Ju-on: The Grudge (2002) - Horror

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A mysterious and vengeful spirit marks and pursues anybody who dares enter the house in which it resides.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Takashi Shimizu
Stars: Megumi Okina, Misaki Itô
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 56 out of 201 found boring (27.86%)

One-line Reviews (144)

Japan delivers another dull horror film.

The grudge is the most predictable piece of sh!

It is a waste of time and money.

I can't see how any amount of back story can save this jumbled, confusing mess.

I saw Ju-on the grudge recently and really enjoyed it.

Interesting but repetitive haunted house flick.

The plot is wafer thin & what little plot is here is muddled because of the unusual narrative, the character's are poor & the film is repetitive.

decent movie, confusing .

That aside, the movie was unusually fast paced for a Japanese horror in my opinion, with suspense building in almost every scene.

Stories of character stories tend to drag very badly, and all of the appearances of the spirits are entirely predictable.

The style is non-western and so plays out in unexpected ways for the "Anglo" audience.

Normally I really enjoy movies that take a while to build up, not that plod along, but that seem to move along at a slow pace and then suddenly you realize there was a lot more going on than you realized.

I squirmed throughout the movie - not because I was scared, but because I was when-is-there-going-to-be-a-plot bored!

This film suffers from a fractured timeline that makes the story hard to follow at times.

When talking about the face of modern J-horror it either The Ring or Ju-on that came into people mind and as a fan of the original Ringu (1998) and the Americanize one all I hope for when I start watching Ju-on (2002) for the first time is a good main character and some intense supernatural encounter with eerie atmosphere and this movie deliver none of it.

the plot is kinda confusing and i really didn't understand thoese parts!

Far too many pointless deaths, and all suspense is lost when you're told who's going to die constantly throughout the film (which this may actually be a cultural difference I still found it annoying and opinion is subjective).

Having seen not seen any good psychological horror movies recently, while watching stuff like 'Versus' and some of the Jason movies, it was a nice change of pace to watch a good suspenseful horror.

At times the film can be quite confusing and all over the place and it can be quite hard at times to keep track of the characters due to it being in Japanese.

Seeing this film reminded me of why I hate formulaic slasher films.

While it is the third part of the "Ju-on" series, "The Grudge" is easy to follow, and it's probably more enjoyable without the information that the previous two parts give.

After awhile, the movie gets really boring--different people being haunted and attacked by the same ghosts in the same way, over and over again.

By the second half it starts to get old, along with the lack of plot driving it in any direction.

So then i went home investigating on that film, seeing if it's worth the watch.

The climax of the remake is more exciting,and some effectively nasty things images were added {atleast,to the uncut version}.

It's slow moving and slow building, almost ambient even; often coming at you from the rear speakers rather than full and on in your face, which for me, really creates a great, eerie atmosphere that works perfectly if you're watching it at 1:30 AM and have to pause for a toilet break and to let the dog out to stretch her legs.

This isn't a gritty gore-fest with annoying, smug, ultra-cynical characters (as seems to be the trend with much contemporary horror - think Wolf Creek, Hostel, Cabin Fever, The Hills Have Eyes remake and 28 Weeks Later) but rather, the kind of horror that should appeal to anyone who has had to walk home late at night through an empty park and felt the presence of someone (or something) following closely behind.

I found the scenes with these ghostly characters to be very unfrightening, and the reactions of the characters to these ghosts to be contrived and phoney at best.

In the end, all we have is a disjointed, plot less, conclusion-less collection of scenes, with a naked boy and a dead wet girl.

On the other hand, now that I watched it for the second time after all these years, I have to say that sometimes I felt like the movie all in all was sometimes a little slow and repetitive.

Unfortunately, the pretentious American industry of cinema insists in remaking and spoiling these Asian masterpieces.

Not as frightening as the terrifying remake,but still effectively creepy if a touch repetitive .

Long, dull and a waste of time to deal with.

While not as scary as many horror films claim to be, I found this movie to be the most intriguing film I have seen in my whole life.

I actually fell asleep woke up and fell asleep again this lame film couldn't keep me awake to save my life.

It may be true, that it's quite difficult to follow the storyline (is there any?

But, if you're interested in watching something a bit scarier than this, with a better developed script and improved logic, don't waste your time and just watch the American version.

If The Eye and Dark Water were two of the most buttock-yawning supernatural-shockers to ever crawl out of South East Asia, this rubbishy cash-in wouldn't qualify for a Rod Serling Night Gallery episode.

To be fair, this wasn't an awful movie, infact it wasn't bad at all, but quite frustrating and boring.

With more characters who enter the possessed house and more shifting around in time,Ju-on becomes somewhat repetitive.

If you are a fan of Japanese horror movies then this is an enjoyable film and much much better than the American remake!!!

What a waste of time .....

also, it was confusing that sometimes that little boy looked alive and then other times he didn't, When they showed the pictures of izumi and her friends, their eyes were blacked out and they never explained that either.

Critics have pointed out that the stories get a bit repetitive after a while and sadly I must agree with them, as the lack of variety (due mainly to budgetary constrains) together with the slow pace may make the film boring for some.

Plot-less, filled with pointless characters whose profiles are as deep as a sheet this movie is thousands km far from the excellent aisan new horror wave (darkwater..ringu..)

the new grudge goes on for a bit to long and i get scared at films easily and this one this not scare me at all, the original grudge had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I had a really hard time caring and was confused by the disjointed and tangential structure of the film.

Pointless Scare .

" there were too many plot holes to make the movie enjoyable.

The new wave of Asian horror is so boring that once you've seen one of them, you've seen the lot.

An unnerving but pointless piece.

On an overall scale, Ju-On: The Grudge makes efficient use of its available resources, maintains a fine grip on the genre elements, is unwilling to hand its viewers the key to solve its puzzle, and sustains its suspenseful ambiance till the very end.

The only real issue is that the film is plagued by a plot that's far too disjointed to make any sense as we constantly zip around to view the dozen or so different stories that are told within, making it nearly impossible to keep track of who's-who here and what time period we're in since this doesn't go chronologically with that either, and then because we learn so late in the film what's actually going on, it's far too late to really care.

This movie is one of the most intense, shocking and disturbing flicks I've seen in a very long time.

Actually, there really was no story.

I found "Ju-On: The Grudge" to be confusing and lame.

Anyways- With its story moving along at an absolute snail's pace, The Grudge (and its mega-cheap scares) was pretty awful horror, for the most part.

The way that the story moves is really confusing.

The only grudge I care about is the one I'm going to hold against everybody who told me this was worth watching.

The remake was more terrifying and that says something because the remake wasn't scary, just entertaining.

He was creepy in this one and kind of dull in the remake.

The suspense is lame, the "surprises" are not surprising, the story is cliché, and the action is so predictable.

The only grudge I care about is the one I'm going to hold against everybody who told me this was worth watching!

This film is a waste of time for film buffs as well as horror buffs.

All of the fright scenes were telegraphed well before they happened and, to be honest, the whole film was basically just a collection of repetitive 'jump-scenes'.

) are crime or exploitation and not strictly horror, but they are innovative and exciting and shocking and everything the mainstream claims 'Ringu' et al are.

This is the movie without horror, there is no story, no acting and even no feeling of fear in there acting.

So good to make you sleep .

The acting, on the part of the two ghosts, were good, but repetitive since they kinda ended people's lives the same way every time.

At least they have more in common with great directors praising their movies, both "Ju-on : The Grudge" and "Cabin Fever" are unbelievable dull, boring, stupid and without a single scare.

the unexpected phone rings.

It's just a dull mess of a film that has fewer scares than the average Ed Wood film.

On the other hand, there was no story.

The film is probably worth watching for this feeling alone and the first 45 minutes are excellent although ultimately you'll be disappointed with the ending.

A most enjoyable experience.

It's fascinating and will have you jumping in your seat several times while watching.

Unscary, unimaginative, un-entertaining .

the movie was hard to follow in my opinion.

Slow going .

Dire nonsense like the hollow Dark Water, the dull and over stylised Eye, the truly pitiful Phone and the slightly bizarre Audition haven't truly come close to the level of Ring.

I don't know why all these people I know think that this is "the scariest movie they've ever seen" I saw it, and was totally bored by it.

At one point, a women is frightened to death of harmless, banal things like her cell phone ringing, and her teddy bear.

Brace yourselves" then nothing happens, and it's a stupid repetitive cycle.

This film was both creative and fascinating.

but it's just it was sooo serious and sooo slow.

Quiet yet intense, relying on atmosphere and dread, JU ON is very chilling, and very effective.

Enjoyable ..somehow. .

In all, there is no plot, a bunch of innocent people were killed eventually, no mention on how these people were killed, no reasons why they were killed, and there is no hint of any kind the Evil Almighty, if exists, to do with this kind of meaningless deed.


Ju-on: The Grudge will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The shocks are mostly in daylight, the camera angles move in reverse to the action on screen (making the next shock totally unexpected)and the intrusive music is toned down to a creepy soft pattern that doesn't let the viewer know there's a shock around the corner.

Slow-burning, intelligent horror that is genuinely creepy.

Ringu was a failure because of its complete lack of imagination and its degeneration into an endless, pointless detective story, which meant that when resolution finally came it was all explained away and any impact was totally dissipated.

Perhaps, to a Japanese person well versed in the Ju-on legend, all this might seem like seriously scary stuff, but I was bored rigid, with matters made even more irksome by the film's excruciatingly slow pace and a pointless fractured time-line that ensured maximum confusion.

Slow moving a creepy as hell, just like you like it.

It was entertaining and quite spooky in places.

Some viewers have also said that there is no hint given to the reason for the curse, yet at one point it is clearly stated that the father doubted the child was his, and bore a grudge.

The story line was predictable from start to finish.

The points that are supposed to be frightening are also actually fairly predictable.

As well as the confusion with the characters there is also a part near the end that involves a man in a wheelchair which i didn't understand the first time i saw the film.

A must watch if you are looking for some adrenaline rush.

After announcing that when someone dies in a fit of rage, their spirit lays dormant; the film skips between various happenings in a rush that is far too swift to keep up with, making it very, very easy to get bored.

The house where the curse was born is revisited various times & by various characters throughout the movie but it ultimately becomes repetitive with no logical explanation in sight.

Neither did my BF and he's a pretty big movie buff and even understands some of the most confusing movies ever!

It's bleak and unrelenting, it's slow and undramatic.

For some reason I DID like it, I enjoyed it.

i think that this film is much better and more exciting than the remake.

When it sticks to the ghosts, it's great stuff all around and is certainly highly enjoyable.

The story was told out of chronological order, which was confusing and pointless.

Fantastically plotless and seemingly designed just to scare you this is the sort of thing that proves why Japan is better at horror than anywhere else (this week).

It didn't tie itself together very well, the acting was second rate and it was very slow.

The least a horror movie could do is to at least make my heart pound a little faster but this movie is so bland from start to end.

You'll be rewinding the DVD (if you were fortunate enough to not pay to see this in a theater) to see what happened, only to find that nothing happened at all.

The problem, however, is that these spooky moments are merely snapshots and isolated images whereas the film as a wholesome is disappointingly trite and virtually plot less.

Let me start off by saying that this movie has no plot.

If you were wondering if it was scary, there was one jump scene and the rest isn't necessarily scary, but it's definitely enjoyable to watch.

Although I found a lot of similarities to The Ring and Ringu, with the long hair of the girl draped over her face and the house being cursed like the video, there are a lot of good qualities that make this movie enjoyable to the horror movie fan.

(The Ring and Ringu did) Ju-on is a perfect example of all mood and no story.

Not too gory, but suspenseful enough to keep you awake looking over your shoulder all night.

It felt really fast, which is good because too much tension can grow to be boring.

Is it just me, or does the Japanese film industry make films so confusing you have to see them a hundred times to understand the plot.

Thus there is no actual plot, which should allow for some great horror sequences and very little boredom.

I like suspenseful, horror films that make you think.

Don't waste your money or your time on this one.

I thought this was entertaining but repetitive.

OK, it's confusing, the plot make no sense, and the acting was dodgy as hell.

It looks beautiful where as this looks cheap and drab, the sound effects and make-up are better, and the scares are bigger.

STUPID, not SCARY, pointless, repetitively pointless.

lame and dull .

For instance, the actors could use some make-up touches here and there between scenes and some of the acting is weak and many characters are simply flat and uninteresting (this could be because they don't have much screen time to develop).

And neither are half naked little kids sitting around fidgeting or rocking back and forth or--you guessed it--staring into a camera.

Please do watch this, i highly recommend it.

I just found it profoundly uninteresting.

That's the story in a nutshell but it's a bit more confusing than that.

Needless to say, she was dragged away.

For a start there is virtually no story, nothing is explained other than what a 'Ju-on' is & for some bizarre reason it's not even in chronological order as the film is split into eight sections each one almost exactly the same as the previous plus it shifts backwards & forwards in time for no apparent reason other than to confuse & annoy.

It isn't really a film that you would immediately watch again straight after you had watched it the first time but i would recommend that you watch it twice (that is, if you enjoyed it the first time) to try and develop better understanding and knowledge of the characters featured in the film.

Otherwise, avoid this boring, pretentious trash.

Well that was unexpected .

Not so here, where we are yet again more moved towards confusion than any other emotion, when we see the face clearly of the formerly obscured-by-shadow Kayako.

Way better creepy/brooding atmosphere, more convincing ghost story, etc. Save your money on this dreck.

With genuinely suspenseful entries like 'Kairo' and 'Dark Water' to compete with, I find that extremely hard to believe!

The story was good, but it was slow at times.

Save your money and don't see this movie.