Love & Sex (2000) - Comedy, Romance, Drama

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Kate's fired from a women's magazine for writing about BJs, based on own experience as requested. She gets a last chance - 2500 happy, perky words on finding/keeping that perfect man. She tells about her relationships.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Valerie Breiman
Stars: Famke Janssen, Jon Favreau
Length: 82 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 59 found boring (18.64%)

One-line Reviews (33)

I'd say the first half of the film was genuinely funny while the second half struggled through a cliché-filled plot and predictable ending.

Favreau is not very good looking (which women, especially more intelligent and more experienced women tend to not care so much about), intense, highly intelligent, and if anything too oriented towards early commitment.

If you are willing to put the stereotypical - boring - humour aside and open up for this entertaining, witty, insightful and brilliantly funny story - then this is the film for you.

It's that same feeling you get with WHEN HARRY MET SALLY and KRAMER VERSUS KRAMER it feels rather disjointed as the action jumps around and is anyone else getting fed up with people doing DeNiro impressions ?

SPOILER ALERT AHEAD (THOUGH THE MOVIE IS SO PREDICTABLE, I'M NOT REALLY SPOILING ANYTHING): While I did think Breiman did a good job of showing us how a relationship progresses, I didn't buy Jon Favreau's character.

wait, this unfunny guy, impolite and boring ?

suspenseful romantic comedy obviously), realistic, and downright fun movie.

I think that in 'Love and Sex' and also in the new 'X-2 X-Men United' she's starting to show some real acting chops, some true depth, indicating that she's more than just a former-model-turned-actress cliche.

I still really enjoyed it and if I had the money I'd go buy it.

Boring Take On a Tired Romance Story .

The whole Noah Emmerich "meet cute", screw in the bathroom and untimely end to the relationship were predictable and unforgivable.

However, a weak plot and very mixed script makes one yawn a bit in between the better moments.

When she gets bored, Janssen takes up with muscle-toned Josh Hopkins (as Joey Santino), an actor who admires Robert De Niro.

Fun to watch, fine acting, enjoyable dialogue, nice soundtrack .

The story line is intriguing with pertinent flashbacks.

Love & Sex is a witty, suspenseful (well as suspenseful as Ro Co's can be...

Ok now that I 've got that out in the open I can now happily say that her latest film, and first comedy, is an engaging and funny look at two characteristics seldom in synch during relationships.

If you have ever dated,fallen in love, and wondered if you would find "the one" this movie takes you down this road for an enjoyable trip!!!

It is nothing but a lonely-Friday-night fantasy for 30-something single women, full of clichés, predictable jokes and paint-by-numbers plot turns.

delightfully entertaining .

An enjoyable romantic comedy with talented actors & actresses .

My final complaint about this movie is that it's pointless.

Entertaining, witty, insightful and brilliantly funny .


Why did the filmmakers waste their time on such trash?

I rated it 4.5/10.Probably worth watching on a plane ...

You should be able to squirm your way through the hour and a half of wretched, predictable plot.

It's really funny and I left the theater with that, yeah I totally know exactly what she's talking about feeling.

This movie was highly enjoyable, and i thought the acting both strong and comedic.

If you are bovine enough to believe these kinds of empty palliatives, you deserve every shard of emotional damage you put yourself through.

To keep from being bored during "Love and Sex," first I tried to think of all the movies this was imitative of: "Breaking Up" with Russell Crowe and Salma Hayek (though that had a more original ending), "About Last Night" with Rob Lowe, and a lot of TV shows.

Had promise, ended up just mildly enjoyable .

It is cynical, dumb and pointless.