Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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The Bride continues her quest of vengeance against her former boss and lover Bill, the reclusive bouncer Budd, and the treacherous, one-eyed Elle.

Director: Quentin Tarantino
Stars: Uma Thurman, David Carradine
Length: 137 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 212 out of 1000 found boring (21.2%)

One-line Reviews (874)

Volume 2 starts off slow as we see what happened between the Bride and Bill before the massacre at the church.

Despite that the fact that the first one was so-so and highly enjoyable, once the second half came out and we saw it: It was better than the first one, NOT!

Part 2 is extra boring.

Tarantino, again, offers a pastiche of genres, but, this time, packs it with a thoroughly engaging story, delightfully dark humor, dialogue that crackles and some inspired storytelling.

So are some undeniably pointless bits, including the entire sequence with Bill's father figure, Esteban Vihaio, and some business at a bar involving Michael Madsen, who plays a former assassin now gone to seed.

While Not As Much Violence Or Action As The First Part,It Still Delivers An Exciting Conclusion To The Two Parter, .

While Volume One was relentlessly and gleefully violent, without much in the way of plot or characters, a truly entertaining movie.

Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino (Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs) made an entertaining terrific film of the second half from Kill Bill Vol.1. The Performances are Strong, especially by Thurman and Carradine.

Not too often have I come across a film so highly anticipated, and walk out the theater actually having enjoyed it more than I expected.

Totally overrated, empty and mediocre comic strip .

Also, the main villain (Bill) feels very one-note and is very dull.

The curious resignation of Budd(impressive Michael Madsen, absolutely fantastic), the evilness of Elle (unexpected Daryl Hannah) and the total charisma of Bill (mythic Carradine) marks the development of the drama, as the Bride meets everyone.

It was boring and drawn out with bad empty dialogue of no consequence.

For all it's differences, there's also something that both Kill Bill movies have in common: they're both way too long.

', that was compelling.

It mirrors BADLY how he's a conceited moviemaker, making a long boring idiot trivial movie (the rest of the attributes is in my review about Vol. 1), believing that it's the opposite.

The fight scenes are so well planned out and filmed with brilliant acting that its both realistic and enjoyable.

Lots of uninspired dialogue, slow story-telling, a lot less fighting scenes and those who are there are pretty lame.

But Tarantino's ability to create an action movie which is also an art film is fascinating.

In this movie he's a drunken excuse for an ex-pro-assassin, being dragged around the nose by his strip-club owner-boss, for whom he works as doorman or should I say doormat.

If you think that this movie is a bust with lack of plot and substance, you obviously no nothing about the history of Hollywood movies.

Awesome unique story told in a fascinating East meets West vision .

Where as the first one was full of rough action, tough dialogue, and sleek style, the second half of Tarantino's opus is littered with poor, tedious dialogue and a complete absence of spectacle.

Bud isn't even slain by the Bride, but by Elle using a Black Mamba (we know it's a Black Mamba because, as Bud is writhing in his death throes on the floor, Elle gives us a tedious five minute exposition on the snake).

As mentioned previously, the film is much slower than the first one, although there's plenty going on and the first hour and twenty minutes is a constant thrill ride complete with menacing characters and grisly situations (though nothing to rival the amazing climax to Volume 1).

Unfortunately, for me, this includes much martial arts mumbo jumbo and a rather drawn out film with little style.

This scene drags on terribly and gives the viewer pointless information on this character which again has precisely no bearing on the movie at all.

In addition, the pacing is much slower and the music is good, but much more sedate--and it's very drawn out and deliberately paced.

But it's still an uninteresting piece of cinema.

It's a highly entertaining sequence that shows The Bride's transition from girlish waif to hardened killer, and it's placed right here in order to provide the most emotionally satisfying conclusion to the burial.

Don't be mistaken and call these moments boring, nothing in Kill Bill is boring, every second of it is more interesting and fascinating then the previous one.

I was expecting something on the level of Vol 1, but instead got a self-indulgent, talky with a little bit of action.

Boring and silly .

While I thought Kill Bill Vol. 1 was a tremendously entertaining film, I was less than enthusiastic about Vol. 2.

I appreciated this movie as a very entertaining work, and to that end I can just about forgive the self indulgent splitting of the two movies.

Slower than Vol. 1 .

Stimulating and thrilling second part that closes the splendid volume .

I'm not saying I don't like movies which have a lot of talking and no action, but this movie is really awful, it will bore the hell out of you.

The first one was entertaining, artistic, action-packed, impressive, archetype...

It should of just stuck to the whole point of the matter, The Bride's revenge versus Bill, and delivered the goods like the 1st one did with an epic and over the top, action-intense, Quentin Tarantinoesque final showdown ending with Bill vs.

In a way, this falls more in line with Tarantino's other work, but I personally favor the first film more for being sublimely entertaining.

I feel this scene should have had a more epic fight scene, though the verbal exchanges were pretty intense.

Some pointless ranting and the worst 'move' ever.

He uses up close shots of the characters during fast moments and distance shots during slow ones.

One thing that tee'd me off was the credits "based on a story by Q&U", which just struck me as overly pretentious of them.

If 1 was a high budget kung fu movie 2 was a low budget western complete with slow dialogue and the insertion of long long hesitations.

It doesn't have much of the stylized violence from the first one, but this is still a very good follow up and very entertaining.

This, clearly, is one of the worst movies ever made.

The fish out of water analogy for life/death, and the comments about Superman/Clark Kent during an otherwise slow scene.

He returned to directing, and resurrected the career of 1970's black action star Pam Grier, with Jackie Brown, another intriguing tale of good guy thieves that failed to live up to the hype.

How trite.

Vol. 2, although not filled with action, it was the most enjoyable for me.

Carradine portrays a stunning villain, who like many of Q.

too slow too bad .

The duration expands about 35 minutes longer in this installment, as the Vol.1 just focused on revenge, blood and entertaining violence.

It was, well, silly and over the top with a very entertaining action scene.

That is what Tarantino tries to create, an enjoyable experience and he does so masterfully.

I didn't enjoy volume 2 as much as volume 1, it's a lot slower and I felt that there were chunks of this film that could have been left out to keep the speed and adrenaline that made the first one such a feast for the senses.

With Tarantino, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey, and he's there to make the journey as entertaining as possible.

The second volume is a slower, more atmospheric affair than its predecessor.

The film is not the complete experience but then again the film was chopped into two halves anyway and the result is one part brilliant, brutal and engaging (volume 1); one part drawn out, slow and unrewarding (volume 2).

Fun,entertaining,action packed, and emotional towards the end

They're stylish, colorful, action packed and violent, and if the characters are more caricature than real, that's OK too, because they were meant to be.

It was a negative option because it makes everything more confusing than ever would be normally.

Quentin usually bores me because he is a mere shopkeeper rather than an artist.

Bill, especially, was an astoundingly fascinating character.

Looking back on Vol. 1 I can easy pinpoint many things I didn't like: The over-the-top-sickening anime sequence, the lack of depth, the lack of story, the lack of development, the lack of sanity...

Technically the film is much more restrained than the first in all respects, nothing blends cinematographic styles or guiding the film with songs, none of it, but very cool details, with the use of camera, open plans, zoom abuse In And zoom out, the closing of Sergio Leone, as well as its details, a montage of the film leaves a belly, in addition to being much slower in relation to the first, until a soundtrack plunges, because in the second, the Silence and contemplation pattern More the scene than the track itself.

I'd watch 20 min of it, get bored, turn it off, and go do something else, or go to bed.

The acting is a bit better here than in the first film but Thurman is as bland and wooden as she was in the first film.

Elle Driver makes an even longer appearance the second time around, and Daryl Hannah (well-known as the mermaid in Splash) gives the best performance of the movie, as she portrays the ruthless, clever, unpredictable, and rage-filled rival assassin of The Bride.

Very entertaining, lots of action, while at the same time every character is very well presented/developed and is entertaining to watch them.

After the set up of volume 1, this dull and spectacularly un-clever 'sequel' just whimpers home.

That sequence was terribly boring, much like the rest of the film.

So much that you begin to get bored with the scenes.

Maybe you, Arnold, and Mel could get together for the next fest of empty violence and degradation?

"Kill Bill: Vol.2", in my review, "expertly portrayed, a thrilling Tarantino feature".

You know what I find really boring?

Awful, boring, slow and tedious are just a few words that spring to mind when I recall having to sit through Kill Bill Vol 2.

Found Part 1 mildly entertaining and expected Part 2 to enhance overall experience.

2, Tarantino takes a step back and creates a languid and more mature film.

What starts off as a stylish and exciting action film becomes more of a dramatic film for the ages.

For the people on this chat board who says that Vol. 2 was a bore and disappointment, listen up.

I have my problems with it, like that pointless part where bill's brother gets fired or the anticlimactic fight at the end (again, because of the context of the first movie)Anyway watch both of these if you haven't, they're great.

Like others that commented, I thought KB Vol 2 was slow off the start, which is not to imply err, when the ending is pulled together so tightly and so satisfyingly as it was.

The whole picture comes across as a more mature, polished upgrade of the exciting volume one.

And it's not because it was "slow" because most of the best movies of all time are "Slow" and i've always been a fan of Tarantino's dialouge.

And finally Bill, who is killed by the Bride (after endless boring dialogue about superheroes) in one of the most anticlimactic and disappointing "final encounter" scenes I've ever witnessed.

What killed it for me was that it seemed that everyone was the typical villain and it was way to drawn out.

Volume Two is an entertaining movie for the most part.

As we follow elite killer Uma Thurman in her quest to hunt down and kill Bill we are given insight into her physical prowess (learnt at the hand of a legendary and unique teacher), and dragged through the emotional turmoil that has sparked off the whole raison d'etre.

There was less action but that really didn't matter, there were enough exciting moments.

A boring piece of crap.

Half an hour of predictable and uninteresting talk and then a criminally short end fight.

Anybody expecting the same scale of bloodshed as its predecessor will leave disappointed as the action in this film, while enjoyable, is severely unpleasant and never without consequence.

While contrasts between chit-chatting hit men and brutal killing were stunning in "Pulp Fiction," in a film with a central protagonist fueled by (presumable) undying vengeance, these scenes undermine the character, and really undermine much emotional punch.

So when I saw that Volume 2 was showing, I thought I was in for an entertaining couple of hours.

I like Kill Bill Vol. 1, but Vol. 2 is really boring.

And then, like the first one, everytime something big happens, which happens a lot, the scene is dragged out for another 10 minutes.

This movie is total boring waste of time hidden as a tarentino film.

I was in utter dispair as I left the theater.

Darryl Hannah is wickedly over the top, just so that she's entertaining.

On the whole, a very enjoyable film.

The emotional journey that the Bride goes through is stunning.

This was definitely the most boring movie I saw in the cinema the last 2 years.

However, the slow pace and the emphasis on the drama side isn't working as well as it should if you call this one of the best movies of all time.

(Tarantino) already killed his own movie, creating something not good on artistic or entertaining levels, delivering us a complete waste of time, which works only as a nasty caprice for its maker.

Not much about the story, but about the fascinating things Tarantino's camera shows us; fascinating images, characters, words.

They did it because it was fun they enjoyed it!

Where violence is lacking, it is replaced by the development of genuinely interesting characters, accommodating a unique screenplay and fitting comfortably within the slower pace of this film when compared to Volume One.

Yes, they are stylish and have some great action sequences, but the dialogue is poor (unusual for Tarantino), the plot uninteresting, and large swaths of the footage wasted.

Some great moments, but the ending is really boring.

Black Mamba's killing of Bill is so sudden compared to her long, drawn-out trek for the lesser assassin, Cottonmouth, that this film's climax seems hollow.

In the first half (some very predictable spoilers ahead) The Bride kills Cottonmouth (Lucy Liu) and Copperhead (Vivica A.

Even though Volume 2 is more concerned with an emotional impact, it still has some thrilling scenes.

"Kill Bill Vol. 2" is slow-moving, and needs "Vol.

After the set up of volume 1, this dull and spectacularly un-clever `sequel' just whimpers home.

While KBv1 said a lot (despite some cheesiness) by saying less, the excessive talk in KBv2 could've served the audience better by being tighter and more engaging.

The execution of this screen play and the filming styles are inspired and simply breathtaking.

While the first film was full of frantic action, and super-human kung fu moves, this film is definitely waay slower in execution.

This was supposed to be a proper Kung Fu movie just like the way Volume 1 was and the action in Volume 2 was way too empty.

So don't wonder about 5 and more minutes long monologues over lying (and probably dying) enemy, what should probably symbolize that there is something like a plot behind 5 year old kiddies would make a better movie Quarantino's worst movie, actually worst movie I have ever seen

Some parts are cool and some parts are very contrived, this movie was mainly contrived.

It is alright at times but at other times it becomes slow and has a lot of talking and telling us what is going on.

unique and entertaining .

Now this movie also takes itself a lot slower.

A lull in a Tarantino movie can be richly cultivated (remember the "awkward silences" scene with Thurman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction), but if there's nothing going on either above or below the surface, then the audience will get a little bored.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 Is Wildly Entertaining And Smart .

the monologues are wordy, dull and ultimately interrupt the flow.

There is more suspense and thrills and it is overall a more entertaining and intriguing watch.

The first part of Kill Bill is advertised as a massive action flick full of intense sequences of sword fighting and action.

I though Volume 1 was mind blowing until I saw Volume 2.

the drama, quick fights with the heartless killers, and a showdown ending that is subtle and "slower".

Her fight with Thurman is exciting and the scene where Thurman pulls out her remaining eye is very hard to stomach and remains the most powerful image of this portion of movie.

I keep hearing everyone bitch about how Vol. 2 was "boring and didn't haveenough action.

"The one thing I will give to Volume I is an entertaining and witty fight scene between Uma Thurman and Vivica A.

The fight scenes, though enjoyable, were too short.

It perhaps makes "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" a better constructed and build up movie but I still prefer the more entertaining approach of "Kill Bill: Vol. 1".

If this doesn't sound too perverse for a Tarantino work, Volume 2 is a gentler movie - slower paced, much more character-driven and, in spite of some ugly violence, with a much, much lower body count.

I wish Madsen were in much more entertaining films because he is a wonderful actor to watch.

If you feel Ridley Scott was obscenely self-indulgent in that travesty of a film Hannibal you will feel worse about Vol 2 as it doesn't even have a saving grace shock you ending that at least made Hannibal a water cooler topic.

I think it has some cool parts but as a movie it is sort of lame and drawn out.

1" is paced to kill, a movie that seldom pauses for character development or even dialogue, yet STILL possesses extraordinary emotional depth, mostly because of Uma Thurman's stunning, Oscar-worthy performance.

This is by no means a bad thing, though, because their differences make for a fascinating comparison.

Tedious, talky, derivative, full of itself.

Their performances flesh out the characters who were empty in Vol. 1.

The fight with Driver is extremely intense and mesmerizing to watch.

The second is a throwaway and pure waste of time.

We learn more about the Bride's past, as well as the other members of DVAS, and the settings are (seemingly) intentionally more dull in order to allow us to focus on the characters.

I saw vol.2 the other day with two friends, I loved, and enjoyed it even more so than vol.1. They are both the best films of at least the past ten years i could happily say.

People may often pigeonhole Tarantino as an action director, but here he really shines in the intriguing dialogue that he has the actors deliver.

The movie-making career of Quentin Tarantino takes a turn for the worse following this pointless film.

Yes, I found this movie ended as a complete rip off to the Jet Li film Kiss of the Dragon, and that was disappointing to me, in the film's defense, I was glad the movie was a more traditional martial arts film then vol1, Carradeine, and Thurman were incredible, and the movie was watchable and oftentimes, enjoyable.

It just drones on and on.

How he talks, how he moves, how he fights, how he can go from friendly to sadistic to intense to evil with just his eyes and the tone of his voice in seconds.

This movie is a Spaghetti Western and Kung-fu epic at heart; it's ferocity and wit is astounding to see, and the writing is, above all, compelling.

The part with the caravan with the snake in the case and the pulling out the eye was the only part that was entertaining, the rest especially the end scene with Bill was "tedious", too much of "How's your life been?

I must say that where Vol. 1 pumped me up with it's fast paced homage to bloody decapitating action, Vol. 2 had a whole other vibe similar to that of the Pulp Fiction flavor.

Then the story really begins to get intense.

The questions are answered on such a mysterious, and gripping character.

There are however long drawn out scenes that don't seem to have a great deal of significance, and could have easily been cut out to make one 3 hour long film (Matrix anyone?

Tarantino tried to create a total contrast between Vol.s 1 + 2 but failed to make a watchable, entertaining piece.

Am I the only one who found this boring?

The sometimes pointless dialog made parts of the movie boring and quite un-enjoyable.

It's rare to find a film that is thrilling, hilarious, disturbing, dramatic, emotionally moving, and powerful.

I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

In a word, the film is breathtaking.

Too slow, no longer campy.

Whereas the first volume was more or less linear in its storytelling, this time around the chapters are much more disjointed from each other.

The world and the characters Tarantino set up were intriguing.

where the first film was a fast paced kung fu film this one is more of a intense nail biting western.

Entertaining conclusion to Tarantino's 'Kill Bill' epic .

How wonderful for those fans of his that can be entertained by virtually no plot, and no drama.

Entertaining even.

Daryl Hannah has her best role in a long time with Elle Driver, and the fight scene between her and Uma Thurman in the caravan is everything it should be - brutal, bloody and exciting.

Not being a fan of "Kill Bill, Vol. 1" - it seemed pointless and lacked great dialogue - I was awfully apprehensive about "Vol.

Writer/ Director Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown) continues his story from 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1', an exciting action/ adventure film that chronicles the revenge of The Bride (Uma Thurman) as she seeks to find those whom she used to trust and those who put her into a comma for four years.

I rather would have watched Peter Pan than this deadly boredom.

The scripts were all too 'contrived', boring, irrelevant and unnatural for the characters reciting them- too brooding and overly philosophical, which was as distracting as it was annoying.

This film is more dialogue driven than it's predecessor, however is just as enjoyable.

Bill went from cool unseen in v1 to boring and long winded in v2.

Kill Bill 2 is a thrilling experience a wonderful contrast to the first part; this is a calmer more philosophical film rather than a violent, vulgar and graphic first part.

While watching, I enjoyed it and was interested to find out what happened next.

And despite the seemingly endless amount of Superman talk, this confrontation is still fascinating for the most part, even it doesn't quite live up to expectations rendered from the first movie.

Whatever momentum he built whilst making the first film died on the vine in this pretentious film.

Vol. 2 with its slow pace and depth is ultimately a deeper movie than Vol. 1 with its nearly nonstop action and comical gore.

But because you know what the end will, has to, must be, and because the movie takes on a completely different character, it becomes somewhat slow and boring.

But there were so many moments where the characters were just sitting round a table and talking for ten minutes which did make me want to yawn and look at my watch.

The literary framing device is also a dubious decision as it draws attention to the lack of story and character on display.

A slower, less, less, less, less bloodier Bill, which will have a few blood craving fans, sold short like I was.

too slow and pretentious.

Still, watching the film is rather pointless without having seen "Vol.

This movie is breathtaking!

The intriguing story about the vengeful "The Bride" (Uma Thurman) continues as she seeks ultimate justice against her traitor, Bill (David Carradine), leader of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.

Daryl Hannah is quite intriguing as Elle Driver, clearly the most ruthless and baneful character in the film series.

Lines like "wakey wakey eggs & bakey" sound contrived, as if it is someone trying to write like Tarantino, rather than the man himself.

It's hard to follow up a perfect flick like vol.1. Really no matter what you do its gonna be a tough disappointing and it was too me at least.

I dont have to go on a long spiel about it, just know the movie is very entertaining, all questions are explained that may have arisen in Volume 1, and Uma Thurman absolutely kicks ass.

I've heard there are people who find small children endlessly fascinating, even if they're not their own.

However, for those of you who were only into the first one for the adrenaline rush, you may want to rethink seeing the movie.

It was just plain dull and ridiculous, even for an 80's B-movie.

Don't waste your time, this is a dried up husk with nothing to offer it's audience.

The Beatles song about Bill is more exciting.

Wondering whether it's as good as Volume 1 is fairly pointless, because this truly is one film in two volumes.

The first Kill Bill was action packed, gore, constant non stop revenge whereas the second installment is softer in a grotesque kind of way.

Not only does this movie not enjoy the pace of the first, but it is downright boring!!

volume 1 is the intense action, most of it is based on her telling you who her first 2 victims are, and how complicated it will be to reach one of them, the Queen of the Tokyo Underworld, O-ren ishii which is the big part of the beginning, the first half of the story.

At the time, Tarantino was such a powerful director that he could essentially do what he liked and this two volume offering is certainly self-indulgent.

There are still a couple of amusing parts, but for the most part it's random chit-chat between rather dull characters you don't care about and don't relate to.

The scenes of Uma's kung-fu training were equally entertaining and were beautifully integrated into the story as a whole.

Simply, this film is as entertaining as hell.

He can describe the movie however he wants, but the reality of watching the movie is that every scene runs uncomfortable long, the dialogue delivery is corny (though much worse in Vol 1), his "references" grow to dominate his movies more and more, so that the end product is more synthetic than organic, the performances are 100 % Ham, and the style-over-substance (and not an original style anyway) nature of it results in a pretentious, empty experience.

So despite the lack of action I found this to be a smarter,more interesting movie than it's predecessor as well as a wildly entertaining and very original movie

The opening scene at the massacre of Two Pines was stunning as far as filmmaking goes.

An exciting film that blends technique, homage, and storytelling flawlessly.

It is slower.

It is also a movie that is made not by the plot, the characters, the style, or anything really, except for these moments of intense power where you are completely awestruck by the force and power of the situations given to you.

An awesome, cleverly constructed, action packed movie full of suspense?

Totally dumb, boring piece of s**t, piteous acting, imbecile plot (actually NO plot presence in this crap) and all the time worse than Hong-Kong action movies from 70s.

It was a waste of time, and nothing like I thought it would be.

slow, overrated .

This is just boring.


These scenes are intended to flesh out the story and characters, but in doing so the audience is bored and irritated.

Opening night I went to see it with such hope of a continuation of the first half, an adrenaline rush of hip music and intense action.

Aside from a few pointless details (we learn the bride would be working in a record store--why not a video store, Q.

Again, this isn't perfect, but it is extremely enjoyable.

why does the Bride bring a sword with her everywhere she goes, despite facing potentially armed men), useless characters and even more pointless footage than last time.

Mister Quarantino just rips off his own favorite movies and puts them all together into something that is too long; too much boring conversations and one cliché after the other.

Vol 2 relies a bit more on Tarantino-esque dialog (which I like) so be forewarned, if you find it annoying from his other movies you will probably be a tad bored in some parts.

The first kept me interested - but the conclusion just confirmed my fear that I'd lost something like 5 hours to this pile of pretentious drivel.

The second one, extremely predictable with just a little bit of attention and again boring.

It seems like QT lost his touch for interesting and good dialogue because for the first time ever, i was bored during a QT film.

The "lessons" learned - it was an action packed psycho love story if you will.

A bit dull really - includes SPOILERS .

And in Kill Bill Vol. 1, it was very much slow/fast/slow/fast, which was fine.

It's a different experience in many levels but it's still a very enjoyable one.

Yes, 'Volume 2' is a very slow film.

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 is a definite disappointment after the excellent violent & bloody excess of Kill Bill: Vol. 1, at over two hours it's too long & is a drawn out way to round the story off.

The action scenes are poor, the plot developments predictable, the characters uninteresting and even QT's supposedly legendary ear for dialogue is revealed to be made of solid tin - was there ever a worse last line for a major movie?

The fascinating aspect is how the film relies on the psychological element as Bea doesn't have the monopoly of motives.

it's just too bad it conned me into wasting my $8.50 on such an idiotic and surprisingly dull conclusion.

" That might sound trite and funny coming from anyone else; here, he makes you believe it in the same second and proves it throughout.

Pretentious .

The attempt to round up the film with an emotional ending was unbearable to watch and I didn't feel for her at all or bother to waste the energy to smile.

This whole film totally lost its track and suffers from severe tonal confusion.

However, as is - in the authors opinion - Kill Bill Vol. 2 is one of the most entertaining and rewarding experiences that can be enjoyed in the theaters (for the next few weeks).

Entertaining, and completes the story .

Everything else in Two is wooden acting or tedious fluff.

I like the fact that it ended in a manor that was completely unexpected...

Especially in Volume 1 it seems as if they are trying to hide the quite dull and uninteresting story behind lots of gore and "cool" effects and sure they've done a good job because it seems to have fooled the majority of movie goers.

Where its precursor is fast, frenetic and action-packed, this movie is much more mellow and contemplative and its relatively few kung-fu scenes are short and snappy.

Miserably dull, hopelessly bad taste...

Don't waste your money or time to this junk, please.

The way Carradine portrays Bill with a calm yet unpredictable demeanor gives the impression that he could go off at any minute.

Dull .

If you look at both Kill Bills it's fascinating as a movie buff to discover things you haven't seen before (i.

The first half wouldn't be this extremely entertaining part and then suddenly switching over to drama.

'Kill Bill: Vol 2 (2004)' connects with the audience much more than the first, providing a more engaging and entertaining experience.

I was bored, there was hardly even any action.

Even when he's doing something as mundane as mixing a drink you find you can't take your eyes off him for fear of missing something.

The unexpected track 'About Her' hones us in on a searingly moving piece of film, its melody laden with tragedy.

Though Vol. 2 relies more on narrative and dialog, the action and fighting sequences are breathtaking.

Stuff like this is all very intense and awesome to watch.

Rather than gentle foreshadowing, he beats us over the head, repeatedly, which makes certain aspects of the story VERY predictable.

The training session with Pai Mei showcasing the origins of The Bride's development into a professional assassin is more than just an entertaining set piece; it is a film-within-a-film, and should be treated accordingly.

In "Volume 2" the other movie references are astounding and breathtaking -- every note of music (the extensive actual samples and the connectors by Robert Rodriguez), every setting, prop and article of clothing on screen, camera angle, actor cast, through all the nostalgic credits, let alone every clip any character is watching on their TV, is a loving tribute to another film (we will have to wait for the super deluxe collector's edition DVD that combines Volumes 1 and 2 to communicate the footnotes with multiple eggs).

Every scene dragged, this movie is padded to fill the running time.

Every shot is important and exciting.

It seems to me a self-indulgent film made by a writer/director who loves to hear the dialog he has written.

The flashback about the martial arts training by an ancient Chinese master is entertaining, and the fight between The Bride and Elle Driver is marvelous.

It was pretty weird to walk out of a theater thinking I'd just seen something great only to hear people in front of rattling off the movies that; the Walken scene came from, Bruce Willis character, and the whole Eric Stoltz/Uma Thurman/John Travolta storyline.

Uma Thurman is magnificent , her fights against the enemies are breathtaking , the hard training with the Kung-Fu master Yuen Woo Ping have created a exciting and very well choreography struggle scenes .

In every respect - acting, music, photography, design etc etc - Kill Bill Volume Two is stunning film-making and compulsively, hypnotically watchable.

Gripping stuff .

After the first two hours of what is now Vol. 1 with its thrill, the violence, the speed of it, continuing a bit slowing (okay, forget the 'bit'), continuing slower paced, leading to the end, that would have been okay.

Despite the good, artistic camera-work, at times gripping and evocative scenes (Kiddo being buried alive, Kiddo meeting her daughter) and good, to the point dialogue, the movie somehow failed to spark my interest.

to give something unexpected.

Volume 2 is a complete waste of time...

Vol. 1 moved a lot better (as far as the story)and was far more entertaining.

It's a shame that a lot of women will see this as a guy's movie and not be drawn to it; as a woman, I loved the movie even more for the development of Uma's character and her stunning performance.

The tension in the small fight was so gripping that it resolved it wonderfully.

The spiffy blood and guts and martial arts effects are no more, instead replaced with deep-rooted psychological plot points and expecting the unexpected.

There is very little action, almost nothing stylish or unique, and the pacing was agonizingly slow.

Terrific, Moody, Slow-Burning Spaghetti Western Conclusion To Kill Bill Saga .

Tarantino created an exciting, action packed explosive piece of cinema with 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1' by using slick cinematography/ editing and combining several highly memorable action sequences with a cool story.

Volume 2 is a compelling film with many scenes of greatness.

I give Vol 2 **** out of *****I give Kill Bill as a whole ***** out of ***** ok Vol 2 let it down sightly but i still enjoyed it

For instance, Volume 1 is often referred to as the exciting one which entertains you to a startling extent.

Quentin seems to have forgotten that its the audience he's supposed to be entertaining, not himself.

The dialogue showed only brief flashes of the dark humour that leavened Volume 1, but for the most part was stodgy and leaden.

People who buy into Tarantino's world of cartoon violence are going to love this film but for anyone else it will be tedious and dull.

It is interesting, as well as action packed.

The result is that much of Volume 2, for all of its strengths, is self-indulgent.

But I still enjoyed it.

I think volume 1 was better because volume 2 dragged in bits and wasn't as entertaining.

It seemed like Tarintino was trying to put a short script into 136 minutes, which makes the film pretty boring at times.

1," where it just became tedious, here, the bloodletting is handled with great aplomb and makes perfect sense.

And one of the most intense sequences i've seen in a while.

Kill bill vol 2 is a breathtaking, Kung Fu epic that deserves the fullest attention.

It's highly enjoyable from start to finish, I love it, and I can't recommend it enough.

These are the first tarantino movies I've ever seen and if all his directing is like this, then something's wrong because these were two of the worst movies i've ever seen.

What a waste of time watching such a stupid film!!.

This results in a much more serious and slow-burning atmosphere that makes the ever-so-brilliant fight scenes a whole lot more entertaining.

However, this was one was a major disappointment - too predictable, too pretentious and too, well, up Mr Tarantino's own backside.

I stopped watching this when Uma manages to punch her way out of a coffin from 6ft under, it truly is one of the worst movies I have ever seen and is very had to believe its from the same director as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction!

I guess almost everyone who ventured into Vol. 2 anticipating the same breakneck, thrilling & action-packed roller-coaster ride that Vol. 1 provided was left bemused & underwhelmed by what Vol. 2 had in store for them as Quentin Tarantino does a U-turn by applying brakes on the action and filling the plot with more dialogues, backstories & emotional complexities, thus turning this saga into a revenge dish that tastes better when experienced together.

I had been fairly underwhelmed by Kill Bill Volume 1, which I thought was entertaining but shallow and rather pointless.

It is boring, and doesn't com up to the quality of Tarantino as usual.. If you are a fan of Tarantino it's all right I guess.

Yes, because this movie is confusing and mixes film and filmmaking styles that have no apparent connection (it's rare to see a Japanese martial arts film with logical connection to the universe of American western).

In this case, however, I found the dialogs to be fairly boring.

The final scene where she gets bill was as anticlimactic and boring as you can get.

After sitting through four hours of KB, I had at least expected a spectacular ending, but instead we saw a very short and amazingly predictable fight.

Violence, boring endless talking and more violence .

It was geeky self-indulgence.

I enjoyed it.

) Combat is limited to the strictly necessary, with the Final Fight being surprisingly short but to some extent quite predictable.

Overall, a dull entry into Tarantino's filmography, and the weaker of the two parts.

It'll be on Lifetime forever, cuz it's all soap opera drama about the cliché man-who-done-her-wrong; "I told you it was your baby (boo-hoo, why didn't you believe me when I said you were the only one)?

The cast is great, the action is amazing and the storyline is stunning.

Somehow, his going nowhere, still goes nowhere!

A Fistful of Dollars, see this movie and then watch Kill Bill again and you will see exactly were QT is coming from, his use of silence is as breathtaking as anything Sergio Leone ever did.

Indeed, Kill Bill takes itself seriously -- deadly seriously -- and is as dull, self-righteous and dim-witted as a Driver's Ed movie.

I am a happy man now; I purely enjoyed it; I don't want to talk about it.

I saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 last night and I found the movie to be very boring with not as much as action as the first.

The camera shots are absolutely stunning.

Less creative, boring drawn out dialog, and some of the scenes almost put me to sleep.

Perhaps one of the best things about Volume 2 is the intense history we are treated to.

I found the last part of the film with Bill and Little Kiddo to be weak and somewhat trite, not up to Tarantino standards.

And don't listen to any of this **** about it being complete now, this should have been one movie, it would have be much better and Tarantino would have had to cut some of the pointless and stupid crap making which would make the movie a great whole instead of a brilliant first half with a conclusion that pales in comparison.

Overlong, derivative and self-indulgent, Quentin Tarantino's homage to world cinema mediocrity really knows how to outstay its welcome.

After the first one, this one is so much slowier and it's just so boring.

Bill's dialogue was so dull.

It's all very entertaining and gripping.

One thing that is very annoying is that while some of the characters are completely pointless, they are the best ones in the film, in particular Michael Madsen's Bud, Gordon Liu's Samurai master or Deryl Hannah's Elle, who is easily the best thing about the film, as the character had the most personality, and Deryl's performance is both charismatic and sexy.

Without going into any plot-spoiler details for those who have not seen it, I found Kill Bill Vol.2 to be at points overly pretentious (like Vol.1), disgusting, and amusing.

admittidly the scenes with Gorden Liu are very enjoyable, entertaining and downright funny and it here that Tarantino succeedes most in paying homage to his treasured Kung Fu genre.

But I found this a very enjoyable film, and I think everyone who enjoys an intriguing story with heartpounding action, and a touching ending should without a doubt watch this film.

The second is much more intriguing and tells a much deeper story, as well as developing the characters much more.

Though, I think the way Bill was killed was boring.

It is a fashion magazine-like tour through the landscape of the Western and other less respectable genres (as observed in terms of the 'centre', that dreary institution known as the AFI).

The only entertaining part is Daryl Hannah's fight vs The Bride and that's not much!

The film feels boring and patchy, instead of the tight focus Tarantino employed with 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1', Vol. 2 is by comparison much weaker and much more disconnected.

As this whole 'Volume' is boring, useless, and in the end really unsatisfying.

I wanted to like it, but it was too pretentious/bogus .

Kill Bill Vol 2 is lower than the first film , both in action and rhythm, this film less have exaggerated violence of the first film , and also does not have as much action as the first film, the pace is a little slow , the soundtrack is good equal in the first film , the whole cast of the first film back in that sequence , the acting is good , the picture is very good , especially in Asia , and have good dialogues , such as the Bill talking about Superman, Kill Bill Vol 2 is a good movie is less than the first film , this is more dramatic, and the first film is most memorable moments more it worth watching .

An exercise in self-indulgence...

One of my friends even fell asleep during the movie!

Just bad and boring.

It was full of well written dialogue, featured good performances, and was very entertaining.

The thin but exciting characters of V1 become more human in V2.

Between Tarantino's constant homages to himself, we get more of the Tao Of Tarantino in which one of the characters bore us to sleep with Tarantino's philosophical gems, this time about Superman's perception of humanity.

Slightly More Enjoyable Then Volume 1 .

The dialog between David Carradine and Uma Thurman at the end of the movie is fascinating, a complete departure from the action leading up to it.

But, there were some scenes that dragged off from it's place, and there were some times where I got uninterested.

top marks for Tarantino's shots and camera movement, but the storyline and flow of the film was a little slow and basic.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Take, for instance, the ridiculous closing credits, which run well over 12 minutes: The plot and characters are unworthy of such pretentious veneration.

Don't waste your time watching this film.

Kill Bill: packs a violent punch, a truly entertaining roller coaster.

Although there are points in the film it started to drag a bit, the dialogue is witty and interesting so those slow parts are actually forgivable.

They complete a fascinating duo of films.

This movie was SOOOOOOOO slow....

Tarantino's self-adored mysticism and issues with self-indulgence this time around make it the boring mess that this post talks about.

The training sequences with Pai Mei and The Bride are visually stunning.

So, instead of having one of the slowest-paced movies I have ever watched, simply speed things up a little (such as that painfully slow animated O-Ren sequence and in other areas) and add in some assassin background history on Uma.

I really enjoyed watching this movie but I think that the fascinating character of Pei Mei should've been given more depth.

after the audience sits through 2 long movies concluding with yet another excruciatingly slow pontificating, pedantic dialogue between them.

Boring Movie - Spoilers .

at one point, during an extended scene of dialogue between bill and the bride, a guy in the theater shouted "boring!

tedious stylized stupidity with an idiotic and surprisingly dull conclusion .

Tarantino directs this film with a much more slower pace, in order to flesh out the story and gain more insight to it's characters.

That movie was themost enjoyable experience I've had in a theater in years.

that way some kick-ass spaceships and aliens would have come in and blown the place apart, just at the climax of the two-part epic where Uma Thurman and David Carradine have the most intense battle scene in the movie before even lifting their swords.

One would expect the denouement of Vol. 2 to consist of many scenes as potent and intense, right?

The hour-and-half Hollywood movies, in which people speak what they are supposed to, do what are supposed to do, and everything is predictable from the first five-or-so minutes.

David Carradine portrays an intense Bill, the Snake, and it is refreshing to see him in this difficult role.

Bill is boring as hell and he just can't shut up, talks nonsense through the whole movie.

The style of the movie is still fascinating and the basic plot is OK in all its simplicity.

I preferred the fact it's not more of the same, and despite being a claustrophobe to some extent, enjoyed it all the way through.

The bulk of the build up of the climax is dull due to the underwhelming dialogue, though the pregnancy test sequence was hilarious.

Although what is worth mentioning is how ridiculously boring, tedious, and pointless this so-called movie really is.

Aside from that, it was a very bland and forgettable experience.

It had the same flow as OLD American movies, slow cuts, no suspence.

This,the second instalment,satisfies on a more deeper level,with greater attention payed to dialogue and atmosphere,and in turn making it an ultimately slightly more absorbing experience.

Bloated & Boring .

I found it slightly more enjoyable then volume 1.

Kill Bill, Vol. 2 is a self-indulgent flatulence that borrows devices from Kung Fu, Spaghetti Westerns, horror movies, and comic books in the haphazard manner a hyperactive, pimply-faced junior-high delinquent rummages through his stunted intellectual landscape before writing "F*ck Mrs. Jones" on the urinal wall between classes.

As the last chapter of The Bride's bloodthirsty saga concludes with the inevitable fade to black, Quentin Tarantino completes what is arguably the most beautiful and compelling work of his entire career thus far.

The dialogue was disgustingly pretentious, the character Bill was a weak actor and I guess he is unknown because of just that.

And I enjoyed it very much.

I thought I was in for an exhilarating action experience, and I got an engrossing finish to what was before a some what zany story.


Don't give us much, just boring minutes...

"Kill Bill Vol.2" is a wholly satisfying conclusion, a breathtaking new classic.

It's a bit slow, talky, and without a doubt needed an action climax worthy of the final action sequence of 1.

It's an exciting story!

I think he is a great director who too often tries too hard to create culturally iconic images which are over-shadowed by batches of tired dialogue laden with uninteresting babble which in his own mind makes him some sort of genius.

I like the fact that it ended in a manor that was completely unexpected...

Maybe the final parts are too slow.

Awful boring movie .

At times, the dialogs are a torture ( i.

critical response to self-indulgence .

If the first one is a rousing success, though, then it becomes the standard by which the second one is judged.

People who expect the same unbridled brutality and violence of KILL BILL, VOL.I may get seriously disappointed with the more talky Vol.II. This sequel is NOT a bad movie at all; it actually shows a lot of the background of VOL.II, but by doing so, the film was rendered with a slower pace.

Kill Bill Vol.1, must've felt a little confusing.

The characters are more developed and Bill himself is a very central character,and a fascinating one at that.

This film is so cool, so funny, so exciting, so enthralling you must not miss this utter masterpiece.

Its style also makes the movie slow at times, so please don't expect another over-the-top going, non-stop spectacular, visual, gory, action spectacle that "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" was.

He sticks with a constant shot for every scene and it gets boring, there is nothing there to hold you attention.

Somebody please tell me the appeal of near endless, mindless dialog with a great deal of it being completely pointless.

It takes away a lot of the charm of the first movie and replaces it with very uninteresting dialogue.

and I found the conversations fascinating.

Taking away my cynical streak the movie was very enjoyable.

For anyone who likes books or classical music, maybe something a little more drab and tasteful is more for you.

Not quite, but nevertheless it was still entertaining.

This sequence is actually my favorite part of the whole movie, and Pai Mei is hands down one of the most entertaining characters I've seen in a long time.

Also riveting is the performance by Hannah as Beatrix' rival, both for Bill's affection and for martial arts supremacy.

There are some unexpected twists that I really enjoy as well in Vol. 2.

I never thought that could happen, cause KB 1 had me sitting on the edge of my seat, and I agree with whoever said that as long as QT signs his name on something everyone will praise it.

That final scene was Boring.

Basically nothing happens in the whole movie.

This one plods on like a wounded animal just waiting to be shot.

That was always fun to watch and always entertaining.

The HUGE HUGE HUGE weakness of this film is the fact that it is so slow.

Tarantino makes a great choice virtually eliminating the violence by that last encounter (by then you tire of it and want something different), but his attempt at bad-guy "mind games" falls way flat, becomes uninteresting, and lets the viewer down.

In part one, the violence got boring long before the end, and in this movie all the talking becomes boring even faster.

I can say that Kill Bill 2 should have used more action dominant plot points and twists and turns; the movie feels to fail at impressing Vol. 1's adrenaline pumping action.

I rather enjoyed the slow pacing of the first, here it is just frustrating, nothing happens.

"Kill Bill: Vol. 1" was a way more entertaining because it was way more crazy mixture of style and because of that also very unpredictable and overwhelming.

She stomped about like Brigitte Nielsen in Red SonyaShe also cannot actThe long-winded (and equally annoying) speech made by David Carradine as he prepared a sandwich for his daughterThe dialogue was yawn-inducing.

The style of this film is distinct from the first one and provides a breathtaking view of the Kill Bill universe.

It could have made this movie much more boring.

What I've just summarized in two sentences is dragged out on film over the course of perhaps twenty minutes or more, including an entirely tedious and unnecessary set of scenes involving Bud at work that add absolutely nothing whatsoever to the film and introduce characters that have no bearing on the movie at all.

Any fragments of what little action there is is outweighed a million-to-one by intense blaring boredom.

Like this horribly self-indulgent review, every scene has the 'tino yelling 'did you see what i've done there?

Waste of Time .

To conclude, I recommend the Kill Bill Saga, and it might be one of Tarantino's most complex and entertaining artwork.

While Tarantino's unique style of dialogue may have worked in Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs, here it is utterly inane, as unlike the aforementioned films, it isn't funny, quirky or essential to the story, leading to a lot of long winded pointless scenes that make the film feel a lot longer than it is.

(Early scenes between them feature stunning close-ups bathed in warm sepia backlight and the chemistry is intuitive, palpable and instructive.

a total DULL disappointment .

All of the stuff she used to get out of impossible predicaments seem contrived.

It is a real treat for the eyes and ears and I highly recommend it!!!

This one was exciting at times, but it was definitely a slower-moving film than the first one was.

They're usually very colorful but also very trite.

On balance, I think Volume 2 is a slightly better film than the first, as Tarantino does not seem intent on showing off his cool film collection every 5 seconds (this was one thing that really riled me through Vol 1), but the pacing is too slow.

KBv1 wasn't particularly deep, but it found it's purpose and pulled it off well: it had many innovative presentation styles, an unexpected anime sequence, a death attack theme riff to get us pumped for the ensuing battle, perfectly layered and memorable musical themes, PLENTY of exciting action, and interesting, memorable characters (Vernita, O.

This film is far too long.

They will keep you on the edge of you seat and wanting more.

First off, the pacing is considerably slower.

It's not as instantly captivating as the first package, and a few segments fall curiously flat, but it's enjoyable in surprising new ways and provides the closure we were all so desperate for.

The movie is stunning, and is complete onto itself unlike for example, the individual Lord of the Rings movies.

The mexican pimp only adds to the tediousness of it all.

The screenplay exhibits the usual Tarantino charm & wit, its homage to spaghetti westerns, Chinese wuxia, Japanese samurai films & other genres continues, Editing allows the plot to spread out a bit further but it lacks the tight, rigid structure of Vol. 1, thus resulting in a few plodding moments in its 136 minutes runtime, Cinematography carries the same vibe of the first half, and the existing musical tracks incorporated into this remaining picture continues to impress even if it isn't as seamlessly integrated as the last time.

The big dramatic scene of the burial is also gripping, and really needs to be appreciated at the cinema, rather than at home.

Quite unexpected eye gouge.

I saw Volume 1 a while ago on TV, and enjoyed it.

But if I had the money and I could have used the same actors etc; I could have easily made this boring, long, totally pointless film.

I never expected to cry at a Quentin Tarantino film, but this one did it, and it's at the most unexpected moment that I cried (during the chapter of Paula Schultz).

It continues the same story with the same compelling protagonist and even more brutal action.

But that is strictly by-the-by now and what we have is two entertaining, if uneven, films.

In fact Tarantino has brought me and ending I find as unpredictable as The Sixth Sense.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it overall.

Having not seen the first installment of this two part series, I was curious to see whether or not "Kill Bill, Volume II" could stand on its own as an entertaining and interesting story.

It was boring and anti-climactic.

Maybe this is in itself part of the cheese factor that this movie embodies, but between interesting bits, action, and comedy are vast boring wastelands of "Eyes Wide Shut" slow paced dialogues.

But it is also an intense movie where the characters are so real you feel like you can reach out and touch them.

But it was action packed and if you are into movies by this director then you may enjoy it.

But I really enjoyed it.

Kill Bill Vol 1 set the scene, it was a fantastic visual expierance and a thouroughly enjoyable ride.

Vol. 2, as a standalone film, is pretty boring and uninteresting because it is filled with flashbacks and subplots.

Alright, Kill Bill Vol. 1 was action packed, full of Tarantino violence, fancy camera work, fancier acting, lots of swords, fighting death.

⚪ All in all, the inevitable second volume of a gruesome gorefest is unable to hold a candle to its pretentious predecessor and ends up as a forgettable and utterly disappointing end to a revenge story that started out so outstandingly.

And as an outsider I thought it was really good; it was enjoyable.

My worst parts Bill's death and Budd and Bill being brothers seemed pointless.

The action was good but the rhythm felt somewhat wrong with the big ending fight (the kill'em all and the one-on-one felt kind of like one big thing with only a slight pause to mark the intersection) being sort of all there was to the climax of a so far dull plot.

But in Vol. 2 it's slow down, slow some more, and in the climax, go extra slow (especially as compared to Vol. 1).

Personally, I hardly missed the mindlessly excessive gore found in Vol.1 For me, it was a unique, over-the-top, and utterly entertaining film.

Also quite fascinating is the thesis on how Superman is different from all other super heroes in that exactly opposite to them, Superman the hero is the real person while Clark Kent is the altered ego.

continues as The Bride(Uma Thurman) continues to completing his vengeance of Bill(David Carradine) and his remaining members Elle Driver(Daryl Hannah) and Budd(Michael Madsen),i like it very much because the story flows just were the vol. 1 just left off,the Force's of "The Bride" is just stunning that even broke a coffin with his very hands and walk her way out to Budd's house again fight Elle.

I was really bored watching this movie.

Just looking at these guys will make you suspenseful of what is going to happen next The Cinametography is awesome, i have not seen any greater beautiful shots than this movie.

Quentin Tarantino closes his epic of betrayal and revenge with a slightly more meditative film, a pretty far cry from the action packed bloodbath that comprised Volume 1.

(Thurman's living burial is intense and agonizing.

dull .

against the simple fact to be known everything, from the plot to the predictable final.

The writing is fresh, well conceived, and engaging.

Boring - unless you're the kind of guy/girl who enjoys it to the max every single time you see a gush of artificial blood.

The Bride's Follow-Up Changes Gears, But Remains Intense and Riveting .

It's boring, shallow.. actually it's a lot like the new Punisher film.

Its so over-the-top pointless, and don't get me wrong there is about 20 solid minutes altogether of at least SOMETHING worth watching.

Exercise in Self-Indulgence .

The fight sequence in the winter garden at the Blue Lotus was the most stunning scene, particularly the grace Liu achieves in the kimono and when taking off her sandals in the snow.

My first issue with this movie is that it contains many pointless scenes which drag the movie out even more.

If anything, the battles are just as enjoyable here, though they are certainly more concise.

A much slower, more suspensefully contemplative take on the same material as its first chapter.

It may not have been profound, but at least it was entertaining.

And Tarantino seems to have this arrogant assumption that we enjoy his pretentious dialogues (and inner monologues) as much as he does.

Tarantino has created something in Kill Bill movies that is totally mind blowing.

Less than brilliant, overlong, some pointless scenes .

You take two movies to reach him and then QT teases you by having the characters talk about a swordfight on the beach under the full moon, and instead the ending was lame and predictable.

But those are only a couple of bright spots in a sea of dull dialog and unnecessary scenes.

Every character seems to be a philosopher, and hence every conversation is hilariously metaphorical and utterly pointless and stupid for the plot.

However, in Kill Bill's current form, Vol. 1 feels more complete and is more entertaining then vol. 2 (which is ironic considering that Vol. 2 is really the conclusion to vol. 1).

However, after the very good editing that made volume 1's swordplay enjoyable and relatively convincing, the martial arts scenes in this movie are difficult to watch.

In that way I thought of part 1 as kind of boring (to much action can really bore me).

Fascinating .

Nice, but the ending is boring .

Though the performances, plotting and the emotional impact of that grand, unexpected final are all incredible well handled, the overall effect could perhaps be wrongly misinterpreted as boring or uneventful, simply because of the bold contrast to the over-the-top violence and technical virtuosity presented in the high-octane thrills of Volume 1 (2003).

I rated this movie a 10 because I found it highly entertaining and compared to most other movies that've come out lately, it ROCKED.

As well as colour, this film again has a stunning soundtrack.

I found Kill Bill 1 to be a pure action movie completely lacking in personal interest, but so well done and energetic in the action set pieces to keep it enjoyable.

The intense fury in her eyes as she is caught in a death trap and her violent struggles; the endurance she demonstrates as she undergoes the tough physical training (think of Demi Moore as a soldier, it's even more intense) and most importantly, her mental acknowledgment of the superior master; her focused calm while she tries to get out of the death trap; in her exhausted state, her drive to hike back many miles in the desert to find the killer (Madsen).

Credit is also due to Uma Thurman who did one hell of a nice job as the Bride (heck she deserves an Oscar for the last sequence of the film alone) and to David Carandine who was deliciously evil and enjoyable in the role of the eponymous villain.

Really boring 2 hours and 16 minutes .

Volume two contained the "slower emotional side of the movie", which I thought it failed at frequently, and telegraphed the future plot complications too early, unlike the first volume's fight scenes, where you had no idea what they were going to do next.

The look of the film is breathtaking, with a greater focus on paying visual homage here to old westerns rather than the martial arts references found in the first volume- although there is an extended flashback dealing with The Bride's martial arts training that reproduces and pays loving homage to similar old martial arts movies brilliantly.

It is intriguing to note that "imdb" itself lists the running time as 136 minutes, while "Rotten Tomatoes" gives it as 130 minutes; in New Zealand it is screening at 138 minutes, so perhaps our censor has passed some extra footage which was cut out in other countries.

It was absolutely stunning.

It's so boring and there is no action, everything is predictable.

In the end, it is a painfully boring, indescribably unsatisfactory and unexciting mess of an ending.

However, about halfway into the movie I became incredibly bored.

in the black-and- white sequences) and some great dialogue, but the plot's fairly dull, and the long, jokey flashbacks drag the film to a standstill.

Knowledge of the first part might make the second part more intrinsically interesting, but KB II drags along with long sequences of essentially pretty and clever, but dull movie-making, punctuated by occasional outbursts of exceptional violence and stark ugliness.

Combining pretty much everything I've ever loved about movies since I was a little kid into one fantastic (half of a) film, it was like a blast of pure oxygen, a jolt of adrenaline that stayed with me for weeks.

However, since the pacing in this movie is much slower, it makes it harder for fans of the original who became use to its fast pacing to get into this one and become engaged.

This film is a trip into Mr T's self indulgent mind.

Boring - SPOILERS when it says (SPOILERS) .

So I am expecting to see some action and within the first 20 minutes or so I am already complaining that I am bored.

Both Budd's and Elle's demises, albeit pleasantly and freshly unexpected, feel totally contradictory to the element of this as a revenge flick.

Nothing, not even the dark humor of From Dusk Till Dawn, the cool Killer from Pulp Fiction, nothing was catching, interesting, funny, breathtaking there was simply nothing there.

As this is the part two of one movie I'm afraid that the whole thing is too long (4 hours) for a single line story, in which some impossibilities repeat to much, there could have been a bit more creative vision on these points.

Where was the drawn out suffering for Bill that he showed to Bea.

I've seldomly seen such a boring movie, so completely empty of content.

In comparison to Kill Bill Volume 1, the story is slower, the events that take place happen much slower, and much more dialogue occurs throughout.

Another of Tarantino's more admirable traits is that he's able to get compelling performances of a lifetime from his actors.

It's quite boring and thank God i didn't go to cinema to watch it.

While these styles are all copied well I did start to wonder if Tarantino had his own voice - there was barely a scene that was `his', even his comic book dialogue has become a sort of cliché onto itself.

Don't waste your time, I say.

They're tired cliché characters repackaged with the QT brand, and that somehow is fresh?

Not as good as Volume One, but still enjoyable.

Whereas Bill hardly featured in the initial half, he is central to the latter segment and David Carradine - whom I remember from the television series "Kung Fu" - gives a compelling performance in which he has the best lines, notably his apologia for the massacre.

While the first volume of was a waste of time, the second film was a fun homage to a lot of films of the '60s and '70s and even '40s and '50s, the first film was nothing more than an excuse for some truly idiotic and gory violent scenes.

But despite the lack in seeing Tarantino films I think I have seen enough of other good films to say that Vol. 2 is masterly directed with a good use of special FX, intense fighting scenes and a nice add of crude humor.........

The acting is phenomenal, the writing amazing, thecinematography (and old movie allusions) breathtaking.

There were simply too many long sequences of nothing happening at all, especially the driving scenes.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bill .

Anyone who says this movie has no plot is dead wrong.

This movie seems like pure self-indulgence on Quentin Tarantino's part.

an anti-climatic waste of time .

Slow and steady wins the race .

Kept within the confines of the tight trailer space, the fight claustrophobically exciting with a conclusion that will leave you wishing you were not listening in Dolby Digital.

The dizzying riffs on popular culture present in the first film slow down for Volume 2, allowing us to absorb them.

Though pleasing enough to the tastes when taken separately, they are at their most enjoyable when meshed together.

The dialog is entertaining, and there's plenty of homages here, especially to Spaghetti Westerns.

in doing so, the movie becomes boring and ends up looking as though it needs more editing.

Overall, this is a flawless conclusion to a great and entertaining film by the ingenious Quentin Tarantino.

1)the dialogue almost never coheres into the electric, fascinating rhythms of "Pulp Fiction" or "Reservoir Dogs.

The final, unexpected touch to a remarkably beautiful and brilliant saga .

Tarantino's self-adored mysticism and issues with self-indulgence this time around make it the boring mess that this post talks about.

And the film's most understated gag–that Bill is really just a jilted lover acting out of extreme jealousy–carries an unexpected honesty that enriches the layers of his character.

Altough some scenes tend to get a little bit to slow.

As with Sergio Leone's westerns, everything is very slow.

The main difference between the styles of the two films is the pace - while the original was fast and furious, this one is a much more thoughtful and drawn out affair and while that may intrigue some viewers more; I have to say that Volume 1 did more for me.

This movie continues the artistry over substance method, delving into Chinese and Japanese martial arts, which are more emphasized as the Bride's intense and grueling martial arts training with the commanding and powerful master Pai Mei (Gordan Liu) are depicted in large parts of the movie.

Kill Bill vol. 2 was like church to me unfullfilling and an utter waste of time and money.

Kill Bill vol. 2 is the uninteresting continuation of the uninteresting Kill Bill.

In addition to O- Ren being killed easily with only a few swings of Uma's sword, Green is killed boringly inside her house (despite "talking" about scheduling a knife fight), Elle is killed inside a small cramp trailer house without even one swing of either of their Hanzo amazing swords- (yawn, yawn).

This is an exciting, scary, high-octane adventure/revenge flick with a genuinely crowd-pleasing ending and exploding eyeballs.

After months of waiting, we're left with a drawn-out, badly written, undercharacterised anticlimax.

Master Tarantino, keep making us laugh, smile and sit on the edge of our seats!

But for those who actually prefer an interesting story and characters over a lot of supposedly cool fluff, "Kill Bill Vol 2" is best described as "fairly boring".

Overall Vol 2 is just as enjoyable as Vol 1 and will satisfy a large range of viewers.

They loved vol.1 but hated vol.2. At first i didnt understand why, then they backed up there argument with comments such as 'Why didnt Bea just cut off bills head when she first walked into his house' and 'how can you kill someone by playing with there nipple', also they called it boring and said there was to much talking.

Bill really gets BORING!

Slower paced, with significantly less action and outlandish violence, Volume 2 is a departure from the original.

Here we have far more dialogue and longer, slower scenes that require patience.

It's light on originality and heavy on cliché.

A great conclusion to a rather confusing film .

Even stranger, Bill comes across as relatively well mannered, even nice, with his soft tone and slow, relatively passive movements that further create illusions of his true persona.

I was BORED TO TEARS watching this movie.

The last conversation between Bill and Beatrix goes even further in the development of Bill, proving how a fascinating character he is, and a suiting villain for such a heroine like Kiddo.

It is neither entertaining, interesting or thought provoking.

The pace of this film is, surprisingly, much slower than Vol. 1.

The movie is an unpredictable, wild ride that ends with a heartfelt, nicely done conclusion that wraps it all up very well.

Somehow every performance is so unbelievably compelling it's quite difficult to judge who did the best job.

So trite, Quentin, watch a couple of Bruce Lea movies and get some of the basics down, and Uma, take more than a one week refresher night course , body and mind, relax, control, not klutz.

While it is imaginative, it seems more claustrophobic and exciting.

Some good scenes in a mostly boring movie.

Usually in that type of movie the fighting scenes can make it at least fun to watch but the fighting sequences in Kill Bill Vol.2 are uninspired and boring.

And the length to which you developed her character was such that even the horrid actress Lucy Liu with that squeaky little voice of hers seemed intriguing playing her role.

His acting is very compelling in this movie, the best I have ever seen.

Although, the training scene with Pei Mei is entertaining and finally brings martial arts back into the film, the real action doesnt start until Elle arrives.

It features either calm discussions (most of the film) or intense, insane action.

It is unfortunate that the greatest and most stunning works by the most brilliant directing minds in cinema, are never honored until years after they have wrought their masterpieces, and loosed them upon the world.

Vol. 2 works on every level and watching it felt more relaxed and enjoyable than the first one.

7/10PS- You don't need to see the first one to go into this, in fact it may make Volume One more enjoyable if you see it after this.

Again, it is her character what drives the film, so her performance truly makes the difference between a dull movie and an exciting film.

Its just boring long drawn out 1v1 talking.

Kill Bill 2 is boring hash.

As a whole great film by itself quite boring .

It's a dizzying achievement that is all the more enjoyable because you know that Tarantino has done it because he loves it and wants to share that with the whole world.

The first film was more like a hard core action flick, where this one had some time to breathe in between, and was more like "Jackie Brown" in it's quietness but still very entertaining.

" However, I found much of it very slow-moving and bordering on "boring" to the point that I began to not care very much how it ended.

There's too much talking/explaining and it really gets boring.

There are scenes in this film that go nowhere, dialogue that meanders and ultimately bores and action that whilst wonderfully choreographed (esp Vol...

However, here, characters are rather boring and their conversations are not very catchy.


It lacks the kick-in-the-mouth, spontaneous martial arts scenes from the first one, and is replaced by a slow abundance of dialogue that starts the movie off on what could be mistaken for the wrong foot.

Ultimately, this movie suffers from that in some of the excrutiatingly slow, labored speech that is intended to be dramatic.

Part One demonstrated extreme and polished action scenes into which much thought had gone - for instance a martial arts stand off that contrasts genre wirework fighting some of the most realistic fighting on film since Bruce Lee; the overall effect was a surfeit of stunning action where viewers would probably have been content with the simplest of explanatory codas to justify the visual experience.

After the boring Budd's dealing with Black Mamma (it's boring because there is strictly speaking no fight at all), I expect a fierce fight between Black Mamma and Elle Drive.

It's rare to find a film that is thrilling, hilarious, disturbing, dramatic, emotionally moving, and powerful.

After that fight scene the movie just get boring for another hour.

In this film I was on the edge of my seat...

Quentin Tarantino has crafted a magnificent piece of cinema that has an unexpected beauty, resonance and ultimate maturity that undermines Vol.1, which, although an explosive collection of balls-to-the wall grindhouse action and a superb Saturday night at the movies, could almost be seen as not much more than a throat clearing in comparison.

I found both volumes of Kill Bill to be tremendously engrossing and beautifully well done--I give Volume 2 a 10/10.

While it's nice to see her training montage and the massacre on the day of the wedding rehearsal, these scenes slow the movie down and they only show things that I have already been made aware of or am not interested in learning about.

the so-called climax of this film is the most boring, tedious, monotonous, painful 30 minutes or so of the whole "movie," maybe even film history all things considered.

So basically while the last 30 minutes of the last movie is all action, the last 30 minutes of this movie has an uninteresting villain who talks about uninteresting things for 30 minutes.

A good film, but self indulgent .

Individually, each movie is stunning with that unforgettable feeling of "coolness" that have accompanied every other one of his films.

YAWN - disappointing .

The good and satisfying but unexceptional ending certainly fails to make up for the boredom of the majority of the film.

I felt bored at one scene, the talking of the fish dying, other than that, this film had me cheering for the Bride (and Budd for some reason).

When she plucks out the second eye of Elle,that scene is so Intense Daryl Hannah is quite the screamer.

Kill Bill 1 has more action sequences with exciting exaggerated effects.

The other derailment is to tell the immensely entertaining story of The Bride's training by the heavy-duty Pai Mei (Gordon Liu, in one of his performances in the whole KB saga).

Containing less action than 'Kill Bill', volume 2 is intelligent, bizarre and extremely engrossing.

The characters are flat and uninteresting, the dialogue is Tarantino's worst to date, and the whole film feels more like a mockery of cinematic techniques than anything else.

Tarantino's hit sequel sees him taking the KILL BILL mythos in new and unexpected directions, with a non-linear plot that keeps you guessing all the while, elements of romance that are entirely unexpected, and a whole range of genres mixed together into one mildly satisfying and well-gelled whole.

While the first part was exciting, the second part is disappointing, not to say a bit boring.

It's as though he figured, Why wait until the 2-disc Special Edition DVD to show my fans all the parts I cut out in order to make a single, coherent, compelling film--I'll just leave every little thing I shot in right up front!

The plot is full of absurd moments and sometimes those moments feel a little too self-pretentious.

And have I mentioned that it is pointless?

It's a slow-moving scene where we finally get to meet Bill who ultimately rejects The Bride's deep-seated wish to leave her murderous past behind.

While, the action is still intense and fast paced, it is not the carnage of Vol.1, with the aforementioned dialogue now playing a much greater role.

Vol.1 was just so much fun and exciting.

It was pointless.

I liked the first Kill Bill, it was entertaining, thrilling, graphic, gory, and there were no gigantic plot holes, at least none that I saw.

Instead we get Vol 2 which Tarantino has had to bloat, destroy and slow down.

It is as if Quentin is paying his respects to "The Matrix Reloaded" with way far too much empty dialogue.

Breathtaking film experience.

As a non-Tarantino fan, you'll be falling asleep in front of 'Vol.

Some easy going action scenes and the rest is gibberish dialogue for about 100 minutes - YAWN.

I got some of the in jokes and allusions, I think, but the imagery becomes tiresome after a while.

I disliked the gore of the first movie but I loved the sceneries, in this one I was just bored.

Otherwise there has been no plot in part 1 and this did not miraculously change here either.

is a bore.

It was self-indulgent, superficial, soulless, and WAY overrated.

It should be known as "Boring Drama: The Legend should not continue".

Characters that would otherwise be ridiculous, actors that are often sub-par, dialogue that could be boring as hell - he brings it all to LIFE in a way that VERY FEW directors are capable of doing.

Liu is the martial arts master Pai Mei in Volume 2 and Beatrix's training at the hands of this gruff instructor prove to be one of the more engaging and streamlined sequences in the film.

Trim the 90 minutes of KB1 down to 20 or 30 minutes of action, trim the 136 minutes of the plodding KB2 in half & you would've had a very good 90-100 minute film with all the excellent action and revelatory scenes intact.

' Fans of Tarantino will probably love it anyway, but anyone who likes broodingly slow film with clever dialogue should enjoy it, too.

A really great and unique movie, that could had been more entertaining and perhaps also better, had it been made more in the style of "Kill Bill: Vol. 1".

self-indulgent boring mess = 2 out of 10 .

There's the grindingly slow pace, the inept self indulgent use of film grammar (lotsa commas and capital letters) and as always the sentimental wallowing in vapid low budget nostalgia.

The dialogue is supposed to be witty, I guess, but mostly it is either too simple and repetitive or tries to be funny a little too obviously.

Here we have a "continuation" of one of the most perplexing, stylistic, mystifying, and action packed movie experiences ever put on film.

She is then locked up and things start getting intense.

Bill's brother is another fine character and they are thoroughly enjoyable.

Banal, trite, pedestrian...

However, KB2 is little more than self-indulgent twaddle wrapped up as a film and served up for consumption on the strength of its predecessor.

While this movie wade to be as exciting as the original it was definitely made to be a better movie which it was.

It's very 'talkie' – there are tonnes of long, drawn-out scenes where characters natter to each other, seemingly going nowhere.

The first which offered a rich textured, comical and action packed experience was followed up with a 2nd half which is meant to be perhaps thought provoking.

But, this is still one of most intense action movies I've seen, and one with the largest supply of bloody action with explicit gore.

The KB films are a triumph of box office greed and marketing over potentially good art (-cum-self-indulgent pointlessness).

The first movie was bloody, pointless and disturbing.

Although the pacing does take a drag as the film starts out, Kill Bill Vol. 2 doesn't waste any more time than it needs to telling its story in the best way possible, and is for the majority of its longer runtime, a very entertaining film.

With this in mind, it would seem more appropriate to view the films as one single film; taking into account both the bursts of colour and energy presented in Volume 1 and the slower, more character-driven approach of Volume 2 to really get the most out of the incredible journey that this larger than life character undertakes.

There is plenty of "talk" throughout both films about sword fighting, etc, but ALL the scenes (except that long, repetitive, implausible fight scene with the 88s) involved quick sequences, usually in tight quarters.

In part 2, the movie was shorter and the pace was quickened, and finally in part 3 it was complete non-stop action with very little plot.

his ultimate and final act of self-indulgence.

The violence was not there, but to replace it was a mere collection of flash-backs, undeveloped characters and uninventive killings diluted by a slow script where it seemed to take an age for a sentence to be completed.

Daryl Hannah finally gets her moments in the sun, as our stunning villain.

Overall, Vol. 2 acts as a very satisfying conclusion to what Vol. 1 set up, and while it may be slower, it's just as memorable, and just as rewatchable.

My idea was to make a short review of the plot, but there are so many spoilers on the other comments that it was just pointless...

Instead, both of its drawn-out halves fizzle out like cheap fireworks to leave a disappointing whole.

Talk about intense self-indulgence.

Kill Bore Vol. 2 .

Quentin Tarantino was going to meander around, alternating pointless violence with hip dialogue until Uma Thurman's character finally got her revenge.

I found this film funny, sad, shocking, thrilling, and exciting all throughout the movie whereas I didn't quite get all those emotions in the first.

There were a few nice action sequences but it was like watching paint dry waiting for them.

Quentin Tarantino falls once again, a sub par continuation of an exciting film .

Her and the bride face off in a exciting fight which had the audience laughing, screaming, and covering their eyes.

was a waste of time.

The acting of the characters was very pretentious throughout the film.

Overall i HIGHLY reccomend this movie its gripping action/drama that makes excellent viewing.

It sounds crazy but like every other Tarantino movie, he makes it so enjoyable and intriguing.

Unlike the first with fast paced action and extreme entertainingly super-stylish gore, Kill Bill vol. 2 is everything that was missing in th first.

The first was excellent: it was quite poignant, it was exciting, fast paced, intriguing, and it had one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard.

Instead, we have an overlong, boring, unsatisfying film.

We may now count Quentin Tarantino in that esteemed company, as KILL BILL, VOL. 2 brings his four-hour opus to its stunning and unexpectedly moving climax.

Volume 1 was much more fast paced and it had more scenes of action and fighting.


but I still go back to fascinating conversations in this film.

I love Tarantino, but this film was too long, too slow, repetitive and filled with long, drawn-out, sometimes embarrassing, dialogue.

Intentional, unintentional, the result is just boring!

It would have made a better single film; instead we get two pieces of drawn-out schlock.

Imagine the irony of the utterly empty body count!

Tarantino has become so cocky in his directing that he believes that any well-written dialogue is entertaining dialogue.

The crazy plot is very enjoyable to watch.

Kill Bill 2 is loaded with lengthy dialogue and suspenseful at a slow pace.

or the unexpected turn when Elle poisons Budd.

The thin but exciting characters of V1 become more human in V2.

I really enjoyed it.

picture: Excellent and engaging dialogue, eye poppping (forgive the pun) fight scenes and colorful charecters.

Also the locations were excelent, I have no idea where they shot the film, but the landscaping was great, I truly enjoyed it.

Kill Bill is outlandish and entertaining enough to compare with Dusk til Dawn.

The most boring movie of the last 2 (or more) years .

So if you have not yet seen Volume 2, I would most definately highly recommend it.

The second time, I enjoyed it quite a lot.

In a single instant your movie moved from being a compelling reworking of cheesy seventies martial arts images into a blatant and even slap-stick rip-off (a TIRED rip-off) of old kung fu movies.

Since I believe this "movie" should be avoided at all cost as a major waste of your time there's no need to give any summary.

The action and fighting is amazing and incredibly entertaining.

Overrated and Tiresome .

It's Slower Pussycat, Bore, Bore.

If they would've released this movie as one long film, I bet half of the dull volume 2 would've hit the cutting room floor.

Whether it would be the awful writing, unsympathetic characters, sadism, overlong and pointless bits or the utter anticlimax, Kill Bill Vol 2 is an abysmal movie-making experience, that everyone should avoid at all costs in order to stop letting Tarantino's Samurai fan-fics get millions of dollars and well known actors behind it, and to teach him to make proper, grown-up films next time.

Original had a lot of action and many different styles, this movie pretty much is in one shape and it's pretty slow.

Just be ready to expect the unexpected.

I started blinking a lot at the end, not cause when she killed Bill it was sad or her daughter made me sad, just cause I had trouble staying awake.

By the time the film is over it has gotten so slow that time literally runs backwards: Tarantino makes you sit through the credits of the first Kill Bill at the end of this one...

Nevertheless, "Kill Bill 2" is worth watching and studying for its narrative structure of setting up things and paying them off.

He does well with the action sequences but the other parts the shots are just boring.

Having said that, the title's payoff did come out a little flat and empty.

It also doesn't help that many of the film's major set pieces don't pay off, as they are either too brief or are interrupted by the boring story.

Tarantino's talent in his best movies clearly is utterly compelling episodic scenes, often grounded in a weird mix of references to real humanity and movie humanity.

Brutal, too much dialogue, poor acting, music is copy from other films, predictable ending and characters are still flat.

The scenes between Uma and Carradine are intense.

Everything about this movie is fascinating.

It dragged and sagged and then- just ended.

If you payed any attention to Vol. 1 the whole scene is EXTREMELY PREDICTABLE and LABORIOUS TO WATCH.

I have to say that this movie is definitely not as good as the first and, if I hadn't seen vol. 1, I would have found this movie completely unwatchable.

It bored me to death for the whole first half.

First of all the flick is way too long.

However, I walked out at the end of the credits, walked straight back in and watched it again and thoroughly enjoyed it.

She survives because she was shot in the chest, and her breasts acted as a shield, absorbing the rock salt from the shotgun shells.

It must be seen on the big screen to appreciate the color and the breathtaking desert views.

It has some unexpected moments, Carradine and Hannah steal the show with their memorable performance and Thurman is good here.

Clearly Tarantino wanted to spend the entire film with characters exchanging pointless below average lines (not Tarantino quality of 'Resevoir dogs' and 'Pulp Fiction) because he had faith in the cinematic appeal of Bill which im sorry wasn't there.

Those critisizing the second movie are actually just saying that half of the movie was boring.

This movie is very different to the original having almost no action, and having a much slower pace.

So even tho Kill Bill 1 was silly it was still a fun movie and I enjoyed it.

Quite how boring I found this, as well as the insertion of pointless scenes (e.

Worst movie ever .

While the movie, as a second installment, is mildly entertaining, it is ALL style over substance, and is a definite "10" for Tarantino's biggest fans, who enjoy his "style.

This is a well-made, and somewhat enjoyable that deserves all the praise necessary.

me and my friends were bored by the opening sequence, never mind some for the rest of the film.

These pointless scenes can't have even one positive adjective attached to them, for example "funny" or "suspenseful" They are just nothing.

I rank this as the worst movie that is popular, and the Shawshank Redemption as the best.

Damn boring!!.

)The first film was more enjoyable on a trashy level,with all the unashamedly ultra violent sword wielding action going on.

Sorry to you bored, bloodthirsty multitudes!

It sometimes feels that Volume 1 and 2 are completely different films given the first finished so violently and to the very maximum that you have to allow the film to slow down "before this tale of bloody vengence reaches it's climax" according to Bill.

Vol.2 is utterly absorbing.

I've enjoyed Reservoir Dogs and found Pulp Fiction entertaining stuff.

The much-anticipated Pai Mei training was dull dull dull and I honestly wondered if I had experienced a micro sleep during this part, as I felt the whole sequence was under-developed and incomplete.

Still, Quentin had to fill in to make this second half into a feature, so here we go with pointless scenes about a deadbeat Budd who has some issues with his boss.

Maybe they made it through two-thirds of the script in the first one and had to tell the cast to talk slower or they wouldn't have a 'Vol.

and the pacing of the movie is so purposely slow that it renders the experience a snooze-fest.

Although it can't match "Pulp Fiction" outright, it reminds us of how much he can obliterate our notions of what is possible, or perhaps just prove that QT is the singular most clever and entertaining filmmaker today.

I think he just found the tyke fascinating and expected we would find her likewise.

Kill Bill isn't a bad movie, it does have it's bright moments and some very interesting characters but it isn't a "top 250-movie" either mainly because it just tries a bit too hard and sometimes it can actually get kind of boring which i thought would be impossible in a Quentin Tarantino Film.

It would have been invaluable to have included some earlier scenes with Uma as the warrior/assassin that she proves ONCE (and only once) in the ridiculous Crazy 88 fight sequence- but that is a sequence which is unconvincing because watching her slice up 88 stupid bodyguards is boring.

The second is often times boring.

This movie is so boring and shitty it made me wish I was watching The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Tarantino's writing and direction are nearly flawless in this movie, the editing of the film is spectacular, the cinematography is absolutely stunning, all making Kill Bill a vast, beautiful tale that is more than just about revenge.

A flawed, but still awe inspiring, blood drenched, sin filled and sinematic sequel!

Next thing you know I wake up and shes being hog tied by Bud, then I fell back asleep.

Don't get me wrong, Pulp Fiction and Dogs were fantabulous along with True Romance and Jackie Brown (in other words all his other films), but KB2 was a waste of 3 hours of my time.

Just lacks the adrenaline and Tarantino's patented killer style that the first had.

I found this movie very enjoyable a typical Tarentino movie, he hit another one rite on the point.

boring ...

But the film's bigger sin was in being boring.

It's entertaining, disconcerting and unpredictable all at the same time.

But the dialogue is so stunning, that you're not even disappointed that there's not so much violence in it.

The second half of the movie also has several flashbacks that helps weave the story together, and the flashback themselves were very entertaining and offered its share of foreshadowing.

Bill is such a boreing and pompous character that I just wanted her to kill him as soon as he got onscreen and bored us to tears As a film 3 out of 10...

The second part in the revenge epic from writer/director Quentin Tarantino takes a breather from the stunning, over-the-top action sequences of Vol. 1 to focus on the origins and backgrounds of the characters.

It is even more drawn out and there is even less fighting between them then there was in the original film.

Yes, he was very memorable in Reservoir Dogs, but in this film I found him to be a bore.

Where Vol. 1 started you off with the champion of all catfights, Vol. 2 starts you off with a drawn out dramatic scene which builds the tension to a crescendo.

Bit cornball and also long (and slow compared with v1).

And the action is very entertaining.

I've enjoyed it all.

The long-mooted "showdown" between The Bride and Bill is drawn-out and surprising, though the final result (baldly announced in the film's title) carries an effect contrary to what most will expect.

Slack and self-indulgent...

The main bad guy, Bill, is equally as dull, feeling constantly one- note throughout and gets rather boring because of it, despite David Carradine's great performance, and he often gets the movie's worst lines, including a theory that the Bride is a killer on the inside, and wears her more mature self as a disguise similar to Superman (because as we all know, people like soldiers are always destined to kill people, as they do it on the frontlines).

It was so boring and slow.

Visually he'll be remembered for some classic scenes but often many of these scenes are too drawn out and need to be edited.

I've enjoyed many other films where dialogue successfully keeps the film engaging and interesting, driving the plot forward (i.

Quentin Tarantino's trademark dialogue is sharp, imaginative and witty, and the violence is a fascinating hybrid of the cartoon-like and the graphic.

Secondly the dialogue is surprisingly dull.

It was only possible for QT to bring such a remarkable but still enjoyable contrast in the storyline of the two volumes which comprise of the same story.

We get long boring segments with Uma and Bill.

It was a total DULL disappointment - spectacularly un-clever .

The flashback scene with her (douchebag) master Pai Mei are entertaining and fill a large gap in the void of her backstory.

This is an absolute dogs dinner of a film, a complete waste of time.

Two sad and pathetic human beings trying to talk tough, cliche after cliche, putting the audience to sleep in the process.

Look back at the final fight of Vol 1, or Elle Driver's demise in Vol 2 - they sum up what frustrates me about Kill Bill, and Tarantino's personality - a whole lot of build up (drawn-out closeups with crecendoing music before the fight; talking your movie up in interviews before its premiere) then a soft fizzle (Lucy Liu can't really operate a sword - there's just a whole lot of running around, smoke and mirrors, hardly even one sword-clash, before the final blow...

***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS***OK so if you are a fan of Vol 1, then the expectation for Vol 2 is for more action like the first and a final intense climactic fight scene where Bill dies and the Bride barely lives.

While we can see where this one is going, we really have no idea what he's going to put on the screen next, and he's always entertaining.

On the other hand these become a cliché unto themselves pretty quickly for me.

The first hour is just damn boring!

Kill Bill Vol.1 was the storm, the explosion, the action; and Kill Bill Vol.2 is the calm, the drama, less dynamic, but much more intense (emotionally intense).

Entertaining and Great .

He was great, awesome comic relief for an intense film, which leads me to my second disappointing part.

Whereas Tarantino is a great action director (the scene in the first film with the crazy 88s is one of my top five favorite battle scenes of all time), he even surpasses this talent in his ability to write witty, intriguing dialogue: and this film really delivers it.

A full movie - more enjoyable than vol 1 .

Tarantino unabashedly takes the viewer for a joyride, and the end result is a movie with intense action, tempered with some of the best dialogue I have ever heard.

On the way to its interminable denouement, we're subjected to some of the most pointless scenes ever committed to celluloid (Samuel L Jackson' cameo, Budd's boss, Bill's pimp father-figure).

Uma Thurman is impressive as the Bride and Carradine is full of charisma, but the film is just boring.

Despite being filled with unpredictable plot twists and a satisfying ending, the film really shines through it's superb screenplay.

All the scenes are far too long and mostly don't make any sense at all.

Volume 1 was chock full of fast-paced action scenes - The Bride taking on the Crazy 88 springs to mind - but while there are a few interesting, riveting scenes in Vol. 2, there aren't nearly enough of them.

This film is so slow to start you will be nodding off long before the end.

Worse, it's boring.

Part 1 was way over the top (a times to the point of ridiculousness) and Part 2 was excruciatingly dull with too much boring dialogue.

Kill Bill: Vol 2 is, on the other hand the most boring, self-indulgent piece of cinematic crap I have had the misfortune to sit through.

Vol. 2 totally brought down Vol.1. Its hard to believe this is the continuation of Vol.1. There was entirely too much dialouge and QT tried to give us a better feel for the characters but it ended being very boring.

There is too much self-indulgence at work here, and I fear the box office of these two movies is just going to make "Q"'s next effort that much more baggy and undisciplined.

Their actions were sloppy and pointless.

Heart stopping, visually stunning film experience.

The 'end fight' of The Bride and Bill should've been the highlight of this saga, but turns out to be so dull it's beyond belief.

In all "Kill Bill 2" feels like a dull knife.

Overall,Kill Bill Volume 2 is wildly entertaining and smart that are full of genre-loving savvy, grind-house vigor and liberating energies.

There's much much less action in this film, but what there is is quite intense.

hotel room between Thurman's character and an anonymous hitwoman, at once grippingly suspenseful, hilarious, and life-affirming.

The Bride's martial-arts clash with the eye-patched Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) provides a welcome burst of adrenaline, as the pair do expertly choreographed battle in the extremely close quarters of a trailer home.

It is kind of a sick love story meets a kung fu movie meets a dialog piece, but is an enjoyable watch in the end.

There are some exciting moments in the film, and Carradine is able to give off some nice moments.

I will dare to say that the first was more entertaining, while the second was more content oriented.

What a waste of the audiences time and I have to feel sorry for the cast members during the world film premiers watching this film over and over again.

Tarantino (Pulp Fiction) had set the bench mark with the first instalment, a sharp, exciting and devastating film about a woman who loses everything and is out for revenge, and because the first film was practically perfect apart from a few faults, this sequel wasn't really going to challenge the first.

this second one explores the inner side of The Bride, and all comes to an end in a long, dull, and boring way.

But instead I was given a slow, steady series of conversations.

Daryl Hannah and Michael Madsen as Elle and Budd were fun to watch as they play characters that are classic Tarantino; fun, hilarious, and unpredictable.

Rating: ***** (out of *****)I labelled Volume One of Kill Bill a "straightforward, arty and sometimes overly pretentious hybrid of The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

If they would've released this movie as one long film, I bet half of the dull volume 2 would've hit the cutting room floor.

What starts off as a stylish and exciting action film becomes more of a dramatic film for the ages.

Once again this part was talked about of being the best movie ever made, but it was so boring that I almost fell asleep in the theatre (and that is only the first time that happened).

Kill Bill Vol. 2: Tarantino's Tedious Second Act .

For the very first time, (as far as I can remember) Tarantino really knows how to create an unbearable tension!

The Vernita fight wasn't nearly as taxing, though it was pretty intense.

My girlfriend, who has never seen a spaghetti western or kung-fu film in her life, enjoyed it as much as i did.

Isolated parts, particularly the anime sequence and the wonderful House of Blue Leaves episode, were exciting filmmaking by any standard, but taken as a *whole* the movie seemed very lightweight and self-indulgent, more a case of Tarantino stylistically riffing on genres and characters he likes than an actual movie about real people doing real things.

David Carradine is compelling as her yang, Bill, someone who also makes us forget that he is, in his own words, "a murdering bastard".

what a bore-fest 3/10

Tarantino, the master of stunning visual compositions, has apparently run out of stylish things to do after Vol. 1.

The film left little room for emotional attachments, as viewers were filled with adrenaline and utter disbelief from the visual gluttony that they had just experienced.

But overall, Kill Bill Vol. 1 is more entertaining.

First off I'd like to say I thought this installment was by far the more creative, and more enjoyable.

Her and the bride face off in a exciting fight which had the audience laughing, screaming, and covering their eyes.

That is a real shame, but these were not originally conceived as two separate movies, and the slaughterhouse action of Vol 1, while way too heavy handed, was meant to be tempered by the slower paced exposition of Vol 2.

Overall, the film is entertaining.

Nevertheless it is a gripping and exciting watch.

V2 was certainly slower than the first and a bit condescending to the audience.

Volume two is well worth watching for some truly astonishing fight sequences and a particularly vicious scene with a snake and for those we longed for greater character depth in the first one Carradine presents a fabulously smooth performance and Volume 2 delves into emotions that the first one barely dipped it's toe into.

The ending has some excellent suspense as you are on the edge of your seat (No spoiler for those who did not see the movie) constantly waiting to see what will happen next.

1 and 2) works so well because all the characters are greatly characterised and were always intriguing and I was interested in watching how they would have evolved in the story.

The second thing is the plot which is to my opinion too predictable and has only a few weird twists and turns.

This movie has some of the most amazing and intense scenes in cinema and is not to be missed by anyone.

This film is pretentious (whereas V1 was fun and was a MOVIE and not a FILM).

And then there is quite possibly one of the scariest and most exciting scenes ever involving the Bride being buried alive.

The tiresome attempts of Bill's assassins getting to Uma are about the same as the coyote after the road runner.

Pacing was too slow, particularly early and late (starting with the weak scene with the pimp).

She is more than matched by Keith Caradine as the terrifying yet strangely likable Bill - and their final confrontation scene, in which these two natural born killers sit down and discuss both their love and hatred for one another before squaring off in their battle to the death, is amazingly compelling in its complexity and depth.

After the weak first, Kill Bill 2 is an improvement and an enjoyable flick.

Other parts of the film linger for far too long on many different shots too in my opinion.

Kill Bill Vol 2 (and Vol 1 for that matter) is an ponderous, pretentious, overlong, disappointing revenge drama which clearly and easily could have been saved via the normal efforts of a decent story or objective movie editor who was NOT Mr. Tarantino or influenced by him.

We were hard pushed to stay awake!