Manorama Six Feet Under (2007) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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Satyaveer accepts money from Manorama, wife of an irrigation minister, to collect evidence against her husband for having an extra-marital affair. He accepts, unaware that he too is being deceived.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Navdeep Singh
Stars: Abhay Deol, Gul Panag
Length: 137 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 12 out of 51 found boring (23.52%)

One-line Reviews (38)

'Manorama 6 Feet Under' is one exciting puzzle and a treat to watch.

Most fascinating is the background music that moves with beautiful landscapes.

Though the movie is slow, the cinematography is worth a watch.

The film is really slow moving and complicated....

We enjoyed it a lot.

complete waste of time...

On the whole a movie definitely worth watching.

Abhay Deol looks adorable and has done a brilliant job keeping it simple, down to earth and yet intense.

You almost feel like you are in a place where there is nothing much to do, and the protagonist, rightly so , goes headlong into something that would take him away from his otherwise boring life.

Though this is a intense movie, it has some thrilling sequences which unfolds secrets throughout the film, till the last minute.

All scenes are slow moving.

Complex and exciting.

Perhaps the best Indian mystery to date and a genuine film noir, Manorama is a movie that superbly captures life in provincial India, moving along at a deliberately slow pace, without ever getting dull.

It's thrilling.

At times bizarre, at times fascinating, the movie is arguably the first of its kind in offbeat Hindi cinema.

The pace is slow at times with these two goondas alloted too much time with a dialog fit for comics.

albeit a tad slow.

engineer who also writes detective stories and novels, is living his usual course of boringly simple and event-less life unless contacted by a lady(Sarika), who claims to be the wife of the irrigation minister and ex-maharaja of Lakhot P.

Realistic depiction of a thrilling detective story, with real-life relevant elements, minimal artificiality of emotions, and non-theatrical dialogues.

There are enough twists and turns, a must for any detective story, and thankfully, some are quite unpredictable.

The hot sand, empty roads, dried bushes, burning sun and desert mountains are stunning and a bonus to this fast paced story that has twists after twists.

The movie in my opinion makes the film more enjoyable for a middle-class Indian than anybody else.

People who are used to the escapist Bollywood fare may find the movie too slow or confusing.

its slower than tragic shabhana azmi films...

After initial 10 minutes I already knew what I am gonna get but good acting and some twists and turn (though predictable) kept me going.

FIRSTLY,I would like to sound a warning to those who see a movie just purely for the fun aspect or those who like fast paced fare.

Waste of time .

It keeps you intrigued throughout the plot which is highly unpredictable.

Verbally sparse, intelligent, and visually striking, the movie holds your interest despite its languid pace.

I must say it is a marvellous experiment in the age of boringly monotonous and repeatedly made big-budget, love-story cum family-dramas and stupid looking action films.

People who have lived major part of their lives in a small town of India and know the slow and uneventful life.

Sarika is stunning in the title role and Kulbushan Kharbanda and Vinay Pathak are very good.

Overall, a very fascinating film...

though fortunately it was different enough from "Chinatown" that it's still very worth watching.

The background score is slow,diverse, and powerful, and the direction is excellent; though the film appears slow at some moments.

And while I liked the atmosphere, I missed a bit of zim and menace in its languid pace.

Slow Moving awful plot .

Manorama Six Feet Under is an intriguing, complex and offbeat thriller set in a sleepy small town of Rajasthan.