Madras Cafe (2013) - Action, Drama, Thriller

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An Indian intelligence agent journeys to a war-torn coastal island to break a resolute rebel group and meets a passionate journalist.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Shoojit Sircar
Stars: John Abraham, Nargis Fakhri
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 11 out of 133 found boring (8.27%)

One-line Reviews (92)

Upfront, Madras Cafe is a hardcore, extremely intense, agonizing, & may be first of its kind, political-dramatic-thriller, in Hindi.

Siddhartha Basu deserves special mention as the the guy with the brains provides the sense of calmness in this fast paced assassination plot.

Madras Cafe is one of the rare gems in Bollywood which depicts fast pace revelation of events coupled with engrossing plot and apt acting.

Fast paced movie.

After their thought-provoking and entertaining comedy 'Vicky Donor', with this movie it seems like Sircar and John (who produced Donor too) are here to change the ways stories are told in Bollywood - it's quite a welcome change!

Madras Cafe is short, fast paced and crisp piece of an offbeat cinema with a solid background music.

It is a high intense drama thriller where the tension is high, characters are there not just for the sake of it, absence of songs are there so as not to spoil the mood(they really were not needed) and finally the story is moving.

Startling and compelling.

Worst movie ever .

"Madras Cafe" is an intellectually vapid and dishonest film masquerading as a political thriller while it would have easily passed off as a pro Rajiv Gandhi propaganda film made by the Congress party in an election year.

Madras Cafe is probably one of the most engaging political crime thrillers to come out of Bollywood.

Using history with drama to build a persuasive tapestry of enthralling action, energetic plot and skillful narration of the grim phase of Lankan War, Shoojit Sircar astonishes with this fascinating docu style dramatic movie.

He is sure to get acclaim for his riveting performance.

Screen play acts as a glue and you keep your jaws open for thrilling visuals which seem so real and possible.

What we see in Madras Cafe is totally gripping- when Vikram Singh and Jaya, a foreign journalist exchange some significant and confidential information about the LTF and the leak in the Indian intelligence agency that actually results in a total transformation in the set of international events.

A good thrilling watch .

Given that I don't know the material intimately, like I would with say a WWII movie, or a typical cold-war spy movie, and the actors were all unfamiliar to me, this movie was hard to follow.

Without revealing anything about the well written, extremely engaging story, I would recommend this movie to every 'quality cinema' lovers and trust me you will come out stirred, engaged in thoughts, sympathy for your neighboring country and for a national figure.

As we all know the end but it keeps us on the edge of our seat till the last scene Credits to Shoojit Sircar.

The characters are real and intriguing, each unique in its own way.

Since he is quite proficient in action-oriented intense roles, this role is tailor-made for him and he has excelled like anything.

The depiction of civil war and violence in the movie shook me up,these scenes were so intense,real and vivid.

This film also looks like a propaganda film, while Tamils are being slaughtered by some group, presumably the Sri Lankan forces, there is a child crying in the mayhem wearing a sign stating 'Stop Killing Tamils.

He narrated the story very well,and the whole movie is fast paced because of his energized performance.

But the real hero of the movie is the "Script", it was so intense, you can hardly relax your eyes looking elsewhere other than the screen!

Not to be missed for the lovers of good Indian cinema, meaningful & superbly entertaining.


of this movie interesting.. it is a 130 min of mind blowing drama and unexpected thriller which is a good thing, go enjoy "MADRAS CAFE".

So after such a confident success, planning his next movie as an intense spy thriller was indeed a very bold and daring step, for the kind of audience who are not really known to appreciate this particular genre in a big way since decades.

The first half of the movie was concentrated on the dreary happenings of Sri Lanka and it did have a huge impact on me as a viewer though the second half was focused more on the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination which took off some of tension that was built up in the first half.

Action is dull, due to the editing blunder.

Poem really gave required ending and edge to the movie,totally liked the recitation of poem by Vikram(JA)Worth watching movie.

The movie is fast paced and is so intriguing and well-crafted that it can be easily this years best...

I am going flatly with a 9/10 this triumphed work of passionate and compelling cinema.

Very fast paced and realistic thriller.

what he showed us here is a thoroughly depressed person without any spirit, always showed us a spiritless and energy-less guy, like a guy suffered insomnia for couple of years, like a walking dead or zombie.

The second half is extremely gripping and connects all lose ends.

Especially the 2nd half of this movie is so gripping to the core.

Gripping & Brilliant take on the assassination of ex-PM Rajiv Gandhi .

Go enjoy a riveting thrilling and gripping 130 mins of Madras Cafe.

Now Shoojit Sircar (director of Vicky Donor) gives us another mind blowing movie with Madras Cafe.

An engaging movie without any songs, it sure doesn't allow you to miss the songs, as it has you totally engaged in the movie right from the start to the end.

But the final 5 minutes clearly indicate that this film is very possibly part of Congress (read as "UPA") propaganda keeping in mind the upcoming elections.

And he is at his best in Madras Cafe, It is a non Bollywood style movie where we find no songs, dancing and other commercial boring stuff etc. There is no stupid romantic situation in the movie which other Indian political movies show.

It gives the feelings of reading typical boring history books .

The reason why i compare this with Hollywood masterpieces like blood diamond and green zone is not because of the similarity, but due to the fact that Madras Cafe maintains the originality of facts while imbibing the fast paced and thrilling plot.

Post a decent YAHAAN (2005) and a stalled project with Amitabh Bachchan called SHOEBITE, director Shoojit Sircar came up with a brilliant VICKY DONOR made on an unexpectedly bold yet highly entertaining subject widely acclaimed all over in the year 2012.

Verdict: Overall it is a slow reality cinema and an informative documentary.

Plot is gripping .

Told in flashback style, the years spent pursuing the terrorists is gripping.

Intelligent, gripping and a raw thriller, A must watch for everyone.

If you are politically awake & love to watch content based intense-thriller, you cannot afford to miss this Cafe.

Tight and Gripping Account on the Sri Lankan Civil War and Rajiv Gandhi Assassination.

By far, Madras Cafe is one of the worst movie of its kind.

The film is fast paced and pretty accurate history-wise.

Though these errors can be overlooked easily, owing to an engaging plot, the editing is so tedious that I had to stifle a yawn when certain scenes went on and on without any reason whatsoever.

but the way the movie was directed is worth watching again and again....

And it wouldn't be fair not telling you that the 130 minutes of screenplay slightly does go off bounds, which MAY bore you.

But as a whole, Madras Cafe is a sinister, evil political thriller which is supported by intense acting and direction and the plot is simply ravishing.

Its unarguably one of the better attempts to make an enlightening political thriller, but could have been a lot more with some high paced, engaging and unpredictable twists used in its basic structure.

We see amazing yet intriguing jungles of Lanka, heart- rending war sorrows, quick spy sequences in Thailand, all through the eyes of his magic lens.

Fast paced thriller.

Someone who wanted to get good idea about regional terror activities and banality of them should watch Madras Café, It is really good to keep balanced judgment and image about what was happened in past with dark clouds of terrorism in Sri Lanka, and Acting of John is really brilliant,without any doubt Madras café is one of the greatest war film that there has ever been,and as a director Shoojit Sircar has done his best to this movie,So it is very pleasure to watch this movie from start to end.

While it might not be as gripping, suspenseful, or action-packed as the "D-Day" (to be fair, this was never meant to be an action film), it certainly scores plenty of points for its realistic depiction of one of the most ghastly periods of Sri Lankan history and India's relation and unfortunate outcome with that period.

riously, it's time now to get off the "Chennai Express" and get into "Madras Cafe" for a cup of the compelling,well scripted film.

Shoojit Sircar's 'Madras Cafe' is a tight and gripping account on the Sri Lankan Civil war and Rajiv Gandhi assassination.

The plot is gripping and the climax is the fact with which we Indians have learned to live.

The second half gave a different kind of depth to the film and the countdown to the assassination was both scary and gripping.

During the movie was playing ,many people started to leave the cinema hall Especially girls,i wonder,Why ?

Riveting, Exciting, Watchable.

To me the true winner over here was the story line which is extremely gripping and makes up for everything.

The movie is visually stunning,the background music, the locations, the texture all adds to the flavour of the movie.

worst movie with lie's.. .

disappointing--confusing, English subtitles filled with mistakes, Nargis can't act...

Really got bored of daily listening to the account balance sheet of Chennai express*dont compare movie beauty with price

The film ends with an intriguing thought, who really won the war.

The cinematography is mind blowing with terrific visualisations and sound effects.

With some spectacular inspirations to the great Apocalypse Now, Madras Cafe projects an extremely intense image of hard boiled Indian politics,intelligence and war amidst a turbulent South India and the Sri Lankan civil war in the 1980s, that culminated to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and also played a major role in changing the entire political contour of the nation.

2)You are bored enough by hearing record slashing news of masala movies 3)You are a John fan and was waiting for his "real" movie where he could act...

Well researched, scripted and dramatized with a gripping pace and thrilling twists.

Engrossing, gripping and amazingly edited it makes you wonder what if....? And that is where it succeeds.

Well it was riveting, fast paced, exciting, turbulent, keeps the viewer at the edge of his seat till the very end.

It was thrilling and the background score made things even better.

It is a very unfortunate fact that bollywood is still very much behind in making a movie which pumps up your heart, keeps you on the edge of your seat and lastly terrifies you.

An intense film.

Screenplay of the movie is very tight, It was fast paced, though there are no entertainment elements, The movie will not bore you.

'Political-thriller' is a genre that has ceased to exist in the Hindi film industry because it's a secret no more that any movie with even a hint of a political angle will get embroiled in a shameful controversy, raise hue and cry for some banal reason and disappear into wisps of smoke, existing only on paper.

Suspenseful, sweeping and piercingly intimate, this is a complex web weaved by Sircar and his team of writers Shubhendu Bhattacharya and Somnath Dey which rapidly shuttles between our capital, Singapore, Bangkok and Kerela.

Its cliché and too short for many scenes...

fast paced, excellent casting, good acting and no songs.

Slow & steady, questioning your patience, it moves ahead, smoothly, with so many events happening around where you may get lost on few occasions.

With Madras café, touted as one of the most compelling political thriller of recent times,Sircar examines the inexorable assassination of our Ex-PM, Rajiv Gandhi against the backdrop of the deadliest ethnic crisis which engulfed Srilanka during the 80's.