Khaleja (2010) - Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Hohum Score



When a mysterious illness ravages a remote village, the villagers embrace a reluctant taxi driver as their savior.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Trivikram Srinivas
Stars: Mahesh Babu, Anushka Shetty
Length: 170 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 2 out of 27 found boring (7.4%)

One-line Reviews (20)

Mahesh Babu is a revelation as this is the first movie that he spoke so much, in fact his earlier performances were limited dialog oriented ones while in this one he goes full throttle and makes it entertaining just by his presence and dialog delivery.

The way Mahesh delivered dialogues is Humorous and entertaining.

But barring a few boring moments, Khaleja never loses its steam and entertains all the way!

and movie is will entertaining.. must watch Action Sequences in the movie are very Excellent.

Entertaining movie not the best of mahesh babu.

Trivikram is a master in giving classy and engrossing look to his movies and Khaleja is no different.

people dying mysteriously in a village is similar to the Hollywood film, Sahara but it has been packaged in a way that it will be an entertaining commercial flick.

So its a slow pickups and Mahesh will be rocks.

Second half drags even more thus making the movie seriously bad and boring.

If your a fan of mahesh babu then please watch it.. Full of entertaining movie

Uninteresting story, OK acting, below average music and good camera work and occasionally enjoyable comedy.

Yes, barring this if we keep logic out, this becomes an enjoyable ride.

Trivikram had his gripping style of narration through out which makes time flew.

The way Mahesh delivered dialogues is Humorous and entertaining.

First half of the movie is entertaining though there is no story in it.

Surely, one of the most entertaining movies of recent years.

the movie went very slow in the 2nd half and by the time the real story picked up audience has dropped their interest towards the screen and busy scratching their heads.

Although lacking a strong storyline, Khaleja is an entertaining film with good comedy and exhilarating action sequences.

This leads to few comical scenes which are really enjoyable.

unexpected , cumbersome movie with some comedy .