Mary Kom (2014) - Action, Biography, Drama

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A chronicle of the life of Indian boxer Mary Kom, who went through several hardships before audaciously accomplishing her ultimate dream.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Omung Kumar
Stars: Priyanka Chopra, Sunil Thapa
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 14 out of 69 found boring (20.28%)

One-line Reviews (29)

What movie lacks is one adrenaline rushing song and some nail biting boxing game barring the last one.

I was bored in the first 40 minutes itself as the story rolled like a bullet train from here to there to beyond, jumping from the 90s to 00s and present time like a bunny, until I lost track.

Uninspiring music adds to the insult.

Direction is dull sometimes.

The film nowhere compromises for the formulaic sequences and remains truthful to its backdrop.

Engrossing and Entertaining .

The constant cheering by people in final match saying "do it, yes you can do it" and all things like that kind of bored me.

what a waste of time and talent!!

Blemishes also erupt in the form of usual clichés - a stubborn father whose heart melts watching her daughter on TV ,a lethal opponent who is bound to lose,a sleazy committee chief out to ridicule our lady-hero and well predictable climactic showdown.

Despite following the same (read,overdone) structure which many sports theme based films worldwide have used and even some of the crucial parts which have literally been extended, just for the heck of generating extra emotional factor, the film at some extent, succeeds in showing the Struggle, the Nepotism, the Red-Tape and the hope in an entertaining manner which makes it a worth your buck.

Heartless & uninspiring .

The dialogues are also very uninspiring.

However, after one finishes watching the movie it turns out to be a conspiracy by Priyanka Chopra and Omung Kumar to leverage the name of an ace boxer to develop an action packed cinematic entertainment.

The melodramatic performances and predictable events make it very difficult for you to appreciate the essence of the movie.

It bottles vignettes of her poverty, the early resistance coming from her father, her love life and marriage, motherhood and its ensuing sacrifice, and finally her comeback all into one pot-boiling cauldron to serve as a banal concoction of clichés, specifically tailored to appease sentiments of jingoism and superficial bravado, while presenting itself as casual box-office fare for stoking the fires of the underdog spirit.

This creates total confusion over which year the movie ends, since the filmmakers take the liberty of combining two events that happened three years apart.

Unimpressive and uninspiring .

Heartless & uninspiring treatment to an average 'real' story.

She is mind blowing with her punches and fiery dialogues.

A bit schmaltzy but I enjoyed it.

In fact some poor choices made in the supporting cast (like Mary's mother and her coach), too many below average songs coming repeatedly, uninspiring fight sequences and a quite lifeless direction by Omung, completely ruins the whole excitement felt in the beginning with a clear indication of the film being nothing more than a mediocre attempt dealing with an the important genre of bio-pics unfortunately.

Special mention to Sunil Thapa who plays PC's trainer in the film for his performance is engaging.

In the second half, after another boring interchangeable fight sequence, a commentator announces this has been the most interesting fight he's seen in his 30 year career .

The only emotion this evokes is pity for possibly a very boring career.

Waste of time .

The movie contains elements necessary to be entertaining and being successful at box office.

The cast has been aptly chosen to portray Manipuri features and lifestyle except Priyanka, which we can overlook as she gets immersed in the character of Mary Kom and gives her best to exude the inner character of this female icon.

What a performance by priyanka ..Stunning she delivered another top notch performance ..You can feel her hard work to portray mary kom role ...

The boxing scenes themselves are very bland and we rarely feel the tension that usually accompanies matches in good sport-movies.