Man of the West (1958) - Drama, Romance, Western

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A reformed outlaw becomes stranded after an aborted train robbery with two other passengers and is forced to rejoin his old outlaw band.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Anthony Mann
Stars: Gary Cooper, Julie London
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 4 out of 57 found boring (7.01%)

One-line Reviews (28)

The film is replete with interesting, complex characters and exciting situations...

But I will say, I found Man of the West an extremely entertaining film to watch if you are a staunch fan of adult western genre as I am, and this film was not made for Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers type, I will also add that Man of the West was a triumphal exit from western films for director Anthony Mann.

Powerful and thrilling musical score by Leigh Harline .

Without a doubt, it produced some great films, but the formulaic storyline & script were just too tempting for the good of the art form!

Violent ,this movie is for sure:Julie London's forced strip tease remains one of the most intense and unbearable scenes you can watch in a western;ditto for the fight Cooper/Jack Lord which is so bestial it seems ahead of its time.

No story to care about, so -- ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Raw, intense and violent.

He directs them in a bored, listless fashion, often in one or two takes.

Gripping Adult Western .

Either way, the moment is as touching as it is unexpected.

It's an intriguing to watch due to this effective approach.

This top-drawer Western was stunningly realized by the master Anthony Mann , infusing the traditional Western with psychological confusion , including his characteristic use of landscape with marvelous use of outdoors which is visually memorable .

This 1958 film still reaps plenty of exciting adult western entertainment.

Very interesting Western in parts with a fascinating performance of Gary Cooper .

Others in this throughly enjoyable series include ¨Tin star ¨ and ¨Man of the West¨ is probably one of the best Western in the fifties and sixties .

This is a boring piece of junk with mean edge to it....

Well worth watching and it will appeal to Gary Cooper fans .

This well acted movie is gripping every step of the way .

Intense, blistering and sometimes lyrical, the film benefits from superb performances from Gary Cooper and Lee J.

What's fascinating is how much of an inner struggle he is having as he comes back to his former home, where his uncle taught him to be a "man" along with his cousins and it was in the ways of being a robber and a killer.

Dramatic and powerful gritty acts of violence played by ruthless characters, along with the balance of Gary Cooper's reformed outlaw character trying to keep himself and Julie London alive, brings forth some tense suspenseful moments.

The scene in which Julie London is told to strip at knife point is nail-bitingly intense too, and while he looks too young to really be Cooper's uncle, Lee J.

And of course ¨Man of the West ¨ that turns out to be stylish , fast paced , solid , meticulous , with enjoyable look , and most powerful and well-considered .

Anthony Mann westerns are often more realistic with its characters, story and emotions but at the same time they also manage to be very entertaining ones.

Cooper gives a good performance full of gravitas and intensity, London is interesting as the leading female, and Cobb is chosen well as the villain, I will confess that I found the story difficult to follow at times, but there enough controversial moments, such as the rape scene, and of course the showdown style gun fight near the end is really engaging, so all in all it is a watchable western.

It may fall short of being a "best of 1958" like Mr. Godard said, but I can see his love for the movie: it's more concerned with ideas and notions of the old west than having it be just empty action and gunfights, and exploring the psychology, to be pretentious about it, of the west itself, of what an outlaw family entails and then what it means to be a *good* person in a world where it's so easy to get a gun and go out and shoot for cash and gold.

Some unexpected scenes not typical of the era - as Doc (Cobb) says: "I haven't seen that before!

Magnificent Western plenty of thrills , shootouts , violence , gorgeous landscapes and results to be pretty entertaining .