Knockaround Guys (2001) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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The wannabe sons of mobsters go to a remote town in the Midwest, and get themselves into more trouble than anyone could anticipate.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Brian Koppelman
Stars: Jennifer Baxter, Dennis Hopper
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 23 out of 136 found boring (16.91%)

One-line Reviews (86)

`KnockAround Guys' is defiantly worth watching.

If you're thinking of walking out of the theatre mid-movie, you won't miss much, don't think too hard, don't waste your time.

While it wasn't entirely original, it was wholly entertaining.

The pace is tight, and the scenes are deeply thrilling, without using any flashy style or expensive backgrounds.

To avoid ruining the story i'll stop there, but the son takes a path that was completely unexpected.

Just an awful, predictable, crude film.

Competent,professional work, with enough merit to fill a slow night of couch-potato movie watching with your girlfriend or wife.

an enjoyable rip-off .

I enjoyed it anyway.

By the end, I was on the edge of my seat just hoping Taylor (Diesel) would survive!

Unremarkable coming of age story .

Writer and director Brian Koppelman and David Levien (Rounders) do a good job of keeping the action packed pace and add a little humor to offset the violence.

I heard there are a lot of Mafia movies where the movie is very slow paced.

take a wild guess-dull, dull, dull, I've seen bassett hounds more interesting to watch; Seth Green is amusing, as always, but hey, there's not a lot to his character; Finally, John and Dennis are truly the most interesting parts of the film.

John Malkovich, even when this guy is acting half as good as he usually does ( like in this movie ) he is still very entertaining.

I highly recommend it.

Through no fault of their own did the other actors fall by the wayside; at one point this must have been a promising project to attract a cast like this, but somewhere the film had to have derailed in the making for the result to be so hideously a waste of everyone's time.

I am a lover of all movies and only 2-3 have truely registered as a waste of time for me.

The movie was very fast paced.

The biggest flaw is the ending because with out spoiling anything there is a Mexican stand off that just is a waste of time most because there is no tension and you know exactly what will happen.

This is a fun, explosive action flick that is more enjoyable than many other silly blow-'em-up big budget duds floating around this year, including Vin Diesel's own star vehicle XXX.

slow to start, but I still enjoyed it .

unite to form a fairly typical but very enjoyable core of characters.

Very Entertaining...

They focused on their drama scene too much, so this very slow-paced film made me boring.

The film doesn't do a whole lot to keep the audience into it, it seems to just go through the motions, right down to the fairly predictable "surprise" ending.

SPOILER, OR RATHER, WARNING FOR THE SQUEAMISH: In the opening scene with the always enjoyable Mike Starr, there's a moment that's really, truly, vicious & nasty, involving a tongue & a knife.

Everyone's talent is wasted in this truly boring minor league student film.

The characters were roundly uninteresting, there was no trace of irony in the film, the lone plot twist was entirely predictable, and the humor consistently fell flat.

) and the film had so many slow and pointless scenes in it that it turned a 91 minute film into the longest 4 hours I've ever sat through.

Almost all of my recent reviews have been very negative, but this movie is worth watching if you are a Vin Diesel fan.

It's not great, but it is entertaining, and uses its running time well.

It is definitely worth watching, at the least.

A very entertaining look into the life of mobsters, people stuck in it, people trying to get out, people trying to get in, this movie is just alot of fun.

Written and Directed by Brian Koppelman & David Levien (Screenwriters of "Rounders" & "The Runaway Jury") made an entertaining mob-oriented comedy/drama/thriller.

Along the way they run into several obstacles which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It was fun and exciting the whole way through.

It is pure fun in a strange and unexpected sort of way.

Actually, I really enjoyed it, despite some minor flaws .

There are really any surprises in this flick but it is on the most part entertaining.

The worst movie of the century.

This movie was very good and entertaining.

Despite the shaky character development, there is a useful theme of delayed coming of age, the value of trust, and the risks of wanting to be someone you aren't.

I like movies that are easier to follow because they are easier to talk about, and it's really annoying when they're hard to follow.

The main character Matty was so 2D my girlfriend fell asleep.

I think this flick was a good modern mafia film, which had a lot of unexpected twists.

Very exciting.

Overall, this film will be forgotten soon, but it's enjoyable while it lasts

This was a lousy, boring movie.

With a lethal combination of unlikable characters, putrid dialogue, leaden acting, and a plot that plays out as if directors Brian Koppelman and David Levien religiously consulted "Mob Movies for Dummies," there's nothing to salvage from the experience, because it's all about as enjoyable as trying to remove a hangnail.

I saw this film just after seeing "XXX" so Vin Diesel surprised me with his range from bang-bang, trite dialogue kick some ass action hero to bang-bang kick-some-ass quasi-philosophical bodyguard.

i'll admit, BARRY PEPPER, seth green and john malkovich were the reasons i went to see this movie, but it was still entertaining.

The story is slow, the dialogue trite, and nothing new has been added to the themes of father/son relationships and Mafia honor.

Worth watching.

"Knockaround Guys" is one of those movies that the critics try to bash but the final product is quite enjoyable.

What one may call an entertaining journey through a forgotten Montana town, I call a mediocre outing by actor and producer alike.

While the ending is fairly predictable, the film is well-acted, with a powerful cast, and has some humorous moments to keep the tone from becoming too grim.


This movie is average on the good side, it's worth watching once and I don't think I'll watch this again.

However I was actually pleasantly surprised that the film was actually fairly enjoyable.

When Knockaround Guys focuses on those things, it's quite enjoyable.

Sure surrendering to the life of the Knockaround Guys, then developing a conscience that pushes to get out of it, would have made stronger conflict and more unpredictable ending.

The pacing was slow and was heavily flawed and the twists were not very convincing.

Thoroughly Enjoyable.

Especially Malkovich and Diesel performances stand out of good performances all over, it should be said though that Malkovich's and Diesel's characters are most interesting and entertaining as well.

Every cliché in the book is in this movie, someone commented that it was a surprise ending.

A writing-and-directing duo (whose names will not be committed to my brainpan anytime soon) hoping to etch a name for themselves by mining cliches, prove that two heads can be just as vacuous and empty as one.

The whole thing at the end was kinda confusing tho, and I don't think this should have been so greusome at the end.

The overall film is very formulaic and risk-free, which in the end hurts its chance of success.

The story seems watery and at it's core is quite bland.

Pick it up if you're looking to spend a few enjoyable hours with the TV set.

The film offers some brilliant and enjoyable scenes such as Vin Diesel going debt collecting at the beginning.

Complete waste of 90 minutes of my life.

It nicely blends a couple of intriguing concepts, starts strong, maintains that momentum up until the very end and is pretty much a text book example of how to take a great actor and make him effective in a supporting role.

All total an entertaining movie.

It isn't good to go through a whole movie without music, maybe some intense music that went along with an intense scene.

Knockaround Guy's has it's flaws but is Entertaining.

" It is a waste of whatever money you spend to see it.

Knockaround guys is a little gem that came out in the later part of the Tarantino style crime wave by that i mean Crime/Gangster films with dark humour & a tale of small time hoods, & there was loads coming out off of the success of Reservoir dogs,Pulp fiction & Jackie Brown so knockaround guys fits in there very well but still stands strong as a very entertaining small scale Crime Thriller & yes with that black comedy tossed in like they all seemed to do at that time,i actually like Knockaround guys better than those Tarantino films,there's something simple & comfortable about this crime Thriller & it's not over stuffed with long talking scenes!!.

This is the type of movie that you just want to watch because its entertaining.

The scenario was fascinating.. I watched this many times.

The whole thing was just boring and slow, and you never really had any incentive to keep watching.

The horrible acting, 2D characters, and empty plot defy the term drama.

Poor direction and trite, high-schoolish writing single-handedly demolished this film.

Overall, it got high marks - at least on the first viewing - because it's an entertaining film that doesn't overstay its welcome at 92 minutes.

But in the end, the story is bland and you really don't care who lives or dies or why.