boring, with a few painfully unfunny moments that were easily predictable.

Atkinson as ever is entertaining to watch as well as there are some genuinely humerous moments in the film.

The movie gets entertaining and hilarious moments here and there.

Two minor points I particularly appreciated were the fact that Johnny's beard grows after his mad dash to France when he is clearly much too busy to do anything mundane like shaving and also the use of the voices of Christ Tarrant and Trevor McDonald.

This film is tedious and predictable and just tries too hard to be funny, failing miserably.

The premise of the film is funny and there are a lot of very entertaining scenes.

This was the worst movie i have seen all year.

Worst Movie .

The jokes are predictable.

A very funny and enjoyable film .

Not even the "funny" scenes made me laugh, he is just stupid, and plain boring.

But I did end up laughing a lot and it was enjoyable for anyone of any age.

However, a little over four years ago, I watched it one more time, and still found some funny parts during this viewing, but found most of the film to be dull and unfunny, enough to make it just mediocre as a whole!

I can only comment on the first 45 minutes of this film, since I walked out on it.

I absolutely love English humor so of course I loved this, and The ending had me cracking up big time, even though it was predictable, plus Rowan spoofs James Bond incredibly well!.

Highly enjoyable!

The jokes are so tired and predictable that the audience can see them coming miles away and they aren't worth the wait.

The first Bean movie was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

This is a really entertaining comedy with Rowan Athkinson as a Mr. Bean/James Bond type character by the name of Johnny English.

I will grant you the jokes are hit and miss or predictable like the scene where English infiltrates the villains HQ and finds an old man : " What did they do to you ?

But if you like Rowan Atkinson and Natalie Imbruglia this movie is quiet entertaining.

The humor, revolving around English's stupidity, gets to be repetitive and the film makes the mistake of caring too much about a plot not worth caring about.

the movie was not doubt very funny but most of the scenes were predictable and didn't seem that funny it was attended for, but still the movie was entertaining, Rowan Atkinson did a great job and Tasha de Vasconcelos looked glamorous.

" But I'd say "Johnny English" probably ties "Daddy Day Care" for the second worst movie of Summer 2003.

In fact Johnny English is absolutely more entertaining than the Part II and III.

Rowan Atkinson stars in a film version of a spy he portrayed in a load of adverts for a credit card in the 1990s, and, as those brief ads were quite entertaining, one would think that this would undeniably translate well into a film.

Austin Powers is a better James Bond spoof, without a doubt, but, nevertheless, this is very entertaining.

In one scene involving his mixing up two drugs, a truth serum and a muscle relaxant, I was in tears laughing for a good five minutes, even though the entire skit was predictable and not very creative.

The plot and humor is also very predictable, stealing a lot of the humor away.

For example, the truck chase action score was very upbeat and exciting, while the love theme was a beautiful swing in Waltz time.

When we watch films of the spoof genre we see funny jokes that make fun of other films recently released (Scary Movie) making fun of the stereotypical conventions of other films (Not another teen movie) and hilarious characters that we can associate with in context (Austin Powers) Johnny English justified the genre perfectly, meaning its unfunny, tries it make fun of the spy world and has predictable written all over it.

Rowan Atkinson is still on his form, but the film is totally lack of plot(if we need one) and (fresh) humor.

Top to bottom a waste of my time.

Dont waste your money if you want to see it wait for it to come out on video.

John Malkovich as the French heir is uninteresting, which is unfortunate considering the quality of actor Malkovich is.

Sometimes funny, most of the time boring...

Still, it is a somewhat entertaining 90 minutes of physical humor and silliness.

Not the best comedy of the year, but still enjoyable.

After an unexpected attack on M15,Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) becomes the only spy in Britain and its up to him to crack the case.

1st watched 4/10/2003 - 3 out of 10(Dir-Peter Howitt): Sometimes funny, most of the time boring attempt by Rowan Atkinson to jump out of his popular `Bean' character into a James Bond-like spy who obviously does not have nerves of steel.

The blandness of the humor is particularly stunning to anyone who's seen "Mr.

There are still too many too boring and expected things.

Don't waste your time.

It is rare to see movies so bad one feels compelled to leave early out of embarrassment for the actors.

The film is relatively short, but the pace is very slow.

Every joke is predictable, from the pen to the ejector seat.

I usually enjoy silly and unserious movies as long as they're entertaining.

The jokes are old and repetitive.

Miserable, unfunny waste of time .

"Johnny English" is tremendously entertaining, with bits I hadn't seen before in other spy spoof movies (a huge accomplishment in itself!

What a waste of time.

Enjoyable comedy that will have you smiling often and make you laugh out loud once or twice.

Predictable and not funny .

Without being a 5 stars movie, "Johnny English" is great fun and very entertaining.

What it has stumbles along and is disjointed(I'm not talking about Mr Bean's acting either!

Unless you think Rowan Atkinson is beyond reproach, keep away from this boring piece of junk.

In fact I enjoyed it much more than I expected that I would.

Now that pre armed me with what to expect and true enough it is aimed at a younger audience but saying that it was very entertaining quite similar to Inspector Clouseau and his reliable Kato.

I went to see Johnny English and was kinda expecting some mild laughs as the adverts I remembered were quite entertaining.

It's harmless, and enjoyable for an hour and a half, though not worth going out of your way to see.

However, the humour is oh so obvious and predictable all the way through, which rather lessens the effect of the puns and gags.

Also the most predictable scenes.

Further are the repetitive situations where Johnny has driven up the wrong path, again borrowing without success from the hapless Mr Bean.

People attack Malkovich but this is supposed to be pantomime and the baddy is supposed to be over the top and a little silly the plot is lamentable and just a tool to put people in comedic situations Natalie is absolutely stunning.

All in all, "Johnny English" is far from a cinematic masterpiece with excellent storytelling, iconic one liners or the most exciting and deep plot.

Yet, this was such an enjoyable film from opening credits to closing.

I will say that Johnny English is patchy, but it is enjoyable, and there are some very funny moments.

"Johnny English" is a simple and predictable movie.

Moronic and boring .

Because of that, a lot of the biggest screw-ups are immediately obvious and then become tiresome as they play out, such as English sky-diving onto the wrong building and holding a lot of doctors and nurses hostage, holding up the wrong funeral and dancing on the coffin of a grieving family, and attempting to pull off the plastic face of the wrong Arch Bishop in front of an astonished crowd.

I enjoyed it to the fullest, and even after the movie ended, I still could not forget the funny situations Atkinson put himself into during the whole movie.

EVERY scene is predictable I could have written it myself.

" They frequently seem to lack a punchline, or the punchline is so predictable you wonder what the point was supposed to be.

A pointless inclusion from an actress seemingly lacking, and not even really given a chance.

Funny and enjoyable .

Still for a strange reason the movie is funny and entertaining, some of the scene's such as in the hospital are just hilarious.