Little Monsters (2019) - Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

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A washed-up musician teams up with a teacher and a kids show personality to protect young children from a sudden outbreak of zombies.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Abe Forsythe
Stars: Lupita Nyong'o, Alexander England
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 27 out of 173 found boring (15.6%)

One-line Reviews (79)

Sometimes it was a little slow on some scenes but it is worth watching.

Too much pointless swearing in front of the kids ( so they annoyingly singing every time someone swears) make first half and hour of movie uncomfortable to watch.

Worth the watch though.

Very basic and somewhat predictable.

I think it's true that this could be the most enjoyable zombie comedy since "Shaun of the Dead", there are as many great bits of black comedy as there are those of the feel-good kind.

The movie is watchable but totally formulaic: guy is an immoral slacker, guy falls for nephew's teacher, he's met with redemption at the end and the teacher sees him in a whole new light...

Perhaps I just was in very tolerant mood, but Abe Forsythe's "Little Monsters" is very entertaining and has a surprisingly large number of positive aspects going for it!

However, in honesty, the script is not great, juvenile jokes, mediocre pacing, a super unlikable protagonist verging on the edge of irredeemability and personally I only got 4 (maybe 5) laughs out of this 90-minute affair.

Using an F-Bomb in every other line gets tiresome really quickly, and the joke that they're swearing in front of kids the whole time also got stale.

Enjoyable watch .

It wasn't groundbreaking or revolutionary or anything, but it was exceedingly funny, covertly satirical, witty, gory, cute, over-the-top, enjoyable, and surprisingly heartfelt: everything one could want in a Zombie-Comedy and more.

)The action is also entertaining in memorable; it provides a fresh take on zombie movies that we may have come to expect.

But I really enjoyed it.

Every single one of the charters are terrible, uninteresting, and flat out boring.

Possibly the worst movie I have tried in a long time.

It's not great, and the tone is all over the place, but it is entertaining enough if you have some free time

This movie was an unexpected delight.

The race to escape the next morning has a lot to like with the pay-off to a lot of the jokes while still keeping the action suspenseful and thrilling, and the idea of treating the zombies to a musical serenade while trying to get to safety has some ingenious work to it.

Predictable and devoid of humour, this is the first zombie film to make me feel like the walking dead...

Yawn of the Dead .

I fell asleep halfway through the movie.

I've found that it's quite easy for a good comedy to make you sport the rose colored glasses, because they are undeniably very entertaining and can steal your heart sometimes - this excuse is the intro for me stating that I can't pick on this movie much, it was a wild and awesome ride.

Unexpected funny film .

Little Monsters is fun and vibrant, and it stars an actress who is always worth watching.

Boring From The Start and Never Improves .

It was entertaining like a joke zombie film went by fast.

Highly Enjoyable Zombedy With Equal Amounts of Black & Feel-Good Comedy .

Total waste of time.

Worth the watch!!

Worth watching for those who enjoy Shaun Of The Dead from 2004.6.1/10 Walkden Entertainment

With the opening attack in the military complex that releases the zombies in a perfunctory if acceptable manner, the rest of the attacks in the film come through rather nicely with the zombie encounters on the different tourists on the outskirts of the facility offer some comedic variations that are still quite thrilling as the zombies are still threatening.

The movie is hysterical, there are so many genuine laughs throughout that anyone would leave the theater (or rather exit Hulu) with a smile on their face.

However, the best part of this movie that makes it worth watching is Lupita Nyong'o as the kindergarten teacher and her class.

But the biggest and most irritating cliche that Forsythe included, and the only one that actually bothered me, was the character of Teddy McGiggle.

At the end another cliché, trigger happy US Army firing excessively, a short, pointless, unfunny scene.

Lightweight as a rom-com and sing-along, "Little Monsters" is, nonetheless, entertaining.

Thirdly, we have the cliché of a star of children's television, who is of course rotten through and through and does not like children - surprise, and - even more surprisingly - is named Schneider, either as a blow to the Jew Dan Schneider, the mastermind of many children's series, or simply as the usual massive hostility to Germans - disgusting in either way.

Im bored now of zombie movies that are meant to be funny, they are not funny and just like this pile of rubbish, they are so badly acted it is a disgrace to the genre.

There's also plenty of plot-holes ie. the entire military base full of armed soldiers is overtaken by the zombies, yet these zombies are the slowest zombies you've EVER seen...


At one point, a soldier remarks as much, thankful that they're only dealing with slow zombies.

The plot revolves around Lupita Nyong'o's Miss Caroline protecting her innocent kindergarten class from an unstoppable tide of zombies (the slow ones).

Zombies are so slow, static and inactive, and so f...

The story is very cliché and the script sometimes too simple.

One of the Worst Movies of the 21st Century .

You could probably predict 50-100% of this whole movie and it's still worth watching.

A quite entertaining movie!

It was just on cusp of too boring to get through.

bland story bland dialog .

It's brought down slightly by a couple of predictable moments.

It's bland .

Just bored really and seen Lupita Nyong'o was in it so I figured I'd give it a go.

Boring, predictable comedy-wanna be.

Was this movie enjoyable?

Yeah, I groaned too when I saw zombies were the subject matter once more, but this is a fresh-feeling production with a fast-moving story and some great zombie makeup which would have worked well in a scarier production.

Just watched this film and really enjoyed it!

Bad jokes, unlikable characters, bad music, bad makeup Don´t waste your time.

Really cheesy but entertaining to watch .

And even though every ad basically lied about the plot I enjoyed it.

As someone who is interested in becoming a teacher myself, I really got into this movie and enjoyed it a lot!

Honestly, It was very enjoyable.

Solid and enjoyable zombie/comedy .

All told, not a classic of the zombie genre, but I enjoyed it more than Nyong'o's other, more lauded horror, Jordan Peele's Us.

You are also warmly invited to just accept that ravenous zombies are not capable to tear down a simple wooden gift shop, crawl through a gate with massive holes or apprehend the slowest driving tractor in the world.

She acts in <Us, 2019> I'm impressed she acts in unexpected way in zombies movie, so shiny.

Little MonstersAn enjoyable Horror/Comedy about a loser who has to take responsibility and grow up quickly to fight a zombie apocalypse (sound familar?

No idea why anybody would give this a good rating, The main character was so unlikable and constant swearing when talking to his 5 year old nephew was just boring and not needed.

But overall, I was plagued by a yawning attack and I was constantly annoyed about certain situations.

This movie was so enjoyable.

Very Enjoyable .

Overall, Little Monsters is a surprisingly enjoyable Australian Film.

Acting was Ok, and its better than that over hyped, pretentious trash that was the Dead Don't Die.

Only good thing ..josh is inMovie is boring A zombies movie with a total of 2 minutes of zombiesWay too much drama

Straight out of the formula book, but a couple of good gags with two extremely loveable leads makes this an enjoyable time.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

But I think it is a good movie let down by a slow start.

Dave (Alexander England) is a man-child whose life is going nowhere.

Unwatchable .

It's a nice try, but ultimately descends into cliché, especially with Dave's character arc: over the course of the movie, he changes from foul-mouthed loser to responsible guardian, and wins the heart of Miss Caroline.