Kill Command (2016) - Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

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Set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Steven Gomez
Stars: Thure Lindhardt, Vanessa Kirby
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 7 out of 89 found boring (7.86%)

One-line Reviews (63)

This was well worth watching.

Other then the dumb characters and a predictable plot, the movie is paced beautifully with enough shifts and dynamism to keep you watching.

Okay, so being honest, the story line is far too predictable, but where the plot itself is a little boring, the premise of the movie is based on factual future projects such as AI and Robotics that we are already seeing with Google/Boston Dynamics/VR and so on, rather than basing it on fictional Terminators.

All in all, i think that this movie is totally worth watching and it is certainly something that would trigger some wondering afterwards on what is about to come on battlefields, regarding technology and human-troops.

), a concrete base and a stunning sea.

There were some cliche's, the plot left a few questions unanswered, and some of the dialog was stiff.

The Action at the end of the film was very intense and exciting.

Add in a far too long running time (100 minutes), the viewing experience ends up being somewhat of a lengthy slog.

More times than not, the script and acting are embarrassingly amateur and a complete waste of your time.

Besides that, you can also enjoy some successful performances and a narrative which is entertaining enough.

all it needed was a better scriptwriter to improve the predictable story line and this would be right up there begging for a franchise agreement!

With several Unexpected twists, I couldn't Stop thinking about the real challenges awaits before us, It has a patential for a squel.

All in all, I feel there's a lot of wasted potential when it comes to the script but despite that, the movie is enjoyable - 6.5/10.

Excellent visual effects, captivating cinematography, engaging locations, nice tension throughout and great acting by a great cast.

really boring

It's a good way to waste an hour and a half of your time if you're looking for something "science-fictiony" to watch

Mills posing as possibly a threat or weakness to either side, her character being quite the source for paranoia adding to the thrilling element of the story, making it not totally predictable.

What i found enjoyable was the color-theme; It was not the usual "HD- ready" kind.

Its most valuable asset is certainly its graphic, the effects are riveting and it brings out the sci-fi aspect really well.

Worth watching for sure!!!!.

A low-budget SF but the visuals are stunning.

I found it enjoyable - and that is, after all, the main point of watching a film like this.

It was entertaining to watch.

A simple SF that sails an exciting course.

Entertaining .

entertaining movie .

I certainly did not have any connection with the characters, More than 7 times I was able to say the next line verbatim before the actors did so predictable is pretty much a understatement.

This one is a good one to watch at home, where you can skip past the boring bits (and there's a fair few).

The special effects are top notch, the acting is good, the story is engaging, the pace is keeping you on your tows.

Entertaining and good played movie .

okayish but tedious .

'Quantum' AI that got bored of its training so switches to live rounds to spice it up a bit, then calls in for fresh meat once its finished off the first load of troops.

Surprisingly Well planned, well Played, well edited and exciting Movie.

For starters, the movie is quite slow, particularly in the first thirty minutes.

It looks like a stunning big-budget movie.

Music is also boringly standard, with low frequency humming for the "suspense" and trumpets coming in when situation gets hot.

So, it is a pretty typical cliché story.

Thoroughly Enjoyable .

Worth the watch .

Good cast and visuals, enjoyable, and worth attention of any sci-fi fan .

Good mechanical design, very bad story and no plot.

IT was barely intriguing, and I could have don't without it.

Writer/director Steven Gomez keeps the familiar, but still enjoyable and engrossing story moving along at a constant pace, takes time to flesh out the characters a bit, makes nice use of the sprawling woodland main locations, generates a good deal of tension, maintains a tough gritty tone throughout, and stages the stirring action sequences with flair and skill.

The pacing is good, there's some decent characters, plenty of action, lots of cool stuff to look at and it's reasonably entertaining.

So although it is a shame the "shock events" and direction the movie is going in is very predictable, the fact it feels realistic and what the future is most likely to be like in Warfare, it makes the plot more enjoyable knowing the writers did their research, and can be forgiven a little more for its stale "by the numbers" direction.

I highly recommend this film to people who enjoy watching something simple and enjoyable, with robots and soldiers.

and suddenly you face the reality that it turned to be a very entertaining picture to watch!

Oh My God So Boring .

Worth the watch.

Worth Watching .

But despite that it was a fascinating film.

Worth the watch, especially for fans of sci-fi.

Those reviews that were snotty and pretentious?

Kudos are also in order for Stephen Hilton's rousing score and the sharp cinematography by Simon Dennis.

Apart from the lame title, this film is actually quite entertaining and worth the watch.

Echoing some of the other reviews on here I would say this is a surpringly enjoyable sci-fi film.

I really enjoyed this film I thought it was Dark Gritty and intense!.

So still definitely worth watching!

An unpretentious B-movie paired with STUNNING Robotic CGI .

But I found the story intriguing!

It has a good mystery aspect, but nearly everything is repetitive in motion.

On the plot in particular, I think it is engaging from an emotional standpoint.

Engaging movie that draws one in once it starts to pick up which is fairly quick.