Lavender (2016) - Drama, Thriller

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After discovering old fractures in her skull, a photographer recovering from amnesia becomes increasingly haunted by a sinister childhood secret.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly
Stars: Abbie Cornish, Dermot Mulroney
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 20 out of 56 found boring (35.71%)

One-line Reviews (57)

well matched to dull action.

It's all a bit guessing what happened but it's just a bit too slow and too long before you get some answers.

The movie left me needing valium very boring depressing

Superb acting, surprise twists, really worth watching!

However, the movie was so slow it was difficult to watch.

Instead it's dull, poorly acted, monotone (both sound and visuals), and ultimately a letdown.

Any ways, I enjoyed it and give it 5 out of 10 only for all the hard work in everything they did except for the actual story.

Good but slow.

Pioneered by the series 'The Killing' where nothing happens there's no plot nothing ever reveals anything.

Photography, as with the soundtrack, the movie is inhabited with many equally stunning shots that brings out the almost fairy air amidst the horror.

The "twists" were entirely predictable, and the score was obnoxious--way too much use of discordant violins.

kept you hanging on the edge but I think Jane is still suffering from memory loss or confusion.

and even that was as slow as molasses in January.

When there was more empty scenery and zoning out, I just skipped ahead to the revelation part, which wasn't too bad, and then it was finally over.

I fell asleep for about 10-15 minutes watching this with my husband and I didn't miss anything.

Predictable, boring, poorly written and poorly acted .

The storyline was very intriguing.

Slow, stupid, and not scary.

Nothing happened for the first half hour besides the introduction of the characters and the main character living her life in between zoning out to annoying violin (or cello?

As a number of our reviewers have pointed out, this movie moves slow...

It's that slow.

Up until then it's just a string of boring flashbacks.

And boring it is.

very slow...

Characters - boring and un-relatable.

If you are taking off work for an actual sick day, this film is worth watching if for no other reason than it will lull you to sleep.

To make matters worse, the ending is quite predictable.

We all enjoyed it very much and would highly recommend it if you enjoy psychological thrillers.

Which survive a) a car accident involving four to five roundabouts oft he said car b) irritatingly confusing multiple ghostly figures trying their hands at dumbcharade in the middle of the night attempting to pass off important information about her past c) several near death experiences of her daughter.

And let's face facts; Abbie Cornish is the pot man's Charlise Theron while anything with Justin Long in it is a waste of time.

The last 20 minutes, while predictable, were well executed.

Pretentious classical music played loud all along, dun-dun-Duns five seconds ahead of when you're supposed to be scared.

Overall, the movie is adequate at best but, it is far from the worst and worth watching if you haven't anything better to do.

This film is slow, very slow, just when we think we're getting somewhere the lead "doesn't remember" or "doesn't know why...

The story was bland, the cast was mundane and the endless attempts to create a creepy and tense atmosphere failed miserably.

It's engaging enough for the most part although it does at times seem to drag just a little bit.

This one is a Netflix late night special if you are very bored.

If u look for cheap or predictable tricks this might leave u disappointed.

) waste of time.

It, like the film, is a repetitive slog.

This is a slow-burning, well constructed psychological thriller with mystery and supernatural elements.

Lavender is in my POV a well & slow told drama/ghost story.

It's an average movie worth watching once and then forget about it.

While it tries to create an eerie atmosphere and engaging story, it just kind of misses the mark.

The director managed transforming what might have been a plausible, absorbing tale into the standard Hollywood fare of over-made-up leading female roles and sympathetic little kids plodding through an essentially pointless plot, festooned with the obligatory Hollywood fare of slow-motion special effects (the car wreck, for example) and pointless scenic shots (the corn field, for example).

Don't waste your time .

Painfully slow, unoriginal and maddeningly confusing, this bore fest's worst mistake is having the vapid lead character who is stand offish and in a constant daze, played by the buxomly succulent, magnetically attractive Abbey Cornish.

No, I don't need explosions, but if a film gets any slower than 'Ex Machina' I feel as if we're stretching a short film into a feature.

However, after this point it felt as though Jane was walking slowly in every family secret scene and it was 10 to 20 seconds of nothing happening every time, which was boring to me.

Ignore Bad Reviews - This is a Good Story and Entertaining Thriller/Mystery .

At times in the middle I did find myself losing a little bit of interest, as it did delve into the realms of boring at times.

its not scary but it keeps you interested, the ending is super unexpected, overall worth watching.

Entirely too predictable, if you cannot guess who the villain is you're either not paying attention (who could blame you?

Even one of the characters in this movie whines 'this is boring'.

The one that first came up said the movie was slow and boring.

slow-burning, well constructed psychological thriller .

i really enjoyed it.