Lakeview Terrace (2008) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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Based on a true story, a troubled and racist African-American L.A.P.D. Officer will stop at nothing to force out a friendly interracial couple who just moved in next door to him.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Neil LaBute
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Wilson
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 31 out of 138 found boring (22.46%)

One-line Reviews (122)

I recommend you stay away from this movie, it's slow paced and the thrills are a let down.

LAKEVIEW TERRACE sidesteps cliché throughout – arguably until the climax, anyway – and delivers plenty of suspense and thrills in its story of a racist-with-a-twist – this time it's Jackson who's the racist, a guy who hates whites.

It kept you on the edge of your seat from the middle all the way up until the end.

This film is something you would watch on a slow day if it came on cable.

Jay Hernandez from "Hostel" fame, adds nothing to the overall plot, his character serves the only purpose of being Jackson's partner in the Force and his sub-plot of leaving patrol to became a detective went nowhere.

you have several sequences in which the neighbors go at it, and the tensions do mount to a climactic ending,, not a bad movie,, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

THE END ya sounds real exciting when its condensed trust me worst movie I've ever seen.

Overall a this is highly predictable and pretty lame movie with a slight hint of racism that may or may not offend some folks.

Very Slow Movie that I Would Not Consider a Thriller, .

Hollywood is justly criticised for its concentration on formulaic fare.

LaBute's message was delivered with so much bitterness and anger, I found the movie nearly unwatchable.

It is this sort of intertextuality which makes Lakeview Terrace a compelling watch especially when it shares many other similarities to the epic poem Paradise Lost.

3) an unpredictable twist coming out of left field (this has the potential to be very good or very bad).

An excellent performance by Samuel Jackson very convincing, the man deserves an Oscar for this one, an interesting plot and an unexpected ending - this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat - the underlying racial tones speak to that part of both Black and White people's consciousness that most of us are uncomfortable dealing with - Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington also played their parts well, both are first class actors and deserve kudos for a job well done!

But it surprised me with its thematic elements, and really suspenseful scenes.

A very entertaining thriller with great acting from its two leading actors.

His performance was so cliché it seemed like he had little to work with, a film with forced and predictable dialogue and interaction.

It is slow at the beginning, then it gets thrilling and it stays like that during the whole one and half hours.

The acting is good; the story is interesting; there is a decent level of social commentary; and is suspenseful.

This is not a problem though because it is hard to make a film that is genuinely new and unpredictable nowadays and just because Lakeview Terrace is similar in theme or approach to other films doesn't stop it being a really good film.

In short, "Lakeview Terrace" is a piece of solid entertainment and an engaging film to follow with a re-watchable value, that could have been even better had the III Act being totally re-written and the more edgy scenes that are presented in the "deleted scenes" section of the DVD edition should not have been left in the cutting room floor, because it kind of enhances the story and give it a more sordid touch to the whole.

Boring, and Borderline Racist .

Directed by Neil LaBute (In the Company of Men, Nurse Betty, The Wicker Man "2006") made an highly entertaining movie.

Till then, "Lakeview Terrace" makes for reasonably compelling viewing.

It's been a decade since Neil LaBute made "In the Company of Men," a scathing social satire that was by turns ugly and fascinating in its unblinking look at the dark side of human nature.

The ending of the film is somewhat predictable as we knew everything would break lose as it was time to end.

Why is Lakeview Terrace cliché-defying?

Very predictable story that isn't to sure what it wants to tell us.

There is a nice twist in the story that does make you sit on the edge of your chair.

This of course is leftist propaganda garbage aimed at their hatred of Middle America.

very slow.

Jackson is intense as an older unhinged LA policeman who lost his wife in a car crash three years earlier.

Apart from that this movie is dry, slow, entirely too long, and completely mis-marketed.

With a fitting conclusion and overall entertaining suspense, I'd say LaBute has found a happy medium between Hollywood-fare and his indie/stage sensibilities.

Much of the criticism that I have read on this site regarding this movie is poly-syllabic pallaba - I would encourage movie fans to go and see this movie at least twice, it is both entertaining and provocative!!!

"Wicker Man" director Neil LeBute's suburban crime thriller "Lakeview Terrace" qualifies as a predictable, PG-rated melodrama that draws its inspiration from a real-life case of racism where an African-American cop harassed interracial couples in Los Angeles.

Being a police officer, this action could be misled as surveillance rather than spying, yet Abel uses the latter of the actions as he watches his neighbors engaging in sexual activity in the privacy of their own pool.

The movie had some twist & turns, some good laughs and was pretty intense.

Getting off to a slow start the movie begins to slightly pick up the pace and there are strong solid turns from both Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington as the unsuspecting couple who want to make a life for themselves.

Predictable from the beginning.

The eventual conclusion feels quite contrived to me and it really doesn't have much to say on race relations.

Lakeview Terrace is a really slow and mediocre movie that I think people would be better off avoiding.

I wasn't blown away by it like Ebert, but I still enjoyed this suspenseful thriller thanks mostly to Samuel L.

Its very much worth watching.

Yes it does have somewhat of a shitty ending, because it's predictable.

Lakeview Terrace is a very poor movie with a dull storyline and an overall uninspired cast.

I found it very much worth watching.

The film concludes with the showdown between Abel and Chris ending in the cliché one man standing scene and giving way to the outcome of the lifestyle resulting from the duel.

The entire first half is slow...

Turner's life has been scarred and ruptured by the death of his wife, who was killed in a car accident with her white lover while engaging in an affair – something that understandably has been festering in Turner's craw for some time.

Discomforting slow burn thriller with a palpable sense of build up and dread that in retrospect was just a sitcom style story of bickering neighbours without a laugh track.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Don't waste your time.

This potboiler barely raises enough steam to get the pulse going or the interest sustained to its ultimately predictable final act no thanks to a pedestrian script by David Loughery and Howard Korder and surprisingly lame direction by button-pusher Neil La Bute.

Second - while a bit constructed in places - the story starts nice and slow, only to gain speed as it goes.

A formulaic mix of "Unlawful Entry" and "Changing Lanes" .

Thankfully Director Neil LaBute knows well enough that the most engaging of antagonists have their fair share of lighter, more tragic sides; Abel has his fair share of such human qualities.

This movie is more than just a drama, it is a psychological suspense thriller, along the likes of Pacific Heights and Fatal Attraction, sadly the finale is all very predictable and it is a movie that is pretty much instantly forgettable.

For, indeed, the movie is at its sharpest and most compelling in the early stages, when Abel is still attempting to hide his evil beneath the veneer of at least some degree of social acceptability.

Problem is, because a movie like this is completely character driven, after you have the nice slow build up to the climax, once the tension snaps, you're relegated to basically a generically default final act of the movie where "the bad guy finally comes out of the proverbial shadows and literally chases the hero.

Neil LaBute has made some awful films (in fact his one before this was the dire Nicolas Cage remake THE WICKER MAN) but Lakeview Terrace is an unexpected delight – a high-calibre piece of professional filmmaking that never disappoints.

The banal ending spells out commercial openly as opposed to art.

The ending especially was edgy and intense.

Thrust together with what has to be one of the most boring story lines in the history of film making, the acting is mediocre at best.

The movie was very predictable and the characters were transparent.

Abel's demise is predictable and that in itself clouds the movie's ending.

Despite my grievances with this film I must admit it is quite exciting.

A dreary story about unsympathetic people .

Exciting .

This film falls more under a drama than thriller as it was predictable and a straight up story.

But I'm sure that was changed to make the movie more exciting.

Good film with a decent premise,worth watching.

Begins as a riveting character study with various subtle and psychological elements bolstered by solid acting, then cops out at the end, abandons the initial premise, and presents the kind of contrived, over-the-top action climax you've seen in countless other films.

It's a nice break from the unintelligent mess that has become an anti-racism subgenre, and a nice break from the intense hardcore horror and action movies I enjoy watching.

Overall, it's a very intelligent, suspenseful, and thought provoking film.

The movie starts off slow and then in the middle, it started to get interesting because Jackson's character starts to act like a lunatic and that's what so creepy about his character, he's very creepy and crazy.

I'm a fan and watched this movie with few expectations and thought it was a good movie worth watching at least once.

More than that and it's a torture to watch bad writing, directing and mediocre acting.

Its characters were thin, underdeveloped stereotypes, its screenplay was heavy-handed and formulaic, and its ending was almost complete and tonal banal.

Entertaining and a very exhilarating ride.

mindless and sort of pointless with several plot lines left unresolved.

Just how far down the barrel does one rotten apple manage to spoil its neighbours and how far can a gripping and unending bitterness take you down the path of insanity?

I just want to point out i'm not racist in any way at all, trust me there have been films with a lot more racism in than this but still well worth watching for a look at the world today.

Watch it because it's worth watching.

waste of time .

Also the basic plot,and good writing(including the good dialogs)help for the whole material to be entertaining.

An entertaining neighbor movie.

He just cannot be reasoned with, when Chris and Lisa have an unexpected surprise they were not ready for that gives their marriage a shake, Able isn't helping when he goes as far as to threatened their lives.

It's sad to walk into a movie high on drugs and happy as a hippie in a helicopter and still fall asleep.

One of the more fascinating scenes where Lisa and the daughter were exchanging love interests in a Caucasian boy, at the poolside without her father knowing.

It was a pretty good movie, the performances were good, the plot was interesting and is very entertaining!!

Overall the movie was entertaining with some thrilling moments.

Anything to shorten the dreary predictability.

It's not complicated, so it should've at least been entertaining.

Then, out of nowhere, Lakeview Terrace comes along and defies every cliché you thought you knew about racism movies.

Nobody is compelling.

With a movie like this, you pretty much have these possible outcomes: 1) the generic, semi-predictable ending (like we got here).

Here is a man who, like a small number of actors and actresses in movie history, can command the viewer's attention by doing something as mundane as advertising a credit card, and he turns up more mendacious than menacing.

Nonetheless, both have a certain charm which makes for engaging viewing.

Here is one of the boring elements in the movie; the conflict is too predictable and feels scripted - all of us knows where this is going.

The movie has thrilling/suspenseful scenes that will definitely rev up your adrenaline and elevates the movie.

Jackson's fantastically intense performance.

When you do look at Lakeview Terrace from afar, you will see some very intriguing instances of race, social status, and other barriers coming to the forefront as catalysts for the strained relationships cropping up.

Jackson in a meaty lead role as a racist black cop with white issues, it is for the most part a riveting thriller.

Indeed, the sympathetic couple are pretty boring.

flawed but intriguing racial thriller .

It was very entertaining.

A very entertaining and heart pounding movie .

The only letdown that turns the movie away from being listed as a great film of its genre, it's the somewhat disappointig III Act, when the plot contrivances starts to go to the cliche route and the movie speeds up to near potboiler territory with an implausible climax.

Turner is a somewhat intriguing character.

For those extremely interested in sociology and psychology, there will be plenty of material here to keep you interested, but a distinct lack of focus and direction hurts the movie's ability to keep the viewer engaged when bullet points are being dragged on.

Intriguing though he may been, Turner really comes across as too much of a racist caricature.

The premise is very interesting and intriguing, which is what interested me in it in the 1st place.

Unwatchable Throwback to the 70's...

The psychology exhibited in this thriller is even more relevant today, and I feel it is what makes this a movie worth watching.

In short the wife leaves early Samuel tries to tell the guy to get out to late.

He carries the film, along with the other performances that have more than enough room to maneuver and dodge the predictable clichés, such as Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington.

And the main con to the film for me was that there was no message at the end of the movie.

LaBute, truthfully, makes few mistakes, he allows for character development, and as I mentioned not just regarding Chris and Lisa, lets the story develop at a slow burning pace, with the hillside fires mirroring the escalating tempers.

Worth watching!

One these central elements lies in Jeff and Mychael Danna's score, which opens and closes the movie with an intriguing fluidity and foreboding tension.

Lakeview Terrace is such a relentlessly dull nothing of a movie that I was actually grateful for the censor's inevitable snipping of bad words, blood, and Kerry Washington barfing.