Legion (2017) - Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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David Haller is a troubled young man diagnosed as schizophrenic, but after a strange encounter, he discovers special powers that will change his life forever.

IMDB: 8.3
Stars: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 119 out of 458 found boring (25.98%)

One-line Reviews (272)

I felt like a fool for trying to stay awake for so many episodes in season 2, and I feel bad for the actors and other people making the show, they were probably told over and over how it would all make sense in the end, and were utterly lied to.

Problem is, I've been so deliberately bored by the idiocy of TPTB that created this P.

Written by Chris Claremont, the shows dialogue and pacing showcase his ability to write fast-paced action-packed thrillers (his usual variety) as well as more drawn out cerebral pieces with well-paced scenes (Legion); Claremont has written a plethora of movies and shows for Marvel since 1983.

It will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat.

Artzy fartzy Pretentious and tiresome .

Dan Stevens is solid but his character is so boring, so whiny, so lame.

boring n cheap production, Why 8+ rating??.

Pretentious bungholes will absolutely love this show.

Boring boring boring.

It's smart and keeps you on the edge of the seat.

It's almost as if they're throwing pretty much everything at us for quirky effect, but instead of being cool and thought-provoking it's just a waste of time.

The acting was compelling.

I couldn't stand myself half the time when I'm watching the show not because the plot but mostly on cinematography and pointless 'slowmo'.

It's plain out boring.

Became so mysterious it was hard to ever know what was going on (which was exhausting and boring), it got so creative that it was pretentious and nonsensical, and the scariness wasn't really there.

Short and sweet review: intense multi-threaded story line, with a lot of head scratching and hearth thumping action with a love story woven in.

Legion works on so many levels, it's funny, clever, cool, trippy, creative, poignant, exciting, scary & thoughtful.

The only thing that kept me going was that the storyline itself was fascinating.

In a very creative and visually stunning way, S2-E8 just explained the concept of the multi-verse and the complexity of chaos theory driving the idea that every imaginable outcome is simultaneously happening.

From a weird artsy idea to a boring lack thereof .

really slow and boring af .

Even though i do like the story-line and i see good potential but stop with confusion segments, pointless artistic shots and hipster's fashion already.

Overrated Dull Fest - Legion of Doom .

I hope this series get's canceled because is a waste of time!

It is filled with special effects and disjointed scenes that do nothing to advance the plot.

But in reality, it fails on all fronts but succeeds tremendously in being the dullest and mind numbingly boring.

The continuity woven out of a plasticity in the time line is amazingly effective and engaging.

The story arc of Farouk was drawn out way too long and could have been presented so much better.

It's rather bland indeed if you compare it to what follows.

Upon thinking more deeply, I agree with others, 6 episodes in, I was actually caring less and less for all main characters, seriously, anybody who really enjoyed episode 6 of season one should have their brain checked, it was boring, it was pretentious, it added nothing to the story, I couldn't care how some Mum's died.

intelligent and unique (2 viewings)Season 2: 7/10 a lot slower with a bit of a filler-y feel at times.

It's really boring and makes no sense.

The story is vague & intriguing from the beginning with growing enchantment as the episodes stack-up.

From episode 6 and forth contains very much dream material and the "are the mutants in reality mentally ill and delusional about their superpowers" theme to an extent that felt confusing and unecessary.


It was confusing and annoying.

As complex and unpredictable as the heroes, and the villain...

Some good ideas quickly sketched together, lots of special fx, bad storytelling and acting combined in a painfully boring way.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable watching experience that has you totally engaged.

This show is so hard to follow until it's exhausting.

Worth Watching Till The End .

Don't waste your time on this show.

However the way it is now, the plots points are separated by hours of irrelevant self indulgent non-events.

Sometimes there are shows that are a bit slow and you just continue watching it because they are still OK.

Season 2 Way Too Confusing.

But then there were just boring long paced hollow scenes, with simple empty dialogues, cardboard characters (in absolutely tiresome way).

Wish they could just tone it down with the confusing story lines and scenes that don't flow with the show.

It seemed pretentious, art for arts sake maybe.

Boring, Pretentious .

How is this series in any way good, except in really slow and inconsistent storytelling?

It is boring and you should not waste your time seeing this as it offers nothing.

Initially, quite intriguing.

Nothing happens and an hour can go by.

I cannot decide which part of the show is worst - the dream sequences, the atrocious and stilted acting, the music playing in every scene (to give the scenes artificial "depth"), the cheesy dialogues, and the awful plot which was supposed to add "mystery" to the show, but makes it boring instead.

if you are either dimwitted, or a stoner or a pretentious guy who thinks they are smarter than everyone else, because only they "get" it.

Even when it's slow, this show moves fast.

Boring and annoying.. .

Even the repetitive gasps of flashing lights and sophisticated digital effects couldn't make this childish and amateur X Men adaptation worth watching.

Also, 1+ hour for an episode is too long.

but to take the ENTIRE 8 episodes of season one and go absolutely NOWHERE with the story other than continuously showcasing the guy has a messed up head, is just pointless.

Low budget ,confusing and boring series .

Any time I tried to watch, I fell asleep.

Legion is pretentious.

When you go eight episodes into a TV series, you shouldn't be bored or be questioning what is going on in the TV series.

Season 3 was complete waste of time and made the show pointless.

I hope it remains calming, confusing, psychedelic, psychotic, playful, angry and as wonderful as it has started out as.

The second episode is more of the same: Confusion!

Besides being extremely confusing, there is NOTHING here to draw the viewer in.

I can only assume they're looking for something different to engaging with.

A chaotic metaphor for the novel cliché that is the fundamental paradox of existence.

It started out weird and boring with a lot of nonsense that never got explained and it all just continued right through the 2nd episode - in the same boring style.

I cant believe the rating on IMDb there sure are some really pretentious types out there - probably the ones who rated Arrival a great film and Riddick a poor one!

Too Slow.

Why did the second season have to be so damn pretentious?

Visually stunning, Mind twisting, and brilliantly acted.

I only gave this a 7 because it was confusing and entertaining if that is a thing.

Stylistically Weird, Incredibly Gripping .

It was a huge waste of time, which could have been done better.

After 10 episodes you feel your going nuts of boredom .

I think directors and producers have certain ideas with this TV series but they end up making an ovrrated boring TV series.

It is going nowhere.

NOTHING happens.

Its visually stunning, psychological, a series that will stand out as a piece of art that reminds me of those visual illusions at which you have to stare and at a certain point an image would appear or move.

Complete Waste Of Time .

Or, you already love the character, in the comics, so you'll watch this incredibly tedious origin story...

Finding some kind of solace in the confusion and spiraling frenzy that is legion.

very creative and engaging for a generic subject .

It's just a constant repetitive scene of David childhood through teenage year until he got into mental hospital.

The flow of the series is frequently interrupted by some of the worst psuedo-intellectual pretentious lectures by the narrator I have ever seen.

Complete waste of time.

The second season unfortunately loses a lot of the charm and 'fun' and feels like a pretentious art film.

If it gets any slower, it'll go backwards .

The result, for the unfortunate viewer, is confusion and frustration, in equal measure.

), but I did ff out of boredom so could have missed this overused hook.

The acting is great, the cast stand out, the visuals are stunning and the odd musical numbers are strange enough to keep wanting to see more.

This was very entertaining guys and you all killed it!

exciting and crazy.

The show was very boring.

This year was released second season of this fascinating TV show.

I don't know if this is true or not, but I feel as though superhero movies have been made a specific way for a long time and that now viewers just expect to see an action packed, fast-paced story where the stakes are really high and the world is about to end.

If you are looking for a show to watch in the hope of falling asleep then this is the show for you.

Just like the other over hyped recent production "American Gods" another self indulgent stylized series.

So just the love interest, besides that empty.

Now it's just boring.

Awful, weird and a waste of time .

And being a huge marvel fan, I tried to struggle through ep2, but had to turn it off out of boredom & confusion.

So boring and confusing.

In short, it is enjoyable to watch this show.

Even the "look-at-my-fancy-artsy-fartsy-reverse-camera-framing-because-it's-art" shots that are obligatory in Noah Hawley productions somehow seemed contrived and slapped together with no real purpose.

All fantasy, but entertaining except not being able to understand the characters thus the fundamentals of the storyline.

Season 1 started really well paced until the last arc where it became slow and boring.

The right amount of confusion and then revealing them just to add some more dilemma to the scene makes us wonder which is real and which he is hallucinating.

With its riveting pace and how they gladly make you love the title character, at some point pray for him and gradually fear him as the series progresses.

To begin with, I was impressed by the uniqueness and aesthetics of the cinematography (reminded me a little of Requiem For A Dream) but quickly got bored of all the fanciness and mind-boggling effects when I realized that the story just wasn't moving forwards in any meaningful fashion at all, or if it was even progressing for that matter.

Well, I was able to watch maybe 15 minutes of the first episode before I became bored, frustrated and had to turn it off.

It's boring.

Mind blowing!.

We have a main character that is sporadic and hard to follow, they throw in beautiful and expensive visual effects to help sell the confusion around what's going on and how high the stakes are.


Then when he kissed his girl, the energy that was released and/or transferred made the movie that much more exciting.

I'm convinced the writers are having a great laugh reading the pretentious posts praising this season.

If you're going to halt the (already slow) story for a couple of episodes of nonsense, at least be visually stunning or groundbreaking or something.

The first couple weeks in particular were severely confusing, as most of what happens, you can't be sure of what is in the main character, David's head and what is actually happening in the real world.

Maybe 12 year old can enjoy all the crazy stuff and weird music but the characters are boring.

Story moves at a snail's pace.

He has been there for several years now and life is pretty much uneventful.

Its consistently slow and boring style of story telling continues through out the episodes dear lord.

I'm a philosophy major so I have dealt with my fair share of drivel but this is just a waste of time.

A visually stunning, intellectually stimulating work of art.

Then back to the confusing parts.

Speaking about good side of the masterpiece (I believe the show is worth of being called so) I have to mention the splendid conjunction of the music, the lighting and, properly speaking, the scene, in thrilling passages.

I loved the first season, it was gripping and interesting throughout, with great visuals and a nice balance between fantastical and drama.

But honestly, it just bored me.

Season 2 sucks - sad to be see what started as a good show turning into an utter bore-fest....

The classic waste of time but some people won't be told and so if you like wasting your time knock yourself out.

I usually have trouble fall asleep let's just put it that way.

Easily the most complex and thrilling Marvel adaptation to date.

A visual masterpiece and an incredibly compelling narrative.

After much disappointment from other primarily engaging shows like Lost or more recently The OA where writers seem to throw in a gigantic amount of "mysteries" to finally just drop everything without ever caring about putting things together just to trash it with a crappy, cheap ending (a disrespect to the people that have faithfully followed their shows, in my opinion...

Boring and childish .

Watched 5 episodes, on all 5 after 10 or 20 minutes i fell asleep.

It is so disappointing for a transcendental series that I really liked to end with such a mundane pseudointellectual message.

It's pretentious drivel through and through.

Life is that way, bad, good ok boring.

rubbish and waste of time .

so hes trapped in this now-tiny sphere and theres no liquid in it anymore because of reasons so hes all screaming but then he stops because suddenly hes in an empty room and he meets this lady.

Not because it's boring, but because it is fast paced and asks you to connect dots.

So incredibly dull and boring.

The show is so disjointed and is full of the same flashbacks over and over again, with cringe-worthy acting all the way.

its all a little confusing).

I'd highly recommend it especially to adult comic book fans and those among you who don't demand everything be explained within the first episode.

Have a high threshold of boredom?

That actually bored me.

Bland, semi-conscious characters.

I'm glad to say I enjoyed it immensely.

A Mysterious, Intriguing and Artistically Genius Masterpiece .

and The end of the episode you'll realize that most of the scene is pretty much pointless, they could've done a one hour episode long in 10 minutes.

Boring and pretentious .


I fell asleep 3 times with the pilot.

By the end of the mind boggling first episode, I was pretty sure I never wanted to watch this series again and doubt I ever will.

then came season 2 with its messed up story line, full of philosophy courses,slow paced,drugs and BS.

All the characters talk really slow with long pauses.

But it is mind blowing.

I find it totally inane and slow.

) The story jumps between different places, people, and times, making it a one pile of confusing story told effectively.

Don't waste your time with this unless you like to get annoyed.

Everyone should watch it with a open mind and take in this visually mind blowing show.

The show so far is shallow, a bit pretentious and utterly void of substance.

I went along for the first 6 episodes but the constant back-and-forth shifting between different realities and villains gets tedious fast.

Think its a great show, could do a bit more to keep us from looking away from screen every so often as it gets repetitive and boring.

The story is build up by a lot of flashbacks and maybe some can find that irritating but I enjoyed it.

I have watched just 4 episodes and this is boring like hell.

Too slow, too psychedelic to the point that you want to take something to follow their lead, too much effort to transfer a solid and mysterious comic story to the big screen where result is absolute boredom and a major headache.

Truly creative and engaging.

Here in this show - he and other cast of actors and actresses tried their best performance to support the series but the story failed to put them together properly rather making it a psycho, funny and boring TV series in the name of Marvel and its X-Men mutants.

If you're someone who has the least bit of interest in the superhero genre, whether you're a DC or MARVEL fanboy (Or neither) or whether you love when a story takes you off you feet with stunning visuals, you're in for a treat.

Too SLOW .

I absolutely hated the dancing flashbacks/dreams, I don't think they contributed anything to the story or the character, they were just a filler, and a way too long one.

well they to seem empty of any characterization.

The disjointed story line and complete lack of engagement with characters and randomness is just way too much.

I like being challenged with a storyline just as much as the next person, but the return in Legion is continuously too insignificant and pretentious to keep the viewer (me ) engaged.

We are drawn into David Haller's compelling personal world because, through his eyes, that which is invisible within ourselves becomes visible.

I would love to give this show more stars because it's marvel themed and I love marvel, but it's tries too hard to be 'deep' & 'edgy' & 'different' that it just becomes because bizarre, confusing & just plain stupid.

Incredibly strange and fascinating, with constant surprises and twists and puzzles.

Just as something as simple as the night sky and stars turns into something breathtaking.

But i see now that it will simply continue to waste my time.

And each episode can compete for the most boring intro/interlude/conclusion..you can't on the one hand ask for an open-minded audience season one and do that season two ).

I watched all of season one and about half of season two, hoping it would come together or move forward, it did neither.. The show went nowhere.

Also a bit repetitive.

Actors try their best, but without proper substance or direction, it feels pointless and empty.

Slow ?

Starts off a great mind trip, sadly turns pretentious .

Its so bad i had to go for a dump and that is where this pretentious twaddle should go.

So tiresomely repetitive were those scenes that I ff whenever they appeared.

He serves vermouth/vodka with olives, wants to start a band and all of a sudden in this confusion has some very, very important things to say....

A fun ride and worth the watch!

Every episode tells an intense story that makes you want to see what is next.

Hard to stay awake .

This show creates a mood of uncertainty and baited anticipation with a fascinating mix of horror/suspense and classic Marvel action sequences.

Most people do mention this show is BORING because probably it is.

It eve become a bit boring at some parts.

Dull .

The narrative feels confusing, pretentious, boring unlike season 1 where if you didn't understand something it would later be explained.

From the beginning, Legion was a brilliant, unique series with a compelling story, fascinating characters, and really trippy sequences.

Even the actors seem bored as their characters lose their personality.

The pacing was so extremely slow I had to skip episodes -- which I never do in a show.

It was really bittersweet and the highlight of an otherwise waste of time show.

i foud it confusing psychedelic and nonsensical i wrongly thought it would get better .. i got up to episode 7 before i give up..a waste of 6 hours of my life

The third season is building to be the best of the lot with a more linear storyline, Legion's origin story as the son of Charles Xavier himself and more stunning visuals and mind bending imaginary scenarios.

pretentious boring repetitious twaddle .

pretentious, contrived drivel!!.

This show is a fascinating and fantastic mix of edge-of-the-seat drama and eerie paranormal action, all blended in a cocktail of vintage 70's limelight.

Whole episodes where nothing happens.

Couple of things happened that were really surprising and didn't make much sense from the Legion universe we have been exposed to, but overall, very thrilling.

I was bored and really didn't care about any of the characters.

Just awful and very boring.

Really complicated, smart, a bit perverse movie, but it makes it cool and fascinating to watch.

Then I started watching and immediately fall asleep at the first episode.

Slow , repetitive and kinda boring.

I cannot say the same for persons who prefer only a linear and grounded plot though, so if you find it too mentally tiresome to try to solve a mystery of the psyche and identity of an intriguing individual with unimaginable powers (of the sort we have never seen brought to film or television), then maybe you shouldn't watch this show.

I have tried to find artistic merit in this show (As there is no story line or plot that makes sense) and even as an abstract concept of existentialism it fails and the only impression of introspection it leaves is "Why have I wasted so much time watching this drivel"...

This TV show fails to engage with the viewer and is basically a waste of time.

Episodes 1 and 11 were pretty good - that's the bun - and between them were 9 unbelievably tedious, pretentious episodes of absolute nothingness.

My wife found it difficult to follow.

- Superman - I'd Love To Change The World - White Rabbit - White Room - Don't Come Around Here No More For being almost 60, I am amazed that I find this show compelling.

So boring.

The first episode was just coherent enough and yet complex enough to hook me in and make me think that this series could be a clever, engaging drama.

All the high-concept stuff attempted in season 2 felt clunky and forced, and there was just no real plot, no sense of building tension.

I really don't know how to review "Legion"; it is the best, most creative, outlandish, and thoroughly entertaining television show I have watched for many years.

Legion has a non-linear story and the various dream sequences which can be confusing.

Boring, slow, and pretentious.

I love quirky, different, ground breaking, daring series/films, but this just seems like a drab film student project with unlimited funds gone completely haywire.

No plot points.

Also the plot to season 2 was just boring and unoriginal.

Too much playing with confusing.

Disjointed and poor narrative.

Awful show, boring and disorganized, it's a waste of my time.

Sometimes Dan Stevens seems to be going full throttle and other times he seems really bored.

Just plain boring

It was confusing and I had no idea what was happening.

In my opinion this series is tedious, adrift, and down right incoherent.

Pretentious drivel that thinks it is art.

Don't waste your time with this garbage.

If u like good drawn out characters and well written dialogue u wont like legion.

But, it's very engaging and very well written and so far from all the formulaic crap that's standard fare for tv these days!

If you can get past a little of the slow pacing and get in the bulk of the show you shall not be disappointed.

A Very Boring Show .

It tries so hard to jump between dream- sequences, chock effects, different settings in an epileptic-attack causing (I'm not kidding here) blur of flickering, weird colour schemes and a constant change between slow-mo and fast-forward scenes for one hour I just felt a combination of boredom and nausea at the end.

This show is worth the watch and then some.

I know they say there is method to his madness but this is confusing and not good.

One of the worst series ,totally confusing and boring plot , Dan Stevens acting is good and and he looks good otherwise there is nothing in this series of 8 episodes.

If you don't like crazy, confusing and strange storylines them you'll probably won't like it.

if you are suffering from some kind of insomnia and you need something to ease your lack of sleep , i totally suggest this one.

As pretentious as the main characters and stupid little hipster eye-winks got, I hung around for another episode just because of the production value associated with the first.

Dan Stevens was pretty bland on "Downton Abbey" and must have been looking for something completely different.

Due to monetarization of the game I wrote this positive critic based on the statistical probability of an open, boring end of the series, as happened before.

Powerful, demented, superb, never the same, scary, mind blowing, shaky, sad, gripping, pfou...

Jumpy story line and bad pacing make it really hard to follow the story.

A confusing mess that could have told in 2 episodes instead of the 11 hours I wasted watching it until the end.

The episode where David was inside Sydney's mind and watching her life over and over was complete waste of time and way too long ruined the show.

The editing is so disjointed, its as if all the film reel was cut into a million pieces, then hastily glues together and put on screen.

Total waste of time.

It can't be, because it's very slow paced.

Pass on this snoozer, unless you've got insomnia.

It's fresh, fun and so on the edge of "what the heck is going on?

Creative storytelling, but the numerous flashbacks for different characters, and not being able to understand important parts of the dialogue made for a disjointed, not well understood, confusing storyline.

I do not know the details of the financials, but if you care about creating a more compelling story, find a way to get more of this kind of thing made.

However, for a show of this nature to work it must offer some omniscient thread, otherwise it ends up as pretentious/elitist gruel to which there is no request for more.

Season 2 is hell, devoid of substance, 11 episodes of pretentious drag that should've and could've been edited down to 8 or less.

Lenny was just intriguing at first, then became so much more than that.

The first roughly 40 minutes of the show is rather confusing and pretty much pointless.