Knives Out (2019) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family.

IMDB: 7.9
Director: Rian Johnson
Stars: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 142 out of 1000 found boring (14.2%)

One-line Reviews (582)

Fell asleep the first attempt at watching it.

Finally, the irony of the ending was also far fetched & contrived.

Extremely boring.

Kind of boring, it was just okay I don't understand all the hype.

Daniel Craig, as a private investigator, is an exciting mix of investigators he has met so far.

However I gotta say that this was pleasantly enjoyable.

"This is a fun and entertaining murder mystery, with a little dash of political subtext.

Some parts were funny and entertaining.

The group dramas are excellent, showing the effect of very stage dramas, and are very entertaining nature.

These two motifs had a very big, but unexpected impact, making it slightly political without trying too hard to be an obvious statement - giving us something quite unique and subtle.

The plot is so overly contrived it REEKS of tryhard.

I highly recommend it.

Oddly funny, unpredictable with a well-used star-studded cast.

It was a very entertaining, warm movie.

This is unpredictable.

The suspenseful score and the several internal conflicts between the family; no one knows what will happen next!

Intriguing and well made .

Miserable attempt at mystery, boring characters, a complete waste of time.

Absolute waste of time .

I strongly attest that this film would merit the extoils of fanatics for its lively entertaining mystery.

A gripping suspense film .

A suspenseful film without McGovern, let the audience directly empathize to the suspect, fight with the detective, the anti routine design makes the ending more surprising.

The amazing and unpredictable plot alone was enough to make this movie a thrilling, intriguing and exciting experience.

It had a jaunty opening setting the tone, and as the characters were introduced, you knew you were going to be in for a compelling, old style murder mystery on a par with "Murder on the Orient Express" (both versions).

This is predictable .

It just feels like an empty non-twist.

The kid that it's an internet alt right troll it's his way to show how "dull" and "lame" those people are, exhibiting his worst side as a sad person.

The exciting film.

To be good and entertaining?!

Overrated and boring .

Intriguing since the beginning, playing with cliches and characters jumping from one genre to another.

Smart, stylish writing, perfect performances, a lot of laughs, and an engaging memorable plot, Knives Out is the most fun I've had at the cinema in a long time and I can't recommend it enough.

Pretentious, Shallow, Joyless movie .

I enjoyed it for sure.


Beautiful cinematography and entertaining storyline .

I give Johnson a little credit for the stylish setup and interesting cast of characters, both of which had a lot of potential, but not credit much since it's all completely wasted on a generic, predictable, bargain bin mystery with no real substance.

Great acting and very entertaining!

Apart from that it dragged

He's a really good filmmaker, both technically-speaking and at putting together a compelling story with his screenplays.

Although because I didn't reach the right conclusions from the plot twist that I knew, the hole in the donut if you will, was coming, it was still enjoyable as a whole (pun intended.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unbelievable fast paced, brilliantly acted (by everyone, especially Ana De Armas), with enough twists and turns to keep anyone enthralled and captivated throughout the film.

Pretty boring.

An entertaining well crafted murder mystery with a lot of intricate details.

Quite enjoyable.

He is so fascinating to watch and he does remind me of my favourite Belgium detective.

Was tough for me to get used to Daniel Craigs contrived horrible southern accent though.

Enjoyable movie.

The cast is among the most vivid and famous of recent films, and the roles they played were quite entertaining and promising.

Overall, it was an enjoyable, fun movie to watch that keeps you entertained and intrigued throughout.

Enjoyable, entertaining, amazing cast .

The only other complaint was that the movie starts out rather slow going.

All in all, a great film, and I highly recommend it.

at times so slow.

slow burns until it doesnt .

With plenty of good actors and an engaging plot.

It was unexpected in a good way.

Boring and totally non special .

Plus the person who did it is so predictable it's just sad.

In my original review I forgot to mention that I fell asleep during part of it - it was way too long.

Confusing .

The characters in "Knives Out" each has their own distinct personality, which makes the movie even more fascinating.

I enjoyed it very much...

The plot of this movie was much better than Episode 8 and I enjoyed it.

It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Instead it is rather prude, bland and frankly forgettable.

Knives Out was way too LONG.

I found this movie boring.

Absolute waste of time, boring tripe.

The whole cast is terrific fun & the movie is a huge piece of entertaining fun & with a real cozy atmosphere.

Not a bad choice to spend entertaining two hours yet it has some humoristic, thrilling and action elements on its plot.

A wonderfully written comical suspenseful movie for all ages.

The story flow of the movie was unique and exciting.

Husband and I really enjoyed it!

Great story, but plot is way too slow.

Every single Little things have meaning and connected to everything.. If you think it's boring at first...

It was tremendously enjoyable to watch.

Each actor brings so much richness & detail to their character, it's a beautiful piece of filmmaking in my opinion with a truly stunning setting with the massive mansion setting that is just beautiful, old looking & richly detailed & a place you would want to explore, the look of this movie is gorgeous too with a lovely cozy look & set during the Autumn & simply lovely cinematography.

It is sort of watchable, but it is essentially boring.

So boring I didn't care didn't finish .

The story is quite entertaining although the whodunnit was pretty obvious once a certain scene took place near the end.

All the performances are great - especially Daniel Craig's (Casino Royale) Benoit Blanc - with his unexpected Southern accent and humorous metaphors about donuts - putting a smile on our faces every time he walked onto set.

What you get with the subtly of a sledge hammer is white America bad immigrants good If I want a political lecture I'll go to YouTube Keep propaganda out I wonder who produced this

A solid enjoyable whodunnit that subverts expectations in subtle ways and is just that.

As a result, we have a hilarious detective with excellent surroundings, an exciting story with sharp turns, excellent atmospheric music and excellent acting!

Technically, "Knives Out" is also very entertaining and impresses with some interesting and funny camera shots.

It can make people fully immersed in the purest ornamental nature of such suspense comedy, and it can show social problems by showing a lot of details without preaching.

Bizarrely original with a sense of suspense drawn from almost nowhere throughout the movie, on the edge of my seat til the end.

But, there is a twist that may be slightly predictable.

Even though the movie ended up being with a predictable ending, knives out is a good film.

Nevertheless, thrilling and very entertaining!

It's that entertaining that I watched at 3am night before watching it I felt sleepy yet while watching my sleep was gone that great and gripping entertaining movie it was!

This movie is a waste of time.

There is a playfulness to the delivery that is regularly funny and enjoyable.

For all the flair and ingenuity the movie displays it is rather bland.

You can watch it if you are bored.

The trailer looked intriguing, so I thought - let's go.

It has a compelling plot with many twists and turns.

Daniel Craig's American accent is also as unbearable as they get and he probably talks the most in the movie.

Entertaining .

I enjoyed it more with each subsequent viewing.

Wonderful movie driven by Daniel's mind blowing acting and superb plot .

Fun and enjoyable.

Why all the praise for a poorly written, over-acted, pretentious comedy that has nothing going for it except a few good lines.

A highly entertaining title.

Great detective thrilling movie.

Such a high quality cast and great acting yet, this movie just bored me to tears.


Throughout the movie there were unexpected twist and turns.

As entertaining as the already dreadful US TV version "The Murder She Wrote".

Tedious, low rent script .

Funny, thought-provoking, sad, exciting, suspenseful, and most importantly: rewatchable.

Knives Out is a completely enjoyable movie.

Don't waste your time.

Predictable plot, poor acting.

Entertaining .

An entertaining film.

Conclusion: Nonetheless, "Knives Out" is a very entertaining and well-made "thriller" that plays with well-known tricks of the genre and offers an excellent cast.

Bored and a rainy day we picked this movie to watch.

The plot is a typical Agatha Christie mystery, which makes it quite predictable.

Find something else to waste your time on.

I can not believe Daniel Craig has put his name towards this, it is so boring and cliche.

Entertaining .

It's a great thriller but Very Slow in the starting.

Very entertaining.

This little film was boring.

I usually watch slow movies but this one is boring as hell.

Daniel Craig's accent is so bad it's unwatchable.

Beyond that, the acting is incredibly stiff and awkward, the dialogue is flat and dull, and the characters are unconvincing parodies of tired, overworn tropes.

Even so it was still really enjoyable and am looking forward to the franchise continuing.

Intriguing premise with major plot hole.

It got me questioning and changing my answer on who had done it multiple times with many unexpected twists!

It was so painfully slow throughout, by the middle of the movie, I was thinking this is either gonna end like the usual suspect or dumb and dumber.

A taut script and stellar cast gave him the tools he needed to deftly direct one of the most entertaining films in the last few years.

Brilliant thriller with so many twists and turns, gripping from start to finish, Rian's best work.

Daniel Craig's silly southern accent combined with the lackluster characters and predictable story it's really just an hour and a half of who-the-hell-cares with a disappointing ending.

) arrived, we could have cared less about the plot, the characters, the victim, the family, the bumbling investigators, the good natured nurse, or even the overly pretentious artsy scenery or filming.

Last 30 minutes were easily predictable and screenplay for which could have been better!

Really enjoyable.

Overall, "Knives Out" is a fun and enjoyable movie.

She then replied by saying "that's nice honey (yawns)" and then put the phone down.

Entire film quite slow, and full of boring conversation!

Such a slow moving movie .

Well, to begin with, I was not going to look at this picture at all, but the circumstances turned in such an unexpected way that I had to remember it and look in good company - and it was really hilarious and cool!

Seems the negative reviews on here fall into three categories: It was boring, It wasn't a whodunnit, and white tears.

Mildly entertaining and beautifully done.


An entertaining whodunnit .

So entertaining.

So, it's not a personal vendetta I have against him or anything but after this film with it's muddled writing, pretentious feel, and lackluster plot I have no intention to ever see anything else he does.

The murder mystery rapidly falls apart and the film becomes so tedious in it's quest to make you "woke" that you quickly forget why you watched this mess in the first place.

Special movie - engaging throughout .

However the movie ended up being with a predictable ending.

Acting is mostly superb, especially Ana de Armas, she's so natural and at the same time gripping.

This would have worked if the plot was stronger, but it is predictable in some moments and Ana De Arma's character's "ability" to vomit every time she lies is a cheap way to drive the plot when it's stuck.

Especially from Plummer and Craig who give their best teh film goes slow and slow till the end which gives us the guilty person.

No, that would really be confusing though Benoit Blanc could then bring in the knives?

Another 'Murder on the Orient Express', great cast, great concept but boring and disappointing.

Well, the wife and I fell asleep during the first 20-mins, so big ding for early pacing.

If you're looking for a good, intriguing, emotional experience that's your choice.

Very entertaining .

A movie entertaining .

What adult finds this entertaining?

Very mind boggling .

That's because the writing is outstanding, infused with a surprising amount of unexpected humour.

The movie was a great joyride and thoroughly entertaining all the way through.

The Intimidating characters of the movie make it more mysterious of who the real culprit is and the suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

worth watching .

I really enjoyed it.

Knives Out is riveting at its core.

But the easy pace of the script , devoid of any jump cuts and adrenaline doses, was immensely enjoyable.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie , the script is good and the actors played well , very entertaining

Slow slow slow .

Intriguing characters.

It was so boring and just dragged on too long.

Because you think you know everything there is to know by the end of the 2nd act, the beginning of the 3rd act seems confusing and disconnected...

A very entertaining movie, especially if you are a mystery lover, supported by an excellent cast interpreting a bunch of colourful, eccentric, (somewhat) suspicios characters, one comes to expect in these kinds of stories.

Even when the character is acting lazily this is entertaining to watch.

The tone switched up every half hour or so, keeping us on our toes, but explaining everything in depth, while keeping it as entertaining as possible.

The story spoiled itself,so it doesn't have any excitement to watch , because you know most of the secrets and the other secrets are predictable .

Very entertaining and fun .

Worth a watch, well made and entertaining for a Friday evening

I found it unwatchable.

Fun and entertaining .

Visually it's also pretty compelling.

Definately worth watching!!

worth watching..Bravo

Awful, boring, derivative.

Fun and Suspenseful .

" I couldn't quite figure everything out, therefore I cannot say it was predictable.

Predictable .

He did such a good job that the producers have signed Craig on for at least one more film for this unexpected franchise.

The writers should have learned from Christie to hack out unnecessary dialogue and drawn out drivel.

Fantastic film great who done it with humour and gripping acting helps to have a great cast and they have got it in this film, please watch it youl enjoy, also a lot of aaaaa i seeeee 🤔

Far too long.

How fascinating.. truly wonderful cinema, and a good climax as well

Craig's character jumps to conclusions easily, the members of the family are full of stereotypes, the plot twists are somehow predictable.

It makes the entire thing seem pointless because it is so easily predictable, and takes FOREVER to get the answer out.

For such a cast and an oscar nomination this film is too plain, boring and too much predictable.

Boring boring boring why did this get high reviews???

I love murder mystery films but this was so predictable from the beginning I knew straight away who it was.

Another Smart and Engaging Rian Johnson Film .

Thoroughly enjoyable .

The story is so unpredictable.

Although I already thought what happened, but it is still thrilling!

we have an engaging murder mystery movie featuring a spectacular ensemble (led by Daniel Craig & Christopher Plummer) in our hands.

The rest of them are totally predictable.

Knives Out is an exciting English family mystery film realesed in 2019.

This is a movie worth watching several times!

Funny, Engaging and Rewarding.

Impeccable actors, an engaging story and very well told.

The movie is a thrill to watch and making like you are in that situation makes it even more exciting and fun.

All supporting actors from the police to the maid are too much drama, and the group play is excellent, showing the effect of a very stage play, which is worth watching.

Entertaining, star studded update of the super sleuth.

Really enjoyed it .

His usual affection for his characters and irreverent humour are employed to great effect in a studied, snappy, and surprisingly warm genre yarn that grapples with entitlement and integrity in provocative, unexpected ways.

Craig, Curtis, and Collette are standouts, but the cast is still solid all around, the direction tight, and the cinematography properly bland (this is a good thing).

don't waste ur time

It is such an entertaining movie and is a great reminded of films from the old Hitchcock days.

It's got a great story and mystery to and The Who done aspect and it's got lots of great twist and the last 20 minutes is the most entertaining and I really liked the performances by Chris evens and Daniel Craig and.

predictable and stupid...

Extremely enjoyable .

It's an extremely long, unnecessarily drawn-out, boring drama.

Fairly enjoyable, albeit predictable .

I have been waiting for another Murder By Death with entertaining eccentric characters set in an old house.

#Knivesout Rating: 7.8/10 Review : The plot is very good and there are plenty of twists and turns that keep the movie suspenseful.

Overall - the story was engaging, with great acting, cinematography & script (good use of humour).

My daughter agreed and while we were still awake we walked out.

It's simply an entertaining movie with a great cast, the very accessible.

"Knives Out" has a simple premise, with loveable characters, hilarious dialogue and a thrilling storyline.

How incredibly disappointing and such a waste of my time, I feel for anyone who paid to watch this.

Final - the picture plays "cat and mouse" with the viewer, trying to confuse the latter, throwing in and focusing on seemingly insignificant things and events, leading the viewer on the wrong track and making the final for him truly unexpected .

Engaging, loved it.

Boring .

Great story but way too slow .

After we learn that the "killer" is in fact the one painfully obvious suspect we're treated to a ridiculously contrived explanation for how the things we already know happened happened.

Him talking about donut holes inside of donuts was a much needed comic relief in such an entertaining movie.

Fascinating characters make this a fun movie to watch, not to mention an intriguing and surprising plot.

It's the kind of movie you absolutely should see, knowing as little as possiple, so I'm not saying anything about it, other than great performance, good music, stellar camera work, and absolutely worth watching.

i found it anticlimactic and the plot was uninteresting for me.

Boring as hell...

It's one of the best movies I've seen in awhile, I highly recommend it!

Fun and Fascinating .

Enjoyable .

We thankfully watched it together and Gala - my wonderful girlfriend, really enjoyed it.

A very nice and entertaining whodunit .

A very exciting movie .

This film was stunning visually and cinematically.

it's gross)the murder was SUPER BORING.

Very boring movie.

Unfortunately, I found the chemistry between the characters to be a bit empty and superficial.

They're one-dimensional and cliché and they reflect some of Rian's traumas.

Suspenseful & great acting .

The classic Agatha Christie-style murder mystery, that turns into something unexpected .

a completely enjoyable movie .

At some point in the movie we got used to it and overall it was entertaining.

The "twist" ending was so predictable that we had it figured out in the first act.

Without spoiling the movie, let me just tell you that it does not follow the typical whodunnit forrmula, while still being an exciting mystery.

She blackmails him and meets him alone in an empty laundromat.

The whodunit is one of modern cinema's most underserved genres, and it's always exciting when someone decides to make one.

The actors and actresses are good, but the storyline was rather boring.

Like Agatha's mysteries, so intriguing!

Enough for these is a good basic story, a couple of exciting characters and an interesting venue.

Mostly entertaining "whodunnit" in the vein of Agatha Christie.

A pretty boring film to be honest don't why this as got high ratings is beyond me.

So worth the watch.

Tedious .

I'm also surprised at how times I found this film funny as well as sometimes suspenseful because of the mystery and characters.

The method of attempted murder was half clever and even though the entire first hour of the movie has literally 0 bearing on the final plot it's actually the only enjoyable part of the film and is well shot.

You enjoy watching it while it keeps you fully immersed in its story and characters.

Rian Johnson's well-crafted, wonderfully atmospheric, hugely enjoyable old fashioned all-star whodunnit that is a deliciously retro thriller with a modern twist.

A Deliciously Entertaining Crime Mystery .

Boring .

I'm glad Daniel Craig had that absurd accent because it made the movie more entertaining.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

Tricky & thrilling.

The Neverending Boring.

Dull knives and broken blades .

Was very disappointed it was boring and drawn out.

I always love these kinds of mysteries with twists but his twists were so unexpected and nothing like I've ever seen in these crime thrillers.

Honestly pretty slow moving, nothing exciting.

Not only did he create one of the best mysterys to come to the big screen, but he was able to incorporate all of the enjoyable genres like crime, drama, thriller, & comedy.

A boring pointless film .

Hilarious and Unexpected .

My problem with this movie is the cheesy , predictable and very usual choice of ending and picking the tools to create final revelation.

My wife just started some tomato seeds and watching them grow was more exciting than this snooze fest.

Few movies out there that are very entertaining/interesting and this is one of them.

As a detective story, it is both predictable, buggy, and weak; as a feature film, it doesn't have much real content.

slow, dull, and predictable.

Thrilling film that keeps you guessing right up to the end.

IN CONCLUSION, this movie is perfectly entertaining, easy to watch and follow, and amusing at some points.

I am laughing with him, because I am wondering how the sequel is gonna be anywhere near as entertaining or as funny as this one is?

In an era where it seems like realism is what all movies are measured by it was refreshing to see Rian Johnson wash the taste of TLJ out of our mouths with a witty, well made, Clue-esque mystery that remains engaging and unpredictable all the way through.

Without giving anything away, it misses the mark by a mile and the plot was predictable, boring and full of cliches.

Thoroughly entertaining .

The twists are exciting and well written.

A bit slow.

It's soo boring.

Consequently the beginning is a little boring.

It's unpredictable, it can keep you hooked plus the performances are outstanding.

Moderately entertaining .

Waste of time and money.

Review 👨‍⚖️: A Deliciously Entertaining Crime Mystery by Rian Johnson.

I found it very predictable and the acting was just extremely average and was weirdly underwhelming.

Wonderfully unpredictable and murky, while appearing transparent.

And one of the most banal plot-points involves the maid's reaction to lying, making an extremely important character even more of an agenda with a pulse.

Excellent script with unexpected twist and turns .

A bit of a slow start, but turned out to be very entertaining.

Weak story with enjoyable twist and cast .

It's an ignorant and intriguing form of racism which involves privileged ignoramuses being aware and proud of the fact they accept "lower" people.

"Knives Out" is an entertaining film, a clear take-off on old-time Agatha Christie productions and such, except by three quarters the way through I had it figured out.

It's a really good crime thriller with a good screenplay, but some of the scenes were really confusing, probably editing could have been little better.

And other than it being a little long, and 1 glaring plot hole, we found it to be very entertaining.

Knives Out has something for everyone in the family, a huge ensemble cast, a riveting storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and beautiful direction.

That said, it was a good story, nice twist, and otherwise very entertaining, thus the seven stars.

Worth watching though.

The film progresses quite quickly and when you think the show's over, you're taken on another thrilling ride.

The first 30 minutes or so felt a little generically convoluted but it got better after that and was entertaining to watch till the end.

Very entertaining .

It is definitely worth watching just for the magnificent performances by everyone involved.

Thoroughly enjoyed it .

Exciting movie .

Most enjoyable mystery .

I really liked the way it was shot and the plot was fun and exciting.

More tedious Trump Derangment Syndrome on display.

Found it incredibly boring and then the bit with the nurse puking if she tells a lie combined with Daniel Craig's crappy attempt at a Southern U.

Quite Enjoyable and Satisfying .

There was indeed ill intent, but in the end it didn't seem to matter that the young protagonist did not check the label, and thereby confusing the old man's into his demise.

Sometimes you can tell very early on that a movie is pretentious and nonsensical, I should have heeded my own advice and cut my losses while i was ahead.

Switching gears from his James Bond persona, Daniel Craig is quite entertaining as private investigator Benoit Blanc.

By the time the predictable plot twisting and lengthy, rambling and unbelievable whodunit monologue of the lead "investigator" (a private detective somehow given sole authority!

While this wasn't really the case with The Last Jedi, it's coming up here with new, exciting, fresh ideas that hold their place in the crime genre as well.

Well-Told, A Bit Slow, But Overall Entertaining .

With numerous twists and turns, this film kept me on the edge of my seat throughout its entire runtime.

The movie comes with unexpected twists and turns, good acting, and solid directing from Johnson which put all together makes this a movie I'd be glad to see again.

"Knives Out" is an entertaining movie to watch and it's all due to its characters more than anything else.

Some hint to a reveal, a subtle detail referencing future events, or a great section of background dialog comes to light and just makes the movie more and more enjoyable.

Smart , but I found it dull .

Great cast and acting, but predictable narrative.

The set is fantastic, the dialogue is great, and the storyline is entertaining.

Its all-star cast provides fine performances especially from Craig, Ana de Armas as Harlan's likeable private nurse and confidante, and Chris Evans as Harlan's high-adrenaline, spoiled, entitled grandson.

I enjoyed it so much that i want more!!!

Intriguing, will make you watch upto the end .

Engaging from Start to Finish .

the twists were unexpected and made the movie that much more interesting.

I was bored about 15 minutes in and by 30 minutes I had just decided to skip all the way to the end (not that I had seemingly missed much) and sure enough the outcome was what I thought it was going to be.

Save yourself two dull hours and watch something, anything else.

The problem with Knives Out is that its tone sometimes finds itself to be a bit repetitive after the big reveal.

Each and every one of their conversations were so engaging that you could really see what brilliant actors they all are.

This movie is one of the worst crime movies I have ever seen, I could predict every aspect of the movie and I didn't feel any empathy for any of the characters even though Ana de Armas did a good job, but the movie in itself is just bad and I can't understand why this movie has such a high rating, just have a brain and you know the whole movie before you watch it, it's SO PREDICTABLE!!!!!!

Overall, A great movie and very entertaining from start to finish.

A stylish, and entertaining flick for a Friday night.

It was a boring stream of dialogue that just droned on and on.

Another unwatchable movie by Rian Johnson.

Great assemble of casts and great editing lead this movie into an entertaining ride.

Therefore, it will still make people smile: such a human nature exhibition hall like unfolding, are all reasonable and unexpected.


I really enjoyed this film, witty, great cast and very entertaining.

Turns out that the black sheep of the family Chris Evans' character Ransome actually was behind the whole thing, this was very predictable because throughout the film he was shown as the bad guy so it wasn't a shock when you find out that he is behind it all.

In his attempt to be artiste he comes across as disingenuine and contrived.

Entertaining dialogue .

What I loved most about this movie is its tiny unpredictable twists.

Interesting and gripping with lots of twists and turns

Really enjoyed it.

This is a very entertaining movie.

Clever and funny throughout, Knives Out is an enjoyable murder-mystery, both fresh and classic at the same time.

A very enjoyable film.

I was looking forward to it but unfortunately it's just boring and dull.

Beautifully shot and the old house was a fantastic set but the story was confusing, hokey and ridiculously boring with a final twist that was so drawn out it felt painful trying to get to the end.

Both mildly entertaining and mildly disappointing .

100% Predictable .

This film was very dull.

Crime/suspense thrillers are known to throw in frivolous details and then sweeping out the viewer with the plot making them forget their hunches (if any) and then those same details come to play to help solve the mystery in the end or the help explain why they are there in the first place (Chekhov's gun technique)A good thriller has the most unexpected endings/ plot twists depsite tipping the viewers (sometimes misleading) to make them feel like they know what's been going on all along.

Thank you for makers and actors for such a mind blowing entertainment

"Knives Out" is a perfectly entertaining, perfectly agreeable little film, a star-studded old-style murder-mystery that's good fun while it lasts.

And as the movie continues, it reminds you where you might not have been paying attention, rehashes events in the logical manner that is required, in case you hadn't followed, to prove the case (again, baring semblance to "Clue"), and every detail and every minute of the movie is intriguing.

Brilliance totally Brilliance Totally Unexpected Love the movie , it's too gripping and enjoyfull

What a waste of talent, time and money.

Entertaining ride .

The result is a very entertaining murder mystery that delivers within that genre, while also having plenty more to recommend it for.

Though it's such an attractive movie with exciting plots and dark humor,there are some logical confilcts, which is awful for a detective story.

Mystery films are generally not my cup of tea, but this one was really engaging.

It's just a small, pointless piece of emotional manipulation to make us feel extra sympathy for someone who was already the sympathetic wrongly-accused-of-murder protagonist.

Nothing happens!

A really enjoyable pastiche of the Hercule Poirot encapsulated TransSiberian Train whodunnit!

Boring Talkshow .

Talk about adding big actors for such boring and useless parts.

Dark comedy, great script, consistent plot with unexpected ending, great cast, Mr. Bond with southern accent was hilarious and hided his character's brilliance under that clumsy accent.

In the middle of everyrhing the police, family inagreements, an odd private investigator makes the movie gripping.

Exaggerated yet engaging acting and story in the vein of old crime stories.

It was just boring.

Engaging, hilarious, and surprisingly heartfelt .

This is a fairly amiable and enjoyable example of the genre, graced with a large ensemble cast each striving to out-perform one another, a fast pace and never a slow moment.

Very Entertaining .

Strangely enjoyable for the type of film I don't normally enjoy, the whodunnit.

The intriguing story kept me guessing as well.

Such an old manslaughter mode, with the most classic and completely overused bridge sections, has been renovated to be so fascinating.

Brilliantly summed up story with a truely engaging plot.

Lastly, the story is compelling as it had me hooked from start to finish.

too predictable .

While the movie is entertaining, it places political themes over plot quality.

Intriguing and amusing .

Thoroughly enjoyable, hilarious in places and was unpredictable in its outcome; all you need from a feel-good whodunnit!

Original and intriguing .

Don't waste your money.

The plot is contrived as hell .

the way it's shot, the set design, the wardrobe of the characters and the mystery; everything is so well done and so enjoyable.

Boring "mystery" .

So predictable .

Thoroughly entertaining murder mystery/whodunit .

But to me, the plot was tedious and the outcome predictable.

The film was longer than it needed to be, and the camera spent way too much time zoomed in on the pretty nervous girl, whose basic role was to conjure up as many facial expressions (some variation on anguish and confusion) as possible.

But nevertheless, it's still entertaining, especially for Ana's can't-miss performance, so I strongly recommend it.

It's grossly unfunny, slow, boring, badly written and not even well acted, despite the "star studded cast.

Just the kind of pretentious guff you'd expect from this bunch of people.

I went with four friends and all four of us this felt it was meandering and pointless.

Watching the detective investigate and question each of the family members is easily one of the biggest and most entertaining elements to this film.

Boring snoozefest .

Super smart and entertaining.

I love the scenery, screenplay, the way the story told, the unexpected plot, and obviously all the great cast in it.

The following day, an unexpected death is discovered and eccentric detective Benoit Blanc (David Craig) shows up unexpectedly to see if there is any foul play involved in the death.

There's a plot twist near the beginning of the second act that then leaves you bored waiting for anything else of importance to develop until well into the third act.

There was a lot of intriguing suspense and everyone did feel like a suspect, and I got a little "Murder on the Orient Express" vibe.

Make the film unwatchable!

After a long time finnaly something worth watching!

It's essentially what should have been the pitch for the studio, but instead of turning it into a film, they just let Daniel Craig explain it all in one breathless and BORING "finale".

Must Watch and Worth Watching!!

While not the greatest film any of these actors have been in, I will say it was entertaining and a joy to watch.

If you like to be bored and fall asleep easily then start watching "Knives out".

A fun, enjoyable ride.

Great cast as always in these mysteries but very dull

This was a thoroughly enjoyable whodunnit with a fabulous cast and we were engaged the whole time.

The mystery part was weak and boring.

One thing that makes me wonder is why I failed to finish it on my first two tries, I fell asleep in the midst of first interviews (maybe i was too tired).

The whole plot tends to break patterns and perceptions which makes it engaging besides it also makes you wonder about a lot of possibilities.

The first half I found was good but then the second half was just too far fetched and it lost its momentum completely , making that section of the film as well as the everything else feel pointless .

This movie is not particularly funny, but it's light and enjoyable.

In the midway of watching the movie, I observed some confusing twist and I never understand what's the story all about.

Extremely predictable.

Slow moving, boring drudge, star studded cast but may as well have cast unknowns, Daniel Craig's accent makes me want to punch the TV when he talks & the twist was neither unexpected or surprising.


On the one hand, I was on the edge of my seat the first half-ish of the movie - I was really into the plot and trying to "figure out" what the twist or payoff was going to be - only to find the second half to be mostly a disappointment.

I get that it is supposed to be a mystery, but it feels like a slow drag.

What a brilliant and exciting movie after so long time.

I gave it a totally fair chance, but it was empty and non-interesting.

Standouts: Daniel Craig's terrible southern accent, an utterly stupid vomit based plot device for poor Ana de Armas, a make up artist who needed to be fired for caking every cast member over the age of 35 in an inch of foundation and an overly contrived finale which isn't really much of a surprise.

Very entertaining with interesting plot .

waste of time.

It has the essence of a royal road, but the script has an unexpected twist to make it an entertaining work.

Overall the movie is entertaining as well as well-realised in the modern world.

Confusion reigns .

Very good movie and unexpected.

And the ending was even more exciting.

The movie felt kinda long but I was still sitting on the edge of my seat for quite a bit of it.

It was so predictable.

The movie is funny, suspenseful and the ending is just what everyone wanted.

Ana de Armas is the only actor worth watching, while the film exposes the limitations of Daniel Craig and Chris Evans.

Typical 'Agatha Christie' style crime mystery - tedious .

The good little mistery and the little run-around were entertaining..

The story is processed extremely complicated to be confounding, yet is pretty predictable.

Predictable and talks down to the viewers.

The exciting, interesting & super smart story is about a renowned crime novelist Harlin Thrombey (an excellent Christopher Plummer) is found dead at his huge mansion estate just after his 85th birthday & a Brilliant & debonair private Detective Benoit Blanc (a Brilliant Daniel Craig) is mysteriously enlisted to investigate.

I thought it was gonna be exciting like a whodunnit?

Ended out as 8 stars of boredom 🙄 .

Fell asleep .

Worth the watch.

While all the technical factors are judged by the critics I watched this movie as any regular person and the plot just was so intriguing that I watch the whole movie and I was impressed with the story.

"Knives Out" is an entertaining whodunnit with a stellar cast.

A well written film, that flowed and was purely enjoyable to watch.

To that point, 2017's 'Murder on the Orient Express' by Kenneth Branagh was highly entertaining.

Apart from it beibg a rather entertaining movie, you get to see Evans as a really good bad guy.

Surprisingly entertaining .

The political commentary the film has, is more evocative than definitive.

The disjointed script and splatter-plot makes this pointless comedy-mystery hard to sit through.

The plot of this movie is brilliantly crafted, tense, and engaging.

A long but fast paced movie.

But to me it was just kind of dull , all in all .

Take a hard pass on this and don't waste your time.

Boring and predictable .

A mystery that stayed unpredictable and exciting, with lots of interesting characters all the way through!

Even an episode of Murder She Wrote is more intriguing .

A fantastic new slant on the murder-mystery drama, especially as the genre can be quite formulaic.

Waste of time and energy.

The movie pretends to be an original "mind blowing story", however it's absolutely predictable, with some irrelevant characters and very cliche dialogues.

What an awful film, it's just boring, trying too hard to be like The Royal Tenenbaums, none of the characters are likeable, plot meanders along like an old dog.

Enjoyed it.

I think that the first hour of the movie or so is a tad bit too slow.

There were very few moments, that I could remember, that were slow; every scene I felt like something important was being said or done.

But in the olden-times, they would be playing rich, white, crooked culprits who are also eclectic, darkly-humorous, interesting and intriguing enough to create an entire story around.

I found it to be dull and just a bad mystery.

Could possibly be prescribed for insomnia.

While Entertaining, Overhyped and Underwhelming .

This is sad not because of the sole fact that the formula is changed, but because the movie felt really long and boring.

It's a very entertaining film, definitely worth watching.

Entertaining movie .

Boorish, juvenile, kind of pointless and not at all worth the time it takes to watch it for free on Prime or Netflix.

And given the cast and writer / director behind it - "Knives Out" truly stands out as a very intriguing and very well made movie.

Unbelievably boring & predictable .

Super predictable .

In short Knives Out is a no time-waster for sure; it's almost exclusively a bottled movie shot within one location, with great soundtrack, solid characters, some witty dialogues, a bit too theatrical and hyperbolized narrative but entertaining and fun to watch nonetheless.

It is a dark comedy and the cast alone is what makes Knives Out worth watching.

Clever and Entertaining .

Boring naive fairytale .

The movie is story is gripping and it doesn't make me bore for a single second.

Like a cheesecake, this was slow moving, rich, filling, and you will go back for another slice.

Lacks suspense, boring premise and poor twist .

Characters are great and stunning to see on screen.

The reward is an enjoyable and satisfying mystery.

It works good because it is enough intriguing and amusing at the same time.

We fell asleep the first three times attempting to watch this film.

An absolute must see for anyone who likes any of those 2 masters, and still a super enjoyable movie for everyone else.

But it's seriously predictable, and I found it obvious who the guilty party was less than half way through the movie.

Hollywood should make more movies like this, without gratuitous language and sex, but with an entertaining plot and not a lot of "messages".

After a slow start knives out turned out to be a winner!

Slow .

Enjoyable classic .

Anyway, I got the moral of the story, that good always outdoes the 7 sins, but I still thought it was slow and predictable in places.

A very good and intense crime mystery.

Nice entertaining Friday night movie.

Miss seeing more movies like this one with the sole intent of entertaining (in spite of the political and pop references).

Enjoyable .

All star cast very PG and very predictable .

Packed in layers of classical tone, English comedy, political satire, and shiny bright cards, except that the core part of the donut is empty, and there is no reason to proceed to the critical moment.

Entertaining .

But like I said before, this movie really made me reconsider the way movies advertise: because they didn't give away the big reveal(s), it made the movie all the more enjoyable.

An engaging and hilarious whodunit with one of its biggest twists being an early reveal and a shift in the point of tension that works wonderfully well and adds a good heaping of heart to the already whip-smart script (see the knife line tie-in at the end, the return of the mug in one of the best final shots I've ever seen).

Entertaining and well executed.

Snore .

Good acting, but tiresome "woke" lecturing.

However, if you look past those errors the movie is extremely enjoyable.

Thrilling and captivating.

Lots of famous actors going through the motions of an extremely predictable and pedestrian story.

Some scenes are really funny and overall it's an entertaining movie.

It boasts an exceptional ensemble cast as well, who are a joy to watch as they battle their way through the film's exciting twists and turns in an effortlessly entertaining way.

Plot: ExcellentWhile it starts using a really cliché idea it does not follow the traditional path and quite frankly, everything is really unexpected.

The unexpected twists and trails start to mess up with the viewer too Well worth the watch!

The plot was predictable for me as a fan of old detective books (poirot, holmes etc.), it wasn't that hard to understand who was the real killer around the middle of the movie.

This brings us to the overall narrative of Knives Out, and it has one of the most compelling storylines that I have seen in quite some time.

It was really an enjoyable watch.

Rian Johnson has managed to make every single second fascinating.

Bored to freaking death!

I didn't want to watch it when my daughter suggested it, but I enjoyed it.

This film was just slow.

Alway, the PC Hollywood crowd gets their propaganda out.


Very good movie, unexpected plot.

but way way more boring.

it was funny, engaging and I cared about the characters, that's all I ask to a movie - to get me to the fun part.

It was Thrilling to watch 🎀 .

Looper was boring, and TLJ sucked.

Make each member intriguing, and give them reasonable cause - revenge, greed, spite, or all the above.

My wife and I turned it off after 30 minutes - Simply unwatchable.

Dull .

Very interesting and entertaining .

Too Contrived .

The plot was well thought out and had many unexpected twists, the characters were interesting and all fun to watch, and the actors were amazing.

The rest of the cast was pretty enjoyable!

At last a movie funny, entertaining and enjoyable.

Many of the old classics are outdated by today's fast paced environment.

I usually fall asleep.

That said, the movie has a great set, is filmed in an engaging way, and I think Craig fills his role well.

He has created an extremely thrilling crime drama, that uses the collective skills of its excellent cast to great effect.

Formulaic and obvious .

There are some parts that are predictable if you have a stronger sense of intuition, though it does not take the fun out of things.

6/10 a decent enjoyable film.

On top of all of the things I have already mentioned, the plot is also boring and filled with mistakes.

Possibly the most tedious movie I've ever seen.

Entertaining and interesting .

But it is the best whodunit that's come out for years and very entertaining.

Entertaining mystery movie .

Didn't give 10 star because of a slow start of the movie.

Decent, but far too long.

Despite of this fact, film has very interesting plot with unexpected twists.

Very slow and predictable.

Good one-timer movie with great potential, ruined by poor, usual and boring tools for revelations..Its good family comedy/drama crime story.. Some things and ideas were cliché , some were good and funny.

I've been watching whodunits from Charlie Chan to the Thin Man to etc etc. This movie in my opinion was just awful, just awful it was slow, the story was slow you kept hoping that something is going to happen and finally at the very, very end.....

This is one of the most predictable murder mysteries I have ever seen, which in itself is bad enough as the main point of a mystery is to have twists and unexpected reveals.

I am so disappointed, I did not like it at all, it went for way to long, was boring, bland and very underwhelming.

I don't remember any bad language, which is more enjoyable for me.

Grear cast, but a I fell asleep.

very slow start .