Magic Mike (2012) - Comedy, Drama

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A male stripper teaches a younger performer how to party, pick up women, and make easy money.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Stars: Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 106 out of 299 found boring (35.45%)

One-line Reviews (312)

It was worth watching for Tatum .

From the very start, the movie flowed very well, a slow and smooth grind into the world that we will end up spending the rest of it's length existing in.

The drama on this movie is also nice to considers since the movie made it that it rolls out in a clam way that you don't really anticipate the sudden conflicts when they roll in, even though they really are predictable considering how volatile Adam's character stated by Brooke.

The plot otherwise is a total bore.

Biggest waste of time in my life.

It did seem to show the male stripper lifestyle in the most entertaining way possible.

There's everything you like on it cooked very well, but right on the edge of the plate is a tiny piece of feces.

It wasn't funny, it wasn't interesting - this movie simply has no plot, it was truly tedious to watch it.

' And that meant the movie was long, dull and simply boring...

When watching this movie, I couldn't help to wonder why, with so many fantastic novels and stories out there, huge sums of money are wasted on pointless tripe as this.

The beginning started out so well and then it just got slow.

Surprisingly entertaining movie, that is more serious than funny.

And that's about it for Magic Mike, not much more than that plot, with the predictable love story that develops between Mike and Adam's sister Brooke (newcomer Cody Horn) and, obviously the stripper performances which fill up the empty blanks (which are quite a few).

waste of time literally so weird.

Uninteresting, boring and hard to watch .

The whole cast seems bored.

Only worth watching for the stripping.

Waste of time.

It's every bit as real as something you'd experience in real life, right down to the stammering, the awkward fidgeting, the "flubbed lines".

People complain there is no plot or ending - I think these people must be lacking depth or lacking a brain in general.

He is an amazing dancer, but there was NO storyline.

He will get a boring, colorless job to please his boring, colorless girlfriend.

This was the worst movie ever.

To sum up, it's entirely rubbish and has absolutely no plot to it, just avoid it if you want to watch a decent film!

It's a celebration of the intriguing double standard where women are allowed a night of squealing, voyeuristic debauchery whereas a man who does the same would be considered a pig (the real pig that does appear in the movie is adorable).

Boring Characters, Routine Melodrama .

This is all very romantic and, on the surface, rather mundane.

With a rather shallow plot, weak dialog, and some rather pointless shots I can't say there is much to promote about this movie.

So, all in all, entertaining and little, very little else.

No wacky, contrived plot twists necessary.

It's not a terribly strong story, but it's enjoyable and entertaining.

It's a really slow movie and can admittedly get very boring at times, there are a lot of very lengthy scenes were the characters are literally just talking, while they are well acted and serve as a great method for character development, they can still get very tedious, they could have easily trimmed a lot of scenes and made it a more bearable ninety minute run.

I enjoyed it for the story .

Don't waste your time.

Worst Movie EverWorst Movie EverWorst Movie EverWORST MOVIE EVER!

When the movie got close to two hours, I along with everyone else in the theater were ready to leave.

This was so predictable it was pitiful.

Well despite the many guys doing hoochie kootchie moves on the screen and the hype that went with it---I still found the plot boring while the whole movie seemed to drag it's way thru like an animal with an injured foot!

Its disappointing on so many levels, the acting, the storyline, the stripping, the uninteresting and irrelevant dialogue, the cast, the dance routines, not one thing is good.

- Tatum for two hours I was paying my wife back for all the films I had dragged her to see over the last year (yes that includes Prometheus).

No plot and horrible acting .

And even then, the wordplay is painful at best as she waits for an awkward thirty second before lunging onto Tatum in cliché 'credits-roll' romanticism.

And the other downer here is that there really is no plot.

Too Long, Boring, and Didn't Have a Real Ending....

Whilst it is a thoroughly enjoyable movie to the mature audience the themes discussed maybe frowned upon in certain cultures.

I think it's Channing Tatum who makes this movie enjoyable - he's charming, funny and easy on the eye, and a lot better at acting than people say he is.

But like virtually every other role in the film, his is not at all developed, and thus a waste of time.

Most are a meaningless waste of time with little benefit except escape.

The stripping/dancing moments are the most exciting factors of the film and I linked with myself worn out with everything else.

-Boring,had no story -Too longI don't understand the people so easily aroused by this.

Except for the dancing dull, disjointed and easily forgettable .

This movie goes down as one of the WORST movies I've seen in my 40 years on this earth.

It has been hyped in the press recently and I thought it looked like funny film but no, I was met with a film with no storyline, events that came from nowhere and overall I would rather watch reruns of the care-bears than witness this again.

There is good tension, humor, drama, and it was very entertaining.

But those performances and moments are bogged down by a picture that's ultimately as banal and hollow as the imitation-Miami architecture it constantly lingers on.

Over an hour passed and I somehow had it in myself to stay awake.

There are also a few entertaining strip scenes.

Some trimming of the subplots might have been nice, but it's still an enjoyable romp.

The rest is uninteresting.

Honestly, if you are just bored and want to see any movie just while time passes it is fine, it works.

OK, so I expected this to be a pretty pointless movie.

He has to have lots of meaningless dialogue about "love" and we have to have a dreary plot where boy meets prudish girlfriend.

That being said, I think the writer of the film was also ready to leave...

I was counting on Steven Soderbergh to direct this movie and make it compelling and relatable as he's done in the past with movies like Ocean's 11, Eric Brokovich, Traffic and, most recently, Side Effects starring Channing as well.

The acting was horrible, no plot, vulgar and vile at ever corner, and only someone with half a brain cell could enjoy this.

) Instead Magic Mike drones on and on like a morality lecture at a Baptist revival.

All of the rippling muscles, chiseled biceps, and well-defined abs have been assembled and neatly packaged for our enjoyment, but much of that becomes background fodder to the film's formulaic plot.

He sure is built and thank goodness because his character was garbage and the performance he put into it was pointless.

A waste of 90 minutes or so of my life.

The dull colors, the lack of close ups or any kind of interesting camera work made me think it was some new director I never heard of.

If you read the positive reviews they all surround the stripping, so basically lonely women doing the bias thing that they criticise men for doing, "ogling and objectifying", which I don't have a problem with in its self, but using IMDb to skew ratings which can affect whether people waste (lets face it A LOT OF MONEY on at current cinema prices) is damn out of order when they just rate something on its "hot man" concept rather than film quality.

The script written by Reid Carolin was also quite entertaining, with some very funny moments.

Besides the whole male nudity thing, this movie was actually quite enjoyable.

PROS: - Channing Tatum as a male stripper :) - True Blood's main werewolf as a stripper :) - Matthew McConaughey as a stripper :) - Great Performances (costumes & music etc.) - Story is paced well with a unique'ish feel to it - Beginning is fun, exciting & HOT!

There's no story to speak of beyond the overfamiliar cautionary tale of excess, although it is neatly framed across three generations of men, each a decade apart: the young buck (Adam); the 30-year-old would-be-entrepreneur at a crossroads (Mike); and, most interestingly, the veteran still craving more, apparently on the road to self-destruction, possibly orgasmic self-combustion (Dallas).

And the big shot director had to add many pointless scenes with the guys dancing on the scene.

There was no storyline after Channing Tatutm's character meets Alex Pettyfer's character, just a bunch of random stuff happens and then there is no true ending, not even a cliff hanger which would make one say WTF.

This thing is boring.

I was bored through most of it and I left the theater with no intentions to ever see it again.

I found majority of the party scenes physically hard to watch, massively confusing, and somehow always found myself worrying about any epileptics in the audience.

A pointless storyline peppered with F this and F that, a few female body parts thrown in.

Don't waste your money unless all you want to see is the dancers.

It's not going to win any Oscars, but it certainly surprised me with how engaging it actually was.

The lighting, the camera angles, all of it is simple and boring.

From there comes quite a compelling character drama that goes through the highs and lows of the male stripper life, and it's compelling.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen .

Aside from the eyecandy, OH MY GOD SO BORING.

Lots of topless men, in a pointless story .

Here's why:There is NO storyline The dialogs are so bad, it makes you think the author dropped out of school in 5th grade The acting is bottom shelf.

Although their relationship goes pretty much where we expect it to go, it is fascinating to watch a detached professional try his hand at genuine human feelings.

When these horrifying words are screamed at stripper boy Channing Tatum by probably the most prudish, boring, colorless, sexless girlfriend in stripper movie heaven, Cody Horn, then the fun-loving world of our hot body boy is destroyed.

Script: 10- The writer of this script knew how to create a compelling story within the world of male strippers.

Realistic, and so unpredictable.

Most characters lacked any depth, except for Mike, who while played solidly by Tatum, was predictable.

All in all Acting (Rubbish) Dialogue (Rubbish) Stripping (Mediocre) Dancing (Good But Repetitive).

Magic Mike is essentially a well written, R-Rated Step Up film, and it's incredibly entertaining on that level.

it's two hours of the boring bits in a good film that you forget as soon as the good stuff starts just to pad it out.

The love story is pretty dull as it does not belong with a bunch of people who are doing what they are doing for the money.

The movie was fun and predictable...

Its going nowhere" her reply was "I know its RUBBISH" which sums it up in a nutshell.

A lot of the film focuses on several minute long segments of these young male strippers on stage doing elaborate dancing and strip teases that left me feeling both uncomfortable and bored very quickly.

:(The story line is barely existing, the characters are not at all like- able - despite some of them being a tiny bit attractive - they are odd, and boring, and there were so many things left unsaid at the end...

Otherwise it gets boring.

In the end, I found the movie quite boring at times and didn't understand the purpose behind it.

Worst movie of all time.

Don't waste your time, money, or eyes on this one.

It was way too long, those two hours felt like forever.

Brooke, Adam's sister, was the only likable character in this whole dreadful boring thing, minus character development.

Enjoyable romp for the ladies .

One of the worst movies ever made .

Stupid, boring, waste of time .

No doubt women will enjoy this movie more then men (there was only one man in the theater), and indeed there are truly enjoyable strips, with sculpted guys that common women rarely or probably never find in their routine lives.

Having said that, I also like a film with substance but this was incredibly dull.

But thanks to director Steven Soderbergh, and his gift of brining a new charm to a usual cliché story, "Magic Mike" is actually a surprising winner (Just go with me on this, because it's not weird!

Magic Mike is not a cinematic masterpiece that will go down in history as one of the greatest films ever made, but it was entertaining, it did not take itself too seriously and made me smile more than scowl.

Cody Horn is transcendentally beautiful, and her attraction to Magic Mike, an attraction that she strives to will out of existence, is utterly compelling.

hot bodies, boring story .

I thought the script was very bland.

Worst Movie Ever .

Save your money!!

On this level the film is a chemical rush, way more haywire than Soderbergh's drab Haywire.

Magic Mike is a film of depth and certainty; one of the more unexpected films to come out of 2012, a year where film has been relatively mixed.

The reason is that the story, or lack there of, is boring.

Olivia Munn actually brings out a fascinating character.

If you are thinking about going to see this movie Don't, you will waste 2 hours of your life.

this movie has no real plot and although most of the actors in the movie are extremely talented their acting abilities are not presented here at all and thats just fine.

Seeing this advertised it looked very much like "Boogie nights" meets "Full Monty" which is an accolade in itself, what you actually get is tedious meets pointless.

This movie is worth watching just for him.

But a lot of the characters are sort of pointless, must there to be there I guess.

I am from Tampa, so surely my opinion will be skewed a little as I appreciated all the references to my home town which alone was entertaining.

Some of its elements were fascinating and the storyline seemed to be heading in an interesting direction.

This is sadly one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

Alex Pettyfer, who plays the young stripper whom Tatum brings into the club, is totally bland.

As an excuse for putting these routines on the Silver Screen and hijacking your hard earned entertainment dollars, Scriptwriter Reid Carolin surrounds the routines with a banal tale.

All other characters are so vague and pretentious that it was hard to relate to anyone of them.

The female audience at the club seem to get off on the acts of simulated sex, but I suspect that most men watching this stuff will find it a big bore.

Directed by Oscar-Winner:Steven Soderbergh (The "Ocean" Series, Erin Brockovich, Haywire) made an entertaining dramatic comedy that offers fine performances, including Matthew McConaughey as Tatum's sleazy nightclub owner.

So Boring I Stopped Watching .

His character is most engaging when he's onstage announcing the dancing acts; he has become an expert at gauging audiences, and with a combination of subtle expressions, select words, and overt obscene gestures, he can thoroughly whip his customers into a frenzy.

It sets up a predictable situation and then takes us through exactly that.

I thought I would probably watch it for five minutes, then get bored and turn it off.

(bonus)Neither of us were entertained in a any way shape or form its a slow drive-less sequence of events that never lead anywhere.

Olivia Munn shows up once or twice but is also a pointless vapid character.

The life became empty, with the yelling, stupidity, and fake people.

I won't go into a lot of detail, but I thought the story was clichéd, and incredibly dull and boring.

Channing Tatum is bland and cannot act.

The men will be bored senseless Incredibly boring storyline

So, how will things work out, it's very predictable.

No story, no laughs and no ending.

( Tatum has a particularly spirited hip-hop dance that rewards the moviegoer with its high energy and precision between all of the heavy- handed exposition and dull sub-plots.

I hope the second one is better because is a waste of time and money to have this cast for this type of movie.

Save your money and don't waste your time on this movie.

Besides the dancing and hot bodies, the plot was boring and terrible.

The rest of the film remains predictable.

Little unexpected happens, and the audience for naked male flesh and sexual couplings is better served at the local porn shop.

Magic Mike is a entertaining story that fades as you get further into it.

Sorry guys worst movie I've wasted my time on in a long time.

- Of course, finding out that "Magic Mike's" star, Channing Tatum, co-produced this forgettable flatulence certainly helped me to understand why such white-trash storytelling as this took the pointless direction that it did.

Dull, unreal and boring at times .

Really good actors, Very predictable, Slowly got very boring...

She too agreed that it was possibly the worst movie of all time.

What's happening on screen is not interesting enough to be carried by 2-3 minute long shots of people having inane, pointless, and apparently unplanned conversations.

Cody Horn plays Pettyfer's sister, and is basically the only female part in it other than Tatum's fling (Olivia Munn), and portrays concern over the slow dive Pettyfer goes into after the lure of the night scene catches up to him.

But, he shines in comparison to Alex Pettyfer, who's character portrayal was one of the most boring performances I have seen on screen in ten years.

All so predictable.

Tedious Meets Pointless .


The movie moves slow (although I was never bored) and main events happen off screen OR are never explained!

In fact, I found that this pretentious, empty-headed drivel became real tiresome, real fast.

It's disappointing with this script but entertaining.

Yawn, yawn...

Every single scene is just so boring and so flat that it's hard for me to see how anyone could actually enjoy this.

Thank god the men in this movie were hot, otherwise I would certainly have walked out of the theater.

Traversing uncharted cinematic territory, Magic Mike does offer an entertaining look at male ecdysiasts; unfortunately, its directionless story isn't as beefy as its cast.

No plot to speak of.

one of the worst movies ever....

We are introduced to this world that is fascinating because of how surprisingly mundane and economics-centered it is.

OK enough movie, no more no less--the stripping scenes pop with life, but the rest is dull filler .

This is however a very uninteresting subject and even not socially important.

Save your money for The Dark Knight.

I went to see this movie with a major fan of Channing Tatum's, who was very excited about it and hoped that it would be a fun, exciting, and sexy film and thought it looked promising based on the trailer.

Yet on the other hand, if you refuse to go because of its subject matter, you are missing on a very good film, one with engaging characters and plot development.

Since I needed closure I looked the movie up online and skipped to where I walked out, only to find I didn't miss much and by that I mean the last 10 minutes of it.

Very slow action that doesn't go absolutely anywhere.

Soderburgh and the cast have taken a movie that could've been a shallow film meant only for twenty-something girls that want to ogle Channing Tatum and turned it into a enjoyable film that explores the process of growing up.

There is literally is NO STORY, no events, the characters had promise had there have been a point to why they came together.

The plot starts out promising, but quickly turns into drab scenes that were awkwardly acted and fell flat on several accounts, and the ending left a lot to be desired.

This is an entertaining film though geared towards the ladies didn't give any warning indicating that the men can't enjoy this film as well.

Set across one long, hot Florida summer, the film is a taut and engaging character piece about a group of men and their attitudes towards life; women and then one another.

Magic Mike is another lifeless movie that makes a descent into male stripping seem dull and predictable.

All in all, a watchable movie, pretty slow in parts, and probably not one you really want to watch with your husband or significant other, unless they are VERY secure in their masculinity, because let's face it - if this were reversed and your guy wanted to watch a movie about female strippers who looked hot, would you feel 100% comfortable seeing him drool over how perfect they were?

Instead everything seems just too familiar and predictable with all the change of hearts or downfalls foreseeable well in advance.

A disastrous waste of time; not recommended.

And soon enough, he's immersed in a world full of drugs, sex, women and alcohol.

Shallow, vain, predictable, and boring.

When there wasn't dancing/stripping scenes, the movie was slow and slightly boring.

Towards the end when I noticed nothing was happening I walked out, I couldn't take it anymore.

Joe was HOT, but he had no storyline, Alex looked awful, Matthew was way to over the top and I felt the dialog between Mike and Paige was forced.

Visually engaging, horrible dialog.

Really boring movie with a bunch of great actors .

It may be very slow, but Magic Milke is still an enjoyable movie that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good, easy to watch, comedy if you ever see it on television and had some time to kill.

For what it's worth or expected, Magic Mike is much more entertaining, better and simply fun than it has any right to be, and is refreshing to see a film that is about a world that we really don't get to ever see much of in Hollywood films.

And it had no plot line.

save your money and get a netflix account for two months.

There is no story, terrible acting, the cinematography is so poor (taken with a yellow filter) it makes your eyes tired.

A typical mainstream American blockbuster, with your routine Hollywood pretty faces, nothing innovative, no creative lines, a tedious petit bourgeois story line.

I was bored.

Instead it focuses on how different people react and change when confronted with a predictable set of events.

Anyway, if you keep that in mind, you'll definitely enjoy this movie for what it is, a compelling character drama in a fairly unique setting.

It's an enjoyable movie that brings in many laughs, as well as terrific performances from the entire cast, the chemistry between everyone is great, particularly the parts between Channing Tatum and Cody Horn, they both seemed to really enjoy being in each other's company and their scenes were very natural.

There was more of a story line (which isn't bad, just cliché and not really developed).

My biggest problem with it is that the whole film felt very disjointed and that really bugged me.

It's a pretty bland film overall if I'm honest.

Problem is, none of the plot lines are fully explored, so you're left feeling empty by the end of the film.

I wasn't surprised that there was no ending, because there was no story to begin with!

The story line is cliché and predictable and not enetertaining in the slightest.

There is a plot, but its so clichéd and mundane it could easily be housed in a 30 minute TV show.

It's a casual movie and it's all over the place besides nude men stripping for dollar billsIt catches you in the beginning but I had to watch this twice cause first time after most of the dancing is over it gets boring and I fell asleep.

As for spoilers there is no chance of anyone writing a spoiler on this movie, because nothing happens (does the fact telling you nothing happens count as a spoiler?

Pretentious, pseudo-subversive cinema at its worst .

Worth watching!

) Overall is was very entertaining and I totally recommend...

Can't believe I'm saying this, but it's dull when the guys are clothed.

Kind of a bore .

First of all, the choreography and done extremely well and was enjoyable to watch.

A Yawn-A-Minute, Penny-Ante, Strip-O-Gram .

I'm an avid movie goer and I felt this was an enjoyable movie to watch (even if it's targeted to females 13-50)

Unbearable lightness of entertainment .

Enjoyed it .

An engaging and unconventional experience .

After brooding through much of the latter half of the movie over this accusation, our hero stripper is shown in the dressing room glaring with hatred at his fellow exhibitionists and then throwing on his clothes, goes to the boring, colorless home of his boring, colorless girlfriend and with tears streaming down his face, vows that his days of removing his clothes for the pleasuring of women are now over.

Waste of time.

I ended up having a fun time with this film and despite the very predictable ending I still recommend it.

The story is pretty bland and nothing gets resolved.

" It was a total bore.

The pacing was slow.

Just watch the uncensored trailer and save your money - not worth seeing.

The well-choreographed staged numbers are top notch and I'm sure more so thrilling to the female audience.

The romance that develops between Mike and Brooke is predictable but sweet, mainly thanks to Horn's performance, and it's about 20 minutes too long, but ultimately Magic Mike is an engaging and sometimes unconventional experience.

I'm so darn happy that I didn't go see this in the theaters, 'cause now I at least had the opportunity to fast forward a bunch of meaningless and extremely slow dialogues!

When "Magic Mike" is about the actual stripping, it's pretty entertaining; the washboard abs parade, the absurd routines, the impressive dancing (Tatum, all on his own).

Magic Mike does a fine job of entertaining following a young man into the world of stripping, just treading on the realistic filth the industry must garner - A simpleminded portrayal of a seedy world while pulling the strings of soft porn on its audience.

Plot is very one dimensional, plodding, poorly acted.

It all feels a bit half- hearted, and the bored bro-ish acting from Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfear doesn't help matters.

Save your money, gals.

Who certainly loves his job, entertaining the ladies, having parties and the occasional one night stand.

CT might have a decent body, but his presentation was listless, mumbled and generally bored me to tears.

When this movie finally does come out in the cinema please heed my warning and don't waste the money.

No spoiler here because we were so bored we turned it off.

A lot of the scenes just dragged on and they could've left a lot of scenes out, in my opinion they served no purpose in the movie whatsoever.

Some parts were pretty boring with little depth and amusement which I found pretty poor for a film I was so hyped up about.

Anyway, this flick was a yawner even more when I saw Mathew's T-Rex body on screen again.

As conflict starts to build, we then feel immersed in the challenges in Mike and Adam's lives to some extent, though the drama never gets quite tense enough.

The only truly funny scene is when Adam (a bored looking Alex Pettyfer) is first backstage with Tarzan and the other strippers.

I found it engaging, and I sympathized with the characters.

The plot is rather empty and many events are 'just because' without reasoning or a backing story.

The soundtrack is atrocious, the acting poor, the script highly predictable.

The combination of organic undulation in the story, stripper show, deep -truthful- portrayal of at first glance superficial people, and cinematic peeping about false first glances and true seeing, makes for the most honest and enjoyable film I have seen of this year.

Nothing happens except to give frustrated women a thrill in their mind.

FIrst of all I'll Say SPOILER ALERT just in case, but in all honesty, there is no way I could give you a spoiler alert because there simply was NO story to spoil!

Instead, we get everything from wider angles and longer takes to different perspectives and colors that create mood and tension in an otherwise true-to-life and potentially boring story.

Basing the film on the crazy party/drugs/sex scene in Ybor would of been quite a bit more compelling than showing a business that does not even exist here.

Additionally, the ending was completely pointless.

Adam, played by I Am Number Four's Alex Pettyfer is a boring character that has no likability factor.

However the overall strong points are immersed within a meandering plot, which fails to really convey its goal.

Waste of money and time .

¨To be honest I was feeling pretty uncomfortable watching this film during the first half hour, but once I got immersed in this world and watched where the story was heading I ended up enjoying it quite a bit.

But the different acts become dreary, hosted by an annoying McConaughey who fits poorly on the role of a stripper and apparently can't find his place back on the big screen.

There they successfully blended scenes about an adult profession, but made it interesting and entertaining and also successfully managed to blend a human interest story as well that actually works and where we can care and feel something for the characters.

Misogynist, cliché and shallow .

Overall, the film is enjoyable.

I'm surprised and that I and my friend Natasha managed to watch half of the film before we walked out of the cinema.

The characters are detestable or uninteresting and none of them are fully realised.

I also found the plot to be predictable on a ranging scale.

As one lady sitting next to me said once the credits rolled, "Worst movie ever.

The worst movie I have seen in a long time.

The acting was wooden, they were saying the lines but not feeling it, it was like the actors didn't even believe in what they were doing, it was also really slow going.

Without this, they tend to get bored and confused.

The story line is so predictable and the acting is so amateurish, I wish I shut it off after 30 minutes.

The plot is compelling, the film is well written and masterfully directed, and Channing Tatum proves that he is much, much more than a hot body and a pretty face.

An engaging study of two individuals lost in the sea of temptations .

I wish I stopped at the trailer though, because Magic Mike is one of the worst movies I've seen this year.

Parts of it are amusing and entertaining.

Off stage, however, a distinct yellow camera filter is used to represent Mike;'s drawn-out hangover.

One of the worst movies in a very long time .

The acting was terrible, the story trite and the characters totally unsympathetic and the endeavor offers no redeeming values.

It was so painfully boring.

Don't waste your time or money...

but the problem with him is that you get a little indie syle but pure Hollywood schlock content POV and if he could even turn the subject of stripping into such dreary storytelling ...

Instead it's confusing, meandering and ultimately pointless.

The scenes of dialogue were extremely boring, made even more so by the director's insistence to favor long, drawn out shots.

I don't know if its because its super predictable or if I've seen too many movies.

A Reid Carolin screenplay, a ridiculously sculpted cast, and a 25-day shoot later, and the end result of that inspiration became Magic Mike, an intriguing look into the world of male strippers.

Very entertaining film, as Soderbergh films typically are.

The other underlying storyline though is dull, disjointed and easily forgettable.

The chemistry with Tatum is lacking and the so called romance angle is completely pointless and by the half hour mark you won't care.

I was pretty shocked that this old cliché was trotted out in a 2013 film.

My main thing, is why is their such good actors with such a predictable story?

" But Magic Mike, loosely based on lead actor Channing Tatum's experiences as a stripper aged 18, shows that the ladies certainly can touch it, giving us a fascinating and slightly intoxicating insight into a male fantasy life, warts and all, and the lack of substance that comes with it.

It was shocking, the movie had no plot or purpose, it was just about a good looking group of men stripping and taking drugs.

A boring and uninspired mess.

Just look beyond the topic of strippers, and you will see that it is in fact an engaging study of two individuals lost in the sea of temptations.

The stripping/dancing scenes are the most interesting aspects of the film and I fond myself bored with everything else.

You remember some 'bad' movies because you feel bored, clueless, manipulated by imagery, mislead by bad story lines, or you don't connect with any of the characters.

Her chemistry was very much lacking, and even though you realize she does care about her brother (Pettyfer), outside of that she was completely dull and lackluster with one facial expression the entire film.

So, if you're someone who honestly thinks that having Channing Tatum's ass-crack in your face is really the total highlight of worthwhile entertainment - Then, yep, this yawn-a-minute thumb-twiddler about the snivelling pettiness of male strippers is sure to delight you from start to finish.

Boring in the extreme.

I'll admit now that seeing the trailers I was expecting a lot of ab shots of Channing and the other dudes, with brief interludes for developing a very predictable and classic story line.

The characters were both real and engaging though if you want to see some erotic male dancing than this is a movie that will provide.

The running time of this movie is an unbearable 2 hours- filled with mind- numbingly boring conversations and pointless strip-shows in-between, that, if were edited from the movie, wouldn't have made the slightest bit of difference to the "plot".

I loved him in this movie, he's so into his role and so intense with everything.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, this is my first stint with his works and while there are flashes of brilliance in bits n pieces, the plot for the most part is predictable and barely as compelling as its dance choreography during the stripping segments.