Kalank (2019) - Drama, Romance

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The lives of six enigmatic characters become entangled whilst in search of love, but separated by the dichotomy between the two worlds of Husnabad, a town in North India.

IMDB: 3.5
Director: Abhishek Varman
Stars: Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt
Length: 166 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 208 out of 511 found boring (40.7%)

One-line Reviews (355)

Waste of time .


No story no feel nothing only sets and heavy costumes which is looking very dramatic.

Such a waste of money.

Kalank is a one-time watch film which is slow and you need to have patience to survive through this film.

The star cast fails to portray their characters which is boring.

The film started with an abrupt scene and the flashback narrative from Alia came much later that led to confusion.

And yet, there are sublime moments like the uneasy relationship between newly-weds Roop and Dev, the tender exchanges between Satya and Dev and the romantic scenes (topped with intense dialogues) between Roop and Zaffar.

Madhuri repeating the same dance and acting from her Devdas days, just tiresome.

What a waste of time!

Save your money for end game.

Worst movie ever....

No story line.

No story.

Worst movie of 2019 .

Most cliche story.

worst movie by karan johar again .

Very boring, fake, false, non sense, terrible, no logic and stupid.

Don't waste your money .

Boring and pointless film .

When you ignore advice of people trying to save you 3 hours of life and hair pulling, you pay dearly and so did I.

Worst movie of the year .

This movie is the flopest bakwass third class movie i have ever seen don't waste your time watching this movie

Save your money folks....

Super boring and literally Kalank on Bollywood, i hope Bollywood stop making movie on love stories only.

Waste of Time and Money .

KALANK of Bollywood..worst-ever.. Don't waste your money

The final Say: As I said the length is the problem of the movie, when you have less characters you need to keep the story short and crisp, you get bored as the characters have nothing new to say in each scene.

Worst Movie Ever.

Boring AF, just a normal Bollywood love story.

It was quite confusing.

Waste of money n time.

Worst 3 hours of my life which I will never get back 🤒

It's an utter waste of talent, production team's effort, money and audience's time.

A watchable entertaining film .

Overall: Waste of time and money.

The worst movie i have seen after roy 😡 dont go to watch this

Want to waste your time than please go watch and regret for your life.. .

Just fill all the spices or soil in your eyes before watching the movie because that will be feel even better then watching these kind of movies which has poor acting skills slow storyline

The sequence of bronco cum bullfighting with a bison for example was a comic waste of time.

Screenwriter Shibani Bathija who gave us the engaging 'My Name is Khan' fails miserably with this one.

Anti hindu propaganda .

Dont waste ur money by watching this .....

Excruciatingly slow, mind-numbingly inane and utterly boring.

Tittle defines movie "Kalank" Yesss This movie is Kalank, Don't waste your money.

Save your money .

The climax train scene is so slow that a person would have walked faster than the train n the goons behind.

The dialouges, music, costume and set all these were amazing.. A bit lengthy.. But overall it was worth watching the movie..

It is one of the worst movie bollywood ever made.

Waste of time .

Sloppy work, dont waste your money for this crap.

Cliche melodramatic sequences, nothing new, poor story, 3 hr long movie, make you bore.

No soul, no story...

A potential Eternal Love Saga has been spoiled by Lukewarm Vision of Director and it's slow paced screenplay.

Bollywood is producing some of the worst movies of all times....

Worst movie, it's elongated too much, waste of money, time, energy, it describes an imaginary depressing love story with no malasa to it, ppl go to watch a movie for entertainment, and not to go n experience your fictional sad love story, n this movie has surely failed to give u entertainment, but yeah if u r someone who doesn't have enough sad stories in his or her own life and would like to go n experience someone's else's fictional n extremely elongated sad story too, then my friend u pls go n watch, this movie is then for u, unlike most ppl who already have enough sad stories in their own lives, they wouldn't like to go n waste their bl..dy 3 hours watching this piece of ....

This time with a boring and pretentious movie.

If you really want to waste your precious Saturday and Sunday as well as money, you are free to do so.

The sets were breathtaking.

Big "star" , Cliché scenes , hugly disappointing .

Kalank movie is a kalank.. worst movie...

It had beautiful sets, an engaging love story, and top notch performances.

No story no direction and pathetic screenplay.

This movie was utter disgust, with a very boring storyline, overly melodramatic acts.

Painfully boring .

It's a true masterpiece that contains all emotions, dreamy and stunning visuals, too-notch performances from the entire star cast, amazing and soulful music, and a story that stays with you for a long time!

Guys, save your money for Avengers.

The movie is so cliche that in first 15 min you know what is going to follow.

No Story, No Logic.

Baseless and boring movie, Please avoid to save time and money.

Good s riot snd great cinematography , so worth watching

Save your money .

The story seems like it offers something new, but the complex relationships and ill-fated romances are often predictable.

You'll probably die of boredom.

Worst movie ever seen in Bollywood with multi-starrer

No plot.

Bland movie, extremely slow, boring,monotonous with weak and predictable story with dose of overacting.

A VISUALLY STUNNING FILM TOPPED WITH GREAT PERFORMANCESA complex love story set during India's Partition era, where the young Roop (Alia Bhatt) is torn between respect for husband Dev (Aditya Roy Kapur) and her newfound love for Zafar (Varun Dhawan).

Boring movie

Visually Engaging .

Complete waste of time


Don't waste your money , it is worse than Thugs and zero.

No story, no logic, no dialogues, no sense of making movie, extra paise yaha waste kar sakte hai..

Throw in the twist of Zafar having a sinister other agenda of vendetta regarding his lineage, Kalank assumes a complex labyrinthine plot that you know must end in a tragedy, albeit unpredictable.

Waste of time .

It's a Big Bore

Plot: Cliché Drama of Love, Relationships and LifeGood : Alia outshines everyone.

boring movie I ever had seen..

Waste of money .

Like other review says, the film is extremely boring.

Its visually stunning film of 2019 coz of its grand sets, costumes...

Waste of time otherwise.

But there was one good thing about the movie Aditiya roy kapoor , he is the only charm in movie otherwise movie is boring and to be frank bakvas


Engrossing a visual treat .

Do the directors apply brain before making such stupid and slow film.

total waste of time and money.

It is worst movie I don't want to say anything I just save you from disaster

its a long boring money wasting movie.

A bit too dragged for no good reason.

The confused story line moves at a snail's pace.

Worst movie....

And yes, the story is so predictable that you can guess that in the start only, I got it right after only 8 Mins into the film, literally, 8 mins!!!

Waste of time ...

This is the second worst movie of 2019 after luka chupi .

It's intense, emotion provoking and gripping from start to finish.

Yes you heard it right, it has 6 boring songs!

Simply boring and repetitive story of early 80 and 90, wrapped in decorative KJo and SLB type filmy Sets and locations in the current golden era of experimental content oriented bollywood.

Very confusing movie.

Worst movie Ever.

waste of time and money .

Magnificent, excellent screenplay and direction, Slow moving, well connected roles and superb acting by everyone.

He was stone-faced and had confusing face expressions.

It's a utter waste of money.

This is 3 hours of intense torture .

The climax scene at the train station dragged on an on (also a copy of the climax from DDLJ).

Dialogues were boring.

I am sure this movie has been a waste of time for everyone.

Worst movie 'Kalank' .

Overall very good movie, a little slow towards the end .

Not good and not bad, little boring, kind of disappointed at the end

This movie is a waste of time and money.

One of the worst movie I have seen in my life, believe me, there is no story in the movie, just in the name of revenge they have screwed the whole movie.

Period Film with Slow Pace...

Like other review says, the film is extremely boring.

Don't waste your time on this movie, please give it a skip.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

Well, there is no story.

No storyline.

You can Skip this movie and instead save your money for Avengers: EndGame which releases next week.

My rule is to not consider films that are less than 6 stars, but this one kept popping up and the one and only still photo shown on Amazon was intriguing, as was the pre-Independence time period.

With all the due respect and appreciation for EFFORT and human-hours spent in making the movie, But director, writers and actors have created a "crap story", "crap acting", "unnecessary plots" and a complete waste of time.

A boring and money wasting 3 hour long disaster .

Boring movie .

Dont waste your money and time .

No story.

Idiotic, boring, heavy...

Waste of money and time .

Some will enjoy it thoroughly while others will be bored for sure.

Confusing, cheesy, stereotypically predictable storyline -Hardly anything was original in the story.

Can't the writers come with something original or innovative, Movie is very predictable and has very little to offer.

I waste My Money and time.

Three hours of movie could have been cut down to hmmmmm, five minutes?

Enjoyed it.

dont waste your money and time .

Worst movie of2019 please don't waste your time..thank me later

Kudos to all those involved in some real breathtaking visual pieces tied together with decent background music ( not the usual kj nonsense).

Wast of time, save your money.

Do you wanna go and watch a movie that's three hour long and slow?

Super slow romantic drama with no depth .

But all thiiz are presented in very bored manner.

It was kind of slow and the ending pissed me off but it's okay definitely worth the watch

Very boring, characters mein bhi kuch dum nhi that, unrealistic, wastage of money and time

Such a boring film.

This movie keep on drag for nearly 3 hour, which made climax dull (easily predicted from trailer/song already).

I felt I had to write a review because I actually enjoyed it and theres so many bad reviews!!!

Screen play is very slow and boring.

Dont watch this disaster , it's the worst movie of all times

Too many songs, extra grandeur and same old drama (traumatic love), makes the viewer want to leave the theater.

Excessive use of slow-motion (movie run time 2 hr 50 min) -death by slow mo is literally what this film did to me with the second half and some of the first being littered with slow motion action 4.

Worst movie of 2019 .

Idiotic bull fight and useless item numbers and unwanted scenes make the movie slow and dragging.

Bland movie, extremely slow, boring,monotonous with weak and predictable story with dose of overacting

Also, the story was cliche and a bit weak.

It was very slow at beginning.

There is no story.

change ur choice.. worst movie i ever seen.

Very boring total sopil of money..............

Extremely slow paced.

But above all your time might be waste because of this movie but not your money.

Overall, this is a watchable, entertaining film.

The story seems like it offers something new, but the complex relationships and ill-fated romances are often predictable.

And yet, there are sublime moments like the uneasy relationship between newly-weds Roop and Dev, the tender exchanges between Satya and Dev and the romantic scenes (topped with intense dialogues) between Roop and Zaffar.

But most importantly, Madhuri was just breathtaking!

It is very slow and monotonous.

I might ask for a refund, the most non-entertaining movie of the year.

Too Boring and Slow .

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Boring and predictable storyline.

Big actors, huge budget, larger than life sets and by the time you realize there is no story in it you start wondering - Why was it allowed to release or why did the WWII bombs not fall on these dumb characters randomly dancing and crying.

Same pathetic Hindu & Muslim love stories, total propaganda & distracting movies.

Worst movie ever.

Worst movie from such great casting .

The screenplay is so slow at one time you'll surely decide to leave the theatre, this film is not worth your time and energy, it can also be titles as "Thugs of Hindustan-2* as both of them come under the same category of remaining a flop.

Throughout most of the movie I could see cringe worthy attempts at CGI driven sets and action and it really dragged this movie down for me.. storyline was generally ok, there really wasn't any surprises in any of the revelations and even Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit couldn't pull this movie out for me..avoid. To the people rating it high - the sets and costumes do not make a movie great, they should enhance an already great story to give it the right feeling.

One of the worst movie one can watch.

disaster and waste or money.

To worst movie.. totally waste of time.. Don't Ever think to watch .

Bored to death .

Full Boring .

Unbearable .

During the intermission, I had a choice either to leave the theater or suffer through another half of the movie.

Please don't waste your money and time on such baseless movie .

This has to be the worst movie coming from a big banner like Dharma Productions.

Waste of money and waste of time.

This was like a bad soap opera with a star cast that looked bored and as confused as us.

Waste of time.

Total waste of money and time .

The music is also dull and thus fails majorly.

Don't spend on ticket for this movie, full movie is boring.

It's totally a propaganda.

Unbearable same old boring story .

Trying to make sense of the plot and why the characters do what they do, especially in the second act, is what turns Kalank into a tedious affair.

Boring and non story line.

Worst movie one can watch .

It turned out to be soo boring and old style shit movie.

And this slow pace is the actual cause that people found the duration of the film unjustified.

Then the acting is mundane.

Tedious to watch.

This movie is total waste of money and time.

Worst movie .


A generous sprinkling of anti-muslim propaganda & unrealistic scenarios to seal the deal.

In one word just pathetic.. Waste of time.. Lack content and is a big time drag

Dont waste your time .

Worst Movie of Decade .

It's a torture

The outfits, jewelry, makeup and sets are stunning.

Waste of money and time .

This movie is slow af!

Love story on slow track .

Can't the writers come with something original or innovative, Movie is very predictable and has very little to offer.

(Like Movie Saawariya 2007)Music by Pritam is good, performances of all actors are intense.

Stellar performances and an awe inspiring visual experience .

pls don't waste your time...

It's been years they are keep serving the old rotten story of pointless love story and showing as eternal love.


Save your money and time everyone

Waste of time .

The movie is slow and very dry.

Worst movie of the millennium.

Basically a boring version of Titanic .

Worst movie of 2019, dnt know what happened after making such high quality content driven movie what kind of movie is this???

Movie is boring, plot is not good.

I am suggesting who is reading my review don't waste your time in watching kalank .

It is very boring movie and makes people difficult to survive it for 3 hours.

Storyline is good however what disappoints us as viewers is the slow pace.

The movie was so interesting and like definitely worth the watch.

Large than life potray and no story.

Boring .

You will desperately wait for this boring drama to finish whole of the time you are in theater.

It's just waste of Time and money....

Worst movie I have seen in their.

Its a KALANK for Bollywood 😡,,,Good production Values & Good music BUT Story Bores and is Slow at times.

Very very boring.

And the story is so cliche.

Movie catches it's pace after interval but still slow.

Kalank was horrendously dragged out, and murdered through it's story telling style with the actual script adding to the misery.

I loved the sets, costumes, story, most importantly the stunning performances of all the lead cast.

Stupid plot, lazy writing and mundane drama .

Its a really nice love story in a weird way and the songs are enjoyable!

Unbearable .

Slow movie ...

No script.

Movie makes u feel bored at times,,Characters are strange and looks serious always unnecessarily.

Movie is very slow paced and full of songs.

BORING, SLOW, complete waste of time.

The story could have been worked out a little more on and the movie drags in bits , however the romance is intense.

Yeah Starting 30 min of movie was slow

I don't like or follow Bollywood, I think the actors are average and this story is very repetitive.

Worst movie ever seen in my life .

Worst movie .

Worst Movie .

Movie was quite slow at places....

The film at the beginning is extremely boring.

The Film Is Too Slow Paced...

Just waste of time .

Title justifies the movie It was absolutely a kalank Over drama, nonsensical music Save your money for endgame Most worst movie of 2019

Boring.. don't waste ur time .

Boring script, haming actors and typical sob story.

Roop meets Zafar, the local blacksmith and they fell in love, The story is predictable.

Don't waste your hard-earned money on this movie .

the film was waste of money except for few good songs...

Poor acting , boring and old story

A Very boring movie, should have skipped .

An unbearable storyline and lengthy torture film's duration is almost 3 hours which is one of the main reason of backlash of this dud drama

Don't waste your money on it!!

Movie is so big and slow that you keep yawning throughout the movie and just wait for it to end.

Regrettably a weak and yawn-inspiring narrative allows the glitter of lavish trappings to implode.

The story by Shibani Bathija is as confusing as the plot while the editing is poor with film length touching 169 minutes long.

What a waste of time .

Please don't waste your money and time for this movie, it is the worst movie in Bollywood industry.

Waste of time .

Waste of money .


movie is way to long and plot is confusing between the love story and devide rule.


Boring film by one and only Karan Johar .

Ultra boring .

But come the 2nd half n everything seems dragged.

The actors mostly look bored.

After all this is established, the film drags slowly to a fairly predictable resolution.

Same Old Story, Boring Screenplay .

Its a waste of time and money.

Don't waste your money watching this movie it will make you exhaust watching irrelevant storyline and you will definitely wanna leave theater this movie has no entertaining creation only waste money on costume and shooting sets Save your money for endgames

No story line .......

Anti hindu propaganda.

This is one of the worst movie i have seen in the recent time.

Please don't waste your time on this pathetic garbage of cinema.

waste of time and money .

Kalank is a perfect medicine to make you fall asleep .

Extremely Boring movie bad acting ,poor story .

It's a slow, epic, deeply moving burn.

Story was predictable.

The script is so damn dull not sure why it was written at the first place.

Extremely boring.

Even my wife fell asleep who love all the Hindi movies irrespective whether it makes sense or not.

Waste of time, money and energy.

didnt get get bored and it went pretty fast I duno why it's getting such a hard time....

Worst Movie .

Big budget Big banner Bakwas MovieToo slow and unrealistic story.

It is slow movie with no story.

Mostly boring.

Lengthy and lack of engaging before interval.

No story line.

But considering each aspect, I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was so different from what we have actually been seeing.

It's a very bad movie don't waste your time and money thnk you

On the whole, Kalank is a perfect medicine to make you fall asleep.

This movie has a boring plot and story line.

Waste of money and time.

A very good movie with great storyline, grand visuals and stunning Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt's role as Roop, a middle class married to Dev and Zafar's love interest with the passion and endurance of dancing was boring and bland at the same time.

Visually stunning, this period piece gains too from superb acting by Varun Dhawan, the peerless Madhuri Dixit & Kunal Khemu.

Boring boring .

The film becomes unbearable even till interval.

Kind of boring .

It was quite engaging and entertaining for me.

The movie is too boring.

The movie is typical Bollywood set up and very slow.

Worst movie of 2019 so far.

#Kalank : 2/5* Boring Film, Baaki Sab First Class hai 😂 .

We have overacting gareebo ka Govinda Varun Dhawan son of David Dhawan, most pretentious actress in Bollywood Alia Bhatt daughter of Khujli master Mahesh Bhatt.

One of the worst movie.

Worst movie .

The choreography is so colorful & engaging.

Not sure but something was missing in Alia's performance she was so blank and bleak that I hated her for the first time , her nostrils flaring gimmick is becoming repetitive for some reason.

so don't waste your money.

If you expect to watch a period film with slow pace, you won't be disappointed.

Worst Movie of 2019 .

No story..

No plot.

Boring .

Wanna fall asleep.

Music is forgettable and Pritam's worst movie as music director.

The movie was so lengthy, too much overacting, kjo tried to make a cocktail of devdaas, bahubali n sawariya but failed badly, please don't waste ur money and if going to watch movie carry a head balm

Music is forgettable and Pritam's worst movie as music director.

An insufferable plot made worse by the dead slow pace of the movie just cannot be supported by the laudable histrionics of the cast.

but was worth watching..

Save your money, we work hard for it.

There are countless beautiful sequences and decoupages in this film, which is brilliant and engaging, showing that many groups have worked behind the scenes.

Waste of time & money .

Boring, Boring Boring, I want my money back, Varun Dhawan superlatively boring, so is Sonakshi, like 60s melodrama

it's a torture to watch full movie .

No story, no acting.