Man of the Year (2006) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A comedian who hosts a news satire program decides to run for president, and a computerized voting machine malfunction gets him elected.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Barry Levinson
Stars: Robin Williams, Laura Linney
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 60 out of 243 found boring (24.69%)

One-line Reviews (148)

Part second rate Robin Williams stand up show, and part dull conspiracy theory thriller, it charts the rise to power of the aforementioned comedian, thanks to a computer glitch.

A good film might have one idea which is far-fetched, but then everything falls into place (we don't really believe an extra-terrestrial will end up in a small boy's wardrobe, but after that, all the other elements, the continuation and the human story behind click into place seamlessly, so we can ignore the initial lack of plot credibility).

And the movie is a comedy with some thriller and drama thrown into the mix, but still, it is an entertaining movie to watch, and is definitely worth the time and money to watch.

Unfortunately, there were plot holes so big you could drive a campaign bus through that made the movie unwatchable for anyone with a modicum of common sense.

But no – Man of the Year commits a far worse cinematic crime than simply being a weak idea poorly executed: it offers a genuinely inspired premise for comedy and thoughtful political satire alike, and proceeds to deliver on it in a compelling manner.

The plot takes a few twists and turns, before reaching it's slightly predictable conclusion.

), it was the attempt to actually layer the story that seemed to dragged much of the pace.

Man of the Year, mainly a yawn of a yarn .

Very enjoyable movie.

So along with the misleading propaganda, if you felt something mixed up, deficient, weak with (Man of the Year), then you're right.

Most of the reviewers here seem to consider this film something of a disappointment – it's certainly not up to Levinson's usual standard, that much is true – but I still found it entertaining.

' It's clear that Linney's character understands that she MUST tell the truth, but for reasons we can only speculate, the writer chose to waste thirty minutes of screen time as she develops an emotional bond with Dobbs before telling him.

which is pointless.

com ratings I was positively surprised when I walked out from the movie theater, and yes, I laughed many times.

Good for unexpected reasons ...

It would've been much funnier and more enjoyable to see a light comedy that follows William's campaign, and the whole process of him as a comedian who eventually is trying to become president.

Overall I enjoyed it.

GMV uses Williams comedy effectively to break up an otherwise poignant and dramatic movie but in 'M of the Y' Williams seems hard pressed to find a balance and the humour seems stale and disjointed.

I got bored easily with her, and I didn't want her to show up.

It was only saved by the relatively entertaining Saturday Night Live segment near the end, a classic Robin Williams riff.

He's suddenly in a dangerous and confusing position.

Lewis Black's tirades are enjoyable.

Lame predictable incoherent chimera of a movie...

Williams' predictable performance is not the only problem.

So what started out as an enjoyable and light-hearted political satire becomes a political thriller about an electoral conspiracy.

Save your money on this one, you don't want to walk out of the theater wondering if The Marine would have been a better choice.

" By the midpoint, upon watching Williams triumphantly storm congress in a Thomas Jefferson outfit, it is genuinely fascinating speculating where the film will take him.

All with a slow, slow pace, that has nothing to do with either the political plot of the movie, the X-files plot of the movie, or the comedy plot of the movie.

The tension was contrived, and I kept expecting Williams to come back out and tell more jokes.

Just like Levinson's previous work (excepting Good Morning, Vietnam, which was more Robin Williams's work more than Levinson's), Man of the Year moves forward with the idea that satire holds its appeal in merely being a satire, and that satirizing is inherently entertaining.

An enjoyable comedy that finds itself with too much to say to be taken seriously .

This became tiresome at least a dozen films back.

RV was way to formulaic (is that a word?

After a short while I am lulled back to my little complacency and "bubble life.

Disappointing, contrived, and painfully boring .

It was a bit hard to follow rapid fire chatter in scenes that didn't require it.

Oh, and by the way this film is a sad 'thriller film' that is predictable and boring.

For example, the scene where the Laura Linney character has her drug induced breakdown is excruciating to watch, goes on way too long and bums out the mood.

I too saw this film at an early screening and found it quite enjoyable.

In my opinion a very boring and frustrating turn to movie.

I was utterly shocked Robin would waste his time even reading a script by Mr. Levinson.

Worst Movie I have seen in a very long time.

But what we got comedy wise made up for the dull and boring subplot.

This is a totally intriguing movie.

So I was very surprised and found it to be very enjoyable.

I really love this movie and highly recommend it.

Some of Robin Williams' dialogue, which he possibly wrote himself, is funny; but like an overly-long SNL sketch, it had nowhere to go after the first few minutes because of the flimsy plot(s) and boring characters.

I really enjoyed it and was not disappointed.

Director Barry Levinson, one of Hollywood's duller directors with no discernible style is evident throughout.

An ass imitating an ass poorly is just boring.

But the story is cliché, the presentation looks like it could have (should have) been a very good picture, and too many actions are half-hearted.

Entertaining and very pointed as to what is going on in America's heartland.

Overall, I'd say it's a movie worth watching...

Barry Levinson wrote and directed the movie, so it had a good chance to be enjoyable and entertaining, as it proved to be.

Enjoy Williams and forget some of the deep moments that slow down this otherwise entertaining movie.

Then throw in a pointless Paint Ball scene for the kids!

For those looking for a Political Dram Thriller, it comes close to succeeding at that, and the overall feeling when you leave the theater is mostly satisfying.

Some of the other major and minor characters were cast wonderfully and turn out to make the film more enjoyable than it would otherwise be.

), health care, world peace, ridding the capitol of special interests, addressing environmental issues, making it easier to extract DVDs from their cases, and -- yawn.

No humor, unintelligent plot, boring and pointless and sheer idiocy!

I enjoyed it and thanks to IMDb.

This leaves another endless hour of limping plot all adding up to a very slow film; I fell asleep at 4 in the afternoon!

You will waste your time.

The part where he went on Saturday Night Live seemed really contrived.

Aided by Christopher Walken's character, Dobbs builds up a head of steam by ridiculing the cliché-ridden campaign speeches of his Democratic and Republican opponents through his 'unique' brand of histrionics.

At first the jokes were mostly stupid, but i just thought "the beginning is probably just a little slow".

The kids loved it and I highly recommend it for a very creative event at home with the kids :-)

The premise of this movie, of a comedian talk show host running for president as an independent just to shake things up, is funny, entertaining, brilliant and even a bit inspiring.

Funny comedy and a great idea turned into boring cliché "thriller"...

The acting was good and the script was enjoyable.

It's not funny, way too long and the political themes use a sledgehammer to make their points.

All of that being said, I watched it to the end, and found the end as contrived as the rest of the film.

It's just too bad the movie was so bland and even scattered.

Still worth watching despite the contrived conspiracy and romance.

What's missing are the party-line talking points and relentless, pointless bickering that US politics has become.

The ending is the kind of cheese you'd expect from the nearly two hours of boring bloated comedy you've just endured.

All in all, this movie was by far the worst movie that I can remember.

) but it's a compelling romance and thriller.

But the plot takes a number of unexpected turns, so you're not too likely to figure out where it's going until it gets there.

But after a while, you realize that the movie has, to use a trite phrase, bit off more than it can chew.

It's an entertaining film, and it has a good message.

After what I thought was a pretty slow start with what was a rather lengthy narration style opening from Christopher Walken, playing Jack Menken, who was the manager for Tom Dobbs (Robin Williams), the movie started out really well.

Enjoyable Political Drama Thriller with Comedic elements .

The "drama/thriller" is such a weak storyline that it's padded and dragged out with some sort of love story between Dobbs and Eleanor Green (Laura Linney).

This movie was funny, interesting, involved and exciting.

Otherwise, it is simply a by-the-book film with a predictable conspiracy-minded plot.

If your looking for a good movie that will give you some laughs, I highly recommend you don't waste your money on this.

It's a confusing cluster of themes.

The movie had a half-way decent premise but it was completely ruined by over the top & manic performances, terribly contrived situations, easily predictable outcomes, and the repeated stretching of believability beyond the breaking point.

The trailer contains every shred of anything entertaining in this movie.

Waste of Time and Resources .

ZZZZzzzzzzz Ha-Ha-Ha .

The film is constantly shifting in pacing and mood and that also adds to audience confusion.

The comedic elements of this film makes it very entertaining.

It was very entertaining.

there were some parts where I did find my self laughing and robin Williams was quite charismatic when saying speeches, monologues or when on his talk show..too bad that only made up about 25 minutes of the 2 hour movie..i felt there was too much filler and the events were boring and slow.

I wanted to give Goldblum and Williams both gigantic doses of Xanax just to slow them down to near human speed.

The contrived love interest between Linney and William's characters was seen coming a mile away and didn't pay off towards the message of the film.

The trailer makes the film look like an intriguing "what if?

(thought about the west wing debate when Tom Dobbs leaves his podium, thought about Steven Colbert announcing his candidacy, good times) The first 15 - 20 minutes of this movie are therefore very very entertaining, the debate especially.

When it's seen, the storyline starts going all over the place and the characters seem to be really uninteresting and people who you can't give a damn about, no matter how well the actors perform their characters in this film.

In my long, long life I have NEVER walked out of the theater because a movie was too stupid, boring, or scary.

) and after watching this complete waste of time it seems unlikely that they will ever have the talent or the desire to do so.

The other half was political thriller, and it was very "thrilling" indeed.

I would have walked out if I hadn't paid $13.99 for the pay-per-view at the hotel.

The manufactures of the election-computer-system aren't happy with the employee who rang the bell and they start a dangerous hunt, which adds some good exciting tension to this movie.

It bored me like hell.

Here you will find every cliché in the book.

And it's a shame as well because of throwing in people like Linney, Walken, Goldblum into the mix; only Lewis Black, who seems to have either gotten some decent dialog or has the gift of comedy almost as a defense mechanism, doesn't verge on either self-destruction, the banal, or self-parody.

Other jokes, however, were kind of bland or weakly delivered.

)For me, well worth the watch that sees Robin reeling off gag after gag, in a very similar way that he did in Good Morning Vietnam, which is something we haven't seen Robin do for some time...

Several of the scenes between her and Robin Williams also seemed pointless, painfully boring, and far too long.

Somehow very boring and uninteresting.

I may have enjoyed it more if I wasn't looking for some laughs or a light hearted comedy.

Boring, unfunny mess .

Sadly for two talented guys who are both in desperate need of a legitimate film, Levinson and Williams leave us yawning and scratching our head.

Whenever you have Robin Williams in your film and want to use him for his comic abilities (basically, every movie he's been in other than Insomnia or One Hour Photo), don't cage him within a script.

And, when exploring the cult of personality in contemporary politics and valid inclusion of humour, charisma, and stage presence in engaging the general populace in core political issues and enlivening the political sphere to incite voter turnout, who better to lend it wings than the legendary Robin Williams?

Robin Williams is a very enjoyable actor to watch.

In any case, it's a movie of the entertaining variety.

He actually gets elected for president, but unfortunately this unexpected victory gets stained by the knowledge of a computer malfunction which corrupted the election-outcome.

less funny, but more exciting than expected .

It bored me like that stupid movie 'The Cable Guy'.

How riveting.

Still, the film is entertaining enough to be worth the time spent on it.

Williams is only watchable when shooting off his mouth, and the quieter bits where he tries to discuss policy show why voters are bored when listening to politicians.

Most of which seems forced and so drawn out that it's hardly believable.

I say take this as an entertaining movie and watch it with an optimistic heart.

There are points where this film drags too, as it could have some slow sequences cut entirely that do nothing to promote the film.

Linney plays tense and harried like the best of them, and, once again, the premise is inherently topical enough to already stand out as an above-average political drama worth watching.

Pope has gone on to work for a number of entertaining films like Bernie (2011) and Legend (2015).

While nowhere near as good as Levinson's Wag The Dog, Man Of The Year is a watchable what if scenario that is an entertaining look at politics, politicians, and what we expect of both of them.

The jokes are pretty stale and predictable, I think I only chuckled a couple of times.

Man of the Year is an enjoyable film that should leave you at least somewhat satisfied.

If you've got nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon go for it, it won't put you to sleep and u'd get a dose of the healthy pointed humor we have come to expect of Robbie Williams, but it still leaves you waiting on a half empty stomach.

The one that is shocked beyond belief is the creator of the voting program, Eleanor Green, who decides to check every possibility and comes up with an unexpected answer as to why Dobbs was elected.

Worst movie ever made .

The result is an OK movie that is worth watching as a renter.

Nearly every scene of the whole pursued-woman plat has similarly contrived and implausible incongruities.

The pacing of the entire last 2/3 of the movie was so frustrating that I nearly left the theater.

Then it wanted to be a political commentary, except the points it was making were facile and uninteresting.

Because (Man of the Year) has a more realistic and serious taste, albeit relatively entertaining.

I wanted to leave after 10 minutes and wish I had, even seeing it for free I wanted someone to pay me for my wasted time.

Overall, entertaining.

Regrettably, Mr. Levinson's ho-hum streak continues with "Man of the Year" which is much more a stand-up act by a comedian than any type of commentary or observation piece on our political system or either major party.

The movie starts out slow and remains that way for about the first thirty minutes, then the suspense part kicks in and starts keeping you a little on edge throughout the rest of the movie.

Great performances from Laura Linney, Christopher Walken, and Lewis Black helped to make this important film all the more enjoyable.

But that the film therefore becomes a waste of time kind of is.