Lake Placid (1999) - Action, Comedy, Horror

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Three people attempt to stop a gigantic crocodile, who is terrorizing residents in Black Lake, Maine.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Steve Miner
Stars: Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman
Length: 82 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 61 out of 391 found boring (15.6%)

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Brendan Gleeson, Betty White, and Oliver Platt give their characters personalities for the others to clash with, supplying us with several engaging and colorful comic scenes.

The only intriguing/funny characters are the old woman (Betty White) and the sherif.

Speaking of which, the effects on the croc itself are quite enjoyable too, while still presenting a nice elegance and respect for the creature feature sub-genre.

Considering Miner had helmed a couple of lame Friday THE 13TH films (which I've just watched, incidentally), this is a far more satisfying genre effort from him: engaging protagonists (best of all is flustered sheriff Brendan Gleeson, but Betty White's eccentric character is also memorable - with the scene where she feeds a cow to 'her' crocodile verging on the surreal), good level of suspense, thrilling action, some gore, and there's also a healthy dose of humor...

That got the old adrenaline pumping.

Bill Pullman looked as if he were going to faint from boredom.

A good movie that will definatley keep you on the edge of your seat.

Truely enjoyable suprise .

Having seen CROCODILE, KROCODYLUS (BLOOD SURF) and PRIMEVAL, to say nothing of ALLIGATOR, I would pronounce this as the most enjoyable Killer Croc film I've seen.

Still, the movie was by the numbers--every stock character shows up to go through their paces; I was able to predict certain scenes (including the totally unnecessary romance between Pullman and Fonda); and the script was so dull, you couldn't have cared less!

Given the predictability of the story this shouldn't work, but all the pieces fit and it is just an entertaining film

In the final analysis, "Lake Placid" is an entertaining movie in spite of it's many flaws, and is actually scary at times if you approach it with a child's perspective.

Pleas e don't waste your money.

this lake is not just placid, it is boring.

Steve Miner, director of 'Friday the 13th Part 2', 'Friday the 13th Part 3' and 'Warlock' has made his worse film in 'Lake Placid'- heck, even 'Big Bully' was better than this unfunny ham-fisted bore-fest!

This is a delightfully entertaining picture.

On a cold winter's night, with a bottle of bud, a bag of popcorn, and your better half at your side, it'd make a good start to (hopefully) a thoroughly entertaining evening!


Great for fans of gallows humor , quirky performances, and slow burns .

It is consistently drab, the writing is poor and extremely predictable - swear words are liberally sprinkled into the script for no apparent reason other than cheap (very cheap)"laughs".

Once again a movie that is over a decade old and yet a movie that is entertaining and a movie that is great for a production dated to 1999.

Yet I found the movie more intense than most ecological horror stories.

He was also responsible for Halloween H20 wich some people might find stupid but i myself as a true Halloween(Carpenter)-lover enjoyed it very much.

The bon mots and non sequiturs just keep on coming in this immensely entertaining outdoors film that treads the fine line between dry wit and wet shock.

If you are in the mood for a terrible and enjoyable monster movie, rent Pirahna.

It was entertaining.

Maybe the charecters were intended to be send ups,but anyhow,they were still very poor and uninteresting,as was the story,and whatever was motivating it.

Predictable .

Sure, this could be great as well, but the film took WAY too long to get into what it should have had more of- gory deaths!

I had just seen the overly-ponderous "Arlington Road", and "Lake Placid" was the perfect pick-me-up afterward.

It tries to hard to be funny and comes off stupid and pointless.

Perhaps the most enjoyable Killer Croc movie.

Very entertaining .

The writing is dead on and it is a very enjoyable show that you can watch more than once and realize that you've missed a joke.

This makes it a lot more believable as a comedy than expected, as the physical gags and outstanding verbal jabs thrown at everyone makes it a lot more enjoyable than expected with the banter between everyone is brought out instead of being glossed over and forgotten, as everyone has a few good put-downs along with several really good one-liners.

Steve Miner has recycled so many cliches from this genre that even the scenes that make you jump are so predictable.

It used every horror cliche imaginable from the Jaws stuff, to the false scare stuff.

So, the dialogue was surprisingly snappy and the plot?

I was laughing one minute and gripping my seat the next.

Surprisingly enjoyable creature feature .

) Laugh out loud funny and genuinely suspenseful (though my enjoyment was probably helped by my low expectations.

So I recommend Lake Placid to the people who is looking for an entertaining movie in a weekend.

The sequels were horrible and nowhere near as entertaining as this film.

Very entertaining .

"Lake Placid" was easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

From the trailer, you get a sense of thrilling horror that might make you jump out of your seat.

A shallow storyline with snappy patter.

Also, it falls into the usual horror cliché - characters go into places where they just shouldn't - i.

Splendidly predictable, superbly cast, fun to see.

The plot is really bad with unnecessary romances and explanations that drag out the parts when they aren't insulting each other or been eaten.

LAKE PLACID is one of the better horror / comedy entries, with loads of snappy dialogue, and a very well-realized creature from Stan Winston and company.

On paper, this was a little more interesting, because the concept of a sea creature is more intriguing that killer gorillas.

Kelley, a steady pace, a shivery, ominous score by John Ottman, an engaging assortment of colorfully neurotic central characters (Platt in particular is a total howl as the gloriously eccentric Hector), a good amount of tension, polished, sparkling cinematography by Daryn Okada, a refreshingly tight and trim 82 minute running time, an affectionate tongue-in-cheek tone (this film pays nifty homage to the first two "Jaws" pictures), a cool animatronic crocodile by Stan Winston, a reasonable sprinkling of gore, and plenty of gut-busting deadpan dialogue, this infectiously quirky and self-parodic romp does the trick in a pleasingly sly and amusing unpretentious B-flick manner.

There are other downsides, but hey those are just cliché horror things.

You've got all your monster-run-amok cliché charatcers here -- the crocodile "expert" who thinks he knows how to take this thing alive, the sheriff who hates the crocodile expert and doesn't want him telling the sheriff how to handle everything, the male and female leads who have crushes on each other.

The romance between Fonda and Pullman is sickeningly forced and predictable.

This was just a waste of time.

The character of the sheriff is a total bore and Brenden Gleeson should feel ashamed for such terrible acting.

Entertaining, yes.

) and the movie is deadly dull.

Worse, it was boring!

Minimum incident, minimum appeal, maximum boredom.

Entertaining and funny in a mild way.

Essentially, the dialogue is too thick with crass humour and far too self indulgent (in my opinion).

I have not been scared by a movie since I was 13 years old, so horror movies that take themselves seriously, like The Blair Witch, are extraordinarily boring and annoying.

"Waiter, make me a crocodile sandwich and make it snappy!

But if you like your sitcoms laden with wit and kookiness, Lake Placid might just be an enjoyable experience.

Bill Pullman, Oliver Platt, Brendan Gleeson and Bettie White all add something to the mix making the movie highly enjoyable.

AND PLEASE: if you want some serious epistemology or exhilarating Method acting or you actually believe that an innovative movie could be based on the 'big beast underwater is scaaaaary' cliche -- DON'T see this one and if you do, don't nit-pick nor complain bitterly to IMDb.

This movie is funny and entertaining.

An entertaining movie.

Bill Pullman and Bridget Fonda were exceedingly bland and it seems the movie makers realised this and gave majority of the screentime to Platt and Gleeson.

Looking back on 1999 it was a good year for monster movies with the equally enjoyable Deep Blue Sea also released.

The storyline is ridiculous, as you would expect, but as a piece of entertainment it is watchable and somewhat entertaining, though the short running length just about prevents it from becoming tedious.

To my surprise, it actually captured my attention and I stuck with it through 1:22, and discovered it to be an enjoyable time-waster.

Lake Placid is the worst movie I've seen in a year.

Funny and entertaining from beginning to end .

Enjoyable with a fun cast.

The movie has a story that is really paper thin as well as being very very predictable and not tense enough to cause any scares or tension.

If you love a story with above elements, and if you don't want to think at all.. Watch it, but don't waste your money.. (wait t'ill they air it ;))

If Ed Wood had TRIED to make Plan 9 bad, it wouldn't be so enjoyable; it'd just be BAD.

The technology exists for a ferocious, life-like, man-eating crocodile than the stretched-out alligator the Winston factory [I can hear the yawns in the workshop] thoughtlessly turned out.

Okay, so the movie is a little cheesy and cliched, but it is entertaining nonetheless.

Its NOT funny, its not scary, its just a boring awful movie, that should be thrown away!!!!

While some characters were likeable, Bill Pullman's and Bridget Fonda's characters were completely dull.

I left the theater extremely disappointed.

The prime rule is that because the plot is usually so threadbare you MUST show a lot of exciting sequences with the monster.

one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time...

The movie is slow, the acting is lame, there are no decent special effects at all...

I wouldn't say it's the best movie I've ever seen, but if you're looking for an enjoyable movie definitely check it out.

Lake Placid is simply entertaining.

Enjoyable DVD .

The story is boring, the visual effects and sound look fake, while the editing and direction of the film really needed it to be improved to make a brilliant creature feature.

I don't want to appear unimaginative - I truly enjoyed this film for what it was, but why do films like these have to include these boring ingredients?

This movie was pretty suspenseful and it does keep you on the edge of your seat.

The PATHETIC romantic subplot between these two characters is as implausible as it is unbearable.

The whole movie was a total bore and a complete ripoff.

Dreary and pointless monster flick with a convincing croc that is the film's one selling point.

The worst movie I've ever been to.

Easily one of the lamest, most boring pieces of garbage I've seen in a long time.

Don't miss it, unpredictable, funny and chilling.

Godzilla, Congo, etc.), but this is really a waste of time.

It was all too lame to be funny, and far too slow paced to be scary.

The characters are all foils for one another, setting up some of the most entertaining dialog of any movie I know.

You will either love it (like yours truly) for the intense rediculous humor, or hate it for the intense rediculous humor.

It will certainly take a bite out a boring evening!

Each character in the movie has his/her own personality and charm, and all blends in to make the film a very exciting and entertaining feature.

The effects are average, the premise is boring, and the script is dull.

" My house-mate declares it the worst movie he's ever seen.

Just saw this on cable, and I thoroughly enjoyed it - gave it 9/10 rating.

If you want complicated plot twists or a confusing story line, go see the Matrix or something.

Not a bad film by any means, just a little bland and uninspiring.

I have no idea why money was spent on a thriller no different than a 50s monster movie, but it's reasonably entertaining and any movie with Bridget Fonda is a worth checking out.

If you're looking for an enjoyable movie, definitely check it out.

The dialogue was quirky and entertaining; the gore was very gratuitous and special effects obvious (like the flying cow in "Tornado"); and the ending was definitely a let down.

This movie was so predictable it wasn't even necessary to sit through the whole film.

If the director would have tried to make a serious movie out of this it would have probably been one of the worst movies of the decade.

This was just an unbearable bunch of already-heard, already-known, already-seen things.

What it is is a very enjoyable movie that plays on its strengths...

While the dialogue is amusing enough (although totally unbelievable - does anyone _ever_ really speak this way), the characters are kinda bland.

I didn't expect Oscar winner, but even Deep Blue Sea was slightly entertaining.

A bit predictable in places and the end is so,well, I just shut my mouth.

Bill Pullman is boring and Bridget Fonda is a tad bland for the romantic interest.

Filmmaking such as this takes courage, as regular action fans who seek out the "chew-em-ups" usually like their gore straight-no-chaser, and may sit befuddled through the brilliantly-timed humor and snappy repartee within "Lake Placid".

Its a movie, it's entertaining, it's funny, its a little violent, it's over the top........

Boringly Average.

Fans say that the cliche's that run amok in this film were put there on purpose.

A pathetic re-write of "Jaws" spliced together with "Anaconda" ( a film I honestly found more enjoyable)taking place in Canada.

Interesting characters, an intelligent script and well-done effects add up to a thoroughly entertaining big-critter-eating-people flick.

At some point in time, Lake Placid's well worth watching.

Bad, boring and weak also describe it best.

Really enjoyable and fun "horror" movie about a ferocious giant crocodile picking people off from a secluded lake in Maine.

If you had no clue what those movies were trying to do, save your money.

The worst movie ever made.

By some irony it wasn`t really necessary for me to take notes watching this boring and predictable movie because it can be summed up with the words " JAWS rip off " featuring some dumb people getting eaten up by a crocodile .

Shallow But Snappy .

It was not a bad movie, you could see, that there was some money spent, the acting was alright, but the story was so cheap an boring, that you ask yourself: Who approved this script?

This movie could have been a trashy good old fun filled movie, but it's so bland and tries too hard to be cool, it literally makes it boring to watch.

Lake Placid was a very entertaining movie that had...

Surprisingly entertaining .

His efforts on this lame horror-comedy yarn which lacks bite in every department are wasted, the film is a bore from start to finish, offering up absolutely nothing new to the monster genre.

Other than that, we're treated to some awful dialog, cliche characters (the strapping white male hero, the spunky, sassy city girl out of her element in the woods, the funny fat guy, the slutty office coworker, a smug Adam Arkin.....

All in all, entertaining and lots of fun.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

I saw this movie opening night and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sure, the character development and general plot line might have left a little to be desired, but all in all, the writing was witty and funny, and very entertaining.

Even though the overall story was a crippled version of Jaws, I still found some enjoyable moments in the movie, especially those long shots of the magnificent locations.

It's very dull.

He succeeds in being entertaining because his character is taking the movie seriously, so his 'funny' lines have actual comedic impact.

Save your time, save your money, and don't even watch this film when it appears on TNT next month!

Takes a Bite Out of Boredom .

This is another in my long list of underrated movies, and it does what all GOOD horror movies do well, which is throw in elements of black-humor to break up what would otherwise be a monotony of pseudo-suspenseful moments.


Exciting final with the big showdown between man and beast at Black Lake with very unexpected and at the same time, for Hector Cyr, satisfying results.

This film is worth watching, if you're a fan of really, really awful movies.

Surprisingly Entertaining.

Oh, I take back the part about the action being uninteresting.

Worth watching!

Among other outstanding scenes is the high-action finale that ends this in great fashion as the chase through the lake finally ends with the exciting helicopter attack, the utterly fun manner of containing and trapping the creature as well as the final shock-jump that works nicely.

The only bad part about this movies is cgi rest it's enjoyable!

" Highly enjoyable comedy horror.

While the movie is actually pretty enjoyable.

It may take a bit too long to get going and the story is predictable at times despite its nice, mostly fast-paced mix of comedy, horror, romance and buddy-genre.

Usually, this type of movies have few - if not a lot - boring moments, but the characters' snappy lines toward each other is not the routine blah-blah lines we often see in this type of movie.

To hear her swear and lob insults the way she does in this movie is worth watching it.

Over all this move is a good B comedy, and a very unexpected laugh.

Key Words: Clever / Good Dialogue / Good Characters / Big TeethI see this type of flic as an mindless "escape", and usually don't expect too much, but this "creature feature" rose above the pack because of the humorous and likeable characters involved and the snappy by-play between them.

to tell a very predictable 60 min.

The plot is dull, the acting is cardbord, and the dialogue is horrible!

This movie was way too predictable.

Entertaining In Spite Of...

It's poorly paced and thoroughly boring.

The characters are all one-dimensional and uninteresting; we don't care about these people, whether they live or die...

Go see it to have a lot of good laughs, as well as a few suspenseful scares.

Enjoyable monster movie .

Lake Placid is an enjoyable and escapist movie that has the confidence to laugh at itself and its genre.

Truely hillarious and thoroughly enjoyable.

His penchant for throwing together odd characters engaging in puerile sardonic dialogue is taken to its bizarre extreme in this film.

Otherwise we have "boring" Bill Pullman as the forgettable ranger and the inane Oliver Platt as a crocodile hunter.

It, again, reminds me of the engaging final act in Anaconda, which I dare not spoil.

Despite being a very short film,it dragged on unbearably towards the end.

His character is insulted, pushed around and put-upon something awful in the course of the movie, and he does a wonderful slow burn.

Filled out by a lukewarm cast, led by a bland Bill Pullman.

A waste of time .

It's very weird but for the most part I found "Lake Placid" to be entertaining in a strange way.

I really enjoyed it.

Each character in the movie has his/her own charm, all blending in to make the film a very exciting and entertaining feature.

Entertaining .

When it was over I felt as if I had not sat for an hour and a half watching it, as the story really went nowhere at all.

And the exciting climax?

You will either fall in love with the witty dialogue and interpersonal interaction or you will find it a bore, getting in the way of some juicy action.

It was a very enjoyable film to go to and quite worthwhile.

The plot is pretty boring, the cast deserves much better than this, and it seems like it would have gone over much better than as a TV movie.

Other than a few snappy scenes involving a helicopter and a bear, the alligator spent most of the film lazing about the lake and failing to kill anyone.

Too lame to be a comedy and too slow to be a horror movie.

Bill Pullman seems bored through most of the movie, Bridget Fonda is an annoying damsel in distress most of the time, and Brendan Gleeson is desperately trying to hide that Irish accent with every word he says.

Mildly entertaining in a dumbfounded way .

A truly awful film from a pretentious and over-rated filmmaker.

This movie was action packed, not to be confused with acting packed.

Save your money for this one, wait for it to come out on TV.

Bridget Fonda and Bill Pullman give good performances, but Oliver Platt and Brendan Gleeson whose at-each-others-throats shtick prove to be among the film's most entertaining parts and Betty White is simply delicious as Delores and steals the show.

Any horror movie with the line "Suddenly I feel as if everything is safe" is just a complete waste of time.

As a fluff-filled, popcorn movie, it's one of the more entertaining ones I've seen.

The ending was so predictable-as predictable as an episode of the A-Team!

Typically I'm not the type who enjoys a so-bad-it's-good experience, but this one is oddly entertaining because it is so misguided.

In myopinion, this was the worst movie ever made.

" is more entertaining than some attempt at witty banter.

It is worth renting if you like suspenseful movies or just special effects.

Lake Placid was a very entertaining movie that had all the things that audiences who pay for admission for movies like this come to see...

An enjoyable movie .

This quiet, remote lake is suddenly the focus of an intense search for a crocodile with a taste for live animals...

Don't waste your time, its 82 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Bridget Fonda's character has some great lines as well – for instance when meeting Bill Pullman's country sheriff for the first time, who is being somewhat patronising to her, she says: "Do you think you could be a little more condescending please, because I'm REALLY slow.

While it's certainly not the greatest movie ever made, it's a thoroughly enjoyable parody of monster movies.

), a predictable list of victims (the Star Trek red shirt theory at work), and some of the least scary non-thrills ever.

A very enjoyable horror monster comedy hoot .

Lame ad dull film with the cast giving half-hearted performnces, except Betty White in a great suppporting role.

The whole "tongue-in-cheek" approach to the giant alligator works like a charm, and the actual intense scenes with the monster are quite impressive to watch.

Ok, So Maybe The Movie Was Predictable.


This was one of the most boring, vapid, plotless, and predictable movies I have ever seen.

There is not much of a story, and any cinema goer will understand the plot in a second, but its still entertaining in a mindless action/adventure kind of way.

But considering the other options out there, don't waste your time.

This film is dumb, boring, unfunny (is that a word?

Entertaining .

It has a very good cast and a decent script - exciting, amusing, suspenseful, with well-drawn characters - and the action and effects work is first rate.

True, it's still not a very great movie since it's still horribly predictable, but at least the fact that nobody takes it even the least bit serious makes this movie very entertaining to watch.

One of the most enjoyable giant monster movies out there.

)(Based on my memory, this is the second shortest non-animated major studio release behind Army of Darkness I've seen) it's pretty dull with only a couple of laughs and crocodile attacks to punctuate the monotony.

It is fast paced with a little gore and some strong horror.

Better actors exist to give weight to a story line which has not yet been filmed, and better writers and directors exist to craft a dramatic story line into a gripping and terrifying film.

The dialogue is stilted and unrealistic, the characters are one-dimensional and boring, and the action is uninteresting.

Subtle touches like this make me smile and when you add the scenic vistas and evocative score, well that spells good TV in my book.

Very funny, very entertaining, very good .

Oliver Platt- irritating, Bill Pullman- bland, Bridget Fonda- hmmm, umm, boring, and Betty White- yes, swearing is super-funny, not!

Fun and entertaining, the character dialogue is witty and amusing.

The monster effects were incredibly well done and effective, which made this a enjoyable movie whilst not being a great film.

LAKE PLACID is a rip-off of JAWS, JAWS II, and ALLIGATOR, yet unlike those films, this one is boring.

), but even a movie with snappy dialogue ought to make some sort of sense at it's origin.

In years gone by there was no swearing in movies or on TV, and the productions were completely entertaining without it, in fact much more so.

The Worst Movie of All Time?

Filmed with breathtaking clarity by Daryn Okada, "Placid" is fun just to watch.