Judas Kiss (1998) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

Hohum Score



A couple and two hired hands kidnap a business owner for a four million dollar ransom. A woman is killed. Collateral damage? The F.B.I. gets involved.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Sebastian Gutierrez
Stars: Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 49 found boring (18.36%)

One-line Reviews (27)

By themselves, these pointless scenes drag down a fun movie to the point that I almost turned off the VCR after the first 15 minutes.

However, if you slip out of 'intense action thriller' mode and into 'mindless entertainment,' then this is really quite a fun movie, with several hilarious moments.

Unexpected pleasure .

It was a totally unexpected delight.

This is one gripping movie, reminiscent of the MGM crime movies of the late 70's.

The fact that it is cluttered by a rather uninteresting subplot and mostly uninteresting kidnappers really muddles things.

The efforts of a new group of young talent bolstered by Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson, 2 extremely gifted actors, makes for a thrilling and engrossing evening of entertainment.

But I'm not a QT fan,by a long shot ,and I found this flick quite entertaining.

These aspects combine to give refreshingly daring cinema, which makes a whole bunch of recent stuff look unbearably dull.

If you want entertaining, lusty and smart -- "Judas Kiss" is near perfect.

The story, although sometimes over-intricate, is kept entertaining and pointed towards the end.

The movie is entertaining, has a sufficient number of action scenes, a successfully unpredictable plot and characters who initially would appear to be mismatched turn out to make quite an ensemble.

" attempts to be a intriguing noir crime flick by filming in the "Big Easy" with lots of dark shots, sweaty bodies, gritty dialogue, and other elements obviously contrived to appeal to the viscera.

Really entertaining .

It is at best confusing and absurd.

Everything about is predictable.

I forgot about this boring part.

I guess the movie was set in New Orleans, but Aside from the afore mentioned accents and a couple bland city shots the movie could have been in Anytown, USA.

A good, entertaining story, well directed, performed and filmed.

'Judas Kiss' is a complete waste of time.

It was an entertaining caper movie with great characters and truly unsuspected twists and turns set in New Orleans.

Don't waste your time with this light-weight addition to the genre.

She makes the whole film worth watching...

This film, would have to be about the most pretentious load of rubbish that I have seen all year.

This one was another totally unexpected gem.

Dull and predictable caper-gone-wrong movie.

Entertaining action thriller; grab the snacks and the big glass of Coke .