Little Shop of Horrors (1986) - Comedy, Horror, Musical

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A nerdy florist finds his chance for success and romance with the help of a giant man-eating plant who demands to be fed.

Director: Frank Oz
Stars: Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 17 out of 192 found boring (8.85%)

One-line Reviews (83)

Much of the music is dull and the story is not very good.

Enjoy this classic and watch it again and again as songs and colors will explode out of the screen in a very exciting and hillarious movie about love, hate, death and despair.

The movie can be comedic, tragic, campy, dramatic, and fun yet still have an enjoyable tone that stays throughout the film which is an impressive feat.

By it wherever you can(probably online nowadays) and enjoyable, well-constructed film and musical.

Although, one thing I believe could make this movie more unpredictable would be if they didn't foreshadow as much in the opening scene.

The pacing is noticeably ramshackle, amiably lumbering between plot points with the dopey delirium of a tipsy Bill Murray, while Oz's staging of composer Alan Menken's eminently hummable tunes verges from perverse genius (a chorus of Steve Martin's dentist song shot from the inside of a patient's mouth) to forgettably silly filler (contextual ballad "Skid Row" is particularly tedious and extraneous thanks to Oz's curiously lugubrious, solemn staging).

An enjoyable, well made film none the less.

No one gives a below par performance from Steve Martin as the super abusive, drug addicted dentist named Orin Scrivello (don't forget the DDS) who loves to inflict pain on people to Bill Murray who plays Arthur Denton who loves pain and wants Orin to give him a long, slow root canal.

The ending they gave it was much more contrived, and it always felt a bit creepy to me, in that it seemed to reward someone who did some terrible things.

A Fun Flick That Is Entertaining .

The story line is also pretty much textbook and very clichéd, though in a somewhat unexpected way.

My advice to anyone wanting to see this film: Don't waste your time.

There are, of course, some greats in the genre - Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933), Singin' in the Rain (1952), West Side Story (1959) - but I usually find them to be three hours of singing and dancing based around a simple concept or plot.

Reality is thrown out of the window, but it was highly entertaining because of that.

Rick Morains, Bill Murray, Steve Martian John Candy, James Belushi interacting with each other makes for an amazingly entertaining film.

Based on the off-Broadway show, which was itself based on the cult Roger Corman movie, this marvellously entertaining piece of sci-fi schlock horror is funny, romantic, a little scary (well, my kids thought so), and huge fun from start to finish.

When Audrey II lets Seymour in on the secret that she can talk (and sing with soul thanks to the vocal talent of The Four Tops' Levi Stubbs), the evil manipulative plant talks Seymour into something a tad more chewy than blood in exchange for empty promises.

If you're a fan of musicals, this movie is definitely worth the watch!

), Little Shop of Horrors is a movie that could have gone wrong in a million different ways, but in the right hands, it is a thoroughly entertaining experience.

Worth the watch.

The lip-synching performance given by the plant was life-like as well as entertaining.

While it's probably not going to win any awards for being the Most Prestigious Film of All Time, 'Little Shop of Horrors' still makes for a fun and perfectly enjoyable diversion from the real world whenever you need it – having watched it just a few days ago, I know I personally will be humming 'Mean Green Mother from Outer Space' for weeks to come.

I say unfortunately because I usually dislike musicals, but this one's numbers were extremely catchy and still pretty entertaining.

It is a horrible nasty alien plant, but is so fun and entertaining at the same time!

I highly recommend it!!!!!

Horridly compelling, deeply disturbed .

I suppose, though, everyone must have a benchmark 'worst movie ever' to compare all the other movies you watch to.

A forgotten, but very well-done and enjoyable musical .

However it is the cameos that really support the film and keep it all entertaining.

It has a unique style of improving your morale as you watch it,but also manages to make you feel guilty(at least,that was my case)about being so easily enjoyable.

I mean, a musical about a man-eating plant, with a cameo by Bill Murray as a masochistic dental patient ("I'm sure I need a long, slow root canal")?

And it has been spiced up with some snappy and snazzy musical songs and dances.

It's entertaining, funny, and the music is really singable.

The 1986 film version of the Broadway musical LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is an entertaining movie based on the black comedy from the 1960's about a nerdy milquetoast who raises a man-eating plant that gets totally out of control.

Audrey II makes such an engaging character precisely because he's got the kind of charisma you could only ever hope to project onto your movie monsters in the 1980s.

The movie does nearly everything right to provide a unique, memorable, and enjoyable experience that you can laugh, cry, and hum along to.

Hollywood proves it's the land of second chances with this engaging, inventive, sometimes labored musical comedy.

Rick Moranis steps into the role of a nerdy florist who is constantly faces the downs of a mundane life, from aggressively pursuing a girl he is deeply in love with, to desperately meeting the needs of his boss's floral shop.

An Enjoyable Musical Based On A Sci-Fi Horror Film .

The progressively-engrossing monster plant was much more spectacular on stage.

The three girls at the start were amusing, but then everyone joined in and I wanted to turn it off.

Much better than I expected, this film rivals the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Phantom of the Paradise for sheer kooky strangeness, and is well worth watching.

The animatronic Audrey II is stunning, it looks brilliant & has real personality which makes it even more disappointing that it's stuck in a glorified musical & doesn't get to do much until the end.

I've seen hundreds of films at the theater and this was one of only two during which I actually fell asleep.

Martin goes all out with a performance so physically demanding that he brings an adrenaline shot to the heart of energy to the movie.

Although there was a diverse selection of music, the abundance of song and dance numbers became tiresome at a point.

What audiences missed was a stunning "deathbed" reprise by Ellen Greene, so heartfelt she cries real tears, the fantastic cathedral-like music as Seymour gives his lover to the plant, the excellent song by Greek chorus ("Subsequently"), and the Godzilla-spoof ending in which a hoarde of 50 foot tall Audrey II's devour New York City and the world, with the slightly disturbing image of an Audrey II strangling the Statue of Liberty.

The deaths of Seymour and Audrey were too downbeat and were dragged out too long - they just didn't fit in with the rest of the movie and deserved to be cut (although that also means losing that great reprise of "Somewhere That's Green").

I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the economy of scale imposed by a stage.

It is entertaining on every level making it just about a perfect film in my opinion.

It possesses all qualities of a musical, all the "cliche" of a ridiculous 50's Horror Movie and all the slick, dark (and somewhat disturbing) comedy of a black comedy.

The story has a wacky, weird but definitely timeless quality about it with seldom a dull moment, while the screenplay is funny and witty.

Both endings have merits, and standing alone, the Frank Oz film certainly is enjoyable and one of my favorites - ending and all.

My best friend and I have agreed that this is the worst movie we have ever seen.

But the discovery of a very unusual plant brings unexpected business, unexpected fame and fortune, and one very unexpected problem, because this plant seems to have a very particular appetite.

Ug what a waste of time...

Sure it is no "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", but it is quite entertaining nonetheless.

Steve Martin and Bill Murray, along with the Dentist song, try to salvage an otherwise slow uninteresting film.

Full of cheesy songs and I cringed whilst watching this, and then fell asleep about 40 minutes through.

The storyline is very strange.. and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Little Shop is a great movie, the kind you can watch over and over, and always find funny and hugely entertaining.

And with this blu-ray release, it still proves that after 26 years, 'Little Shop of Horrors' is an inspiring and highly entertaining film.

What a great, entertaining movie.

There isn't much truly memorable music in this adaptation of a stage play, but comedian Rick Moranis is entertaining as Seymour, a nerd working in a flower shop who grows a very unusual plant indeed, thereby immortalizing the line "Feed me, Seymour.

Okay so great movie, great songs, a decent dark comedy/ musical, a entertaining movie for the family to watch.

However, I think all the songs in the film are very catchy and enjoyable to listen to.

I found both the theatrical and Director's Cut to be entertaining.

What a waste of my time that was!

These would have to be the only two pluses though, in a film that is just too corny and stupid to be considered entertaining.

I enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoyed the play that it's adapted from.

the worst movie .

It is so clever, so witty, and so generally entertaining that I spent half of my childhood watching this movie.

Entertaining musical comedy based on the off-Broadway smash inspired by Roger Corman's cult low-budget horror flick "The Little Shop of Horrors" never lets up on energy in this decidedly camp tale about nerd Seymour Krelborn (Moranis in geek mode) the apprentice florist at a skid row floral shop whose hybrid creation of a Venus flytrap grows in more ways than one when it develops a nasty craving for human blood.

Shining with absorbing hilarity and comedic charm, Martin makes a satisfying presence in his role.

Moranis and Greene make one of the most engaging screen teams I've seen in a while.

If you want to see a highly entertaining musical that will have you laughing out loud, I highly suggest watching this film.

In the end it is worth watching, especially if you like a good musical ...

They both want to leave Skid Row.

Little Shop Of Horrors was a highly entertaining musical in its time, drawn from an old horror film which starred a young Jack Nicholson, with the same premise of a man-eating plant from outer space.

In my book, this is one where the original was more enjoyable.

The idea of a man eating plant is entertaining and Audrey II's design is pretty cool; the way it moves is also impressive; not surprising given that Frank Oz directed.

But here it is, the unexpected Off-Broadway success that mixes these two opposing genres.

The plot is dull and poorly paced.