Kesari (2019) - Action, Drama, History

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Based on an incredible true story of the Battle of Saragarhi in which an army of 21 Sikhs fought against 10,000 Afghans in 1897.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Anurag Singh
Stars: Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra
Length: 150 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 37 out of 336 found boring (11.01%)

One-line Reviews (95)

Waste of time.

The first half was really slow and disappointing...

The narration of the film is a bit slow in the first half however you will enjoy the second half for its gripping pace and beautiful music along with it's Sandy and mountain landscapes.

Good visuals, consistently engaging storyline and likeable characters with humour thrown in for good measure alongside the emotional melodrama.

last 30 minutes is mind blowing.

Good action but very slow movie, watch 21 Sarfarosh instead .

Because of that typical melodramatic and emotional propaganda by Indian directors.

However, Akshay Kumar is good and makes the movie worth watching.

But slow screenplay ,,also second half is full of blood n Actions, action sequences r good bt stretched a way long.

Horribly boring movie!

War scenes punctured with slow songs, humor or wit cast aside, to make way for more drama and more emphatic sobs and sorrows.

The very entertaining 'Sanu Kehndi' is sadly missing from the film.


Well for me it was a complete waste of three hours of my life.

Though the 1st half was quite promising but fails to create that overall impact due to very slow and unsorted 2nd half.

Now coming to the conclusion of this movie, don't waste your precious time on this, I'm deeply regretting doing that, and if you came here to read the reviews and still haven't gone to see the movie, I suggest to watch "21 Sarfarosh" in Netflix based on the same subject, instead of wasting your hard earned money on this movie.

Well-made and highly engaging.

The problem is that the movie is too long, the direction is ordinary & the dramatization at times is over the top.

The movie is well made, gripping and highly recommended.

One of the worst movies of Akshay Kumar and bollywood for stealing people money.

boring .

Simply stunning, a masterpiece of modern film making.

End war scenes are so thrilling.

It's a compelling war drama that combines strong emotions with blood-soaked action and retells an important chapter from the annals of Indian history.

What also aids the lensman is that the film is shot in some breathtaking locations.

A great history of india shown in a thrilling direction, An Epic movie with fantastic cinematography, Superb performance by Akshay Kumar.

Super Entertaining, Good songs, good charcterization, war sequences shooted in very good way.

Enjoyable, Must watch and very well made .

The way the screenplay incorporates the different angles and strategies of the battle is very engaging and isn't predictable, especially in the way the 21 soldiers are killed one by one.

But then again, ill-treatment, poorly choreographed war sequences, slow pace and lengthy 2nd half spoiled it badly.

Kesari is a boring movie its feel like we are sleeping in the theater specially first half is very very boring and boring 1/10 big disappointed

Complete waste of time money and energy.

First half is a bit slow with light hearted comedy, events which sets the stage for a powerful second half.

I have to admit that they were well choreographed accompanied with the intense background score and stunning direction by Anurag Singh.

#Kesari first half seems to dissapoint everyone as expected due to slow screenplay .

The biggest worst movie of alltime I hate mr akshy kumar, coz he is not an actor he canot do any thing and he should left this feld.

Overall, Kesari is an Action packed & Heart touching movie.

Mind blowing performance by Akshay and Team!

There is not much to say about this, first half is just too boring.

Movie is very long that makes I more dreadful to watch..Overall a very substandard product and extreme level of flaws in the movie.

Very slow movie.

Keeping aside the usual Bollywood crap of unnecessary songs and romance along with propaganda, the movie is quite good, as it has many 'references' of famous movies and has been heavily inspired by Hollywood.

Communal propaganda .

One of the greatest battle ever fought, reduced a boring 3 hour slog.

Its a boring movie.

Action packed and engaging .

Intense and Engaging till the very end.

The director, Anurag Singh, has done very smart, brilliant work in making "Kesari" such a powerful yet very entertaining movie.

akshay is good but movie is too slow .

It's a compelling war drama that combines strong emotions with blood-soaked action and retells an important chapter from the annals of Indian history.

Dull film

Enjoyed it thoroughly.

) Although lengthier runtime (150 mins) could be an issue for some people and might get a tad boring because of some repetitive and long stretched action sequences.

Kesari is an Action packed & Heart touching movie.

10,000 soldiers fighting against a troop of just 21 men - on the story level itself, it's quite intriguing and even exciting.

An action packed routine, the movie holds curisosity for both warring sides as they are exposed to some sacred and isolated part of history, embodied by the location of Fort Gulistan, nested in the Karakoram mountains.

From start to end, movie is entertaining and inspirational.

First half is dull and nothing happens.

Absolutely stunning .

If you want feel patriotic, push up your adrenaline, love war movies and most importantly psychology of a terminally fighting soldiers.

Cinematography,direction and Akshay kumar's acting make this movie excellent and worth watching.

Overall a Masterpiece & Enjoyable Which is a Rare Combo.

Boring movie .

What a performance from the start till the end , super gripping 2nd half I would say and I sincerely urge Parineeti Chopra to stop acting she was horrible in the movie !

Mind blowing performance by Akshay and the full team.

Boring drama .

The battle of Saraghari is wonderfully depicted in the movie "KESARI" The bravery and devotion of Sikh soldiers who had shed their blood for our motherland is something worth watching.

its boring as a history class

The scenery is stunning with the backdrop of rugged landscape in the lap of snow clad Himalaya's.

However, the movie is just plain boring.

Very slow and really boring .

Waste of time & money............................

Just don't waste your time on it watch something good like TUMBBAD

Worst movie on Sikhs.

The first half was extremely slow.

The first half was slow and had unwanted drama.

Action Packed# Extremely Imotional .

From the intriguing characters over the intense fight scenes to the breathtaking landscapes, Kesari is a high-quality production that equals and beats similar recent Hollywood films.

this movie made me fall asleep.

Another propaganda movie of the Hind .

Overall, Kesari is an Action packed & Heart touching movie.

Story & Screenplay: The story is quite engaging in the first half.

Boring Flop Movie .

Made to spread communal propaganda of the ruling Indian Nationalist party, BJP, featuring superstar Akshay Kumar who has embarked upon a career of spreading propaganda for BJP over the last few years.

The initial few reels are just dull while the screenplay does not build much momentum.

They've taken probably one of the greatest acts of bravery in the history of warfare and reduced it into an unwatchable montage of bad cinema.

It is an out n out commercial film, but the way its presented with satirical situational humour, engaging historical plot, very little songs and no over the top emotional scenes about promising to be born again when dying.

Watched late but it was worth watching.

Waste of time .

Movie is little bit slow during mid but with some comic moments it was still enjoyable.

It's very abysmal and unbearable movie..1st half very slow and you can't connect with the story..the screenplay and editing damaged the flick movie.

The movie could have definitely been shortened to increase the pacing as the first half felt too slow.

Story performance direction good & last 30 min still more intense

We had a lot of expectations that this movie would be better than the TV series but very disappointed, total waste of money...

Worth watching...