Legends of the Fall (1994) - Drama, Romance, War

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In the early 1900s, three brothers and their father living in the remote wilderness of Montana are affected by betrayal, history, love, nature, and war.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Edward Zwick
Stars: Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins
Length: 133 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 53 out of 407 found boring (13.02%)

One-line Reviews (200)

The story, though very enjoyable is secondary to the beautiful filming and the appeal of the main characters.

The overall feeling was that of over pretentious Harlequin Romance.

This covers things like Susannah falling for Samuel, who seemed to be an empty suit, Tristan keeping his long hair while in the British Army, etc. Excellent performance by Gordon Tootoosis, by the way, although his manner of speaking is very reminiscent of Chief Dan George.

The cinematography of the landscapes is breathtaking.

Didnt feel they were overreacting or bored.

The oldest son was Aidan Quinn as Alfred Ludlow, intelligent but dull, a straight-arrow sort who believed in and followed the rules, at least until he found out how the world and politics really work.

The first time i saw this film,i found one wonderful fascinating & amazing film.

That is the gist of this melodramatic, pointless film.

Like Titanic, or Gone With The Wind and Doctor Zhievago before it, it posses that untouchably bold quality that showcases emotion, tragic happenstance and deep longing all set in a breathtaking setting that is meant to move and astonish you.

Considering the budget limitations for location that even moved the production from Montana to Canada and the unpredictable weather during filming, among other things, this is a fantastic accomplishment, to say the least.

This movie is thoroughly enjoyable, I don't know why it took me so long to watch it!

Beautiful Scenery and Tragic Romantic Story Marred by Pretentious Music...

I had unknowingly bought Zwick's worst movie when I purchased `Legends Of The Fall.

No, this film is empty at the core, not giving us enough to like in Tristin (Pitt) or to dislike in Alfred (Quinn) to understand what the fuss is all about.

The film's great strength is in the direction, which distracts the audience from various points that might have seemed cliché.

The Oscar-winning cinematography makes the most of the often stunning locations while the meticulous costume design strangely went unnominated.

My hope: More movies should be made in this vein: breathtaking beauty accompanying the hard truth of reality¡ª the complexity and imperfection of human nature, which is forever shadowed by unaccountable, invincible fate.

) It dragged and there were so many things to cover better, there was no need to stretch it out and dwell.

the colors are breathtaking.

Otherwise, just rent another Edward Zwick movie, "Glory"; at least you will lean history and see that a director may make the best and the worst movies in his career.

Powerful & Gripping .

The Oscar winning cinematography is just breathtaking.

The acting, the depth of the characters, their interactions with each other, the unexpected plot twists, the majesty of realized love and the tragedy of its being just outside of one's reach, or the devastation of its loss.

Stunning performances from the legendary Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt!

The scenery is beautiful and the acting is well done, but the story is bloated and bland.

I think Anthony Hopkins performance in this movie is absolutely breathtaking, I liked him before I saw this movie, and afterwards, liking became loving.

The result is a melodrama that's way too soapy (much too much happens to this clan), totally uninspiring and pointless, and never legendary.

But, then the entire story is so knee jerk predictable and hackneyed.

It is always well balanced between ingeniousness and cliché.

Overall Entertaining .

I have seen 'Remains of The Day' several times and find it absolutely riveting.

It's greatly exaggerated, of course, but I still enjoyed it.

This movie is one that expresses the fall of man at its best, and it does so with a good story line and a well drawn out plot.

In fact it is often dreary and suffers greatly from over length.

It is a rather slow movie as well so do not expect loads of action.

(Kudos however to John Toll and his Oscar for breathtaking Cinematography.

The movie has a relatively simple storyline, but it is well-done and entertaining, if a bit bittersweet.

The life story of Tristan Ludlow was compelling.

Unfortunately I was terribly disappointed, 'Legends of the Fall' is overlong, silly and very boring.

Last quarter is possibly the most enjoyable part of the movie, so if you can sit through the boredom this might be a 9 for you.

The rest of it - melodrama, depression, and a slow disjointed plot.

A bit too much and too desperate really, for "Legends of the Fall" is a beautifully crafted movie but further more also a empty and distant one because too much is happening in a too short amount of time.

Legends of the fall is now probably known for bringing Brad Pitt into the mainstream but it is a grand sweeping epic with great performances, a touching story and some stunning natural visuals.

And what a beautiful woman, Julia Ormand is stunning in this film.

I went into this film with an open mind, with time on my hands and simply hoping to see something entertaining.

A masterpiece of cinematography, with stunning landscapes in almost every shot.

The acting is great, the story is moving and engaging and the charaters are well-thought, complex, interesting, and most of all, very human (just watch how Aidan Quine makes the character that could have easily been the stereotypical enemy/anti-hero into one of the more moving, relatable characters in the movie).

Boring and depressing .

But nevertheless entertaining stuff.

It's very understandable that this particular movie won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography, since perhaps the most breathtaking of all is the surroundings, the nature of Montana rising above the ranch, constantly shown in it's true beauty in the forms of lush forests, high rising mountain peaks and wide open fields.

Richly Absorbing .

Sumptuous, scenic, smouldering, sensual, and anything else beginning with the letter S describes this would be epic, but come the end of the film, it leaves you feeling depressed and empty.

But if your intrested in rather an intriguing and touching saga, a chronicle of the life and endevours of a family, that mixes rebellious and heroic feelings amongst the love and tragedy, look this one up, it's worth the view!

The texture of the landscape was breathtaking.

After a Braves game one night, insomnia sets in, so I spent an evening staring at TBS Superstation's presentation of the picture, hacked up with commercials as Ted Turner is wont to do.

Beautiful, sensitive and thrilling...

Very Entertaining .

but if you simply sit back and do no more than take in the majestic cinematography and enjoy the moving soundtrack by James Horner, you can consider it an enjoyable two hours.

the soundtrack is wonderful while scenery is stunning.

However, he pulls it off and is just amazing as the renegade Tristan, always flirting on the edge of a raging spirit that causes him to do stuff that well...

an engrossing epic .

The movie is very, very depressing (don't see it if you have serious emotional issues), and it's also very dull.

Very slow and depressing .

In that department I was disappointed, it's basically a narrow love story that is cliché and very formulaic.

(SPOILER) The death of Tristan's wife was the only real shocker for me, and everything after that point including Alfred's rejoining the fold in the final shoot-out was somewhat predictable.

It is well paced, beautifully filmed (down the road from here, not in Montana), held together by overblown but beautiful music, and a compelling narration.

And literally the character development of Susannah is so unbelievably dull and non existent that it's almost pathetic.

One of the film's most stunning features was the cinematography.

The background music and the score is simply breathtaking.

But this movie is a mess, it is Hard to show a love story bcz real love stories are boring...

Director Edward Zwick and cinematographer John Toll come together to tell quite possibly the most visually compelling story of our time.

The landscapes throughout the movie are breathtaking filmed primarily in the Rocky Mountain foothills west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Though it might seem that the movie is too long and the screenplay is too full of dramatic episodes, "Legends of the Fall" is a great movie to calm yourself down after a long week.

There were just a few scenes I grew bored in.

Cinematography Great, Julia Ormond Stunning, Screenplay Terrible.

I don't really care one way or another about the contents of the movie - it's a passable historical epic set mostly in the west, and it has moments which are evocative of the age.

This is boring, overblown, rubbish.

It was an emotional roller-coaster and extremely unpredictable,the acting was flawless and on more than one occasion i had to cover my eyes as i couldn't bare to watch what was coming lol.

But my sister's big obsession was with Interview with the Vampire and Legends of the Fall, and to me, Legends of the Fall just looked boring, and I never wanted to see it.

This movie is worth watching for the performances turned in by Brad Pitt, Julia Ormond, Aidan Quinn, and the incomparable Anthony Hopkins.

The breathtaking scenery be it Montana or Canada is stunning.

I felt the relationships between the brothers, and how one woman changed all that, was really engaging.

The threatened family ties are brilliantly depicted in this epic, the interactions between father & sons and especially between the brothers riveting and wrenching.

It's heart-breaking, it's difficult, unpredictable, unfair, harsh, mean...

If you like breathtaking scenery shown through dramatic filming, you'll have to watch this one more then once.

The handsome Brad Pitt, though he doesn't make me swoon personally, nevertheless gives a compelling performance as the long haired, wild, and tormented Tristan.

It is slow and depressing.

From the breathtaking scenery to the superb acting this movie is a delight from start to finish.

Well, mostly the fact that it's such an American cliché.


This is definitely entertaining and is a very thoughtful film.

Overall, this film is really good, and well worth watching.

I give it 7/10 stars and highly recommend it to anyone.

Although the movie itself starts quite promising, it declines quite soon and becomes tedious and silly.

Beautiful, rich and engrossing .

The legend is somewhat fanciful at times, but it is an engaging and emotional story.

Everything from the acting to the directing was brilliant and the scenery was breathtaking.

An intriguing love story, stunning landscapes, nature doing its best to make you forget about the entire story, historical facts like WWI and the prohibition, good drama...

This film is not only a showcase of great acting, but it features sweeping, gorgeous cinematography and just stunning landscape shots which are always necessary in movies like this.

Melodramatic, uninspiring and never legendary .

Director Zwick takes elements that could be very forgettable (like the recent "Cold Mountain") and turns them into a very engaging story about a frontier family torn apart by jealousies and pride.

I saw this film in the theatre when it came out and wouldn't dare waste my time watching it again, so I'm surely rusty on some of the details.

Final scene of brotherly love absoutely emotional and unexpected, should have gotten more oscar nods, not just Golden Globes.

Exciting and beautiful action/drama/western that has gorgeous scenery, wonderful actors and a fine script.

To recap: bad script, bad direction, childish special effects, horrible miscasting, dull and unnecessary narration, painful soundtrack.

Pros: Emotional and sorrowful story, great ending, good acting, amazing performances by Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt, good cinematography, and a good use of musicCons: Very slow pacing, an overly long runtime, and the film could have been edited down by a lotOverall Rating: 8.1

Well, there ain't many bad things to tell about "Legends Of The Fall", apart from the fact that everything is so obvious and predictable in it.

All this leads up to a somewhat unrelated climax, and the viewer is left feeling empty and wondering exactly what happened.

The story was engaging enough that it didn't get boring, and when it ended, you feel as though you really just glimpsed the entire lives of this family.

A wonderful experience, it is exciting, dramatic and very moving.

Very predictable and drawn out- stiff dialogue and rigid acting (especially on the part of Aidan Quinn) doesn't help much either.

The story will hold you on the edge of your seat from the open title to the sensational ending when ....

Riveting performances from ALL of the cast members help to make this one of the only true epic's of the modern era.

The imagery that Zwick uses in the Montana, WWI, and travel scenes are breathtaking and enhance the story's message.

The first thing that struck me after watching this film was how much i enjoyed it - it was the only thing on TV that night so I decided to watch it as I am a brad pitt fan.

The narration is unpredictable so you need to get tough and FF without worrying about it.

The landscapes are breathtaking The family endures all, and tests its ties through death, life, love and hate.

Sometimes forever is too long .

Sprawling, breathtaking landscapes, unforgettable characters ....

Though the pace of the beginning of the movie is slow and it seems easy for anyone to guess the results: just a another triangle (tri-party) love.

And by making the story feel like a Native American legend, we see Tristan mysteriously befriending a bear, which not only looks comical, but contrived.

The story was very simple, yet still hard to follow at times.

Every time I felt certain I knew what was coming next, the plot took another unexpected turn & I sat there riveted, softly breathing "Wow!

The pacing is very slow and the runtime is overly long.

Hopkins' performance becomes more intense and sad as his character recedes more and more into old age.

Beautiful, yes, but long and boring...

It's all a bit grandiose with some of the most breathtaking color photography of a western landscape ever seen in an American movie--richly deserving of an Oscar for its photography.

Stunning as a history of family travails .

Add to that very strong story the beautiful and breathtaking landscape and mountains of Montana and you really enjoy every single scene.

This movie is probably one of the most boring movies ever made.

Suffice it to say that, by the ending credits, you're going to have seen some seriously intense Montana history, watched the principals age better than mere mortals could ever hope to (except ol' Colonel Anthony Hopkins who has a stroke and winds up looking as if he got a shot of Novocaine in his face every morning in the makeup trailer), listened to some major mastication of all that pretty scenery, and probably wondered why your US History class in high school couldn't have been this melodramatic--and R-rated for seriousness, with the occasional foul word, spilled gut, and breast or butt showing.

The poetry was visual, but everything else elevated the poem to a muse, and a muse is forever, and forever turns out to be such a long time, sometimes forever is too long.

Some of these legendary plotlines might have worked during the fifties, but seem amazingly contrived today.

Of course you'll have to take your time to let it all get through to you and not everybody is willing to sit more than 90 minutes to watch a movie, but once you are willing to let yourself overwhelm by its beauty, you'll find this a very powerful and gripping movie.

Still,this is one of the best dramas I've ever seen and it is worth watching More than once.

Flat, boring and wooden acting.

The dialogue is pure cliche (see the quotes).

You sure will be on the edge of your seat.

The earlier part is boring, with a drifting, random plot and some incredibly cringeworthy acting by Brad Pitt ("overacting" understates it!

Even so, I enjoyed it ultimately, even if it was a mixed bag.

So many things wrong with this cliche bit of rubbish omgA star for the gorgeous sceneryAnd one for brads extensions ...

He's the heart of the story, he's meant to be, if not heroic, at least sympathetic and compelling.

absolutely breathtaking .

- Intense.

By the film's end you both bored and depressed - not my idea of entertainment.

She was in love before the departure of the three brothers and still is after the war with the younger son, a wild but thrilling personality.

The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking--somehow tops even Robert Redford's best cinematography efforts.

I found the movie,"Legends of the Fall" to be absolutely breathtaking!

so for that reason it is a movie worth watching in my opinion.

Total waste of time and complete gibberish.

The battles and fights are as exciting as the tender romance moments.

This movie is a bit slow though.

I know it's not something that the critics would call "a good movie", but if your looking for a good, fun, entertaining movie then I suggest this one.

Ultimately, even though "Legends of the Fall" is unlikely to ever attain the same status as the best epic films it nevertheless remains a well-crafted production with an engrossing story and impressive visuals.

Normally love dramas don't interest me, since I find them boring and predictable.

Absolutely stunning movie.

But seriously this movie is completely pointless.

I think alot of the reviews explained the film beautifully about this long predictable shampoo commercial.

Zwick had a vision of how to bring this tale to the screen, and he realized it magnificently, aided by John Toll's breathtakingly beautiful cinematography (for which he received an Oscar), Lilly Kilvert's superb set designs and James Horner's compelling, dramatic score.

The youngest of three sons, Samuel, returns home from college in Massachusetts with a stunning fiancé, Susannah Fincannon, who apparently has no close living relatives.

A visually stunning film that will touch you emotionally and stay with you long after the screen has gone dark, `Legends of the Fall,' perpetuates the tradition of classics like `The Big Country' and `Giant.

On that basis it is enormously entertaining, a throwback to the days when Hollywood didn't apologize for passionate stories involving three brothers whose fates are intertwined with that of a legendary woman, as they're all outlined against the Big Sky.

A remarkable cast for a remarkable tale, set in this stunning masterpiece of a film.

The score is supposed to elevate the film and act as a coloring paint brush for the intermittently beautiful scenic photography and strong moments, yet it is thoroughly uncreative and uninspiring and I have always thought it is much overrated, as an attempt at sentimentality is not a redeeming quality on its own.

After the first ten minutes I kept looking at my watch hoping it would be over soon, but it dragged on and on and on...

But my favorite had to be Brad Pitt, his performance was engaging and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, because I simply was fascinated by the way the story was constructed.

A revenge thread is added, which makes for some of the more intriguing scenes in the movie.

The story is about characters who hold in their emotions, which drives the characters into their own tragedies that moves along the dark, and very, very engaging story .

All in all, I was quite bored and untouched.

The dialogue is cheesy and the story is predictable.

However when you put all of this sequences together the movie gets a disjointed, overdone and therefor also unlikely and even ridicules one.

Compare the boredom of World War I here with what Gilliam did in '12 Monkeys'; a thousand times more interesting on less money.

The screenplay is like something from Lifetime: stilted, badly paced, bitingly obvious, dull.

I also enjoyed the intriguing storylines, the captivating drama and wondering about how the love triangles would play out.

Corny plot but enjoyable nonetheless .

One of the worst movies of the decade.

The story dragged frequently, mostly because the director must have felt the need for overly dramatic pauses - several in every scene.

It's story is very compelling and tells the tale of three brothers and their father who live in Montana.

John Toll's photography located in Alberta and British Columbia (passing off as Montana) is picturesque and that one scene where Susannah is reading a note as she walks through the coniferous trees was absolutely stunning.

Boring, overblown rubbish .

' Engaging and memorable, it's a transporting experience, courtesy of the magic of the movies.

The script, the direction, the acting… It's like a TV soap that goes on forever, and it is *so* predictable.

Engaging and Emotionally Involving Epic from Edward Zwick .

Confusing times beget confusing emotions beget loss, sorrow, destruction.

Some scenes are so intense that no matter how many times you see it they're destined to bring tears to your eyes.

The movie is a tad long and drawn out, and takes the viewer through a series of tragedies.

I just got sick because of the bad acting, stupid storyline, sentimental soundtrack and the worst thing was that Brad Pitt(An over estimated actor)had such a god like apearence in this worst movie of all time (not to speak about the other actors, except Anthony Hopkins).

2>Fails to keep u glued to your sit 3>Breathtaking cinematography 4>Both Brad Pitt and Hopkins have much better movies than this 5>Background score is brilliant 6>Character portrayal is weak 7>Keeps you depressed in the end 8>Not one of Zwick's best 3 movies 9>Zwick completely failed in portraying the characters of the leading ladies.

It's also overly melodramatic, improbable, contrived, ridiculous, overemotional, schmaltzy, and irrelevant to any real issue.

It's an unsettling story that's way too oratorical for my tastes and seems more dependent on style over substance, but for some reason I can't explain, it still lured me because it was very entertaining.

and this film is everything but predictable.

Riveting, ironic and Shakespearean.

Worst Movie Ever .

An engaging story .

Absolutely breathtaking.

And then I left the theater greatly disappointed.

A Long and Dreary Movie That Fails In Almost Every Way .

The mountains and valleys are stunning to look at, Pitt and Hopkins both do good performances, I might not paid full attention, but what I did was worth watching.

As a mini-family saga we get to know the characters very well, but as a series of unfortunate events I found myself getting a little bored at times.

The scenes are unpredictable, you don't know what's going to happen, I really recommend to see this movie.