Knights of Badassdom (2013) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Live-action role players conjure up a demon from Hell by mistake and they must deal with the consequences.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Joe Lynch
Stars: Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 89 found boring (17.97%)

One-line Reviews (51)

And despite the nerdy geekness, then the storyline was actually very entertaining.

It was an unexpected treat to have it be as serious as it was.

Despite the movie's budget, then director Joe Lynch actually managed to put together a fun and enjoyable movie.

They had such and awesome cast and a great concept and then they started killing of all the fun characters until only the boring protagonist was left.

The premise sounds great but the result is just a boring, plodding mess that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Save your money.

Still, it's worth watching.

I thought this movie was fun and entertaining, despite it not being THE GRAETEST MOVIE EVAR MADE.

Don't waste your time.

Had this been any other type of event where the plot happened, I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much I think.

This is probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The presence of Ryan Kwanten ("True Blood"), Peter Dinklage ("Game of Thrones"), and Steve Zahn ("Treme") in the cast suggests that the actors got bored one summer just hanging around while their respective series were on hiatus, and this is what they came up with to fill the void.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Not As Good As It Could Have Been, But Enjoyable None The Less .

) I can understand fans of larping enjoying this film, as that unique aspect was the only half way saving grace of this snore-fest.

There is a lot of cool gore flying around and the demon (that gets transformed from human form to something more exciting) is a really nice large man in a rubber suit affair which wouldn't look outta place in a Hellboy flick.

The world and the atmosphere of the film is unique in every aspect, which makes it quite enjoyable and fun.

Pacing is not bad and the film makers have a handle on the craft part, but there is no story and very little humor.

Unfortunately, Knights of Big Bang Theory lacks any of the directorial skill exuded by FDTD, and while my interest actually became piqued once the revelation that this was a slasher film came to light, the novelty soon wore off as it devolved back to its plodding pace and cringe inducing dialogue and I remembered there was still about an hour left of this crap to go.

The best thing about the movie is the cast is pretty engaging with the exception of Summer Glau which was half of the reason I watch this movie.

The plot is very slow moving and never really apparent.

) and moves in a slow and predictable manner.

They start to get more courageous and the movie is generally more entertaining.

Entertaining to watch.

Non existing plot, boring from the beginning to the end.

When Ryan Kwanten's character started singing at the end to defeat the daemon, I wanted to turn it off.


One of the most enjoyable memories I have is Saturday B movie night.

It combines all the geeky elements and timeless lingo of classic video games along with an enthralling fantasy plot (derived from a an immensely popular RPG), to deliver an instantaneous cult film that's high on excitement, thrills, action, humor, and pure adrenaline.

The characters are not very well written - for the most part they act, think, and speak all alike, and they are uniformly boring to observe.

Waste of time ever .

Definitely worth watching, so pop some corn grab a drink and tuck in.

In a vain attempt to ensure Joe does not spend the entirety of the weekend lounging around in a depressed state, his friends Hung (played by the always entertaining Peter Dinklage) and Eric (Steve Zahn), after a night of drugs and alcohol, force him to attend their Live Action Role Play (LARP) event, held on the battlefield of Evermore, which is really not as prestigious as it sounds.

I would compare this movie to "Sharknado" in that both give the impression of being movies that were originally written as serious genre films (disaster and horror respectively) and someone had the sense to make them so over the top as to become entertaining camp.

I didn't know it was rated R, so the many deaths were unexpected.

The characters were boring and had no depth.

A real movie, fun and entertaining that will stay in your collection and you will show it to your kids.

Boring and unfunny - I can't recall a single line that stood out amongst the crowd.

Still the storyline was good and since I have always found the subject of LARP rather amusing it was entertaining.

There were countless times that they could have made something humorous, or even hysterical, but instead it fell totally flat and was just bland.

Enjoyable, entertaining .

And the coda at the end was pointless.

Boring and Unfunny .

The film was overall very entertaining, with a form of dark humor mixed with a lot of weird stuff.

"Knights of Badassdom" is well worth watching if you are into roleplaying games, LARPing, or if you just had a geeky nerd hidden somewhere in your heart.

OverviewDespite what appears to be a low budget production that seems to be filmed over a short period of time this movie was very entertaining for the most part.

And to avoid being long-winded, Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn and Jimmi Simpson are as entertaining and believable as ever.

when i first discovered this movie it's rating was 9.1!!!!and it was such a surprise for a comedy..when i watched it had a rating of 8 and i totally regret watching this movie..if you want to torture someone then its good..otherwise don't waste your time unless you are drunk ...

If it is, it is one of the most enjoyable B movies this reviewer has ever seen.

As a player of Dungeons & Dragons, but with no possible interest or understanding in the LARP thing, then I still found the movie to be enjoyable.

Entertaining .