Mama's Boy (2007) - Comedy, Drama

Hohum Score



A twenty-nine year-old slacker who lives with his mom realizes his sweet set-up is threatened when she hears wedding bells with her self-help guru beau.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Tim Hamilton
Stars: Diane Keaton, Jon Heder
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 4 out of 26 found boring (15.38%)

One-line Reviews (6)

The plot sounded entertaining.


In "Top Ten" worst movies I've ever seen .

Still is entertaining.

The ending is about as predictable as they come - so predictable I've ticked the spoilers box for this one line.

But there's only one movie that's horrible enough to claim the title worst movie ever made: this movie.