Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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When the island's dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Owen and Claire mount a campaign to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from this extinction-level event.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: J.A. Bayona
Stars: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 260 out of 1000 found boring (26%)

One-line Reviews (560)

An aquatic dinosaur is seen standing on the edge of a pier as the clouds engulf it, even though it merely needs to take a step forward to enter the water and have a chance to survive.

Very boring, predictable.

The story was all over the place and quite predictable once it got rolling.

On an overall scale, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom fails at even the basic aspects of storytelling and is a bland, tedious & uninspiring entry in a series that ran its course a long time ago.

B, the creation of this animal was completely pointless.

I've rated this one 4 stars, but it is in my opinion the worst movie in the entire Jurrasic Park series.

It has an impoverished storyline that will leave you unsatisfied with its dozens of plotholes having pointless motives that branch out ending up being daft.

I watched this movie in theaters and enjoyed it.

All the plot twist are predictable.

The scenes with "Malcolm" were 100% pointless and only served to add his name to the credits.

Ruined the movie with the cliche characters.

Throwing in a clone daughter / grand-daughter sub-plot that goes nowhere was pointless and a waste of time.

Very enjoyable.

Before finalizing its drawn-out closing credits, I witnessed a thank-you line alone in the dark, with an exquisite composition in its very last seconds before the post-credits scene, a first name and a surname that encompass the most appreciable and single improvement that can be highlighted in the eyes of common viewers: Guillermo del Toro.

Every scene is a cliche that you've seen 1000 times before.

However, as an action film it's enjoyable, especially if you don't think too hard about the situation.

The effeminate nerdy guy & the angry unbearable feminist.

Trite characters who never learn anything from the previous ones.

Oh look it opens up just in time again how unpredictable and totally dramatic.

The story is fine, and it's enjoyable, and as ever the CGI is amongst the best anywhere.

Why so slow all of sudden?

Characters are one-dimensional, everything is so predictable, nothing the characters do is logical or reasonable and the plot is under standard.

Too predictable (full of cliches), there is more time on screen of Jeff Goldblum than the dinosaurs, lame villain and horrible ending.

It's worth watching only if you have nothing better to do and you have a couple of hours to kill.

Unfortunately their characters in these films are dull and 1 dimensional.

No plot at all and way too political on animal rights.

Thrilling adventure .

Other than the great CGI, this movie is a total waste of time.

The bad: Bland characters.

In my top 5 of the worst movies I've ever seen.

3rd was ok some cool parts , 4th was surprisingly entertaining and fun.

Forget that the story in this movie sucks simply because it felt so pointless and rushed, but this movie also features some of the most boring/cliché characters I've ever witnessed, these characters also had little to no impact with the actual story.

What was that scene all about and to predictable for me.

If you want to spend a couple of hours mostly bored, occasionally irritated, and exclaiming "seriously?!

But interesting and enjoyable for a movie to sit and vege out with.

It's so boring and way to "Hollywood politically correct" that it makes even dinasours uncool.

Both are fairly cliche ridden and predictable.

I wasn't just monumentally bored, I was completely disgusted that someone spent millions of dollars making this film despite the nonsensical plot, predictable twists, and two-dimensional characters.

And they keep sending us Jurassic ammounts of boredom and yawns.

It Was fully entertaining, wasn't boring at all.

"Fallen Kingdom" degenerates to the tedious storylines of greedy warmongers looking for an ultimate killing weapon (guess what that is!

Such a waste of money...

A Bayona's Slick DirectingThe CGIThe Action SequencesSome Horror Inspired Set-PiecesSome Good MomentsMichael Giacchino's ScoreIt Sets Up An Interesting SequelCONS:THAT ENDING IS SO DUMBLots Of Stupid MomentsThe Character's Are IdiotsTwo Pointless Characters (One Is A Comic Relief/One Is A SJW Character)It Keep Contradicing It Own Message (Dinosaurs Are Bad End Of Story)They Underused Jeff Goldblum

If you're bored with what you're watching, as I was with this film, then you mind starts to wonder and you start picking apart what you're seeing.

Do you like long stretches of nothing happening?

It was slow, boring, and a hot mess.

The first half of this movie starts out rather slow and is basically just a bad remake of The Lost World.

The new characters are boring and uninteresting to the point that you want their death.

I'm loved The original but this was by far the most unwatchable movie of the lot.

Predictable: more of the same .

Jurassic world fallen kingdom is perhaps the most boring film of this franchise,even if i didnt liked at all jurassic park 3 it still had some fun moments and it felt like a jurassic park film,this one doesnt feel like one,mostly becase they put plot to focus on completly uninteresting and wasted plot about selling dinos and staff with girl clone which was totaly out of place and just plain stupid,also second and third act is happening inside of mansion which is why i didnt felt like i was watching jurassic film,indoraptor was wasted villain dino and his death was completly underwhelming and uninspired,fallen kingdom is a film that fails as a film becase of staff that just doesnt work in this films such as wasted story and plot

Borefest .

I mean there are great scenes, some dinosaurs look awesome, but it looks more like an action packed showcase, than an actual good movie.

The second half is a tedious and cliche story about a cardboard villain trying to sell dinosaurs.

From a pointless cameo by Jeff Goldblum to straight up remaking multiple shots from the original film, Fallen Kingdom is obsessed with reminding you of better movies instead of just being itself.

This movie is by far one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

The characters are shallow, silly and uninteresting.

Brings to life what would happen in modern day, utterly gripping and awesome film.

Too much stupidity, annoying characters I didn't connect with or care about, predictable moments and clichés, I didn't care about any of the new characters at all, there is no way I'm sitting through this movie ever again, ever.

It is also entertaining from start to finish, I never felt bored, and finally, the sets, especially the mansion, are beautiful and seem more fully realized than the characters themselves, along with the dinosaurs.

A bit boring there, a bit dumb here, fun overall and forgettable.

There is a plot twist that is going to make you scratch your head in confusion because it comes out of nowhere and makes absolutely no sense.

After 30 minutes I was bored and annoyed that the story was so poor.

Once more a blockbuster with little soul and a lot of pyrotechnics that will surely be an overseas summer box office smasher thanks to an instinctively striking, aggressive mise-en-scène and the hook provoked by the magnetic leading duo - Pratt and his lizards - however, it will sink in with respect to the summer competitors due to unfunny, medium-quality performances, a short-of-innovation soundtrack, and a simply poor, disjointed narrative and storyline.

I recall the very first movie and how thrilling it was to see a dinosaur stampede.

Enjoyable .

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The franchise keeps putting films out; all enjoyable none award winners.

Cliche characters, weird plot, just a bit too much convenience .

Don't waste your time, it will only make you angry.

But it was extremely predictable that they would be betrayed once they got there.

Chris Prat looks miserable, the plot is predictable, the jokes are awful, etc....

And to top it all off, despite the numerous action sequences and winks towards its predecessors it's a boring blockbuster.

Yet they still managed to make this pretty exciting, allow corporate greed to again be the catalyst, and allowed a question that is FAR too deep for this movie, which I can't reveal without a spoiler.

So predictable, so corny.

Complete waste of talent and money

The story line is lazy and boring.

My biggest issue is that it turns a classic saga into a generic, boring and even cartoonish flick.

There was one particular scene that was filmed all in one take underwater which was downright the most suspenseful and intense scene in the movie, and it didn't even have any dinosaurs.

Just believe me and don't waste your time on it.

The adrenaline would suppress hunger so that even the instinct to hunt would be temporarily shut downThe bad guy at the end going into an elevator where people are hiding from the dinosaurs decides to push a woman out from hiding.

Very predictable, uninteresting plot.

The whole talking scene is like more than half an hour and it,s too boring.

The score for Fallen Kingdom is bland beyond belief except for the insulting and out of place insertion of extracts from the original score.

Also, Franklin the comic relief is mostly composed of boring dialog.

It was entertaining sometimes.

my favorite scene in the movie is the opening sequence, it was amazing and very suspenseful, even a little scary.

Further checkboxes all ticked as expected: computer geek; screaming chiildren (though Isabella Sermon as the grand-daughter is much better in this movie than all the other "lost children", with a deeper back story), various dinosaurs/people etc falling through plate glass, unexpected T.

So it happening like it did actually was unexpected...

The plot is bad, predictable and boring.

Great action scenes in the beginning, but in the end there is just more of the same kinda tedious fighting with dinosaurs.

Overall, a movie with silly premise and some large plot holes, but a brilliantly filmed, entertaining movie that really kept me engaged and brought suprising amount of awe.

This film was ok but it could have been better,when i saw jurassic world(2015)i didnt expect anything and i had a good time but because of that i expected this movie to be as good as the last one,i was sadly disappointed because this movie was full of cliche characters,lazy writting and predictable ending i hope the third one gets better or at least as good as the first one

No story, just dinosaurs .

Its not ground breaking its not unexpected, but it is enjoyable.


The plot is so predictable it is either tedious or a joke whichever is your point of view.

Even the action sequences were dull.

Really disappointed, though I should have known it was going to be a big yawn, the last one was dismal too

some scenes were unwatchable .

The plot was wafer thin and the few action scenes were woeful - even the last twenty minutes were dull and forgettable.

Oh wait, it was also boring.

The characters are bland, and Chris Pratt is not given much room to shine in a dull and uninteresting character.

Boring .

Okay, the attack and do eat people and the effects are stunning and playing with shadows did work too.

The movie is just a contrived mess with few original ideas to sustain it.

The story plot was predictable, lacked suspense, and was just overall disappointing.

Boring, repeated story.

All of these aspects make this a more enjoyable experience than the first one in my opinion.

While there is an attempt to go for a darker tone, the end result is indiscriminately dull.

Boring, boring, boring.

It sort of did but the jump scares were all very predictable and so was the bad guy's scheme.

This movie boring, repetitive scenes, dumb and so what.

boring predictable story, stereotype one-dimensional characters, recycling same scenes from previous movies.. painful to watch and a waste of time!

This was reasonably entertaining, up until the ending.

It is an enjoyable film and I am curious to know what they will do for the third film due out 2021.

Enjoyed it immensely.

I enjoyed the film it was entertaining and I wasn't bored with it.

The plot is predictable to the point you know who is going to die , when and how.

Horrible, boring, and predictable movie .

The film is entertaining with great effects, humor and action throughout.

In amidst these waves of Triassic trouble, a convoluted yet contrived narrative is woven, haphazardly, in which a well-meaning bid to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from the threat of an erupting volcano in the now abandoned Jurassic World, turns out to have been nothing more than a ruse, with the captured animals then shipped off to be sold by nasty evil types to rich people with more money than sense.

The action sequences while kind of rushed and a little illogical were exciting.

Something about it seemed quite predictable and I got a "been there done that" sort of feel from it.

Its boring, with drama fix sounds in the background that is way to mutch exaggerating for the scenes.

The effects are impressive of course but its a drab looking movie loaded with annoying callbacks to the original movie.

"Fallen Kingdom," always lewdly ruled by an unthinkable narrative incongruity and a soaring fandango in the devices used to move forward the plot, is a progression of varying-quality set-pieces differing from the increasing suspenseful anticipations from start to finish.

It's just a pretty boring movie with a horrible storyline and it's just not in the same league as the others.

After all, how many times, can you honestly, tell the same repetitive story about genetic engineer dinosaurs, before the concept run dry or become a parody of itself!?

It was not super great, but it had a much more action packed conclusion than watching dumb clone brat hiding from super raptor who is easily killed by regular raptor in her bed.

There are decent moments, like one capping an otherwise rather uninteresting opening sequence, and the special effects are excellent, but I wouldn't say this film is remotely worth watching.

The imagination of events made it seem intriguing, almost every scene.

But last night I was bored so I said to myself, why not give it a shot.

It boggles the mind that a production with a budget nearing $200 million has such a boring and clichéd plot.

An Enjoyable Monster Movie With A lot Of Stupid Moments .

I was bored.

We had some scenes from the other movies rehashed but it was pretty dull even when the dinos appeared.

Even Chris Pratt seemed kind of bored in this movie alright Im getting paid for this look.

Relegating Chris Patt's natural charm to give the chance a "comic-relief" as clumsy as uninteresting is one of its biggest cons, fortifying it with the weak performances of the leading actors and some one-liners lacking in effect.

Dont waste your time on this piece of garbage.

As I said, I didn't hate this movie, it was kind of entertaining, if you checked your brain, and your logic, at the door.

I felt that some of the suspence sequences were a little too drawn out such as the pod in the sea section, as well as the T Rex blood transfusion, neither of which came off as suspensful.

They tried a "story-within-a-story" format, but it was just unnecessary and confusing.

It's a bit predictable, but it was still enjoyable if you're already a fan of all the jurassic park movies.

Polished but pretty pointless bit of brand recognition .

Unbearable .

The few twists it has in store are revealed in such dull manner that it doesn't even add anything to the experience.

The reboot "Jurassic World" (2015) still had things to offer, including (but not limited to) a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art amusement park and a refreshing (albeit cliché) romance relationship between the two leads.

Predictable, shallow and unbelievable.

You know what to expect with this film but it's good, definitely worth watching!

Watching all kind of prehistoric creatures on a big screen is always fun and entertaining.

The first half is a fast paced disaster movie and the second half is a great gothic horror.

But also this film is pretty slow and its pacing holds it back, the slower parts of the films aren't interesting and it holds the film back.

Just watch the first film and don't waste your time on this rubbish.

As for flaws, the movie's pacing can drag a bit, making the film boring in parts.

Some plots are predictable, such as "evil scientists" shipping off / selling / researching on dinosaurs, an environmental subject explored in Part 1.

Very predictable throughout.

Boring .

The destruction of Isla Nubar via volcano, the dinosaurs that were left behind and the effects of the flowing lava also create some stunning and disturbing visuals.

Seriously Worth Watching .

The action sequences are edge-of-your seat, the danger and stakes have been upped significantly, and the second half turns this from action movie into horror movie, and it is intense!


From there on, really nothing happens, our villains do villain things, our heroes do heroic things (which in this universe means they act like idiots and just get lots of people killed) and the movie ends with the second part of Jeff Goldblum's trailer monologue and setting up the next sequel.

Why would Hammond build his billion dollar park on a possibly unpredictable volcano?

This is by far top 5 worst movies I have ever seen......

One huge difference between Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Alien is that Alien was a well crafted and truly frightening movie where JWFK was cliche, predictable, formulaic, and at times just plain dumb.

However, it was revived a little in Jurrasic World, as a fun, enjoyable, easy watch.

Boring and wannabe movie.

Viewer interest is further tested by a lack of humour, uninspiring dialogue and ridiculous subplot.

Though and a few scenes may be well done, the action scenes are predictable .

One thrilling struggle under water - shot with one impressively long take - aside, Bayona and writers Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow don't seem particularly interested in exploring fresh ways to pit man against dinosaur.

One of the worst movies I've seen.

Jurassic park 3 and Jurassic World, while not good movies, were at least enjoyable, which is more than I can say for this one.

Lots of fast paced adventure.

Was it entertaining as hell?

A contrived plot that does nothing except push the dinosaurs off the island at the expense of belief, character, emotional depth and excitement.

7/10 - doesn't reach the heights of its predecessor, but still makes for an entertaining movie-going experience

Movie is dull, Characters laughably inconsistent, Plot transparent, can see from lobby of theatre what is coming up.

Predictable .

Also in the second act, if the slower pacing won't throw you off, the change in setting will.

It is also alot more exciting with more suspense than the first movie.

Believe it or not, but a dry PBS documentary on dinosaurs will be more entertaining to you than this craptastic big-budget big-screen movie.

Predictable, yes.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, is the #1 Movie in America, it's wildly incredible, and intense.

This movie however, was just boring & annoying at once.

I find it pointless that the series continued and that the characters never learn from the previous movies.

Also the film is quite predictable and doesn't provide much of anything new or special.

I really enjoyed it...

JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM is a spectacular film, the visual effects are stunning, the film in my opinion has the best soundtrack in the franchise, has new dinosaurs and has spectacular action scenes with suspense like the first film.

One of the worst movies ever made .

This was the worst movie I've ever seen.

I was bored during a lot of it.

I was really really bored watching the movie.

It's more like the entertaining movie escapism of yesteryear, with little PC agenda, which I found refreshing.

Lazy writing with cliche lines and predictable turns at every corner, what can you expect from a no-name director with no A1 movies to his credit.

Oh, and the predictable "reluctant hero" Franklin?

By the way, how many times do we need to see the same cliche characters.

With a plot so predictable it likely was written by a bot.

I couldn't watch it all, so predictable with no interesting storyline.

The action sequences were boring and the tension felt really forced when compared to Jurassic Park for example.

The villain is paper-thin and extremely cliche (money, money, money).

Everything is so predictable.

Fell asleep, multiple times .

I actually fell asleep the first time I watched it and had to go back to the movies and watch it again.

Too cliche.

Without specific references / spoilers to particular scenes, let's just say volcanic eruption has played a role in some intense, touching and/or hilarious scenes.

A lovely, engaging classical family experience.

Who would have thought something could go wrong (yawn).

Then it really started to get boring, as I noticed when the kids in the cinema started talking and simply not focusing on the movie.

I just watched this movie for the 2nd time and definitely enjoyed it again.

This is really a movie on autopilot and belongs to the dominion of Hollywood's tomb of boredom.

And i can easily say it is one of the worst movie of this franchise.

A torture .

So many stolen rewrites of other films, and so many unrealistic "let's make this more action packed" moments.

Don't waste your time.

I found myself bored at times and others predicting what was going to happen before it did.

Filled with unpleasent characters, cheesy lines, horrific story, and tedious jokes.

But now its been dragged through the mud with multiple sequels that have gotten worse and worse until we are left with a cheesy monster movie that wouldn't look outta place in the King Kong universe.

The rest (the story, the characters, the formulaic nature of each iteration) is just getting closer and closer to the precipice of ridiculousness, and as my title references, seems like the makers are more fond of apeing the stupidity of Sharkado (and other modern low-budget B-movies) than the comparative genius of the original JP.

I'll put about as much original and exciting content into my review as the people who made this film put into it.

Same people, same story and a predictable outcome.

I am a huge fan of the Jurassic Park franchise however this movie sucked I was looking forward to something as captivating as the first remake(Jurassic world) but the movie literally let me down Watched it in theaters and wanted my money back as soon as I left The "politics" of the movie dragged it through the dirt and made it unable to watch.

So ridiculously overstuffed that it becomes dull .

The lack of life and emotion removes the sense of danger from the most intense scenes and the technical details and CGI seem worn out.

Also, the supporting characters are dull, the humor is gone, and it's the same old, same old heroes vs.

The beginning of this movie starts out quite fastpaced and exciting though.

These films were starting to get a bit predictable.

Predictable and cookie cutter plot No character development Action for the sake of actionDo yourself a favor and don't watch it.

The kids enjoyed it .

This movie has a bland plot, it ends with a bland speech as if all the world is overrun by dinosaurs while it's at most 20.

A bit bland .

It's incredibly predictable and cliché.

all too Predictable .

forced the story onward to attain a trite ending and lazy launch point for a possible sequel.

Also, kind of boring.

This one has a snappy beginning, lags in the first middle and then goes for it near second half and the end.

***Contrived danger copied from previous installments and a Volcano scene of Chris Pratt running stolen straight from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Beyond yawn.

I was on the edge of my seat...

I enjoyed it quite a bit.

This story is bland and unfortunately, quite boring.

This was the first time I actually got bored watching a Jurassic Park movie.

Don't waste ur money on this one folks.

Good popcorn movie but predictable .

boring garbage .

Predictable and shameful.

Don't waste your time or money watching this.

Worst movie of 2018 .

While the visuals continue to dominate in this obligatory sequel to the blockbuster reboot of the franchise, Fallen Kingdom falters when it comes to telling a compelling or innovative story to accompany those eye-popping effects.

The story is predictable and bland.

Every step of the film is utterly predictable.

Stupid and tedious.

Beyond that, an incredibly predictable story line and ancillary characters who are too singularly-dimensional to even mention, create the perfect blend of crappiness that makes you wish someone would hurry up and get eaten.

However, "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" is an entertaining film, which entertains in a much more mature way than Jurassic World.

I just rewatched JW 1 and it is still amazing with it's premise of opening the park and getting it right, irresponsible leadership and arrogance, and a suspenseful plot leading up to an exciting conclusion.

But this one is so predictable and the story is not worth any words.

Waste of money.

That movie had a lot of cool action but was lacking in stressful and suspenseful scenes which this movie makes up for.

And there are some plot turns that are pretty predictable.

Boring experience, lots of dinos fighting in an plotless movie.

And I am sleeping in an empty house on the floor.

Very over the top Holiwood nonsensically lame boring movie.

Just contrived, cliché, Hollywood garbage.

This is basically a kids movie, so bear that in mind, but it is thoroughly entertaining, despite its derivative action sequences and dialogue.

Subsequently, the flight from the island of the protagonists and the dinosaurs also yields exciting moments, especially in the scene of the fall of the movement capsule, seen in the first film.

Predictable from start zu end.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a very, very boring movie.. and it really shouldn't have been considering how many different things were crammed into it.

Entertaining and the dinosaurs look real as they have ever doneBut hard to see where they can take this franchise next.

Bad pointless mess of a movie didn't seem to know what it wanted to be and just left a bad taste in my mouth.

No plot .

unwatchable .

Complete waste of time .

Predicable throughout and just basically a waste of time.

And it was action packed

Newly introduced characters fail to make any impression and I've seen more compelling villains on episodes of Scooby Doo.

The first half was a dumb fun b-movie, while the second half was a dumb boring b-movie.

Disjointed scenes which, strung together.

Please explore and make something worth watching once in while.

It was uninspiring and in certain scenes - terrible.

Even if, they are extremely hungry, while, they could, very well, had been, most animal would still behave in a matter of flight during such an intense natural hyperarousal environmental moment.

its looks like low budjet movie the dinosaures dont look real boring movie .. its even doest have a real plot or a story.

And it all was so predictable, without a single more original idea.

They're just flat and boring.

Unrealistic, and inconsistent plot with highly cliche characters and situations.

Don't waste your time.

Worst movie of the year.

Plot is poor, silly and predictable.

You'll also be greeted with boring feminist quips I have to assume were thrown in to appease people after the reports that Chris Pratt was paid so much more than Bryce Dallas Howard.

Unfortunately, this time some good interpretations and good CGI's cannot overcome the bad and boring plot.

I thought it was impossible to make a movie about dinosaurs boring, but this movie had me bored to tears.

Unfortunately this end result is so utterly repugnant that it cannot even be revered as a future cult classic, just a waste of 2 hours and 8 minutes of the life of every unfortunate soul who endures this movie.

And there are so many glaring plot holes and inconsistencies and stupid and contrived decisions that it's impossible to enjoy even the littlest bit.

Very predictable .

Sometimes it tries to be funny, sometimes it is just pointless.

What makes Jurassic World: Fallen Kimgdom so unforgivably dull is the sheer lack of care taken with the set-pieces.

Ok, find her, but that killing monster is so gentle and slow.

Kind of confusing or unclear throughout and not enough relationship building (very non emotional for the watcher) between the main characters.

The dialog and emotional moments in this movie are contrived and come off as pathetic.

The alarm bells were ringing during 2015's ultra-formulaic re-visit, Jurassic World, a film which I must confess to actually having quite enjoyed, and in fairness, despite its massively predictable plot and mountains of excessive corporate product placement, it's a film which more or less pulled off that hardest of tricks: pleasing both newbies and die-hard fans alike.

where is the genuine horror of unseen landscape and thrills of the unexpected?

It's just the plot that is a bit boring after awhile.

By far, only three pics are memorable by their artistic magnificence, a deeply disappointing conclusion in an entertaining mess.

Im bored and not enjoyed.

I think it may have been the worst movie I have ever seen.

tiring boring .

It's terrible and this is by far the worst movie in the Jurassic Park franchise.

So unless a film has a proven story line, a formulaic script, and known actors it won't get funded.

Just a boring rehash of all the previous movies.

Save your money.

They killed off most of the dinosaurs, and the ending was pretty dull since most of the last 30 minutes was in one room.

This is a distinct step backwards from Jurassic World which was all together more entertaining.

The film seems rush sometimes, and others too slow, you can tell what is going to happen long before it really happens (like the revelation that the kid is a clone).

The first criticism i find somewhat understandable, but then again this movie is a lot more story driven than it is action packed.

Watched with my dino mad son and it was enjoyable.

Boring time?

Movie starts great, the first half is awesome, just as exciting as those old Jurassic park movies but the other half is based in the night time & its so so dark, half the movie is unwatchable, i could watch the last half with my close eyes, because there was noting to see, seriously people put millions of dollars in making something & can't even even fix the basic things, i mean the people who reviewed or edited this thing before it came to threatens should be fired from their jobs, they killed the movie :( sad

Characters in the movie are dull, no connection whatsoever with them.

The movie is boring, nauseous, tiring.

I enjoyed the first one, however this one was boring and just a rehash of old ideas.

I fell asleep during it.

If you are a fan of dinosaur movies I am sure that you are going to be let down by it and if you are a fan of the first movie or the first original trilogy of Jurassic Park then I am completely sure that you are going to waste your time watching it.

In conclusion its hightime , that the script writers, bring some new subject, rather than depending upon the old ones,its predictable most of the times.

This movie is so stupid and boring.

Not my favorite in the franchise, but solid all around and entertaining throughout.

This has to be the most fast paced Jurassic Park film in which things escalated so quickly, so clumsily and embarrassingly.

This one was so boring that that i just turned it off

Boring and not rehashing old ideas.

While it still may be the worst of the Jurassic bunch, Fallen Kingdom wisely chooses to go smaller and scarier, resulting in a movie that can be enjoyable because it doesn't choose to compete with its superior predecessors.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time .

Worst Jurassic Park movie, still entertaining .

Jurassic Boredom .

Overall this is an enjoyable film with some message too.

At last this is one of the worst movie of this year.

The films shortcomings show through glaringly, in the predictable, emaciated story and hackneyed narrative, that pulls together a lot of ideas we have seen in previous films from the franchise.

People gobble it up because the VFX makes it pretty, there's dinosaurs, if you saw it on the big screen it sells the imagery more, and the actors are supposed to bring charisma, but when the writing is just this bad and the directing is this bland, at some point you recognize the spices just can't mask the boring overcooked meat that is the story.

An Exciting New Installment .

This movie had a lot of cliche moments from most monster movies and shark movies like the person getting killed first and the monster v monster fight sort of thing.

It's no doubt that the Jurassic series are amazing, however, it's getting repetitive.

Decent movie but it lacks a compelling story.


In short a well done if formulaic action film from a well worn, possibly "over worn" franchise.

Really boring.

The problem with Jurassic World was that the first 45 minutes were really slow and boring.

terrible, simple, predictable..5 star for effects and dinos..

It's action packed, comedy and pretty much a family (wouldn't recommend for kids below 10 yrs) movie.

The underwater sequences are kind of terrifying, and it actually kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Then they got back home and it became derivative and formulaic.

There are dinosaurs, people screaming, dinosaurs eating people, absolutely stunning CGI for these dinosaurs and great sound effects for them as well.

Stupid and boring .

This whole movie doesn't make any sense whatsoever, cliche after cliche after dumb cliche, logical fallacies and plot holes by the hundreds, I think they should let this franchise die, because they milked it dry.

Pure fluff cliche and exploit .


If you love dinosaurs and an enjoyable story, this is not for you.

This movie is simply entertaining.

So, if you're looking for a long drawn out volcanic eruption, look elsewhere.

Repetitive, discouraging & too tiring.

Anyway, there are no surprises, everything is predictable, etc. Only "Boo!

This really is an entertaining movie.

It was an attempt at doing something different but it falls flat on its face, this plotline that it tries to create makes little sense and makes for a very boring third act.

And, the boring and dumb, irrelevant (how did she get such an important job) Claire Dearing.

Full of stunning plot holes.

It is also one of the most predictable films ever made, every plot point seems done before.

If you ignore all the pointless dialog and exposition and just watch the dinosaurs chasing and eating people for 2 hours, then you might enjoy yourself just a little.

Boring plot, lame actors and not a single memorable scene.

" It's a real shame because they could've done something unique with what do to after the last one.. instead they go the boring "real world, here's a bad guy who wants to make money" route.

Fallen Kingdom is really an excellent entertaining movie, as long as you watch it with an open mind.

The CGI are good but sadly the plot and script let the rest of the film down, I found it somewhat silly and a little boring.

It's boring on a hole new level, the acting is way sub par.

The plot was almost identical to the first movie, with predicable villains and an even more predictable plot.

I recommend you watch this movie because it is actually enjoyable and much better than some say .

action packed...

Predictable .

Boring, Annoying, And Unnecessary Entry in the Jurassic Canon .

It was such a lazy, cynical, cliche, SyfY level remix of one of my favorite films of all time.

Moronic plot, stupid tropes, marginal action, boring special effects.

Thus, parts of the story become very recycle, predictable, and paper-thin.

The characters are bog standard and the plot is thin but it's undeniably entertaining to watch the movie go from action scene to action scene!

The jokes are poor and some new characters are pointless & annoying.

Yawn fest .

That's all there is to say about it, predictable.

Predictable .

Blue was a welcome return, and even if the whole thing is predictable, at least it's not boring - just bland.

There are too many uninteresting storylines in in one film.

The film itself was good and gripping, and would have been fun (which I always remembered Jurassic Park as) if the dinosaurs weren't stunned and shot so many times throughout the film as well as a man with pliers attempting to take one of the dinosaurs teeth out.

Every sci-fi cliché, no matter how unfitting, is touched upon here.

However, After a mildly exciting first half on the island, with Claire and the rest attempting to locate Owen's beloved raptor Blue before the volcano erupts, the setting switches to a Northern Californian mansion owned by John Hammond's business partner, Benjamin Lockwood, played by James Cromwell.

Theres no story at all.. just 2 hours of cgi dinosaurs in cages and then out of cages running around eating the baddies while a frieking noisy orchestra scratches into my soul.

I got bored in the begining.

Empty Political Point .

And don't even get me started on the other issues, like the unrealistically low bidding prices for the dinosaurs, the dinosaur vet who's never actually seen a dinosaur before despite Jurassic World being an open park for a few years, and filled with dinosaur vets who worked with the animals, the pointless Re-Romance build up for Owen and Claire, and an annoyingly preachy tone.

There is no real tension, because at the start of every scene you already know how it will end, it's really predictable.

Somehow Chris Pratt was dulled down to a complete bore in this- how can you do that?

It does progress the overall tale but the telling feels repetitive.

Everything is so predictable and action scenes just follows another.

Entertaining and quality CGI .

each new jurassic park sequel just confirms again and again that (1) reading michael crichton's book rules supreme, (2) spielberg's first filmed version was the only good jurassic park movie adaptation, and (3) all movies that followed were bland trash, including this one


Garbage and boring.

We live in a world contaminated by the lull of money and power and this film reflects just that.

IT has it flaws but it is entertaining enough.

Oh, and the scene with Owen, Claire and Franklin under water was the only suspenseful scene.

Cliche after cliche and more cliche.

How do you make a movie about killer dinosaurs boring?

While that movie had a pretty weak story and characters, the action was absolutely thrilling and I regularly rewatch it for that alone.

Bland and Boring .

This has become something like the Transformers franchise: no depth, just visuals; boring characters and stupid plot.

This movie was very entertaining and the only major problem is that this movie is really time deaf.

How can movie with so many action scenes be this boring?

Enjoyed it.

While it's got some nice effects throughout, the overall package equates to boring characters who don't compare to the interest we have in the dinosaurs at all.

My biggest gripe with these films is how predictable they feel.

Lots of predictable moments.

CGI is awesome but scenario and many things are very ordinary and boring.

Curvy Bryce is just stunning throughout and easily blows away any other woman in the series.

The plot is structured as boring usual, the acting is plastic, the cliffhangers won't end, and the music cheesy as hell.

For the most part, the sequels have been tedious.

The cast too is both stellar and in good form, but given what they have to work with, there's only so far the likes of Toby Jones, Jeff Goldblum, Rafe Spall et al can take Bayona's messy, painfully predictable effects-fest.

Just another frustrating waste of money out of Hollywood

just one big yawn

The plot was a bit boring and in some points, it was just like we were watching hide and seek.

Yawn sometimes.

Probably the worst movie in the franchise .

Just boring, corny, and lazy writing and directing.

Becoming old an predictable.

He was certainly very entertaining and I'd say he easily stole the film.

Don't waste your time on this.

'Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom' is just a bland dinosaur monster movie with no sense of wonder or danger, and although it made a lot of money at the box office, Universal Studios have achieved the impossible, they have managed to make a dinosaur movie boring.

In those you're on the edge of your seat, biting your nails.

Claire was just as bland as in the first movie.

The first half is by the numbers, but somewhat enjoyable.

So tiresome.

Half way through the movie my wife and I turned it off, we were so bored and couldn't take it anymore.

His character so mute and bland that when he finally gets it in the end you feel literally nothing.

The story line was poor and boring.

The movie feels very dragged out.

Overall, I found this to be an exciting, suspenseful romp while we wait to see if the good guys prevail.

Since when did dinosaurs become uninteresting?

A side character who was there for comic relief was absolutely unbearable and I was shocked that we got a character like that in this film.

Bayona, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the dullest entry since Jurassic Park III and manages, once again, to somehow make dinosaurs boring.

I got bored quickly, you could see what was going to happen before it did, I even looked at my watch 2 times during the film to see how much longer it would take...

I know that some revere Michael Giacchino (mostly for his Pixar work), but this score, like most of his other live action ones, is bland.

Got bored also for first time in Jurassic series .. starting check my watch wondering when its over 🙄 Hope there is no more ...

Boring characters, uneccessary plotlines (spoiler - the daughter is a clone and it has absolutely no impact on the story) and predictable action scenes (dinosaur deus ex machinina all over) - it's not great.

Honestly, this is a case of a movie doing well by name alone and the fact kids still want to see dinosaurs, but I found the Dwayne Johnson action film with monsters, Rampage, way more enjoyable than this.

Sit down, relax, and enjoy 2 hours with fantastic action scenes, amazing effects and fascinating dinosaurs.

There is some interest towards the end but as a whole the story is quite bland, and the new characters aren't as interesting.

The characters were dull, not interesting and characters of Owen and Claire were not developed, nor evolved.

Not a great, high-concept movie but suitably entertaining for 2 hours.

While I have loved the original Jurassic Park (1993) for its ingenious special effects, taut and thrilling plot, and entertaining characters, none of the sequels have been able to live up to its high standard.

Predictable & unbelievable are the best adjectives for this movie.

As a monster in the house story, this has some thrilling action sequences and horror scenes.

I mean, I didn't love the previous one (I gave it a 7,5 here), but it was entertaining, and, the story at least made sense!

The entire movie is made up of short action scenes where major events are happening so fast in the most predictable way.

It's enjoyable but silly, and towards the end just annoyingly predictable, as most "quattles" are (Death Wish, Starship Troopers.

One long series of predictable, over used troupes.

It runs through a house for about half an hour, stalking a little girl like a movie monster, then dies, not escaping with the others into the rest of the world, making it pointless to even have it in the movie.


Much enjoyable.

Flawed But Entertaining .

One of the worst movies ever .

What a shambles, boring, predictable and terribly scripted, not to mention the plot was a perforated mess

Again, we feel that everything is empty, meaningless, lifeless and that there is no danger or emotion.

This was by far the most boring film of the franchising.

Really enjoyed it...

This was one of the worst movies I ever had to watch.

It was an entertaining two hours, no doubt; definitely worth a viewing.

On te other hand, the ending was unexpected and it will be interesting to see what's gonna happen

None of the magic, Money grab, don't waste your time.

Overall this movie is bad and a complete waste of time.

The villain, hm, the villain was very bland, very generic and only purpose in the film; Money.

This may be personal opinion, but this movie is genuinely thrilling, and it was worlds ahead of Jurassic World.

Through Maisie, the director is able to effortlessly show the nightmares of a child and how they bleed into the world of adults, as well as glorifying disastrous world events with such ease and childhood innocence that, even amongst all the bloody dino violence, human sacrifices and inhumane treatment of such creatures, the loss of innocence and fear of a child is what makes the driving force of Fallen Kingdom so believable, so entertaining and most of all, so spectacular.

I found it especially entertaining and the CGI was excellent.

Infact the characterization of Bryce Dallas Howard character is pointless too as risking her life to save dinos amid volacanic eruption .

In a respectable picture, like the original Jurassic Park, these behemoths work together to create an entertaining story full of memorable scenes.

Bad story Lazy writing Terrible performances Terrible cliches CGI was rough Predictable Boring The action scenes were all the same Watching the dinosaurs fight was like a match of Mortal Kombat

Tedious .

If only I could at least laugh at the stupidity, but I mostly felt just bored and angry about wasting my time.

Most Part 2 movies have the pitfall of rushed dialogues (assuming all audience have watched Part 1), recycled action scenes (using Part 1 props save $), dragging philosophical review or weepy flashbacks of Part 1 (padding screen time), bizarre sudden change in characters' casting/ personality, or a confusing head trip into the future or some incomprehensible scenarios that makes you wonder if this "Part 2" is related to the original Part 1 story at all.

Apart from the awesome effects, I think the movie was so weak, predictable and just down right unbelievable.

A film that has been redone and remade in too similar fashion to its predesscers 1 too many times this film is boring and predictable.

IMO, one of the worst movies to come out this year.

Everything is mediocre and boring.

This movie was entertaining, fun, funny and had no dull moments, so much so that the 118 minutes felt like a few minutes, I don't count the credits which run for nearly 10 minutes.

Don't waste your money .

i got so bored

Really good film and thoroughly enjoyed it as much as the JW1!

It left a lot to be desired and I really did get bored during some of the slower parts.

Wish I left the theater .

Got bored halfway through.

Still, what they did have in regards to story was done modestly well, and was fairly enjoyable.

Movie was good in terms of action, however, the story line made it kind seem a little boring.

Unintentionally reflecting life, the court hearing appears pointless.

It seemed like Chris Pratt did the best he could with a lousy script and a boring messy plot.

This was so predictable, it hurts.

Not as good as the first, but still very fun and exciting.

Boring .

In fact, many of them just seemed to be the same old story with a slightly different theme, and of course more powerful dinosaurs being created to have a somewhat intense ending.

Possibly this is the worst movie I've ever watched.

Otherwise, an enjoyable romp through the forest!

This movie has no soul, merely an empty husk meant to earn a dollar from people trusting them to make something worthy of the Jurassic name.

Very bad dont watch it.. very very very bad and waste of time didn't enjoy it at all

The Worst Movie now from line of 5!4 Stars only because its a nice Movie, for Popcorn and switch brain off.

More of the same, but enjoyable nonetheless .

This film left me on the edge of my seat!

boring,weak story,screenplay poor.

They were the worst part of the worst movie in the franchise, The Jurassic World.

Cliche characters lacking depth.

One of the Worst Movies Ever .

Definitely save your money and go to Redbox.

Pros the first part of the movie, on the island, was grand in scale, fun, and action packed.

A bland hodge-podge of ideas .

Censored to hell, poor and repetitive story line taken from all the other films.

Weirdly, for all the Dino action, it gets pretty dull quite quickly.

Apparently, in the new round of films predominates the objectification of the "aggressive dinos -" a thesis radically opposed to, at least, the original principles by Spielberg - and it prioritizes high grosses rather than a good, fitting storytelling process, but the filmmaker sets up his unusual blockbuster at a very high price, dynamizing what Colin Trevorrow's entertaining roller coaster ride already did quite well and destabilizing his own vision with a very poorly matched plot; a decadent, pernicious pace; mediocre characters; performances deprived of charisma and an ever-growing succession of flaws and/or inconsistencies in the script that only provoke idealizations by fans about this sequel if all of the above would have been otherwise.

Fun, spectacular, exciting, loud, scary, intense, beautiful !!!!

In simple words the movie is very adventutous, fast paced, suspenseful and the speciap effects are mind blowing.

Don't waste your time .

The biggest criticism I think I've seen is that 1: It's boring and doesn't have enough dinosaur action, and 2: It is too different from the original.

Sure it was formulaic.

The horror sequences are very well shot, dramatic, suspenseful, and just straight up spectacular.

Tedious Predictably Boring .

This movie tries hard to replicate The Lost World, while fast forwarding through all of that boring character development and plot.

Watched this movie with kids and they really enjoyed this thrilling ride.

The politics inserted into the movie were a bore animal rights, anti-trump jabs, and the modern, cruel, unforgiving flavor of feminism.

The characters are even more bland and annoying than in Jurassic World and Jurassic Park 3 combined.

Too many of the scenes are repetitive and lack any originality.

So very very boring movie .

Contrived waste of time .

Overall Overall, I was really disappointed by this film, it is much slower then its predecesor and the film isn't as exciting.

Why do the characters have to be so one dimensional and bland.

The film is plagued with predictable, one dimensional characters, one of whom ceases to be useful to the story half way through.

Everything in this walking confusion made me laugh.

I have not seen the first movie so I can't say that it is better or worse than the first film , but I can definitely assure you that there were some moments in this movie where i was on the edge on my seat .

Fast paced, dull, manipulative and exists only to grab your money.

As mentioned Jeff Goldblum is back, but only briefly, and that is really where the likeable characters end and all the other characters were unbearable.

Action was good, story line was very decent and intriguing to watch.

well, a dull Chris Pratt.

In fact, me and my girl were about to sleep if one or other cliche scene wasn't delivered to us.

Decent movie but repetitive .

Don't waste your money, more important, do not waste brain cells on this tripe.

Please stop making these movies anymore and start something new cause now it's getting boring.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is one of the worst movies of 2018 and one of my biggest disappointments of the last few years.

It was utterly boring.

Boring is the most appropriate word to attach to this film.

This film manages to find a solution to make dinosaurs a boring plot device just to put them like objects moving and nobody to care about.

A potentially good film; spoiled by pc bull*hit and cliché.

Boring, predictable, not worth watching.

But in this case I found myself actually distracted during the movie (not just due to the kitchen sink being thrown at me) as I found is fairly predictable also ("Ohh look - says I to myself - , there's the bad guy from Silence of the Lambs, I wonder if he's playing a baddie again....

i am not in movie field, it seems to me that fallen kingdom a little bit lack of story, plots, even budget and good director, our steven spielberg, the father of all the jurassic, compare with all those jurassic i watched.

This is such a fun movie, it's even better than Jurassic Park 3, Fallen Kingdom is an action packed movie with even more dinosaurs than the previous installments

Not to mention, for a serious killer, the new dinosaur sure is slow to kill one of the important characters.

The dinosaurs looked incredible, and the Indoraptor had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The entire second portion of the film was about trying to escape this mansion, like it's Resident Evil, and it was so boring.

Had some decent moments and it was pretty much action packed from beginning to end.

Only good thing was that I fell asleep half way through!

What a mixed bag of a movie- some great set pieces of action and genuine suspense but the transition into these and predictable plot/ twist make the film feel like it's going through the paces.

Everything else is boring or way to over the top.

The dullest entry since Jurassic Park III .

Boring and disappointing .