Long Shot (2019) - Comedy, Romance

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Journalist Fred Flarsky reunites with his childhood crush, Charlotte Field, now one of the most influential women in the world. As she prepares to make a run for the Presidency, Charlotte hires Fred as her speechwriter and sparks fly.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Jonathan Levine
Stars: Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 112 out of 752 found boring (14.89%)

One-line Reviews (301)

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, actors way too different in their acting has really made their roles entertaining.

A well-written and compelling story, which is the number one problem with rom-coms of today.

This was a pointless, cheesy and very boring movie.

The plot was familiar and predictable.

It might not be for everyone, but it is certainly worth the watch.

It made me smile and laugh a lot, the chemistry is surprisingly good, and it's enjoyable.

Enjoyed it.

Somewhat spoiled by a few groan-inducing moments of self-indulgent, clueless, and Trump-like verbally-cruel references to real-life pop and political figures, overall this film is a fun couple of hours that also manages to leave you wondering what might happen if one of the dozens of current 2020 presidential candidates did ignore their handlers, consultants, and polling and talked (very) frankly with us, the voters.

Also, like most of Rogen's movies it is filled with vulgar, adolescent humor which means there is absolute nothing especially new, interesting or exciting about this film.

My Rating : 7/10Smart, goofy and super entertaining.

Surprisingly hilarious at the beginning but bored to death along the way!

I enjoyed it when I wasn't grossed out.

I felt the last 20% of the movie going too slow, from the part where Seth and Charlize break up.

Save your money by passing on this mess.

Definitely worth the watch!!

I gave this movie a shot and enjoyed it .

The plot somehow predictable , a reverse of Mr. Prez like movies, still had to offer enough good fun for a at least a Oscar nomination providing no other ( still welcome ) comedies will come up until December.

Uninspiring sex comedy .

I had quite some level of confidence this film was going to be at least entertaining like Office Christmas Party that doesn't try to be anything else after watching the trailer.

It's a bit too long in places and not all that memorable, probably because it's generally formulaic, but overall it's always entertaining and is a great example of the genre as it's both efficiently funny and romantic.


I would either drift away into something else mentally or just plain fall asleep.

A solidly entertaining romantic comedy.

Starts off as the very well worn but still enjoyable tale of slight social misfit somehow manages to hook up with somebody way above their pay grade.

Theron seems like a naturally gifted comedic actresses, blessed with timing and character beats that only the best of genre specialists can deliver, it's always a joy to watch an Oscar calibre performer get back to the simple yet entertaining heart of their profession and while she's been a part of comedy outings before, Long Shot really does allow her to have time to shine and Theron is more than up for the task as Field and Flarsky's budding romance begins to build around a bunch of rather strange and over the top scenarios.

Trump fans probably wont like it (because a Trump lookalike gets ridiculed constantly) and although Trump haters could like this story, even they will have to deal with many TEDIOUS politically correct themes, which simply aint good material for making jokes.

Seth Rogen understands the market pretty well; a quietly enjoyable movie for the masses: 5/10

Long Shot is shockingly just another tasteless comedy of, for, by and about adults with arrested development and is no better ultimately than the dreadful, pointless, unfunny comedies starring unfunny, unattractive SNL alumni that I wouldn't waste more than 5 minutes watching on HBO!

It's very enjoyable, period.

I enjoyed it.

Completely unbelievable propaganda .

But I actually enjoyed it from the beginning to the end!

A funny entertaining movie.

Third act aside, this was a surprisingly fun, pleasantly enjoyable experience.

Bored of politics.

With these stories mixed in, it actually puts this tale at a good pace, dropping the mundane circular banter for something with a little more pacing and fun.

This movie is incredibly boring, every scene is just the characters explaining the plot.

The script is bland and obvious and unfunny.

What a waste of time...

It doesn't have to be, though, because it's enjoyable.

It was somehow incredibly stupid and incredibly enjoyable all at once.

Funny and entertaining .

I definitely enjoyed it!

But I enjoyed it, and it had a ton of laughs.

This movie was really unexpected, I haven't laughed so hard while being moved in a really long time.

Boring .

There's a slower than usual pace.

After this scene and they back to America, the film completely unwatchable!


Waste of money.

With the weak jokes and forced chemistry, I found myself to be bored for the majority of the movie.

And these people would be wrong, for LONG SHOT is a very entertaining, heartfelt romantic comedy that has one big surprise - the strong chemistry between the two leads.

I found this movie extremely funny and even tho you could figure the entire plot of the movie within 20 minutes its still very entertaining, and yes they use alot of profanity so snowflakes that dont live in the real world be prepared to hear the F word alot.

But it was a very entertaining movie that makes you believe that the world is a wonderous place where WTF moments can and do happen!

I think it's worth watching.

Unrealistic, unfunny, dull piece of garbage.

Personally I got bored during the movie & the story wasn't really as interesting as it should be.

The typical problem with Long Shot is the cliche storyline and the playbook being very safe.

Half the movie was propaganda dedicated to demonizing and muddying up Donald Trump, Fox News, and right-wing Americans.

None of the traditional turns that have been seen hundred of times are present in this movie, it's always unexpected and truly hysterical.

And in the end, it's kind of pointless.

If it were only Theron and Rogen, the movie is still well worth watching.

I really enjoyed it though and recommend it.

Even with all the laughs and romance the film has a very simple yet compelling point "Be honest and never let your dreams be dreams " which makes this film almost feel like October Sky .

PROS:Seth Rogen And Charlize Theron's ChemistryJonathan Levine's Strong DirectingFunny Supporting Cast (Especially Andy Serkis)Hilarious ScriptThe Romance Is Actually Good And Their Is Romantic TensionThe Social Commentary Is Suprising SmartA Really Good SoundtrackCONS:It Might A Bit To LongIt's A Little Predictable

, absolutely not, so why your 1/2 star reviews are somewhat ridiculous, take it for what if is, escapasism from real life, I found it funny, romantic and enjoyed it very much.

The end was pretty much predictable, and for those with brain disappointing.

Boring .

Really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it immensely, it had a brisk pace, solid comedic dialogues, laugh out loud about a dozen time.

I wanted to like this one because I like the main actors, but it was such a mediocre and boring movie.

We enjoyed it.

The script was disjointed and puerile.

I was surprised by this film, the story was great for a lighthearted movie that's entertaining and actually has a good story.

Waste of time, even for a mindless movie choice.

Despite these shortcomings, I Found 'Long Shot' to be a funny and enjoyable romantic comedy in a political setting.

Hugely enjoyable movie, some of the American political humour is a little lost in the UK.

The underdog story was predictable and the arcs of the characters are just copy paste with every other movie.

Really enjoyable

Humor is all but not bad, chemistry between actors is good, plot more interesting than usually in this type of movies, definitely worth watching!!

Some scenes go on for way too long and Seth keeps going a little longer afterward.

The film's pacing, particularly the 3rd and final act, drags on far too long.

I really enjoyed it.

These unnecessary characters just made for threadbare plots that further endorsed the predictable plot that this movie held.

Seths characters are very identical, tongue-in-mouth and using a lot of f-words, he falls for and eventually gets a girl way above his own weight-class and even wording and flow of the dialoge seems similar, but it's still very enjoyable.

The jokes are very elementary and the plot is incredibly boring.

Fred is quickly established as very anti-establishment, writing articles against a two-party system, and how the whole fiasco of politics is pointless.

waste of time .

Once you get over the fact that a guy that is unemployed, and looks like Seth Rogen could never ever in the real world land a woman like Charlize Theron, this is a very enjoyable, funny movie!

Finally Something Worth Watching.

What a horrible movie with leftist propaganda spilled everywhere .

This movie is predictable yet utterly enjoyable!

Imagine my surprise when I found this to actually be an entertaining and, at times poignant jaunt of a pseudo political romcom.

Always entertaining seeing Mr. Rogen.

entertaining .

Absolute waste of time .

A long shot that this waste of a movie makes any money.

Enjoyable if uneven rom-com .

Just finished watching it on on-demand and totally enjoyed it on this Sunday evening.

Really unexpected .

On goes to the end of the movie which I'll let for you to see because this is definitely worth watching.

Extremely boring !

Charlotte and Fred slow dance to her favorite teen song "It Must Have Been Love" by '90s band Roxette.

Worst movie for Charlize .

But of course being a RomCom, it has a nice feelgood ending as they get together despite everything, and it pays off for both of them in the most cliché and unrealistic way.

Since movies do a lot to our subconscious, I think making entertaining movies with powerful subtext is a key to change our society and this movie is not trying to be more than it is.

A formulaic rom-com that never really attempts to break the mould.

It was a totally disjointed, pointless, unfunny waist of time.

It is very formulaic and predictable.

Charlize was stunning.

Script is awful, acting not great, formulaic and somewhat insulting due to the ridiculous predictability.

But an enjoyable movie overall.

Would have really enjoyed it minus the last 15-30 minutes.

Dont waste your time .

Just boring .

That's what makes this enjoyable, the class system appears to be stupid.

They are boring, dull and full of self-deprecation.

Dragged oin way too much.

I seem drawn to comedies that cock a snook at the American political arena, but they make for some entertaining watching and this one certainly fits the bill.

Wow this movie is really beyond cliche, cheesy, predictable and poorly written.

Furthermore, the whole supporting cast we're enjoyable in their roles.

Definitely worth watching!!

Pointless .

It has quite a few funny scenes and the overall movie was enjoyable.

A waste of time.

It's too plastic, and there's no message or emotional connection to these synthetic characters.

The miscasting of the leads compounds the errors and the other casting choices are no better either, with limp lines and only a shrill caricature to portray, they are as engaging as TV for the under 5 year olds.

It is relentlessly predictable.

Boring, cringeworthy .

I almost walked out three times.

waste of time.

funny, entertaining and up lifting.

Honing his skills with similar comedic outings such as The Wackness, 50/50, The Night Before and the lets just forget it ever existed Snatched, Long Shot sees the talented filmmaker provide a rather generic affair that offers up very few narrative surprises (you know exactly where this plot is headed from the moment the whole shebang begins) for viewers but this isn't the type of film that necessarily needs surprises or rulebook change-ups to work and thanks to the on paper intriguing match-up of Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron, Long Shot remains constantly enjoyable.

Absolute crap, waste of time.

The characters are either boring or making nonsensical choices, the world which they inhabit is mind-numbingly simplistic, and the only parts that are even conceivably funny are based on stereotypes (haha, so original) or slapstick humour.

it's so boring!

Rogen and Theron deliver on a surprisingly entertaining and enthusiastic romp through RomCom territory

but Long Shot is worth watching and hilarious!!!

Most enjoyable from start to finish.

The movie is predictable...

Pointless waste of time .

It's gone with a bit of a "white shame" and "men are bad" vibe which is also fairly predictable for Hollywood movies this year

But overall thoroughly enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised..some good laughs and my gf liked it too and had a fun time so cany complain too much!

Very interesting, gripping.

Totally Entertaining .

Save your money.

It's 100% predictable and not even funny by accident.

Childish and a waste of time .

It was a Long Shot, but I enjoyed it.

Seth Rogen's exaggerations and completely unbelievably pretentious performance only made it worse than an average bad farce.

It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but if you're looking for a movie with a decent amount of laughs in it and some entertaining character stuff, it's at least a good try.

I also think that alot of the comedic timing and the personalities of them both help keep the movie engaging.

I will also state the film's 3rd act and final climax goes on way too long and seriously deserved some attention in the editing room floor.

It IS a Seth Rogan movie, so if you clutch your pearls at irreverent, raunchy jokes, then don't waste your time, and definitely don't waste ours by writing useless reviews because it offended your delicate "Christian" sensibilities.

I'm really surprised it wasn't more of a commercial success and I recommend a look, despite it's slow start.

Boring turd that people who blaze all day will laugh at.

Seriously how much more of Seth Rogen's same old boring slacker/druggy act are they expecting us to sit through?

At this event Fred is reunited with the stunning Charlotte (Charlize Theron) who is currently running to be the next president.

Though the plotting can be frustratingly predictable and far-fetched (both leads probably wouldn't even be employable by the end of the movie in the real world), the dialogue, jokes and interplay are above average, with Rogen and Theron making for a winning pair and solid supporting work coming from Jackson (Rogen's best bud), Odenkirk (the president) and Serkis (unrecognizable as a Rupert Murdoch/Roger Ailes type, though he looks more like Steve Bannon).

I am a Seth Rogen fan At least I was until watching this Horrible waste of Time political Hit job

It was as uninteresting as watching paint dry.

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron are funny and entertaining.

Once again, the dialogue is oversaturated with F bombs to the point of boredom.

I'm not really a big fan of Seth Rogan first of all, and he seems to play the same stupid comedic roles, honestly, I didn't enjoy this one bit, same old stupid dick jokes, too predictable.

I enjoyed it, give it a shot, I think you'll enjoy it as well.

Next, throw in the oh so predictable boner and drug 'jokes' and you end up with this, a 3/10 film.

Very predictable jokes....

Enjoyable and fun with lots of important messages because left or right, denier or alarmist we can all get behind saving the environment.

Enjoyable watch.

A waste of time , a lot of "better" seth rogen movies out there .

The editing is also boring, there're LOTS of typical shot-reverse shot scenes and it's very played out and tedious.

I can turn on mainstream media anytime and their dailly dosage of propaganda will be much more entertaining.

It is entertaining and I would buy it on DVD.

Too predictable and silly in a childish/politically correct way.

There were a few laugh-out-loud moments but for the most part, it was just a predictable, corny, raunchy, unappealing flick In My Humble Opinion!

It's a genuinely enjoyable time no matter your taste.

I was CRACKING UP so many times, I feel like my face was red when I left the theater

A dumpster fire is both more high brow and more entertaining.

Save your money!

But boy was I wrong, queued for nearly an hour to watch its premier at SXSW, wanted to leave the beautiful Paramount Theatre halfway into the movie.

The second film I have ever walked out of.

So much fun and entertaining.

Great cast and very enjoyable movie.

Very funny, entirely entertaining, interesting characters and one of the most funny and accurate ecstasy portrayals I've seen.

It seemed dull and boring.

Right from the beginning you could feel it was gonna be boring !

Lame, cliche movie.

Terribly boring .

Definitely worth watching multiple times.

Rom-coms are not my favorite genre, but this was a very enjoyable one.

The most intense scene is, some so called insurgents attack Fred and Charlotte and eventually they escort to the safe house by their bodyguard!

I was bored and Ive seen everything else the human species has created in the way of movies and I found myself literally laughing to tears.

The film was boring and facile.

A total waste of money, like defence, militarizing police, let alone banking itself.

Rating system: 1 star- don't waste your time or money 2 stars- not terrible, would recommend to select few 3 stars- good overall, would recommend in general 4 stars- great movie.

Don't waste your time...

What a waste of time .

The republicans are the bad guys - check (such a movie cliché).

But it is a funny rom-com with a satirical political edge that is quite entertaining in a completely different fashion to the 1994 Michael Keaton/Geena Davis comedy Speechless, to which it bears some passing semblance of similarity.

It's shot like a dentist commercial, always flat, overlit, and uninteresting.

This movie was actually and fun and entertaining piece.

Entertaining and funny .

Plus Charlize is stunning to watch, and very funny as well.

On that basic level it is very enjoyable.

Yes you might say it's a little cheesy, things like this never happen, the story is quite predictable and it's nothing remarkably original...

It was a cliche' rom com masquerading as social commentary.

Don't waste your time.

My husband and I laughed throughout which was unexpected.

It might have a Cinderella in reverse storyline that may not have come true in real life, plus, I think the way its main character was portrayed is too similar with another TV character, but it is still a fun and enjoyable movie for you and your family to see.

The film can take a bit to start going, but once it does, its mindlessly entertaining, and very sweet in all the right ways.

Overall, I feel most Seth Rogan fans will know what to expect here: crude and yet witty humour, this time shared with a stunning Academy Award winning actress, Charlize Theron.

It is mostly predictable and hits the standard notes, but it does so quite enjoyable.

Boring, not interesting, empty movie.

I am a Seth Rogan & Charlize Theron fan, this movie was very entertaining from start to finish & was hard to pause for a break!

It dragged here and there and it just didn't need to be around 2 hours long.

No storyline is more predictable, even the jokes aren't funny because we have heard similar ones time and time again-thanks to Seth Rogen, and it's Seth Rogen, what did I expect?

I think it delivered what it needed to and I really enjoyed it.

Really Enjoyed It .

Don't waste your time or money, wait til it's on Netflix for a watch

Just watch the trailer don't bother to watch the movie, i am dissapointed from these great actors to play in such boring unrealistic movie.

I hate romcoms, I find them shallow and boring.

Fairly entertaining story that is ruined by the characters and casting.

Jonathan Levine's films are fairly enjoyable.

Movie included some of my favourite actors and it was funny and entertaining to watch.

Anyway, I was disappointed and bored while watching this.

Mind Blowing!!.


Just another democrat agenda movie, propaganda powers fading fast .

its an absolute waste of time.

Seth Rogan was the right guy for the character and Charlize Theron played a stunning politician.

terrible waste of time .

The plot is very predictable, just like most movies today, probably because we've ran out of ideas and don't know how to make movies, especially comedy movies with some uniqueness as it's all been done before.

Enjoy and laugh w the silly predictable rom com development.

I believe the very strange glowing reviews on here are from former hillary voters who needed to indulge in some kind of wish fulfillment fantasy, because for anyone else this is horribly boring.

Even though the main concept follows the genre's traditional storylines, its well-written screenplay, hilarious comedy bits, and outstanding protagonists make a surprisingly serious story remarkably entertaining.

No plot, no characters, no drama.

Fun and enjoyable .

The humor is largely in the satire of pretentious and corrupt politicians, most of whom sell their souls daily for expediency.

Terrible scenarios, plots, dialog, supporting actors around this guy only made it become on of the worst movies in motion picture history.

Has it's moments but is really predictable, you can guess the content and ending only 10 minutes in.

Overall, it was an entertaining movie.

don't waste your money.

Ridiculous but at the end of the day I enjoyed it.

This film is worth watching as long you don't take yourself too seriously.

"Silver Linings Playbook" (2012), for instance, is about accepting and celebrating people with different behavioral and mental disorders, but the narrative ultimately conforms to the same rom-com order of unlikely pairing who momentarily breakup over some contrived conflict before the climactic, grand (generally public) romantic gesture, as the leads are supported all the way by quirky side characters (generally, friends or family who are also coded as unlikely pairings--often along lines of sexual orientation or race (i.

DISLIKES:A little preachy Stoner Comedy going overboard The Villain character The Other Love Interest Predictable Lazy WritingSUMMARY:When you try to put in good messages, especially ones about changing the world and the social hierarchy, you sometimes run into the world of preachy cinema.

While the movie is far from a masterpiece, it is very much enjoyable despite the crudity most people here are pretending to be so appalled by; apparently they are more interested in senseless gore and death served by the likes of SAW.

Enjoyable rom-com .

Everything else was completely predictable.

It has some great side characters in June Diane Raphael (from How Did This Get Made podcast), Bob Odenkirk, Andy Serkis, and O'Shea Jackson Jr. The movie was very funny and had a really engaging love story.

It was an old script re-written from 20 movies just like it that were flawlessly predictable.

Cute, but predictable.

"Long Shot" is wholly predictable in both its conclusion to this question and in how it gets us there.

Enjoyed it.

We left after 30 minutes .

If you are considering watch it, wait for it to be available on demand and on a night when you have insomnia.

An ordinary gross&predictable comedy cocooned into political correctness

don't waste your time.

An unexpected remake of Lady and the Tramp .

And this movie is a crap, don't waste your time.

Amidst the formulaic trials and chaotic tribulations, Charlize and Seth share genuine kindness for each other as Charlotte and Fred.

I absolutely love Charlize and Seth, but this movie was super boring.

but doesnt help with the overall feeling, a painfuly dull story to watch.

I watch the movie with my wife,and we both really enjoyed it.

The movie is enjoyable although overlong (needed 2 rewatches to finish it) and extremely predictable, even for a romcom.

Enjoyable comedy .

The movie is drab and boring.

I enjoyed it regardless.

One or two laugh out loud moments, some genuine pathos - and Rogen is supported by one of the most enjoyable sidekicks I;ve encountered in recent times.

Just gather a reasonably decent cast, put together a cliche narrative about how two people with nothing in common end up together through the most unlikely and dumb plot devices, and you have a low-budget "success".

It has everything an entertaining movie requires and at no point you will feel any boredom.

'Long Shot' is an entertaining movie regarding a Fred Flarsky, a left-wing nerdy journalist (Seth Rogen) reunited with his one-time nanny he had a crush on when they were teenagers more than 25 years ago.

It's an extremely entertaining rom-com, undeniably one of the best I've seen these past few years.

Waste of money.

She hires him as a writer and it goes from there following a pretty predictable path.

The main character Fred isn't perfect when it comes to class, but all of us would connect with his average Joe look and quirky non-pretentious personality.

It's slow and I feel I have wasted my time watching this

Boring, Stupid .

It's a romantic comedy but has more comedy elements than a romantic comedy, i enjoyed it a lot.

But given the choice between yet another film with a blatant message that feels like a lecture that won't be heard by the audience necessary, or Long Shot, which tackles political differences in an entertaining and delightful manner, I'd go with the latter.

Otherwise, by far the worst movie and the least funny we have seen this year.

All the ingredients necessary for an adult comedy worth watching.

If you wanna see the worst movie Seth Rogen or Charlize Theron were ever in

This movie is wonderfully entertaining, raunchy, funny, and smart.

Boring, superficial, pointless, unconvincing.

It does follow the cliché romcom story and is too long.

Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Overall, this teeters on the edge of even being a 4 star film.

Charlize Theron is stunning as always, and she deserves all 5 stars I give to this movie.

Thought it would be a silly, but boring kind of film.

Now what I appreciated is the way the relationship between Fred and Charlotte is slow and steady.

Although where the story ends is humorous, it can be a bit farfetched and predictable to a fault.

The plot was fun (even though a bit predictable), playful and left me with warm fuzzy feelings and plenty of laughs.

The trajectory of the rom-com is predictable, rolling merrily along capital cities from continent to continent.

The rest of the comedy can come across as something familiar and as predictable.

Anyone with a brain could tell its regurgitated propaganda with dozens of failed jokes in between.

And Charlize Theron a bit boring.

Terrible Waste fo Money .

Mindnumbingly boring and not funny .

Some women exude genuine grace and charm, others like Theron are at best boring, at worst simply unbearable to watch now.

Way, way too long for what it offers.